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NFA Performances of Distinction Archive Update:

Submissions from NFA Novice and Graduating Seniors were due on May 15th.  Thank you to all those who uploaded links and filled out the submission form.  The NFA-LD PoD Review Committee has selected students based on their applications to compete in Senior LD and Novice LD rounds for the Performance of Distinction Archive and those will be recorded in the coming weeks. Individual Events PoD Review Committees are now watching all performances for their events and will make their recommendations by June 20th for which performances will become part of the 2020 NFA Performances of Distinction Archive. The review committees will also make a recommendation for a Performance of Highest Distinction for each event. The NFA Tournament committee will choose Performers of Highest Distinction based on the committees’ performance recommendation.  The 2020 Performance of Distinction Archive List and honors will be announced at the end of June.

                        PoD Review Commitees


NFA governing documents state “all contestants are limited to four years of national tournament competition. These years need not be consecutive. These national tournaments include those sponsored by NFA, PKD, DSR-TKA, IOA, PRP, CEDA, NPDA, AFA, and Novice Nationals or any other forensic national competition added to this list by the National Council”.  The National Council views the National Speech Championship (NSC) as part of this list.  Because many of these national tournaments were canceled this year, NFA is extending eligibility to compete at the 2021 National Forensics Association National Championship Tournament to 2020-2021 fifth-year seniors.  These students are not eligible to compete in regular season NFA qualifying tournaments but are eligible to compete in the events they qualified in for the 2020 NFA National Championship Tournament. *In the case of duo, partners must be undergraduates in 2021. These fifth-year seniors will forfeit eligibility should they choose to judge during the 2020-2021 season. 

In addition, because we understand that COVID-19 has disrupted not only the 2020 National Season but  many students’ education plans and the ability to graduate in 4 years, the NFA Council is working on a proposal to allow a 9th semester of eligibility to those students impacted over the next three years. We will have a proposal by the end of the semester so that students making plans to either compete or judge next year will have the information they need before making a choice.


New NFA Individual Events Rating Sytem on Ballots.

NFA will now use a 1-30 rating system on our ballots.  If your regular season tournament states in the invitation that you will be following NFA rules, then make sure your ballots reflect the new 1-30 scale instead of the old 70-100. We also have a legend that will accompany the rating system:

            Rank 1-30 points (no ties)

            30 (Superb)

            26-29 (Inspiring)

            22-25 (Compelling)

            18-21 (Memorable)

            14-17 (Effective)

            10-13 (Underdeveloped)

            6-9 (Deficient)

            1-5 (Incomplete)

 2021 National Championship Tournament will be hosted by The University of Illinois-Chicago on April 16-20, 2021. This nationals will follow a Saturday-Tuesday Schedule with registration/business meetings/2 LD rounds occurring on Friday Night.  We are excited to be celebrating our 50th Anniversary Tournament in Chicago!  Thank you to Vance Pierce for his perseverance in putting this bid together.

We are still looking for bids for 2022 and 2023.  For details and bid specifics go to:   Bids and/or questions can be submitted to Megan Koch.           

 Impromptu Schema 2020 NFA Title IX Policy 

2019 National Championship Tournament Recap

Thank you to hosts Sal Tinajero, the Santa Ana Unified School District, Julie Castro-Cardenas and the City of Santa Ana, California for hosting the 2019 NFA National Championship Tournament.  Thank you, Santa Ana for thinking outside of the box and welcoming the NFA Intercollegiate community into the Santa Ana High School community.  The 2019 NFA National Championship Tournament was one of the largest NFA’s in history with 92 schools attending. Congratulations to the following Champions.


  • Lincoln Douglas Debate Champion:  Anthony Survance, Western Kentucky University
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate Community College Sweepstakes ChampionEl Camino Community College
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate Team Sweepstakes ChampionMissouri State University
  • Pentathlon Champion:  Andrea Ambam, Western Kentucky University
  • Community College Sweepstakes Champion: East Los Angeles College
  • Presidents Three Sweepstakes Champion: Hastings College
  • Presidents Two Sweepstakes ChampionGeorge Mason University
  • Presidents One Sweepstakes ChampionNorthwestern University
  • Open Team Sweepstakes Champion: Bradley University

For more results:  NFA 2019 Results on SpeechWire

Impromptu Schema 2019  Impromptu Archive                         2019 Tournament Invitation