Club Show Results

Open Show 25th March 2017

Kindly sponsored by James Welbeloved

Judge Ms Donna Walters ( Tunman )


Best In Show & Best Dog Mr & Mrs C Richardson -- Highdene Hartley 

Res Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex Mr & Mrs C Richardson -- Highdene Harmony 

Best Puppy In Show Mr & Mrs P Pocklington -- Timberose Rhapysody In Blue 

   Best Veteran In Show Mr K Tonner & Ms J Oxbury  -- Sevray Whisper At Jukenblu ShCM
                                                   Photo's kindly produced by Paul Pocklington  

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                                           Special Award classes Critique
I would like to thank the club for giving me the opportunity to judge the Three Special Award Classes, thank you to all the exhibitors for their entries.
Class A - Special Award Junior Dog or Bitch (2/2)
1st Pocklington - Timberose Rhapysody In Blue, a baby girl at just 6 months old, nice head with a small dark eye, lovely length of neck, good rear angulation, coat still soft, she moved very well for her age, I'm sure she will do well in the future.
2nd Small - Travellerway's Mischief, 13 months old bitch, a nice head with a small dark eye and correct bite, good depth of chest, moved ok.
Class B - Special Award Post Graduate Dog or Bitch (1/1)
1st Breeze - Sarrpau Purple Blaze, 2 year old bitch, pleasing head with dark eye and correct bite, nice deep chest, well muscled hindquarters, correct tail set, nice rear movement.
Class C - Special Award Open Dog or Bitch (2/1)
1st Morris - Bluemazzu Ballerina, 4 year old bitch, a nice size, strong head with lovely large teeth with correct bite, lovely deep chest, well muscled and correct tail set, moved ok.

Judge Lesley McNally (Conekesheved))


Championship Show 16th July 2016
Kindly sponsored by Royal Canine
Judge Mrs Pam Morton

Bitch CC & BIS – Mrs S Davies - CH Honeymist Posh Dreamz


DOG CC & BOS – Mrs S Davies – Honeymist Blue Bols


RBCC & RBIS –  Mr J & Mrs L McNally – Conekesheved Kaldo Girl

RDCC – Ms J Fletch & Ms C Lawson – Maevani One And Only



    BPIS – Mr C& Mrs C Richardson – Highdene Harmony

Best Veteran – Ms S & Mr M Baldwin – Woolytop Iwan Super Wizard

Judges Critique click here

 The Craglough Points Trophy was won by

                    Yvonne Bannister’s CH Miteymidgets Going Global JW


                                  Our two stewards David & Lesley



26th March Open Show
kindly sponsored by James Wellbeloved
Judge Mrs Joan Hamilton
                                       photo Viv Rainsbury

Best Dog & BIS          Ms Jane Fletcher    Maevani One And Only

                                       photo Viv Rainsbury

Best Bitch & BOS & RBIS   Mrs Y & Mr R Bannister     Miteymidgets Going Global JW

                                        photo Viv Rainsbury

Best puppy     Mr C & Mrs C Richardson     Highdene Harmony

                                    photo Viv Rainsbury

Best Veteran Mrs Y Bannister   Ch Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove ShCM

Res BD    Miss D Walters & Mr B Mitchell    Tunman Ta Dah

Res BB   Ms C Lawson     Aireview Blue Flame for Maevani


Special awards Classes judge Mrs Eileen Lewis

Junior.  1st Ms J Fletcher's   Maevani One And Only  

Post Grad 1st Mrs S Breeze's   Sharrpau Purple Blaze 

Open 1st Mr T & Mrs E Morris's   Bluemazzu Ballerina

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1st August 2015 Championship Show

                    kindly sponsored by Royal Canin



                     Judge Mr David Taylor ( UPTNORTH )



   Bitch CC & BIS – Mr C & Mrs C A Richardson – Highdene Hettie


                       DOG CC & RBIS & BOS
  Mr P Kiernan, CH Sharnor High I’M Viktor at Kierlander



BCC –  Mrs Y E & Mr C R Bannister – Miteymidgets Going Global


   RDCC – Mrs V Rainsbury & Mrs J Hamilton
                                       Jetsway Chaser ShCM



       BPIS – Ms D Walters & Mr B Mitchell - Tunman Ta Dah


          Best Veteran – Mr P & Mrs J Cumming – 

                                       Ch Honeymist Blueflame at Rocabec


                       The Craglough Points Trophy was won by

    Yvonne Bannister’s Tcheria Tchaffinch with Miteymidgets

Judges Critique click here



March 14th 2015 Open Show kindly sponsored by James Wellbeloved

Judge - Ms Shelley Worrall

                                                                                            photo Harvey Bell
        Best Bitch & Best in Show & Best Veteran - Mrs y Bannister 
                                               Ch Miteymidgets Hawkers Cove ShCM
                                                                                      photo Harvey Bell
                          Res Rest Bitch & Res Best in Show 
               Mrs Y & Mr R Bannister - Miteymidgets Going Global

                                                                                    photo Harvey Bell
                      Best Dog & Best opposite Sex in Show
             Ms E Robinson & Mr L Allan - Rivendown Tibbi Too Shoo
                                                                                    photo Harvey Bell
                                   Res Best Dog in Show
                         Mrs L Butler - Yarbach Federers Final
                                                                                    photo Harvey Bell
                                       Best puppy in Show
                Mrs Y & Mr R Bannister - Miteymidgets Going Global

                              August 2nd 2014 Championship Show
Kindly Sponsored by Royal Cinin
Judge Mrs Alice M Emsley ( HILLDYKE )

Dog CC & BIS– Ms S Brady & Mr G Carter, CH  Tcheria Shenanigans
Bitch CC & Res BIS & BOS - Mr C R & Mrs Y E Bannister, CH Miteymidgets Look of Love ShCM
Dog Res CC - Mr P Kiernan & Mrs D Lui, Sharnor High I'M Viktor at Kierlander
Bitch Res CC - Mrs M Phillips & Lt Col I J Phillips, CH Rathsrigg April Rose
Best Puppy in Show - Mrs Y Bannister, Tcheria Tchaffinch with Miteymidgets 
 photo's kindly provided by Harvey Bell

MARCH 29th 2014 - OPEN SHOW

                                                                                                                                                                photo Harvey bell
JUDGE MR Roger Bannister BVetMED MRCVS (Miteymidgets )

                                                                                                                                photo Harvey Bell

Best Dog  & BIS– Ms S Brady & Mr G Carter, Tcheria Shenanigans

        photo Harvey bell
Best Bitch & RBIS & BOS- Ms J Fletcher & Ms Cath Lawson,
Aireview Blue Flame for Maevani
                                                                                                                                    photo Harvey Bell
BEST PUPPY in Show Peter Keinan & Dong Lui,
Sharnor High I'M Viktor at Kierlander
                                                                                                                                                photo Harvey bell
Best Veteran – Mr N & Mrs S Ames – Mollora Frozen in Time at Sharnor 
                                                                                                                                                    photo Harvey bell
                                                                      Best Brace - Ms J Oxbury & Mr K Tonner
                                                                 Rubsters Piper at Jukenblue & Sevray Whisper at Jukenblue
  3rd  AUGUST 2013
photo Harvey Bell 
  Judge Mr Fred Gadd
                                                                                                                                 photo Gavin Carter 

Dog CC & BIS– Ms S Brady & Mr G Carter,  Tcheria Shenanigans


                                                                                                                          photo Gavin Carter 

Bitch CC & RBIS & BOS – Mr S & Mrs A Yearley – Ch Genegenie Gal at Lowbrook JW. ShCM


photo Harvey Bell 

RDCC –Mr M & Mrs J Walshaw – Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW. ShCH 


photo Harvey Bell 

RBCC - Mr M & Mrs J Walshaw- Ch Janmark Misty Horizons JW. ShCM


photo Harvey Bell


BEST PUPPY Bitch & BPIS - Mrs S Davies- Honeymist Posh Dreamz 


Photo Harvey Bell


Best Veteran – Mr N & Mrs S Ames – Mollora Frozen in Time at Sharnor



The club held a child handling class in the break our judge for this was the well known 

Terrier judge Mr Brian Rodgers.


photo Harvey Bell

1st was Luka Sotgiu & 2nd was Sophie Lawrie



MARCH 30th 2013 - OPEN SHOW


                                                photo David Taylor

BEST BITCH  & BIS                              Mrs D Owen – Bisbee Belle Inni
                                                 photo David Taylor
Res Best Bitch & RBIS          Ms D Shorrock – Doehey Queen of Hearts 
Best Dog & BOS            Ms Brady& Mr Carter – Tcheria Shenanigans
                photo Harvey Bell
                 R Best Dog                    Ms J Brooks – Doehey Heartstrings                                  
                                                                             photo David Taylor
Best Puppy      Mr & Mrs J McNally - Aireview Dancing Queen at Conekesheved


                                                        photo David Taylor
Best Veteran      Mr A & Mrs D Burns - Alice Springs at Cassdenal






  4th  AUGUST 2012
JUDGE Mrs Sylvia Morrice
Best in Show & Reserve Best in Show
Bitch CC & BIS – Mr & Mrs Phillips,  Ch Cassdenal Serenditpity.





Dog CC & BOS– Mrs D Owen,  Ch Bisbee Beachcomber JW.







RBCC & RBIS – Ms D Shorrock – Doehey Queen of Hearts






RDCC –Mr & Mrs Kiernan & Liu. Bisbee Ikatcher at Kierlander



BEST PUPPY- Ms Brady & Mr & Mrs Carter, Tcheria Shenanigans.



Best Veteran - Mr A & Mrs D Burns, Alice Springs at Cassdenal.




Breeders – Mr & Mrs Mayers

official photographer of the show - Mr Harvey Bell 

Judges Critique available Click Here
photo Harvey Bell
                                                                    OPEN SHOW

31st  MARCH 2012


Judge Mrs Jill Peak ( Bayard )

Best in Show

Mr M & Mrs J Walshaw - Janmark Misty Horizons JW Sh CM


                                                                                                    photo Harvey Bell

                                     Reserve Best in Show & BOS            
                                      Mrs K Hall - Palm of the Desert
                                                                                                                                                                                                    photo Harvey Bell 
                                         Best puppy in Show
                                        Mr & Mrs M Walshaw & Mr P Richardson- Janmark Jeremiah       
                                                                         photo by Harvey Bell                                
                                                                        Best Veteran in Show
                                                         Mrs D Owen - Ch Bisbee Benvenuto
                                                                    Click here for Judges critique                        
                           CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW
                                        6TH AUGUST 2011
                                                                KINDLY SPONSORED BY ROYAL CANIN
                                                              JUDGE Mrs Barbara Anderson-Illingsworth
                                                                                              Best in Show
                                             Mrs D Owen -  CH BISBEE BEACHCOMBER JW.

                                                                   Res Best In Show & BOS
                                      Mr N & Mrs S Ames - SHARNOR EMERALD ELECTRA JW.

                                                              RDCC - Miss D Walters & Mr B Mitchell- Ch Rathsrigg Millrace
                                                                       RBCC - Ms D Shorrock - Doehey Queen of Hearts
                                                                   Best Puppy in Show
                                       Mr C & Mrs C Richardson - HIGHDENE HIGH SOCIETY.

                                                                                    Best Veteran in Show
                                               Mr D G & Mrs J Taylor - CH Swiftstream Inka Hoots With Uptnorth
All above photos kindly provided by Harvey Bell


26th MARCH 2011


JUDGE: Mr Mark Walshaw

BEST IN SHOW & Best Veteran in Show -

                                                        Mr & Mrs Mayes Ch Rathsrigg One Misty Morning

Reserve Best In Show - Mr & Mrs Phillips Ch Rathsrigg April Rose

Best Puppy In Show - Ms D Shorrock Doehey Queen of Hearts

All above photos by Harvey Bell

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Some of the Cups and Trophies on offer to members at Club shows
Trophy Secretary Mrs Margaret Phillips