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NURC Auto:
NURC Auto is an autonomous category, meaning that the AUV, or an ROV without a pilot, will operate based all on the robot code on board. With the permission of the AUVSI, Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International,
Robo Sub Competition hosted by the Office of Naval Research, NURC is holding an autonomous competition approximately one month prior to the 2012 Robo Sub competition simulating the competition so that teams that want to prepare for the 2012 may attend NURC and compete in order to prepare for the 2012 Robo Sub Competition.
NURC Auto Basic Rules:
NURC Auto will follow the basic rules of the AUVSI Robo Sub competition to simulate the event as much as possible. ( This year only the mission part is worth any points, next year we will add technical manual and other items)
NURC Auto Tasks: and scoreing
  1. Pass through starting gate
  2. 10 points

  3. Align with marker
  4. 10 points

  5. Touch the red buoy
  6. 20 points

  7. Align with marker
  8. 10 points

  9. Pass through a rectangle
  10. 20 points

  11. Align with marker
  12. 10 points

  13. Drop marker in the bin
  14. The boarders of each bin will be covered in white tape 
    20 points for any bin

  15. Align with marker
  16. 10 points

  17. Shoot torpedo through target
  18. 20 points either side

  19. Align with marker
  20. 10 points

  21. Surface in octagon
  22. 20 points There will be a 12" x 12" red square at the bottom of the pool directly below the center of the octagon.