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NFA National Championship Tournament

NFA sponsors a national championship tournament for both individual event speaking and Lincoln-Douglas debate. The tournament normally covers 4-5 days, and championships are awarded in nine individual events and Lincoln-Douglas debate. Team awards are given in several divisions, based on the entry size of each school. Normally, between 75-125 colleges and universities attend the national tournament.

Congratulations to Western Kentucky University, the 2015 national champions, and to Jerome Gregory, Bradley University, the pentathalon (individual sweepstakes) champion.

The 2016 National Championship Tournament will be held April 14-18, 2016 at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. 

Tournament Travel Planning

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2016 Tournament Policies

  • Policy for the Accommodation of Presentational Aids -  The NFA Council has adopted the following policy, and we recommend it to other tournament hosts as one of many best practices. 

The NFA supports teaching and learning about the use of presentational aids in public speaking.  Audio -Visual aids are permitted in the four public address events, and students learn by making choices – about whether or not their speech requires a visual aid, and if so, what kind of use of what kind of aid will best support their message.  Considering the diversity of presentational aids available today and the increased use of electronic audio visual aids, the NFA adopts the following policy.

 The invitation to the national championship tournament will include a section that describes how (if at all) the rooms in which public address events are held will accommodate presentational aids.  For example, the invitation might explain that all rooms in which informative speaking is held will include a surface onto which students may project an image, such as a (dumb, not electronic) screen, blank wall, or white board.  Other accommodations might include providing a table at the front of the room that is within 30 feet of an electrical outlet.  Announcing these or similar features of the rooms before the tournament allows students and coaches to plan for the best use of presentation aids at the tournament.  Moreover, the NFA encourages other tournament hosts to include similar information in their invitations. 

 As the way speakers make use of presentational aids changes over time, the information they need about the spaces in which they will speak changes as well.  The purpose of this resolution is not to encourage all students to replace their poster boards with a laptop and a portable projector.  Rather, the purpose is to provide students and coaches with the information they need in order to make effective choices about the use of all kinds of presentational aids, including electronic ones, without placing any new burdens on the hosts of tournaments.