Best Practices

Since 2016, School Garden Support Organizations (SGSOs) have been gathering annually for a Leadership Institute hosted by Life Lab in Santa Cruz, CA. The following is a collectively created, curated set of notes from these gatherings, updated annually by Institute participants and facilitators. 
We, school garden support organizations, have also shared webinars the topics below, check out the webinars!

Best Practices Documents

Networking and Communications
We strive to ensure that all school garden stakeholders have the opportunity to participate in dynamic regional networks to connect with each other and share resources, ideas, questions, funding sources and support, and more!

Professional Development Models
Successful school garden professional development effectively supports school communities in using learning gardens as an instructional tool. It equips individuals, schools and organizations with the knowledge, language and tools to integrate the garden into the learning culture of the school or site.

We strive for school garden programs to have access to quality evaluation tools and feel empowered to use them in meaningful and useful ways to improve their own programs, communicate with partners and funders, and share with the communities they serve.

  1. SGSOs strive to support school gardens that are fully functional, easy to maintain, and integrated into the schoolyard.

  2. SGSOs support the maintenance of key garden infrastructure components.

We strive for all school gardens to have programs that are both financially and programmatically sustainable.