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Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Lincoln-Douglas debate on the intercollegiate level is one-on-one policy debate. Typically, the membership proposes several different topic areas which are used for an entire season. The membership votes on those areas, selecting one. The LD committee then proposes several resolutions.

The 2018-2019 Resolution 

Resolved:  the United States federal government should substantially increase actions by United States Cyber Command to prevent complex catastrophe and/or protect critical infrastructure. 

2019-2020 Topic Papers
Topic papers are attached to the following page:  2019-2020 Topic Papers.  Voting links sent to NFA Member School Voting Delegates on February 8th (late pm).  Voting closes on March 1st!

Want to give NFA-LD a try?  

Don't forget to download the rules. Click here for a printable PDF of the LD rules.  Please refer to the NFA By-Laws for the complete rules, qualification and eligibility guidelines and code of ethics.
  • Time limits for LD debate are:

    • 1st Aff. constructive – 6 minutes
    • Cross Examination – 3 minutes
    • 1st Neg. constructive – 7 minutes
    • Cross Examination – 3 minutes
    • 1st Aff. rebuttal – 6 minutes
    • Neg. rebuttal – 6 minutes
    • 2nd Aff. rebuttal – 3 minutes
    • Prep time: 4 minutes
  • 2018-2019 LD Committee Members

    • Chad Meadows (Chair) (3 year term)--Western Kentucky University
    • John Boyer--Lafayette College
    • Sue Peterson--Cal State-Chico
    • Stephanie Eisenberg Todd--Chabot College
    • LaKiyah Sain--Wiley College