Exploring Native American Groups

Our Essential Question: What was the life and culture of the Native Americans like in the 1800's?

Think About:

  • What is the name of your Native American tribe you are researching?
    • What is the meaning behind their name?
    • Is there anything they are well-known for?
  • Where is your Native American Tribe located?
    • What geographical region (Plains, Southwest Woodlands, Northwest Coast, Woodlands, Northeast Woodlands, Plateau, Artic, Subartic, California, Great Basin, Southeast)
    • What was their environment like? (woodlands, grasslands, desert, mountains, etc...cold, hot, wet, dry)
    • Is this their original homeland?
  • How did Native Americans survive in their environments?
    • What food did they eat?
      • What animals did they hunt or fish?
      • What plants did they gather?
    • What clothing did they wear? Was it traditional or ceremonial?
    • What type of shelter did they use?

Oldest Native American Indian Footage

Do any images surprise you? Are they staged? When were they taken?

Is there a topic that you want to find more about?

What do you notice about their daily lives?

Learning is an adventure. Let's start this adventure together!