Welcome to National Treasures Online!  Your one-stop spot for everything related to gold prospecting, metal detecting, treasure hunting, minerals, meteorites and fossils!  We may not have all the flashing lights and exciting objects that most websites utilize these days...but I think you will find it informative!  Begin by exploring the menu to the left or if you become familiar with the site, you can utilize the search feature in the upper right when seeking specific information on this site.  If you have any information to include for your area, please let me know!  Additionally, if you find something here that leads you to a treasure or great find...I'd enjoy hearing about it.  If you would like to donate any specimen, minerals, or other related items, those are appreciated too!

Enjoy, and I wish you the very best in your treasure hunting endeavors. Never forget...one of the greatest treasures that lay hidden on this Earth, lay in the hearts of those around you. Share the adventure with others! 
Sharing the information and joy of metal detecting, prospecting, minerals, meteorites and fossils.
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**Attention** If you have any mineral collections you wish to dispose of, contribute, or sell, please send a message! We also put on presentations for schools and other events, where all these treasures are appreciated! If you are willing to put on free presentations in your area, let me know that as well!
Last Updated: 10/22/2016

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