Gamma Kappa Alpha Award Scholarship

I.               Name of Award: Gamma Kappa Alpha Award for Scholarship.

II.             Purpose: To recognize outstanding undergraduate scholarship in the field of Italian literature, civilization or linguistics.

III.           Amount of Award: One $500 award yearly, contingent on availability of funds and subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

IV.           Administration of Award: An Award Committee will be appointed by the President of the Society.  Three members, one of whom will be designated as “chair,” will serve at the pleasure of the President.  Upon receiving nominations, the Chair will contact members of the committee to review each nomination package.  The chair will report to the President the committee’s recommendation.  The President will then notify the Secretary-Treasurer, who will make out a check in the sum of $500, drawn from the Society’s funds.  The award may not be given if the committee is unable to make a recommendation to the President.

V.             Eligibility: Undergraduate students attending an institution with a GKA chapter.  Students must be seniors completing a major, minor, or concentration in Italian literature, civilization, or linguistics, and must meet eligibility requirements for induction into GKA.

VI.           Nomination: Eligible students will be invited to the Chapter Academic Advisor to submit an essay in the field of Italian literature, civilization, or linguistics to a nominating committee comprised of the Chapter Academic Advisor and at least one other member of the home institution.  No more than five faculty members may be invited by the Chapter Academic Advisor to serve on the nominating committee.  After evaluating the essay(s), the committee will recommend no more than one candidate for the award.

VII.         Deadlines: Chapter Academic Advisor will send nomination packages to the Chair of the Award Committee by April 16, 2010.  The Chair will notify the President, as soon as feasible, of the committee’s decision.  The president will notify the Secretary-Treasurer, who will send the check.

VIII.       Nomination Package: The Chapter Academic Advisor is responsible for assembling a nomination package for each student.  The nomination package consists of four copies of each of the following items:

1)    Curriculum vitae

2)    Transcripts of all colleges attended (if more than one).  Only one set of transcripts needs to be official.  The other tree sets may be copies.

3)    A letter of nomination and recommendation written by the Academic Advisor and signed by all members of the Nominating Committee and the department Chair.

4)    The entered essay.

Please pay attention to the following:

  1. Essays must be written in Italian
  2. Essays must consist of a minimum of two thousand (2000) words to a maximum of two thousand five hundred (2500) words, i.e. eight (8) to ten (10) pages, type-written or computer generated.
  3. We are offering one (1) award, in the amount of five hundred (500) dollars.