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Michael and Rina

have been concert photographers since the 70s. Today their work is world famous and followed by over 3 million music fans around the world!

  • In 1999 Michael was moonlighting as a Karaoke host when he was approached about doing his first wedding as a wedding DJ. It went very well and the clients couldn't stop raving about his energy level and how he kept all of the guests entertained and dancing all night long. We started a company called It's Karaoke Toast Time!
  • In 2003 when sitting down with a yellow page advertising sales person to buy our first yellow page ad we realized as far down the alphabet as "I" is that we'd never get a call, so we changed the name to A Better DJ and Karaoke Host.  The phone rang off the hook and later that year we added 7 more DJs and kept them all busy every Saturday. We built our business model around brides planning a wedding on a budget and it was a hit!
  • In 2004 one of our DJs was getting married and came to us complaining about the high cost of wedding photography. She said the lowest bid she could get was $750 just to show up, and she didn't even get any wedding pictures! By the time she got 100 wedding pictures her cost was $1250 for the cheapest photographer around. (and her wedding pictures weren't even very good).  So we got on the phone and started calling around. We found out that if we managed the clients ourselves, didn't book the wedding photographers way in advance, and did the editing ourselves, we could offer very budget friendly wedding photography packages using those same higher priced wedding photographers! By the end of 2004 we had over 300 wedding DJs and wedding photographers in our Florida network alone. In less than 1 year we had become the largest in the state. During the course of the year it only made sense to change the name to A Better DJ and Digital Photographer  (many people were still shooting film back then). At this time we also started expanding into neighboring states.

Michael Yanko

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  • In 2005 the digital wedding photography boom was in full swing so we dropped Digital from our name and Became A Better DJ and Photographer. We still have that name today and it is still our all encompassing website for our wedding-concert-party-event DJ-photo-video business.
  • In 2008 we started Rock Legends Photographers, a company dedicated to capturing excellent concert photos to share with the fans. We stashed the name for the future  and continued to shoot concerts under the A Better DJ and Photographer name. Michael gave up his day job in June. The wedding company had grown to 36 states and at that time we got serious about going nationwide.
  • In 2011 we completed our nationwide expansion with the addition of Hawaii. Every time we ran an ad to recruit wedding DJs and wedding photographers we got  hundreds of responses. The over 2,000 DJs and photographers we chose were from tens of thousands of applicants! We were meticulous in our screening process and put together an outstanding team of professionals.
  • In 2012 our concert business had grown so much we took Rock Legends Photographers out of mothballs and gave it its own home page on the website.
  • in 2013 we have over 30 professional concert photographers in the US, Europe, and New Zealand. We have over 1,000 professional wedding photographers around the US, and over 1,000 wedding DJs. At this point we decided that the wedding DJ and wedding photographer businesses had grown so much that each deserved it's own name and it's own website.
  • Today we have National Wedding PhotographyNational Wedding DJ, Rock Legends Photographers, and Wedding DJ and Photography which handles all of our wedding combo packages and parties and events as well. we still to this day have our business model targeted around brides planning a wedding on a budget!

Let me redefine "local" for you. Local is how far you are willing to drive to deliver an outstanding performance to help a bride planning a wedding on a budget have a fabulous wedding!

Rina Marie Braley-Yanko
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