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Welcome Ontario School Library Committee. This is your page.


This is a link to the ProjectTemplate document.


This is a link to The Ontario School Library Committee Template Response document.


Some Reminders

  • Formation of committees:  Ideally, committees should be in place by March 7th, 2013.  If you are still working on forming a committee,  the number of volunteer writers in the regions can differ, however the committee should as much as possible strive to represent an ideal school library "learning commons" team e.g. teacher-librarians, principals, library technicians, classroom teachers, parents, possibly students, and community librarians or other community representatives. These can be comprised of individuals from the same setting or from a variety of settings. Names, positions, and emails of committee members should be submitted (to so that all can be acknowledged in the final document.
  • Suggestions for collaboration: Committees within the province or territory can meet physically or virtually or a combination thereof; whatever the committee chair is comfortable with in achieving at least three meetings per writing/editing phase.  Committees should strive to build concensus on what they are sending back as “the voice” for their province or territory to CLA for further review in each phase.  Some provincial associations may choose to sponsor meetings such as financial support for tele-conferences or a weekend retreat.  Others may meet in their local school or on-line e.g. Skype.  
  • Due dates: The first due date for responses/additions to the template will be May 31st, 2013. Committee chairpersons should  monitor the work of the committee around due dates and advise Judith of any concerns/questions.
  • National Project Google Site has been built to provide links to further resources as well as enable committees to watch the document build in progress.  Each province/territory will have its own page on the site as well as a link to your specific template work. Your work will not be public, only the project participants will have access to work on your template page. Committee chairs will need to acquire email addresses (Gmail or Google account login address) for committee participants so they can be given editing access to work on your template page. 
Carol Koechlin,
Jun 6, 2013, 6:34 PM