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April 1st Ballot Results

NFA VP of Administration

Dawn Lowry (George Mason University)

NFA At-Large Council Members (2 chosen)

Jennifer Talbert (Ohio University)

Stephen Hagan (McKendree University)

NFA Graduate Student Representative

Brenton Mitchell (MSU-Mankato)

NFA LD Committee Members (3 chosen)

Craig Hennigan (Truman State University)

Justin Kirk (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Heather Walter (Missouri State University)

Appointed National Council Position 

Tournament Director (three-year term)


Election Procedures for NFA Council Positions

Appointment Procedures for NFA Positions.docx

Student Election Results

NFA National Junior Student Representative
Hope Smothers (Lewis and Clark College)

Student Representative to the NFA-LD Committee
Sarah Stevenson-Peck (Pennsylvania State University)