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In Person Networking

One of our goals is to create gatherings of school garden support professionals on the topic of supporting regional school garden programs.

Next Gathering - We will be gathering as a group of SGSOs as part of the American Horticulture Society's National Youth Gardening Symposium in Madison WI. July 11-13, 2019. Pre conference event TBD.

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Children & Nature Network International Conference May 16-18 Oakland, CA. Pre-Conference Green Schoolyards Networking Session and Tour on 5/15

Past Gatherings Where Our Network Organizations Have Presented/Gathered

School Garden Support Organization Leadership Institute Learn more and apply at www.lifelab.org/sgso
At the 5-day institute we work towards the following goals.
  • Learn from one another about how we accomplish common Key SGSO Activities so that we can better our practice
  • Make organizational sites plan for Professional Development and School Garden support
  • Develop and update resources to share with a wider national audience

April 26, 2018 -  School Garden Support Organizations Unite! Networking Dinner and Meeting as part of the 9th Farm to Cafeteria Conference

July 14, 2017 at 1:30pm - AHS Youth Gardening Symposium - Portland, OR

March 29, 2017 - California Farm to School and Garden Conference
Networking session of CA School Garden Support Organizations - identifying common needs and networking goals for CA School Garden Support Organizations.

December 2016 - Santa Cruz, California
School Garden Support Organization Leadership Institute 
A week long gathering of 18 school garden support organizations. Working group share outs coming soon.

June 2016 - Madison, Wisconsin
School Garden Support Organizations Unite! Strengthening the Movement for Sustaining Regional-Based School Garden Program
A Pre-Conference Gathering of the National Farm to Cafeteria Conference, Madison, WI June 2nd, 2016
Notes from our gathering are posted on our forum.

July 2015 - Austin, Texas
American Horticulture Society Youth Gardening Symposium July 9-11, 2015 Austin, Texas

April 2014 - Austin, Texas
National Farm to Cafeteria Conference April 15-18, 2014 Austin, Texas
View notes from School Garden Support Organizations Unite!, a preconfernce gaterhing that we hosted at the 2014 National Farm to Cafeteria Conference.

July 2013 - Denver, Colorado
American Horticulture Society Youth Gardening Symposium July 11-13, 2013, Denver, Colorado
Workshops on Regional Support Model Development:
  • A2 | Cultivating a Successful School Garden Network: Notes from Washington D.C.
  • D6 | Developing Curriculum Resources and Networking for School Gardens: A Model
  • E2 | Creating Proactive Policies for School Gardens
  • G4 | Creating Sustainable Schoolyards in the Philadelphia School System

Send other suggested national or regional gatherings to gardendirector@lifelab.org.