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Writing Phase II

The Task :  Regional Committee Response to the Development of Growth Indicators for Each Principle

Conference call November 20, 2013.  Minutes from call.

Regional Committee Task

1. Please review the indicators for each Principle and consider:

  • the themes identified

  • the flow and growth of each theme from ‘emerging’ to ‘leading’

  • the order of themes

  • the wording of indicators

  • the illustration examples

2. Our goal is to make these indicators very practical by adding an ‘Illustration’ or example for each one. The focus group have started this process now we need regional committees to help make each principle come to life with examples you know of from your region and right around the country. The illustrations do not have to be live links but of course live examples are very powerful.

3.  You may have more ideas for indicators, please add on to each chart at the end by hitting the ‘tab’ key to add another row to the chart. If you have suggestions for rewording any indicators please highlight the text, right click and add a comment or simply type right in the cell but please use a different colour of text so we can find your edits readily.

4. Let us know when you have finished reviewing these charts so we can start collating your suggestions

NOTE: The final eBook will be about 25 pages long. It will have an introduction, implementation guide, glossary and further resources. A website will be needed to support the Standards of Practice but that will be a new project to look forward to :)

Please work with your committees to have your responses back by Feb 3, 2014 or before if possible. We will need some time to collate your responses to this work to produce the final charts.

Many thanks for your continued enthusiasm and support.

Response of OSLA to Ontario Ministry of Education initiative From Great to Excellent