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Student Story Project

posted Nov 20, 2017, 12:42 PM by Karen Morris

Forensics Students, Coaches, and Graduate Assistants:

My name is Shannon Flory, the Junior Representative of NFA. The National Council has started an Ad Hoc Committee for something called the Student Story Project or Narrative Project. As the chair, I want to introduce the members of this committee: Dani SoibelmanBailey RungDecker O'DonnellLily Schwab, and Abbey Toye! The Student Story Project is a committee which collects the forensics experience narratives of a variety of intercollegiate students for the purpose of sharing with high school students the advantages of continuing forensics life after high school. Abbey is currently working on a website in one of her classes to house these narratives. This project is not just about NFA, and we will be reaching out to students from other national tournaments, as well. If you are interested in this project, you can be a part of it! How has forensics changed your life? Why do you continue in this activity? Big question, but I am sure you all have something to say. Write a narrative (that is one to two pages) or make a video (2-5 minutes). Tell your story, and convince others to keep telling theirs! Email these narratives to me at  If you choose to make a video, please record it horizontally for uploading purposes. Feel free to create a video alongside a teammate or friends! Spread the word to your teammates, students, and friends among other teams and organizations. Progress from the committee will be shared when available. Please take part in this opportunity to be a part of the forensics legacy.


Shannon Flory