The final rounds for Public Address and Limited Preparation events at the NFA National Tournament are given to the finalists for free and are available to the rest of the community at a cost of $10 per DVD.

To order DVDs, please download and complete the attached form and send it with a check for the correct amount to:   NATIONAL FORENSIC ASSOCIATION c/o Megan Koch Illinois State University Campus Box 4480 Normal IL 61790-4480.  NFA does not accept credit card payments.

Please note:  Because National Tournament prep happens at the host school, DVD orders placed in the month of April will not ship until after the tournament ends.  Thank you for your understanding.

 2015 Ohio University ADS /IMP*  ADS /IMP*   PERS /RC PERS /RC
 2014  Eastern Michigan University ADS* EXT IMP INFO L/D PERS RC
 Marshall University ADS EXT IMP INFO L/D PERS RC
 2012   Ohio University   ADS EXT IMP  INFO  L/D  PERS  RC 
 2011   Illinois State University ADS / EXT  IMP / INFO  L/D PERS RC
 2010 Ohio University   EXT  IMP  INFO  PERS RC
 2009 Missouri State University / Drury University ADS EXT IMP  INFO  L/D  PERS  RC 
 2008 Tennessee State University  ADS EXT  IMP  INFO  L/D  PERS  RC
 2007 Berry College ADS / RC EXT / IMP  INFO / PERS L/D  
 2006 University of Wisconsin Eau Claire ADS / IMP  EXT / RC  INFO / PERS  L/D   
 2005  University of Akron ADS  EXT  IMP  INFO  L/D  PERS  
 2003 Ball State University ADS / RC EXT / IMP  INFO / PERS    
 2002 Berry College ADS EXT / INFO  IMP / PERS  L/D / RC  
 2001 Western Kentucky University  ADS EXT / IMP   INFO / PERS L/D / RC  
 2000 Ohio University ADS / L/D EXT / RC  IMP  INFO / PERS   
 1999 Eastern Michigan University ADS   EXT IMP INFO  PERS  RC 
 1998 Western Illinois University  EXT    PERS RC
 1997  Ball State University ADS EXT  INFO L/D PERS RC
 1996 Western Illinois University ADS EXT IMP INFO L/D  PERS  RC 
 1995 Eastern Michigan University ADS EXT IMP INFO L/D  RC
 1994 Western Kentucky University ADS EXT IMP INFO L/D PERS RC
 1993 Bloomsburg State University ADS/EXT  IMP INFO  PERS RC
 1992 Mankato State University  EXT IMP INFO L/D PERS RC
 1991 Marshall University ADS/INFO EXT IMP/RC  L/D  
 1990 Mankato State University  EXT IMP INFO  PERS RC
 1988 Arizona State University  EXT IMP 
 1987 Mankato State University ADS EXT IMP INFO  PERS RC
 1986 Bloomsburg University  EXT  INFO   RC
 * 2014 ADS is missing two speakers; 2015 ADS / IMP has poor audio