General Business Meetings

Make plans now to attend the NFA Fall Business Meeting at NCA-Philadelphia, PA 

Saturday-November 12, 2016—2:00-3:15 pm 

Courtyard Downtown-Grand Salon II First Floor.

I.          Call to Order

II.          Approval of minutes from General Business Meeting –NFA 2016 found  HERE

III.            Reports

A.             Secretary / Treasurer’s Report - Koch

B.             President’s Report – Morris

C.          Journal Report (new journal website) - Paine

D.  2017 Tournament Director Report - Buel

         1.  Qualification Reporting

         2.  Implementation of Octafinals/  and Novice Finals

E.  NFA Sites—Morris

        1.   2017 NFA Host Report

       2.   2018 NFA Bids

F.   LD Committee Report - Boyer

G.  Vice President of Professional Relations-West

        1.  NCA Convention Report

        2.  Research Report

H. Constitution Committee Report - Leah White

                1.   Bylaws V.3.E to adjust the number of judges allowed to  represent a state on an elimination round panel

I.        Student Report – Nix /Soibelman

                 J.         Impromptu Committee Report (2017 Prompts) - Barfield

                K.  Ad Hoc Committees

1.     Ad Hoc Committee Addressing the AFA Code of Ethics and LD- Roth

2. Ad Hoc Committee to Explore the Concept of Randomly Assigning Seeding Octafinals-Talbert

3. Ad Hoc Committee to Address Gender/Race Discrimination within the NFA LD and I.E. Communities-Kupyer

4. Ad Hoc Committee to Lock President Sweepstakes– Koch

5. Ad Hoc Committee on NFA Fair Judging Practices-Ledford

              L.       Hall of Fame -Schnoor

III.          New Business

A. Moore proposal for GPA Requirement--Moore

B. Policy for presidential appointments--Morris

IV. Adjournment