Community Watch Party Host Guide

Thank you for your commitment to host a Community Watch Party! Your participation is crucial to the success of this event. This guide will assist you in planning a memorable day for your friends, family members, colleagues and neighbors. Feel free to organize your community watch party according to your preferences.

1. Register your event.

Take a moment to register your event. This will allow us to track the number of watch parties on the White House Initiative’s Facebook page and enable you to communicate directly with staff. Please note that the information provided will be kept strictly confidential.

2. Gather your materials.

Create an agenda for your watch party, keeping in mind additional speakers or special guests you would like to invite. You may also want to build in snack or restroom breaks. Other ideas for a substantive event include creating and posting your own three-minute or less You Tube video to share education-related accomplishments, challenges and questions or your personal story. Send the links to your videos to

Review, print and disseminate copies of the:
  • Event flyer
  • Sign-in sheet
3. Invite participants to attend.

You can e-mail the event flyers to your guests or post them around your neighborhood and in your community to encourage participation. Be sure to encourage all of your guests to RSVP to you or your organization so you will know how many people to expect.
Send a reminder e-mail the day before the event.

4. Prepare for local media.

Make an impact by including local media coverage. Send local reporters a copy of the official press release or create one of your own. Also, identify a spokesperson, preferably a community leader, to engage the media.

5. Join the White House Initiative’s National Network.

After the event, thank guests for coming and encourage them to become a part of the White House Initiative’s National Network by answering “yes” on the sign-in sheet.

6. Submit your sign-in sheet and share your feedback.

How was your event? What worked best? What could be improved? We want to hear from you! Send your experiences, ideas and suggestions to or post a comment on our Facebook page. To find us, search for “White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.” In addition, be sure to submit the information from your sign-in sheets to and include “Sign-in Sheet Information” in the subject line.

Have a terrific event!