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2019 NFA Video Links Delayed

posted Aug 30, 2019, 2:46 PM by Megan Koch   [ updated Aug 30, 2019, 2:50 PM ]

I was hoping that I would have been able to send the Video Links for the Final Rounds at the 2019 NFA to the NFA voting delegates at the close of this summer, but unfortunately that is not the case.  The 2019 NFA Video Links will not be available until a bit closer to the middle or end of the semester.  For those of you asking about the links, rest assure you have not missed the email with the links. 

Why The Delay?

Although our 2019 Videographer, Hanna Trew was able to record all of the rounds with some form of camera and microphone during the tournament, she was not appointed as an editor. We are thrilled that a faculty member from the University of Central Missouri has agreed to edit the rounds.  Remember that this is a new process for us (assigning someone other than the host to record and edit those recordings).  Our new editor is taking some needed time to ensure the audio has a cleaner sound. As part of the editing process, we have also asked our editor to add content warnings (both visual and auditory) to certain performances and we are also adding closed captioning to each recordingThis is taking a bit more time than we anticipated. Getting through this process this year, should give us a more accurate timeline next year.


Who Gets the Links?

An email with the links will come from me and be sent to the designated voting delegate for all NFA schools.  We ask that you do not post the links, but only share them with members from your NFA school.  The links can be shared without paying copyright fees because the performances are shared within a closed membership.  When your school paid their 2019-2020 dues at the 2019 NFA, you were asked to provide the name and email address of your school’s voting delegate.   As always, there are quite a few staff changes since May. Please check the NFA Member page on the NFA Website to see who has been designated as your school’s voting delegate.  If a change in voting delegate needs to be made, please contact me with the changes at []


Can I Join NFA?

If you are not currently a member of NFA, but would like to join so you can get the links to the videos, you can visit the NFA Membership Page to find information about joining NFA.  Any Individual or school can become a member of NFA--details can be found on the NFA membership page. 



Thank you for your patience and I will send out the links as soon as they are available.


Karen Morris

NFA President