Gamma Kappa Alpha

National Italian Honor Society, Inc.




 BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Mariquita Noris, Temple University; Adriano Moz, University of Puerto Rico, (-2006); Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander, Nazareth College; Mia Cocco, University of Georgia



 Remo Trivelli, University of Rhode Island


 Joseph Francese, Michigan State University


 Silvia Ruffo Fiore, University of South Florida


 Eugenio Frongia, California State University, Chico

TO: Chapter Academic Advisors, Regional Representatives, and Members of the Board of Directors

FR: Mariquita G. Noris, GKA President

DT: November 17, 2011


Dear Colleagues,

First of all, we hope that this NEWSLETTER finds you all healthy, happy, and with exciting new classes and students!

We know that everybody is very busy, however, we wish to encourage your participation in GKA. We wish to hear from you about your courses, your students, your research, etc., which we will report in our NEWSLETTER!

Please send your news, via email to Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander (

Won’t you take a few minutes and share with us news of interest to teachers of Italian?

Allora, speriamo di sentirvi presto!

It is also the time to bring to your attention the following item:

Announcement of the 2012 GKA Award for Scholarship (details follow). As always, we are grateful for your interest in GKA. Let’s keep in mind that this AWARD is an honor for the recipient as well as for the instructor!

We strongly encourage you to submit your name to serve as a member of the AWARD COMMITTEE. We need three colleagues to serve; if you are interested in serving, please send me an e-mail no later than March 9, 2012. My e-mail address is Also, please submit for consideration the names and works of your best students, in accordance with the guidelines provided elsewhere in this NEWSLETTER. Please mark on your calendar the deadline for submission of the students’ packets: April 13, 2012.


An invitation to AU Chapter Academic Advisors:

The GKA National Italian Honor Society is pleased to announce its 2012 GKA Award for Scholarship, to recognize outstanding undergraduate scholarship in the field of Italian literature, culture, or linguistics.

We are cordially inviting you to encourage your students to submit entries in the form of original essays.

By offering this award, we sincerely hope to stimulate further interest in Italian studies, while recognizing the achievements of the students and their teachers.

Please pay close attention to the guidelines, which appear elsewhere in this newsletter, and to the deadline for submission of entries, which is April 13, 2012.

Nomination packets are to be sent to the Chair of the Award Committee, whose name will be announced in a separate mailing once we receive nominations to serve on the GKA AWARD COMMITTEE, or to me (Mariquita G. Noris/ Temple University/ Department of French, German, Italian, Slavic/ Anderson  Hall 527/ Philadelphia, PA 19122).

Thank you for your attention to this announcement and for your consistent support of our Society.


Vacancies: Regional Representatives

There are some vacancies to be filled. 

Please indicate in the Gamma Kappa Alpha Form if you wish to be a candidate for the position of Regional Representative in the appropriate region.  Detach and return to me by March 9, 2012.