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ROV in a Box

ROV - IN - A - BOX

This is just an option, not mandatory

Here is a kit to allow beginning teams to compete in the National Underwater Robotics Challenge (NURC)

The following does not include shipping and handling

Manual, Schematics, Parts List  $50.00

Unassembled kit and manual  $250.00

Partial assembled kit and manual  $270.00


Click here for Video of ROV operating in a pool    


The ROV-IN-A-BOX is intended to help get teams involved that are new to underwater robotics. Buy purchasing

this kit, it helps put an inexperienced team, or a team with young students like elementary school kids, into a

comfort zone to allow them to take on the Underwater Challenge. It reduces the stress, time and resources

needed to acquire all the parts to complete an ROV for the competition. The kit can also be used by a more mature team as a starting point for the ROV they may want to build. In any circumstance, The kit is available to help get teams into the competition. If a team is very confident in their abilities, but lacks the "know how" they can just purchase the manual, complete with schematics and parts list with vendors. If a team is not sure of their abilities, key components like the camera can be assembled before shipping. If a team is in between these two, they can purchase the unassembled kit and be on their way!

Contact sales@nventivity.com if you want to purchase a ROV - IN - A - BOX and communicate which option you want to order. These prices are only valid for teams that are entered into the NURC event. Other pricing applied if the purchasing person or team is not entering NURC. Non NURC purchases click on the link below for pricing.

NOTE: The ROV-in-a-Box project kit does not include PVC cement, soldering iron, wrenches, drill, scissors, battery charger, or TV monitor. These items must be purchased separately.