Boston Black Architecture Month-Summit

Notice to all Artistic, Cultural and Educational Institutions, organizations and facilities, Architects and Urban/Planners:

BLACK ARCHITECTURE MONTH – “Cultural Architecture / Creativity Weeks”

A Call for Urban-Architectural Justice, Architects of the Future

“Celebrating the Independent nature of Black America and Black Power”

Improving black community economics, cultural and political power.

A week long celebration of the Creative Intelligence of Art, Culture and Technology

of Promoting our Past and Designing our Present and Future Society –

Emancipating Black Culture and the Roots of Independence
An Annual Community Development Creative Festival
 Annual Events: The 4 Weeks of October 9th – November 9th. 2009 A week long cultural Celebration/Festival of the architectural contributions that black/ afro-Americans architecture, design and urban development professionals of all ages have contributed to the city, the urban environment and the quality of life  of the communities we all live in. Ensuring the cities urban communities are planned and built properly and meet the socio-economic needs of community demographics.

Bi-centennial Memorial Event:

BAW (week) 2006 was in remembrance of Benjamin Banneker an original member of the planning team of 1791 which  surveyed, planned, and designed the capital building area in Washington D.C., The Federal District,  he passed 200 years ago in 1806.


Dedicated Black architectural professionals have been unrecognized in the fight against discrimination and neglect by mainstream American society but have demonstrated an outstanding track record of accomplishments and have provided the cultural integrity and leadership necessary in a peaceful effort to guide society and the architectural profession in the right direction of urban justice for urban communities.

Acknowledging the disparity, gap and crisis in the field of architecture and the need to address the need for more access, education and exposure and promotion of black architecture  and the creative achievements  of the field which benefit our world and urban communities I endorse and recommend that a week of cultural recognition be dedicated to the recognition and honor of the black architects and architectural professionals who serve society in an uncompromising  and honorable fashion who are dedicated to building society for the betterment of our future. So to ensure we are educated about the facts of the progressive black architectural culture in our city and the communities of Boston I propose a week of cultural celebration and events to recognize the catalyst and leaders who facilitate and poses the knowledge and technology of creating the urban and architectural renaissance necessary to save our communities from urban plight and decay…all contributions weather large or small are all apart of building and designing a better and brighter future for the of our city and country.

I therefore endorse this Landmark Event & Resolution to create a week of awareness about the dedicated architects of our future.

Festivities entail open studios/design offices, exhibitions, tours of black architectural landmarks and urban reconstruction, & cause based design competitions / charrette solutions, cultural symposia/education on major issues and ideas exchange, fund raising creative / entertaining events and media arts benefiting both the young and the progressive professionals of the city of Boston.(Introduced to City 11/28/05, Short Resolution Final 6/16/06)

Peace, Joseph Edgecombe, Spokesman,FACTS/AOF- Architects of The Future

 Preview link:


Architect of the Future



Exposure Conference – Summit/Forum on Community Development

Our National History

In address of today’s urban and Architectural/socio-economic affairs I am convening /advocating a landmark summit to address social historical and architectural-economic, cultural and political issues and problems we face as an aspiring modern society of free people striving for equality, justice, freedom and understanding which in many ways has not been granted to many who struggle for these possibilities.

All concerned should be interested and willing to participate in this post civil rights and post corporate diversity world we live in today we must conquer the problems that plague urban America, the world and Africa  if we are to the leaders and the true architects of the future of society.


DSNI - Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative


Tuesday October 20th 5:30-8:00


The Shirley Chisholm Factor

Film/ Documentary Discussion Shirley Chisholm 72 Unbought and Unbossed

Shirley Chisholm Facts, Political-Architect of Change in American/Black- History Discussion and Film showing:


5:30-6:00 Shirley Chisholm Speech /Video

6:00 Film Showing

7:15-8:00 Discussion on Urban America and community Development


Shirley Chisholm's 1972 presidential campaign was an unprecedented accomplishment. This Event opens with a power point on Shirley, a brief presentation of the critical issues of the early '70's, followed by the factual documentary, CHISHOLM 72 Unbought & Unbossed.
During these politically controversial times of corporate movements, women's equal rights issues, and the issues of black America and the Vietnam war, Shirley Chisholm rose to the occasion to become The Architect and Catalyst of Change in Modern America.
We will then explore how and why Shirley Chisholm's groundbreaking, glass-ceiling shattering presidential campaign is ignored by today’s main stream media's discussions, celebrity politics and the current presidential administration of barack obama.


Tuesday October 27th 5:30-8:00


The Benjamin Banneker Factor

Film/Documentary Discussion, Architects of Change: The Cultural Architectural Dynamics of Urban Community Development Leadership and Black History

Tribute - Discussion and Film showing of Community Based Architects (CBA's)


5:30-6:00 Benjamin Banneker /Video

6:00 Film Showing

7:15-8:00 Discussion on Urban America and community Development


Rebuilding of New Orleans LA is more the rebuilding from the catastrophe of a storm …but it has become a coordination challenge of Architectural proportions which are comprehensive in nature, multifaceted and challenging.

We as a people can now see that re-building a city is more than just the construction of building plans or building a political agenda or philosophy passed down to the people from the government.  It is the demand and challenge to meet the architectural goals - not only political goals, but the goals of bringing people and society together to build better a future together.



RCC - Roxbury Community College


Thursday October 29th, 5:00-7:00pm Lecture Rm. 121


Reception and Exhibition: The New Agenda


Announcement:  The National Agenda

Resolution & Proclamations on Black Architecture, Boston City Council, State of Massachusetts.


The Benjamin Banneker Factor:

Architectural / Community Tribute to Benjamin Banneker

Black/African-American History 200th Bicentennial Year Anniversary Tribute


Film/Documentary Discussion, Urban Dynamics, Architects of Change:

The Cultural Architectural Dynamics of Urban Community Development Leadership and Black History

Discussion and Film showing about Black/Minority Community Based Architects (CBA's)


Green Building, Local & National Community Building, The New Green Economy, Jobs & Community Development:

STEM College Education –  Architecture/Engineering, Building The Future

The Next Generation & The Building on the Economic Recovery Plan


Speeches/Announcement: The Architects of Freedom Trail

Boston 1835, The Abolitionist/Anti-Slavery Movement



MassArt - Mass College of Art & Design - TBA


Architectural Dynamics – Urban Culture

 Achievements, Community Development & Design Policy


Max Bond & the World Trade Center – Memorial Design

Tribute to Max Bond


Cultural Architectural Dynamics-Independent Documentary/ Film Screening






Architecture is Urban, City and Community Development Design Policy:

The Design Policy and Politics of Urban, City and Community Design & Development

Architecture - The policy of the management of solutions, conclusions and designs are put forward by an architect to meet the need of a client - which meet or exceed the needs a countries government - Real estate, building or site development rules regulations standards and codes.

The design policy/politics and process of  the planning and execution of solutions that summarize (the design of)  a solution or set of solutions that meet the needs  or requirements of multiple parties (such as the public-community, private business, government, political  or non profit organization or individuals ) regarding real estate development, planning or Urban, City and Community development that are generally often performed for a  single party of general interest or client but is also seen or understood as the policy of a service that is done for the greater good and/or for the enjoyment or the accommodation of the society as a whole.


Educating America: People, Power & Politics


BLACK ARCHITECTURE MONTH 2008:The 36 Year Struggle


A National Campaign for Community Development & Rebuilding America Movement/Plan


From Shirley Chisholm 1972 to Barack Obama 2008: Campaigns for Change in America

The 36 Year Struggle to Create Change in America Our American Nation –


State Proclamation:

Citations/Recognition – to Black/Minority Architects of the State


City Resolution:

City Certificates/Recognition - to Black/Minority Architects of the City

Important Event Dates: October 9th 2009 & October 21st 2009

Location: TBA Email: Blog Space:



Architectural Diversity/Pluralism as Facts:

An advocate, leader and/or political representative - 20th and 21st century black America



Building communities and national worldwide identity are related and are important priorities in ay type of leadership area – if so, the following questions must be asked:


Who are the architects of urban communities?

What are their accomplishments?

What makes them Unique?

Why aren’t thy promoted by any media type or recognized for their many contributions to society and the urban environment?



This conference investigates the progress of the Afro-American /Black (& minority) Architect, Designer/planner on the architectural scene / world landscape – also the course verifies through reading and participation, we analyze weather Afro- American (Architectural) professionals  are part of the American Infrastructure or American Dream and history, or are they a part of  American Myths and fallacy of a fictional non-factual American propaganda of invisibility of Racial diversity. The question of an American Crisis in world architectural diversity and being a class of survivalist – composed or outcast culture or world invisibility who are juxtaposed to the mainstream American dream is also in question as we form the foundation and frontiers of this new millennium of society and culture.

The course takes students on a weekly experience into the world of architecture art and urban/community planning – establishing a standard guide or foundation of understanding of how these professionals manage to survive and compete to be in the successful mainstream of business and events. Black/Afro-American Architectural Professionals are facing a world built against them and this course is pursues how to go about creating awareness and consciousness of cultural heritage / U.S. historical progress. The near turn of the century progress which makes this country a factual whole and not a fictional glossed over reality – superficial nation or false image based myth generating culture is also studied in projecting the next century of architecture and culture in U.S. /American and world cultures.

Ebbing into the future and leaping into the future is a question of architecture and race as the class progresses we will verify and study if the black race has been handicapped and held back  from this architectural leap into the future, present mainstream business/recognition and technical and artistic dream.


The question of foreign and white American dominance is studied, as we verify the creative genius and power of this country and who possesses it and why America has chosen not to promote the creative architectural/artistic genius of the population and profession of black architecture.

Americans economic Power and pride also belongs to black America, but if black architecture/culture is outcast an a victim of racism, disempowerment and a history of neglect - America is losing it’s world identification, place, power and viability as a progressive nation?



  1. Educate students in areas which are not covered in traditional education (or mis-education)
  2. Create an interactive environment where everyone feels free to express themselves
  3. Enhance the learning experience


Culturally, the mission and goal is to inform educate and create a culturally interactive learning experience.


Historically, the goal of the conference is to educate students and the public on the black community about the  contemporary technical/artistic -architectural design professional – their progress, issues and challenges which they face and the  uniqueness about it, and being involved a profession which is not known to be a traditional practice of the black minority American professional including  finding out how they have made progressive history, strives and changes for the betterment of both the American and world society.


Finally, the conference goal is to generate an image of the community oriented business professionals progress as we head further into this new century and millennium.


The results of the Conference and Conference session will be published in a document form


The Conference is formatted or consist of several parts .

1. Panel Sessions

2. Discussion Lectures: Interactive Q&A Question and answer, educational discussion sessions.

3. Project or Paper Discussions about the challenges and Politics and Problems of the Black/Minority Architectural community.




CHANGE 101: Creating Change in Boston and the Nation

We need Urban Architects: The demand and need for and architecturally talented and creative urban community Professionals, Leaders and Creative cities.

Black Nation Builders Alliance

Exposure Conference - Summit /Ground ZERO

Change: in the North, South, East and West of America

The Institute of Urban History and (Arch.) Development

National Community Development Campaign/ Changing America a historical perspective

 Prospective & Planned/Sponsored Events (or past events locations):

CED/ Community Economic Development - Conference & Campaign for Change

·         Northeastern University or Freedom House/Community Center-Roxbury 

·         Black Political History/ Movements

o   Political media Presentation /discussion on leadership

  • Documentary film /Video Discussion - Black Architectural Dynamics
    • Urban Documentary on community building

Discover Boston: New Abolitionist- Architects of Freedom Trail

·         Mapping Boston’s Abolitionist  & Anti-Slavery  and History

·         Boston Roots, Abolitionist History, and transformation of Boston’s Landscape

o   Joseph Edgecombe, FACTS

Urban Force 2009

·         Design & Construction- Urban Workforce Development

o   The Urban League

USA/AOF Campaign 2009

·         Black Architect Exhibition & Talk – Max Bond

·          Documentary Video / Historical Tribute Benjamin Banneker, Planner of our Nations Capital Washington, DC

o   MassArt or NCAAA Boston/Roxbury

Conference 2020 Visions for Boston and the future of America,

·         Panel session Black Architects on America political past and future

Education/New technologies

·         Roxbury Community College

Architecture, Politics and Race in America Past, Present and Future

o   Green Building 2009,  

·         Mass College of Art & Design

o   Community Design & The Importance of Architectural Diversity

Urban Crisis:

·         Black & Diverse Urban Architectural / Social-Political lectures

·         Community Development Business/ Urban advocacy, rebuilding Americas Urban communities &  Cities

o   DSNI - Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

Youth Building:

  • The Design / Build Industry
    • Youth build
    • The Designery
    •  (Wentworth Institute)


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