The next council meeting will be on 22nd November 2017, the agenda is already prepared and there are a couple of interesting items on the agenda, please look on the Bulletin Extra's page for more details. 

Mark can be  contacted direct by the following means……

Mark Walshaw (KC Breed liaison Representative).

07780 950843 or 01287 652860


The Driffield Agricultural Society General Championship Show held on Saturday the 30th September 2017. Judge Roy North

 Class 1296 Minor Puppy Dog: 1 entry.   1st Middlebrook Mrs J E & Mr H and Mrs T, Tcheria Tcharleston

 Excellent blue dog with a quality head deep skull, and thin leathers, flat ribbed with a good depth of chest for age, correct horseshoe front and rear angulation put together some good movement at times. A smart little dog that will improve with time and confidence.  Best Puppy in Breed.

Class 1268 Puppy Dog: 2 entries. 1st Middlebrook Mr H and Mrs T, Tcheria Tcharleston

 2nd Neville Mr J D, Honeymist Posh Peanuts at Chancette.

A well balanced blue dog, with correct bite thin ears, a nice front and good length to body and tailset.  A little close behind on the day but a well presented exhibit.

Class 1269 Junior Dog: 1 entry. 1st Martin Mrs J E & Strutt Mr P R, Poppyblu Sirius

 A blue dog of nice balance showing roach to loin and good tailset, difficult to assess on the move as he was quite unsettled with the wet, muddy condition of the ring but showed some drive from the rear at times.

 Class 1270 Yearling Dog: 1entry.  1st Martin Mrs J E & Strutt Mr P R, Poppyblu Sirius

 Class 1271 Post Graduate Dog: No entries.

 Class 1272 Limit Dog: 1 entry. 1st Richardson Mr C & Mrs C A, Highdene Hartley

blue dog with a long and lean head would prefer a little more fill in the foreface, but he has good depth to skull and smooth line to occiput.  A good reach to neck and a horseshoe front, flat shoulders with nice depth to chest.  Moves well with correct tail carriage.

 Class 1273 Open Dog: 9 entries 4 absent. 1st Walters Miss Y E & Mitchell Mr B S M, Tunman Ta Dah

 A blue dog in good coat, a nice head with depth to skull, correct scissor bite and large teeth.  A muscular dog with a strong loin, balanced in height to length he moved well on the day to become Dog CC.

 2nd Bannister Mrs Y E & Mr C R, Miteymidgets English Dream

 Another blue dog with guard hair in coat providing texture. Although he has a quality head and ear carriage I would prefer more length to foreface. A dog with balance throughout body who moves well and has good rear angulation.  Reserve Dog CC

 Class 1274 Good Citizen Dog: No entries.

 Class 1275 Minor Puppy Bitch: 2 entries. 1st Bambridge Mrs V, Woolytop Bluebell girl at Beckstone

 Blue bitch of good type quality head with dark eye.  The cheeks were smooth and she has depth to skull but would prefer a little more fill before eye. The coat is thick and she held a nice shape whilst moving with confidence around the ring. Exhibit was presented and handled well.

2nd Cumming Mr & Mrs P & J, Rocabec Gossip Girl

 Blue bitch with nice length to head and very thin leathers, nice reach to neck leading to well placed shoulders and front.  She moved well for age and kept her topline and a pleasing tailset.

 Class 1276 Puppy Bitch: 1entry. 1st Bambridge Mrs V, Woolytop Bluebell girl at Beckstone

 Class 1277 Junior Bitch: 3 entries 1 absent. 1st Middlebrook Mr H and Mrs T, Poppyblu Elara

 A blue bitch in nice coat, with a long lean head and very thin fine ears, large nostrils and a dark eye.  Correct horseshoe front and topline with nice tailset of good type throughout.  Took a while to settle on the move but once she hit her stride was hard to fault.

 2sd Pocklington Mr & Mrs P & C A, Timberose Rhapsody in Blue

 Another nice blue bitch but not in best coat at the moment. She has a deep chest and good balance through the body showing roach over loin, had nice angulation to rear and good tailset. She was a little close on the move both front and rear perhaps not happy with the ground.

 Class 1278 Yearling Bitch 2 entries 1 absent. 1st Small Miss J, Travellersway’ Mischief

 Blue bitch of correct size with smooth cheek and deep skull, fine filbert shaped ears.  Lacks a little depth to chest but shows off a nice topline and tailset on the move.

 Class 1279 Post Graduate Bitch 3 entries 1 absent. 1st Mitchell Mrs F M, Miteymidgets Say Mama

 Blue bitch in pale coat but she has a long lean head, thin ears with good placement, nice shoulder angle and flat ribs with adequate depth to chest, giving her a correct front placement. She moved well with drive from the rear and true in front.

 2nd Bannister Mrs Y E & Mr C R, Miteymidgets This Is Me

 Blue bitch in dark coat of good texture, lacked a little in length of head and foreface of the winner. Depth to chest was lacking, but a pleasing exhibit with correct topline and tailset, shown in excellent condition.

 Class 1280 Limit Bitch 10 entries 3 absent. 1st Mayers Mr CP & Mrs C M, Tcheria She’s Tcheeky

 Liver Bitch, graceful lithe and muscular, she fits the bill, with a long head and length of foreface to compliment. Large teeth with scissor bite and the large nostrils necessary for an earth dog.  She has good pigment and colour to coat, length to body and a roach over loin.  Chest is deep with spring to rib and the desired horseshoe front.  Holding her topline she moves positively front and rear with a spring in her step.  Bitch CC and Best of Breed.

 2nd Breeze Mrs S, Sharrpau Purple Blaze

 Blue Bitch of good type, not in best coat yet she has stregnth in head with deep skull and a foreface of length with correct bite.  Thin ears with good carriage and reach of neck. Depth to chest strong loin with roach well placed.  Would prefer a little more rear angulation although she moves true in front and shows drive from rear.

 3rd Jones OBE, Dr H & Jones Mrs E, Tcheria Tydfil of Pengerrig Sh.CM

 Class 1281 Open Bitch 6 entries 2 absent. 1st Garbutt Mr R & Mrs P, Aireview Classic Print

 A strong blue bitch in good coat with length to head and a well filled foreface, large teeth and scissor bite.  The skull is deep and smooth at cheek, powerful yet not coarse.  She has a deep and fairly broad chest with a good front and hare feet. Strength over loin and a nice roach help to give a pleasing outline whilst on the move.

 2nd Mcnally Mr J & Mrs L, Ch Conekesheved Kaldo Girl JW Sh CM

 Blue bitch of lighter build, quality head with thin well placed ears. She has a scissor bite but less fill to foreface than the winner.  The good depth to chest helps with the correct placement of her front assembly.  Moved nicely around the ring holding her topline and tail in a pleasing way.  A very well prepared and presented exhibit.

 3rd Davis Mrs S, Ch Honeymist Posh Dreamz

 Class 1282 Good Citizen Bitch 1 entry. 1st Bannister Mrs Y E & Mr C R, CH Miteymidgets Look of Love

 A smart blue bitch in a dark jacket, she has a quality head with good bite and smooth well filled cheek, typical dark eye and well placed thin ears.  She has a good front with depth to chest and flat ribs, a nice tuck up of underline and arch over loin.  Nice balance of length to height, she moved true and with style around the ring.  Reserve Bitch CC



              Trophies from the Open Show 2017

Kennel Club Announces Change in Stud Book Bands for 2017

The Kennel Club has announced changes in Stud Book bands for 2017 for some breeds, which will apply for all shows from 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2017.

The Bedlington Terrier has been moved from band B to band A by the Kennel Club this means a stud book number will be received only for 1st in Open class also both CC’s and Res CC’s.

The Stud Book band for each breed of dog is calculated on the average number of entries for that breed over the preceding years.

A Stud Book Number qualifies a dog for Crufts.  A full list of 2017 Stud Book bands will be available from next week they can be found on the Kennel Club website at .


The Animal Health Trust and the Kennel Club have begun a joint initiative to "Give a Dog a Genome".  Only 50 breeds, on a first come, first served basis, can be researched in 2016 and the Kennel Club Charitable Trust has given a grant of £50,000 towards the cost (equivalent to £1000 per participating breed).  Since the cost of this initiative will be £2000 per breed each participating breed will be asked to donate £1000.
An application from the Bedlington Terrier Health Group to participate in the scheme has been accepted.
Dr Cathryn Mellersh, who is overseeing the research has worked closely with Dr Susan Haywood researching the 2nd gene which causes CT in Bedlingtons.
More information go to the AHT website
This is a brand new initiative from the AHT to improve dog health by using the latest technology available in genetics research.
The Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the AHT, under Dr Cathryn Mellersh, is world-renowned for its pioneering genetic research to better understand, and eradicate, inherited diseases in purebred dogs. Give a Dog a Genome seeks to take this expertise to the next level by using the latest technology to sequence the entire genomes of 50 dogs, from 50 different breeds, by the end of 2016 to radically enhance understanding of the canine genome with the help of high-tech computers, to better understand which changes in the DNA are neutral and which cause disease.

Dr Cathryn Mellersh, Head of the Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the AHT, said: “The AHT has been making significant improvements to dog health through genetics for over 20 years, but the knowledge we have the potential to gain from this project could very quickly accelerate us forward another 20 years.
“The DNA tests we develop from our research are incredibly powerful in helping breeders to better control, and in time, eradicate, inherited diseases from their lines. Give a Dog a Genome is the start of something really new and exciting in terms of better understanding the canine genome and optimising how this knowledge can be used to improve dog health, but we need support from individual breeds to do so.”"
 The Kennel club new CC allocation from 2019


The Kennel Club General Committee has approved a recommendation from the Dog Show Promotion Working Party to introduce an additional six new all-breed championship shows, on a three year trial basis, which will take effect from 2019.
The new all-breed shows will be Bath Canine Society, Darlington Dog Show Society, Ladies Kennel Association, Leeds City & District Canine Association, Manchester Dog Show Society and Windsor Dog Show Society.

The working party was conscious of the feedback it received from the surveys and focus groups it conducted at the start of its work, and in particular the fact that exhibitors wanted more competition nearer home and on weekend dates. As a result, the working party’s main focus in making this recommendation has been to encourage the retention of existing exhibitors by offering more opportunities to compete for a Challenge Certificate across the country and throughout the year. The recommendations enhance the show scene and consequently offer exhibitors a fair geographical spread of shows, a fair spread of shows throughout the year and a fairer spread of weekend group rotations.
In 2019, 2020 and 2021, there will now be ten all-breed championship shows in a calendar year, which includes the above mentioned shows as well as the established all-breed shows: Crufts, Birmingham National, Scottish Kennel Club (May) and Welsh Kennel Club, all of which will be required to abide by the following criteria from 2019:
The show cannot exceed the established number of days of its current championship show The group days must rotate each year to provide each group with the opportunity of a weekend day
Initiatives should be in place to enhance the exhibitors’ experiences of the show and the promotion of Kennel Club aims and objectives The society should offer partnership shows to other registered clubs and societies Classes must be scheduled for all breeds allocated Challenge Certificates by the Kennel Club
From 2019, these all-breed shows will have exclusivity over their show date and no breed club championship show dates will be approved during the course of these shows.
The working party is keen to encourage partnership championship shows and recognises that there are, in some cases, very good reasons for clubs to hold their championship shows on a back-to-back basis with a general or group championship show. Therefore there are two exceptions to this new policy – breed club championship show dates will be approved if held on the same date and same venue as the all-breed championship show, or where the breed club championship show is held on the day before or the day after the CCs are scheduled at the all-breed show and the club’s venue is a reasonable distance from the all-breed show.

The working party is of the view that introducing this new show date approval policy will have a positive effect on show entries by encouraging breed clubs to hold their shows alongside the all-breed show to maximise entries for both shows, as well as minimising costs for the exhibitor and the potential to improve finances for the breed club.
The allocation of all-breed status to ten shows, and the proposed allocation of CCs to the remaining regional general and group championship shows, is subject to a three-year trial period, during which the working party will be monitoring on a regular basis.
During the wide ranging discussions on the working party’s proposals, the General Committee directed that special consideration be given to the allocation of CCs to numerically small breeds to ensure that the additional CCs for these breeds were reasonably proportionate to the number of dogs being exhibited. The CCs allocated for these breeds to the six new all-breed shows were therefore moved from those previously allocated to the regional general and group championship shows.
However, in doing so, the working party considered it important that as far as possible these particular general and group championship shows must maintain their viability. Therefore it was agreed that as ‘compensation’ for losing CCs for numerically small breeds, each show society should receive an allocation of CCs for numerically larger breeds. Consequently these shows will also benefit from this new allocation.

The working party is confident that the removal of CCs for numerically small breeds from regional general championship shows, would prove financially advantageous for these shows. It would remove the necessity for them to schedule classes for breeds which did not attract good entries but required considerable input in resources, for example selecting and appointing judges and their subsequent travel costs. Removing such breeds and allocating the CCs to the all-breed shows, and replacing them with numerically stronger breeds, should attract good entries and therefore have a positive effect on each show’s finances.
The creation of these new all-breed shows has resulted in around 260 extra sets of CCs being added to a total allocation of just over 3,500 sets of CCs across 163 breeds; this is approximately a seven per cent increase on the 2018 allocation. This is fewer than would have been needed to create the six new all-breed shows without any benefit to the remaining general and group championship shows.

No breed club CCs have been affected by this new allocation, and the breed club allocation will continue to be reviewed on an annual basis.

During its discussions on this proposal, the working party noted there were a number of breeds with a high number of clubs but where the breed’s show entries were falling. Whilst strongly encouraging breed clubs to enter into partnership shows, the working party will be entering into discussions with breed clubs to discuss ways to increase show entries whilst continuing to offer exhibitors the same number of opportunities to compete for a CC. These consultations are likely to start during the summer


    membership secretary
Julie Oxbury - 
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The committee wish to make people aware that the internet is not the place
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Reputable breeders are listed on the clubs breeders page or at
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The Dogs Trust are offering free Micro- Chipping to all,
all they ask is for a donation so call your local Dogs Trust for details
as from 2016 all dogs have to be identified this way

The clubs new banner welcoming everyone to our shows
 The NBTC Show venue
Directions: Leave the A1, (south of Wetherby), on to the A63 SELBY. You pass through Monk Fryston and Hambleton to the large roundabout take the first left to Thorpe Willoughby. The Village Hall is the first large building you come to on the right as you drive through the village.
"There is an overflow car park to the rear of the building.
 From the A1 - drive past the venue, take the first turning on the right, then the first opening on the right".



Breeders who do not show may not be aware of a colour restriction when registering a litter. 
Effective from 1st April 2003 the following applies-

          COLOUR – Blue, Liver, Sandy, Blue and Tan, Liver and Tan, Sandy and Tan.

                                  Colours other than the above will be registered as Non Standard.