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May 2017 Newsletter

posted May 18, 2017, 12:13 PM by Karen Morris

  Results are in for the NFA At-Large Run–Off Election

Voting closed on May 15th for the Run Off Election for the open NFA At-Large Representative Position and the NFA LD Resolution.  Congrats to University of Northern Iowa’s Sade Barfield as she will begin serving in this open position.  The winning LD Resolution will be announced on July 1st.


  Call for NFA  Committee Volunteers

Want to have a voice in NFA? We need coaches to volunteer to serve on the many standing and ad hoc committees.  If you would be willing to serve on any of these committees.  Please let Karen Morris know by   May 25th.   A complete description of the  committees can be found at


        Awards Committee                                                    Hall of Fame Committee

        Constitution Committee                                             Impromptu Committee

        Ethics Committee                                                      Research Committee

        Extemporaneous Committee                                     Social Media Committee


       Ad Hoc Committee for Assigned Seeding in Out Rounds

       Ad Hoc Committee to Lock Presidents Sweepstakes

       Ad Hoc Committee on NFA Fair Judging Practice

       *NEW Ad Hoc Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness


   Items that Passed at the NFA Business Meeting in April

Click the following links to read the specific proposals we passed at NFA

All of these can be found at

      Proposal on Electronic Voting

     Statement of Inclusion Only from the Proposed Edits tothe NFA Code of Ethics (blue highlights)

      Proposal for changing IE Out round judging panel restrictions with addition of “and no more than one judge from  any one school”

    Items that will be open for discussion before NCA:                                 The General Business Meeting at NFA unfortunately had more business than    meeting time.  So many members participated in active discussion of           the  proposals and issues on the agenda.  To make our meetings more productive, we  ask that members discuss agenda  items prior to the NCA              meeting.  Once committees have been established based on volunteers,   discussion on the following items will be posted via facebook.  Committee          chairs will facilitate the discussion.  Let your voice be heard.

              From Committees

              Proposed Edits to the NFA Code of Ethics

                 Proposal to Add Sanctions for Violations

                   Proposal to Lock Presidents 

                  Proposal to address fair judging practices 

                      Proposal to Renew Novice Finals

           From Members

                      Proposal for Language Inclusivity in Event Descriptions 

                           Proposal to add Program Oral Interpretation 

                           Cap Octafinals Sweepstakes Points Proposal 



Minutes can be found for the GBM at

The NFA Statement on Student Travel and Safety can be found at:


NFA Video Links to the 2017 NFA Final Rounds were emailed to the Designated Voting Delegate for NFA Member Schools . 

Remember the Links are for member schools only.