16 - 17 February  2017


         Use of ionizing radiation in the area of agriculture, food technology and environment has led to several important benefits such as i) new varietal development in many crops  ii) better nutrient and water management  iii) food preservation  iv) managing environmental contamination and so on. In line with global trend ,in India also ,significant developmental work is being done in all these areas and their benefits have already reached many sectors. However , to be fully benefited by these developments pioneering works that is being done in all laboratories need to be shared among the scientific community. In this regard, organizing a national symposium on “Applications of Radioisotopes and Tracer Techniques in Agriculture and Environment” will help in discussion amongst the experts , displaying the current developments in the field and disseminate the same to the wider public.With this background, a national symposium is planned focusing on the following broad themes.

1)    Nuclear Applications for Crop Improvement.
2)    Radioactive and other Tracer Studies for Nutrient Use Efficiency.
3)    Radioisotopes in Plant Physiology and Plant Imaging.
4)    Radioisotopes for Plant Metabolic Pathways.
5)    Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology in Plant Protection.
6)    Radioisotopes in Environmental Studies.
7)    Isotopes in Hydrology for Water Resource Management.
8)    Food Preservation by Irradiation Technology.
9)    Nutrient Cycling in Soil-Plant-Atmosphere Continuum.
10)  Industrial By products , Pollutants and Environmental Safety.


     The National Symposium ARTAE will be held at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) , Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu.


How to reach:

     Coimbatore is well connected by Air, Rail, and Road with all the major cities of India. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University is located 13 km from Coimbatore Airport , 5 km from railway station . Taxi/Bus services are available frequently from these places to TNAU.


                   An exhibition is also being organized at the venue which provides an opportunity to exhibit products services 

offered by various manufactures/industries at the tariff below

Size : 6’ x 4’   :  20,000 /-

Size : 10’ x 5’ :  40,000 /-

Advertisement facility in souvenir also available

Important dates

Pre-Registration form Submission         : 16.01.2017

Abstract & Poster (e-copy) submission  : 23.01.2017 (Extended up to 13.02.2017)

Notification of acceptance                        : 30.01.2017

Registration Form with Fee                     : 10.02.2017