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Moving Forward

Let us know what you are doing in your regions so we can continue our collaborative journey and help each other.

Contact Judth Sykes or Carol Koechlin to share your initiatives on this page.

Leading Learning Links and Updates


  • Linda and Judith - May 31 CLA Conference - Overview of standards PP attached below
  • Shelagh and Deborah - May 31 CLA Conference - Moving the New Library Standards Forward PP
  • Carol - Friday June 13- Overview of LL for TALCO and links to T4L Ontario document

  • Dianne Oberg and Barbara Schultz-Jones share standards development at IASL Regional in Texas
  • IASL Regional Oberg.pptx

  • IASL2015_LeadingLearningFINALNOTES.pptx

Where?     Toronto, Ontario

When?      January 29-30, 2016 – in partnership with the Ontario Library Association Super Conference

Theme:     Growing Impact of Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada

  • Co-teaching for Deeper Learning
  • Innovation for Learning
  • Building a Learning Community   

OLA Super Conference Theme: Library Lab: The Idea Incubator.

Special pricing will invite participants to attend both TMC4 and OLA Super Conference for a truly outstanding learning experience!

OLA member-rates are being extended to all TMC delegates. 

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Mark your calendar now and plan to participate!

Articles and Promotion

  • Imagine the Possibilities

YouTube Video

  • Watch for Canadian School Libraries Leading Learning in Synergy SLAV, soon! 
  • Manitoba School Library Association poster to promote D.E.A.R. program links visually with new standards document.  
  • Brief to MSLA by Jo-Anne Gibson (see file below)
  • School Library Day Article for CLA by Jo-Anne Gibson (see file below)
Winnipeg Teacher-Librarians are leaders for Leading Learning

YouTube Video

Great new Resource from BCTLA

Library Learning Commons Digital Badges from QSLIN

Be a Learning Leader @ Your Library Learning Commons,  by Carol Koechlin, Teaching Librarian pages 30-32

An invitation to be a learning leader:

  • Form a SLLC Leadership team to help you explore and plan.
  • Review the standards and indicators with your leadership team and join this journey from whatever point you find yourself on in the standards transition continuums.
  • Use the suggestions and appendix tools in the Moving Forward section to analyze where your school library is now and where you want to head next. Develop a growth plan.
  • Facilitate physical and virtual transformations of learning spaces and programs and measure the impact.
  • Target specific indicators that match your school improvement goals and begin implementation and review of progress. Share the results.
  • Form or join a network of other educators and library professional who have the same concerns and interests.
  • Write a paper for TMC4 (Treasure Mountain Canada 2016) and share your experiences.
  • Participate in the Year of the Learning Commons 2015 – 2016

Bottom Line: Explore the potential, network with others, ask questions, start documenting your progress, gather the evidence of your success, experiment with solutions, get creative and enjoy knowing that the library learning commons is a journey worth leading.

Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Libraries in Canada: A Catalyst for Igniting Change 

in Teacher Librarian June Issue

YouTube Video

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