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National Forensics Association Fall Ballot Results

posted Dec 11, 2017, 11:09 PM by Megan Koch

97 Member Schools (6 nonvoting schools)

91 Voting schools

73 Schools returned ballots although not voting on all proposals

18 schools abstained by not returning a ballot


*61 out of 91 needed for Constitutional Change

**46 out of 91 needed for Bylaw Change


Constitution/Bylaws Amendments reflecting Current Practices (4 proposals)

*71- FOR                     Ratifying the current Octafinal Implementation Plan     (PASSED)          

 2-AGAINST             This plan must be ratified in order for the constitution and bylaws to reflect current

18-ABSTAIN             practice of offering Octafinals at NFA.



**68-FOR                        Proposal for LD Sweepstakes                                      (PASSED)

4-AGAINST                These bylaw changes reflect current practice for tabulation of LD Sweepstakes.



**70-FOR                         Proposal for Team Sweepstakes Tiebreakers               (PASSED)

  2-AGAINST               These bylaw changes reflect current practice of breaking ties for Team  

19-ABSTAIN                 Sweepstakes.


*63-FOR                           Continuing the practice of Novice Finals                     (PASSED)

10-AGAINST                These changes to both the bylaws and the constitution would continue the

18- ABSTAIN               practice of having Novice Finals at NFA


Proposals for Ethics and Inclusivity (3 proposals)

**65- FOR                        Proposal to Prevent Discriminatory Comments on Ballots  (PASSED)

7-AGAINST                 These changes to the code of ethics in the bylaws discourages discriminatory

19-ABSTAIN                 comments on ballots.


**61- FOR                     Proposal to Add Sanctions                                           (PASSED) 

10-AGAINST               These changes to the code of ethics in the bylaw allow for round reversal as part

20-ABSTAIN                of sanctions against an LD violation and also allow for removing a judge from

                                    the tournament for judge conduct violations.


**59-FOR                     Proposal for Language Inclusivity                                (PASSED)

13-AGAINST               This proposal to the bylaws strikes the phrase “all events must be presented in the

19-ABSTAIN                English Language”.


Proposals to change NFA Championship Tournament Practices   (ALL WILL BE IN PLACE FOR THE 2018 NFA National Championship Tournament)

**61-FOR                     NFA POI Proposal                                          (PASSED)

11-AGAINST               This proposal changes the bylaws and allows POI to be added as an NFA event.



**68-FOR                         Pentathlon Proposal                                        (PASSED)

5-AGAINST                  This bylaw proposal would require students entered in pentathlon to compete in

18-ABSTAIN                at least two of the three genres (base on the fact that if POI is added, there would

                                    be 5 interpretation events)


**66- FOR                    Seeding Proposal                                                         (PASSED)

 5-AGAINST                This bylaw proposal would change the current seeding system to a snaked

20-ABSTAIN                 seeding for outrounds.


**58-FOR                          NFA LD Warm Room Proposal                      (PASSED)

14-AGAINST               This change to the bylaws would allow for posting of results for preliminary

19-ABSTAIN                rounds of LD during the National Tournament.



**66-FOR                       Proposal for Fair Judging Practices                (PASSED)

5-AGAINST                 This proposal would change the bylaws to reflect the unspoken norm of judges

20-ABSTAIN                waiting until they have been removed from a school for 2 years before judging

                                       that school.


**54-FOR                      Proposal to Lock President's Sweepstakes         (PASSED)

18-AGAINST               This bylaw proposal would change the current system of establishing the team

19-ABSTAIN                sweepstakes categories based on percentage of schools to just a set number of