National Bedlington Rescue


Endorsed by the National Bedlington Terrier
Kennel Club Registered 1898 –



                         Treasurer - Mrs P Garbutt 56 Butt Lane. Farnley. Leeds. LS12 5AZ. tel 0113 2631551.



                        Sheila Baldwin 01493 748981 (East Anglia)  






                                                Intro to the National Bedlington Terrier club rescue


Some committee members of the National Bedlington Terrier Club decided that there was a need for a breed rescue, a proposal was prepared and put to the committee and approval was granted for the rescue to start in December 2006.  The club made a donation to start it off and Alice Emsley agreed to be the Treasurer. 

Since then we have rescued and rehomed many dogs ranging from an eleven week old puppy to a twelve year old.  They all spent some time with one of us, were neutered, vet checked and socialised before being rehomed in the most suitable home for the dog.

All our dogs are rehomed on the condition that if the adopter is unable keep the dog for any reason they must return the dog to one of us.

We have held Companion Dog Shows to raise funds, held auctions at NBTC Shows, held a raffle, had a stall at National Terrier for several years and had a stall at car boots. 

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us with donations and items for sale.  We are very grateful for your support as every penny goes directly to help the dogs.


Sheila Baldwin                             






We have had a very busy 12 month period.  We have had four dogs from Dog Wardens, three were in poor condition, two had been kept in a kitchen and had mattered coats covered in faeces and soaked with urine,  they were very underweight and it took several months to get them into a fit enough condition for neutering.  They have been rehomed together with a very experienced bedlington owner.  Another was  a bitch who had  recently had a litter and also a very bad skin condition, she crept  along on her stomach but was very friendly especially to children, it took several months before she was fit to go to a new home.



                                                                    Dinkie when he first came back in May


Last May the owner of one of our rescue dogs died suddenly so Dinkie came back to me, he was grossly overweight having been treated by her vet for heart problems.  Since coming back he has had no medication (my vet's instructions), lost 3.5 Kg and can now run but at thirteen he is staying here with our oldies.   I did have an offer of a home for him but Lucy who we had rehomed the previous year took  exception to him although her owners loved him.      





                                                                        Lucy peeking through the ivy in her garden 





Dinkie with friends at the National Microcar Rally September 2012


We had our youngest, an 11 week old puppy bitch in March.  We are very grateful to Shirley Davies and Lorraine for collecting and caring for her in Scotland, until Jacqui Hurley brought her down to meet me at Ferrybridge.  She was rehomed with a family who had one of our previous rescues and they have now had her neutered.

 Most of the other dogs coming through rescue have been older than seven and unlike last year we have had more dogs than bitches.

All dogs are neutered, if not already done, and vet checked before being rehomed. 






               Thanks again to all who have supported us, all help and donations are greatly appreciated.  Many thanks.


                   Sheila Baldwin










We shall be having our usual stall at National Terrier in April 2013 and have the following items for sale



Bedlington Mugs £ 5.00

Bedlington Coasters £ 2.99

Bedlington Thimbles £ 1.75

Bedlington Ring Clips £ 4.00

Bedlington Key Rings £ 2.99

Bedlington Spoon Rest £ 5.00

Leather whippet type collars in a selection of colours  £10.00

Please contact Sheila if you are interested in buying any of the above. Thanks.