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NFA National Championship Tournament

NFA sponsors a national championship tournament for both individual event speaking and Lincoln-Douglas debate. The tournament normally covers 4-5 days, and championships are awarded in nine individual events and Lincoln-Douglas debate. Team awards are given in several divisions, based on the entry size of each school. Normally, between 75-125 colleges and universities attend the national tournament.

Congratulations to Western Kentucky University, the 2015 national champions, and to Jerome Gregory, Bradley University, the pentathalon (individual sweepstakes) champion.

The 2016 National Championship Tournament will be held April 14-18, 2016 at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. 

The tournament invitation and registration website can be found at

Tournament Travel Planning

Getting Here

Ball State is located in Muncie, Indiana, a mid-sized city 55 miles (one hour) northeast of Indianapolis, just off Interstate 69. Muncie’s location in the heart of the Midwest makes it easily accessible by highways and charter flights from many locations, including the Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Dayton airports.

Hotels for NFA

Tournament Hotel: Courtyard by Marriott (downtown Muncie)

The Courtyard Marriott  is a full service hotel that will offer the Courtyard Bistro, a full menu restaurant (Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company), a short 7 minute drive to campus, and ample bus parking adjacent to the hotel.

To reserve your rooms with the group rate:

Overflow Hotel

Hampton Inn (hotel zone NE Muncie)

To book online: (recommended)

To book over the phone: 765-288-8500

Cost: Flat rate $109 (with booking code NFA, cutoff date 3/16)

In Muncie (hotel zone NE side):

Baymont Inn 765-284-4200    $59 special rate (use code NFA, cutoff date 3/12)

Comfort Inn 765-587-0294      $109 special rate (use code NFA, cutoff date 3/16)

Super 8 765-286-4333              $67.99 special rate (use code NFA)

Best Western 765-282-0600

Cardinal Inn 765-216-1675

Days Inn 765-288-2311

Fairfield Inn 765-282-6666

Holiday Inn Express 765-289-4678

Student Center (on campus) 765-285-1555

In New Castle (20 miles south)

Steve Alford All American Inn 765-593-1212

Garden Inn 765-529-0345

In Anderson (20 miles southwest)

Best Inn 765-644-2000

Best Western Plus 765-649-2500

Chesterfield Travel Inn 765-378-0888

Clarion Inn 765-644-2581

Holiday Inn Express  765-779-0111

Motel 6   765-644-4422

Super 8   765-642-2222

In Gas City (30 miles north)

Best Western Plus 765-998-2331

Holiday Inn Express  765-674-6444

Super 8   765-998-6800

Due to various safety/sanitation concerns, we would not recommend the Red Carpet Inn and Suites on the south side of Muncie or the Bestway Inn. 

2016 Tournament Policies

  • Policy for the Accommodation of Presentational Aids -  The NFA Council has adopted the following policy, and we recommend it to other tournament hosts as one of many best practices. 

The NFA supports teaching and learning about the use of presentational aids in public speaking.  Audio -Visual aids are permitted in the four public address events, and students learn by making choices – about whether or not their speech requires a visual aid, and if so, what kind of use of what kind of aid will best support their message.  Considering the diversity of presentational aids available today and the increased use of electronic audio visual aids, the NFA adopts the following policy.

 The invitation to the national championship tournament will include a section that describes how (if at all) the rooms in which public address events are held will accommodate presentational aids.  For example, the invitation might explain that all rooms in which informative speaking is held will include a surface onto which students may project an image, such as a (dumb, not electronic) screen, blank wall, or white board.  Other accommodations might include providing a table at the front of the room that is within 30 feet of an electrical outlet.  Announcing these or similar features of the rooms before the tournament allows students and coaches to plan for the best use of presentation aids at the tournament.  Moreover, the NFA encourages other tournament hosts to include similar information in their invitations. 

 As the way speakers make use of presentational aids changes over time, the information they need about the spaces in which they will speak changes as well.  The purpose of this resolution is not to encourage all students to replace their poster boards with a laptop and a portable projector.  Rather, the purpose is to provide students and coaches with the information they need in order to make effective choices about the use of all kinds of presentational aids, including electronic ones, without placing any new burdens on the hosts of tournaments. 




NFA promotes accessibility for all students. Any of these prompts can and will be modified for students with special needs. All prompts will be printed in Open Dyslexic font at the National Championship Tournament.

Please send any requests for accommodation to Impromptu Committee Chair Rebecca Buel ( by registration deadline.


PRELIM ROUND 1:  Quotations


“What makes earth feel like hell is our expectation that it should feel like heaven.” –Chuck Palahniuk “I’m not funny. What I am is brave.” –Lucille Ball


PRELIM ROUND 2:   Rhetorical Inquiry students will be given a question and asked to provide an                                   opinion-­‐based answer with structured reasoning and supporting evidence.                                          Questions will not require specific cultural knowledge.


"What do you think your generation will be remembered for?"

"What is the most important lesson that can be taken away from college forensics?"


PRELIM ROUND 3: Proverbs


“There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.” –French Proverb

“When a finger points to the moon, the imbecile looks at the finger.”  –Chinese Proverb


PRELIM ROUND 4:  Single Word 





QUARTERFINALS:  Objects – these will have no writing on them. 




SEMIFINALS: Ethical Dilemma – these will be limited to 2 sentences and ask students to analyze an                         ethically ambiguous situation that has at least two viable answers. Students should be                         judged on their ability to provide an opinion-­‐based answer with structured reasoning and                     supporting evidence as opposed to the stance or values they advocate within the speech.                     Prompts will not require specific cultural knowledge.


“Should high school teachers accept friend requests from students on Facebook?”

“You are an undocumented worker and witness a crime. Do you call the police and risk deportation?”


FINALS:  Quotation from a member of the NFA Hall of Fame


“To the victor goes the toils.” –Ray Quiel


             The question areas for the 2016 NFA National Tournament will be as follows:

Round One:  Domestic Social/Non-Trump Political 

Round Two:  Domestic Economic 

Round Three:  International Social/Political 

Round Four:  International Economic

Quarters:  Trump --including "Trumpact"(Trump impact question) ; “Trumpad” (3 agents); "Trumpethetical" (hypothetical future)

Semis:  Triad US Foreign Policy

Final:  Domestic Social