General Business Meetings

 NFA General Business Meeting at 

NCA in Dallas, TX

Saturday, November 18, 2017 

11:00 am-12:15 pm 

Marriott, Plaza Ballroom C-Third Floor 


NFA Proposal Discussion Schedule 


 Committee    Proposal Post Date End Date Status
Committee on President’s Sweepstakes Proposal to Lock Presidents  9/4/17 9/14/17 Ballot Ready
Tournament CommitteeProposal to add POI    9/4/17 9/14/17 Ballot Ready
EDI CommitteeProposal for Language Inclusivity 9/18/17 9/28/17 Ballot Ready
Ethics CommitteeProposal to Add Sanctions for Violations 9/18/17 9/28/17 Ballot Ready
Ethics CommitteeEdits to the NFA Code of Ethics   10/2/17 10/12/17 In Committee
Committee for Judging PracticesProposal for fair judging practices  10/2/17 10/12/17 Ballot Ready
Tournament CommitteeProposal for Novice Finals 10/16/17 10/26/17 Ballot Ready
Constitution CommitteeCap Octa Points Proposal 10/16/17 10/26/17 In Committee

NFA General Business Meeting Agenda

I.                 Call to Order (11:00 am)                                                                                                       

II.               Approval of General Business Meeting Minutes (from 4/17/17)

III.              Announcements from Council Members

                2018 Host Report –Osk Kosh (Buel Young for Fischer)

                2019 Site Announcement (Buel Young/Morris)

                NFA Journal Issue (Paine)

                2018 NCA Theme (West)

                Impromptu Committee (Barfield) (2018 prompts)

                Call for Hall of Fame Nominations (Schnoor)

                Reminder of Ballot Process  Proposal Process (Morris)

                Student Story Project (Flory)


IV.             Current Proposals for upcoming ballot

       a.      Constitution/Bylaws Amendments reflecting Current Practices

Ratifying the current Octafinal Implementation Plan  (White)

Proposal for LD Sweepstakes (White)

Proposal for Team Sweepstakes Tiebreakers (White)

Continuing the practice of Novice Finals (Buel Young)     

         b.      Proposals for Ethics and Inclusivity (11:30 am)

Proposal to Prevent Discriminatory Comments on Ballots (Roth)

Proposal to Add Sanctions (Roth)

                                                  Proposal for Language Inclusivity (Medina)


       c.      Proposals to change NFA Championship Tournament Practices 

                                                  NFA POI Proposal (Buel Young)   

Pentathlon Proposal (Buel Young)

Seeding Proposal (Moore)

NFA LD Warm Room Proposal (Blood)

Proposal for Fair Judging Practices (Prephan)

Proposal to Lock President's Sweepstakes (Koch)

V.               Adjournment

All items proposals can be found at with hyperlinks or at
The final proposals on this agenda which have come through an NFA committee and been posted for discussion in the Facebook Discussion Group will be on the ballot sent out 10 days after this business meeting.   As a reminder, the NFA constitution states, "Although debate, discussion and amendments to proposed Constitutional and By-Law changes will occur at biannual business meetings, voting on all final proposal will be conducted  electronically.” However, the new proposal process (How a proposal becomes an NFA bylaw) explains that in order to ensure inclusivity of all member schools in the discussion, final proposals sent to ballot must begin the process by being approved by a committee, and so amending proposals at the meeting ensures that they go back to committee for revision and discussion and not directly to the ballot in December.