1.      Note the number on the table.

2.      Ensure that everyone at the table knows what topic is being discussed.

3.      Assign a note taker to write down questions on the sheet provided.

4.      Brainstorm questions to ask the presenter.

5.      Collect all questions and hand over to a White House Initiative staff person.


TOPICS                                                                                                                                 TABLES

 White House Education Policy                                                                     1          16        31       

Roberto Rodriguez

Special Assistant to the President, Domestic Policy Counsel

K -12                                                                                                                2          17        32

Thelma Melendez                                                                       

Assistant Secretary, Elementary and Secondary Education                            

English Language Learners                                                                          3          18        33

Rosalinda Barrera                                                                 

Assistant Deputy Secretary, English Language Acquisition                           

Education Policy                                                                                            4          19        34

Carmel Martin                                                                                                                       

Assistant Secretary, Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development  

Working With Congress                                                                                5          20        35

Gabriella Gomez                                                                                                        

Assistant Secretary, Legislation and Congressional Affairs                             

Early Learning                                                                                                6          21        36

Jeffrey Capizzano

Senior Policy Advisor, Administration for Children and Families                                                                                                                                                           

Adult Education and Employment                                                              7          22

Assistant Secretary Jane Oates

Employment and Training Administration

TOPICS                                                                                                                        TABLES

Housing and Urban Development                                                               8          23

Assistant Secretary John Trasviña                                               

Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

Financial Aid                                                                                                  9          24

Bill Taggart                                                                                                    

Chief Operating Officer, Federal Student Aid                 

Higher Education                                                                                           10        25                     

Assistant Secretary Eduardo Ochoa                                                              

Office of Postsecondary Education

Promise Neighborhoods: It Takes a Village                                                  11        26

Larkin Tackett                                                                                                            

Deputy Director, Office of Innovation and Improvement 

Technology                                                                                                      12        27

Karen Cator

Director, Education Technology

Civil Rights and Education Equity                                                                  13        28

Ricardo Soto                                                                                       

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office for Civil Rights 

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)                      14        29

Jessie DeAro

Senior Policy Analyst, Office of Science and Technology Policy

Safe Schools                                                                                                      15        30

Kristen Harper

Policy Advisor, Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools