a) Hudson River School            
 This is "The First Harvest in the Wilderness" (1855) by Asher Durand.  This painting illustrates the emergence of  nationalism in this time period.  This painting is about the frontier.   Durand was illustrating the change from wilderness to civilization in the frontier.  This illustrates the emerging nationalistic feeling in the time period because the painting is about the frontier that we received with the Louisiana Purchase.  This painting is advocating for the settlement of the frontier.  Durand is saying that America should bigger and should extend as far as possible.  Also, the title suggests that he believes that we are helping the wilderness by harvesting something useful out of it.

    The second painting is "The Oxbow" (1836) by Thomas Cole.  The content of this painting is similar to that of the first.   This painting is again about the transfer of civilization to wilderness.  The stormy left side of the painting represents the unpredictable, powerful wilderness, while the right side represents the calm but beautiful civilization.  Cole wants the wilderness to be overtaken by civilization.  It is apparent that he has nationalistic ideals.  He, like Durand, wants America to be extended beyond its current state.

b) Rocky Mountain School
The first painting is "An Arizona Sunset Near the Grand Canyon" (1896)  by Thomas Moran.  The second painting is "Lake Tahoe" (1868) by Albert Bierstadt.  These painting were in the Rocky Mountain School movement.  These paintings are of the western frontier.  They have very similar messages as the first set of paintings.  These paintings are showing the western frontier of the United States as beautiful and as being a very good opportunity for Americans.  These show nationalistic feelings because they show that Americans liked that the country was getting larger.  People wanted to explore the country and did not just want to stay where they were.  They wanted to go out of their home state and have opportunities elsewhere and they liked that America was giving them the chance to do that.


c) Genre Artists

These two paintings are examples of genre artists.  The painting on the left is "Farmers Nooning" (1836) by William Sydney  Mount and the one one the right is "The Headless Horsemen" (1858) by John Quidor.  These two paintings illustrate that art was one aspect where we can see the emergence of nationalism.  These two paintings genre paintings, which mean that they are of everyday life.  The paintings show nationalism because of the fact that they are of everyday lives.  This means that people had begun to think that their lives were good and that they were happy to be American.