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Recent Ballot Results

posted Jun 9, 2018, 3:04 PM by Karen Morris

The most recent ballot contained:

*proposals which had moved through the amendment process

*2018-2019 LD Resolution options

 The 2018-2019 Resolution will be announced on July 1stHowever, the results of the votes on the four proposals on the ballot are below.

Amendments to the bylaws need a majority vote of the membership to pass and amendments to the constitution need a 2/3’s vote of the membership to pass.  NFA currently has 82 member schools who have designated a voting delegate. 

An amendment to the bylaws must receive 42 yes votes to pass

An amendment to the constitution must receive 54 votes to pass

Proposal to Cap Elimination Round Sweepstakes Points   

Regardless of the number of entries, each school receives the sweepstakes points for its top three           contestants in preliminary rounds in each event.  No more than three contestants from each  school may earn points in the octafinal, quarterfinal, and semifinal rounds in each event.  Schools will receipt sweepstakes points for all finalist.

Bylaw Amendments (needs 42 votes to pass)

57    schools voted             YES—30 votes               NO—27 votes                   FAILS

 Code of Ethics The goal of this proposal is to add the values and ethics manifested in the             National Forensic Association community to the NFA Bylaws.

Bylaw Amendments (needs 42 votes to pass)

56    schools voted                   YES - 51 votes              NO - 5 votes            PASSES

Code of Standards Currently, we have a code of ethics that can sanction students for ethical       violations.  In response to the community’s concern that sanctioning for ethical violations (often grey areas) may penalize students and judges unfairly, we have proposed that the current Code of Ethics be changed to the Code of Standards.  These standards are also edited in response to the community discussion.  The committee edited the language to reflect clearer standards that NFA has for students and judges.  Additionally, this version removes the AFA Code of Ethics, as this proposal presents standards for the NFA community.

Bylaw Amendments (needs 42 votes to pass)

55 schools voted                    YES - 42 votes           NO - 13 votes             PASSES

Proposal to make both the EDI and the Social Committees Standing NFA committees

 These committees have been active for several years. The importance and regularity of their     work warrants permanent committee status.

Constitution Amendment (need 54 votes to pass)

58 schools votes                     YES-55 votes             NO-3 votes                 PASSES