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    First off, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to visit this page! I honestly desire to make National Treasures Online one of the best metal detecting, prospecting, mineral/fossil, and treasure hunting resource sites online.  To provide an enjoyable experience with a variety of information for the amateur and professional alike is what I strive for.  The success for making this a great site goes to you (simply for visiting) and to all of those who have helped in so many ways: providing additional information, links, posting discussions in our group, informing me of now defunct links, and any other information which would be beneficial to other individuals.  All of these things are greatly appreciated! The next levels of support are listed below.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
Donation of Items
    Any items that you would be willing to donate that are related to metal detecting, prospecting, minerals/fossils or treasure hunting are greatly appreciated.  Examples would be related magazines, books, detectors, accessories, prospecting pans, equipment and any other related items.  Mineral and fossil collections or specimen are also greatly appreciated.  If desired, you can also request specific instructions with your donation..such as having it given away in a drawing, an online treasure hunt, or any other creative idea that you may come up with!  If you are willing to donate any mineral or fossil specimen or collections, please contact me. All specimens will be available for public viewing upon private request. Images of donated items will also be posted with direct links to your personal or business sites if desired. If you own land that is rich in minerals, fossils, detecting opportunities or prospecting, and are interested in allowing collectors on your property (for a fee or no fee), please let me know and I will gladly have your information listed for free...in what I hope to be a growing list of opportunities for those interested in such hobbies.
Advertise Your Site
    General links to your metal detecting, prospecting, treasure hunting, or mineral/rock/fossil related website are always free! Just let me know to have it added.  I also greatly appreciate any links you might be willing to include to NTO. However, if you would like to have a banner or link to grab web traffic attention and direct them to your site...this is also an option.  Anyone who would like to promote their website or business can benefit from this. 
    For those interested in this option, you may choose any page within National Treasures Online to place your banner or ad.  This can be on the main entry page or any specific page within the site.  A retailer may want to have a banner on the main page to be seen quickly by all who enter the site.  However, placing it in a specific page may bring greater results...as those individuals who view these pages may be specifically looking to buy something and your banner may be one of the few found there!  You can also donate a specific item to have an image of that linked to your website along with a review of the product. Any reviews on your product are welcome to be used by you as you see fit.
    The cost for having a banner or ad on NTO is completely negotiable.  That's right! Think of it similar to the way trading posts of old once operated.  This can be monetary value or in exchange for some kind of metal detecting equipment, prospecting items, or mineral/fossil specimen.  Simply contact me with your interest or proposition.  As a special offer and thank-you to the first 7 businesses interested in offering a product for review or specific item in exchange for a banner/advertisement will have their ad posted as long as NTO exists!  Will you get that in writing?  Most certainly...though here at NTO, we still strongly believe that a firm handshake in good faith is all that is needed!  As handshakes are not possible due to long distances to businesses all over the world, an e-mail will have to do.  Current offers still available: 7
Product Reviews
    Have a great product you would like featured and/or reviewed?  Any items that are donated will have a full review written up regarding the product that will also include a direct link to your site or location where that item can be purchased.  The Featured Item on the main page will remain featured for a minimum of one month and will continue to be featured until a different item or product is donated for review/feature.  After this time, the featured item and review will remain on NTO but be moved to an appropriate area within the site.  To give the most honest feedback possible, we will always attempt to point out the pros and cons of every item! We also welcome feedback and input from anyone visiting NTO and their personal comments around the specific items they may also own and operate.  The greater feedback attained...both positive and negative...can only serve to provide a better experience and impression of various products over time.