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posted May 3, 2017, 9:08 AM by Megan Koch   [ updated May 3, 2017, 9:12 AM ]

The National Forensic Association (NFA) is an academic association dedicated to providing leadership in intercollegiate speech and debate education in the United States.  The NFA sponsors the annual collegiate national championship in Individual Events and Lincoln Douglas Debate during April.  The NFA is committed to expanding and enhancing collegiate educational opportunities in speech communication nationwide.  The Association is governed by a National Council comprised of elected faculty members from member institutions.

 The National Forensic Association adheres to the following statement of inclusion as adopted as part of the NFA Bylaws as of 4/15/17:

The NFA embraces human diversity as a core value. We express this value best in the inclusion and affirmation of the various identity groups to which our members and participants belong. This commitment to inclusiveness embraces identities and social roles that arise from but are not limited to race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, or ability status. We affirm and uphold the right to basic human dignity and respect across these diverse forms of human expression.  Participation in NFA events is by invitation. As such, NFA is firmly committed to maintaining an environment that is free from acts that are inconsistent with the inclusiveness it seeks to foster. When actions deemed contrary to this core value are reported to the Tournament Director, the behavior will be investigated promptly, and appropriate remedial actions will be taken.

Therefore, actions taken by the current administration, including the Executive Orders 13768, 13780 and resulting increased ICE activity are of significant concern to the National Forensic Association National Council.  Given forensic participation requires extensive travel, we understand that those in our community who may be impacted are coping with fear of harassment, detention, and deportation as a result of these new policies.  The National Council encourages members of the forensic community to protect and support those impacted by these policies. The following organizations provide resources to assist those who believe their rights are being violated:


· We Stand With Our Students:


· American Immigration Lawyers Association:

The NFA National Council implores our forensic educators and forensics competitors to use their critical thinking skills and the preceding resources to help protect the individuals who encounter actions that lead to oppression and detainment when trying to participate in forensic tournaments hosted nationwide.  As stated earlier, the NFA welcomes all, but know that the NFA will always stand against oppression, exclusion, racism, sexism and any other act that divides us.  We welcome all, now and always.