General Business Meetings

 NFA General Business Meeting 

Friday-April 14  8:00-10:00 am

Schofield Auditorium-UWEC


NFA General Business Meeting Agenda

April 14, 2017

8:00-10:00 am

Schofield Auditorium


I.          Call to Order

II.       Approval of 2016 Minutes from NFA General Business Meeting (4/12/16)

III.      Officer Reports

                    A.       President (Morris)

                    B.       Vice President for Administration (White)

                    C.       Vice President for Professional Relations (West)

                    D.       Secretary/Treasurer (Koch)

IV.      Council Member Reports

                    A.       Tournament Director (Buel)

                    B.       Tournament Host (Morris)

                    C.       Journal Editor (Paine)

 V.      Standing Committee Report

                    A.       Constitution Committee (White)

1) Proposal on Electronic Voting

              2) Proposal for changing IE Out round judging panel restrictions

B.        LD Committee (Boyer)

               C.       Ethics Committee (w/ Ad Hoc committees) (Roth/Kuyper)

 1) Proposed Edits to the NFA Code of Ethics

          2) Proposal to Add Sanctions for Violations

D.       Elections Committee (Morris)

  VI.    Ad Hoc Committee Reports

A.       Ad Hoc Committee on President’s Sweepstakes (Koch) 

                            Proposal to Lock Presidents

B.       Ad Hoc Committee on Seeding Out Rounds (Talbert)  

C.       Ad Hoc Committee on Fair Judging Practices (Ledford)

                            Proposal to address fair judging practices

 VII.    Old Business

A.       Octafinals Implementation

                              1) Implementation Plan (Buel)

2) Cap Octafinals Sweepstakes Points Proposal (Gaddis)

B.       Novice Finals (1 year only) (Buel)

Passed Proposal for Novice Finals

C.       Appeal of the 2016 National Council Allegation Findings (Furgerson)

Public Notices of National Council’s Ruling on Ethical Challenges at the 2016 NFA

VIII.    New Business

A.       Proposal for Language Inclusivity in Event Descriptions (Ocasio)

B.       Proposal to Address the Impact of the Current Administration on

Students (Meadows)

C.       Proposal to add Program Oral Interpretation (Heyne)

 IX.      Adjournment