National Bedlington Terrier Club

Kennel Club Registered 7th June 1898

  President: Mr D G Taylor
Tel: 01909 515815
Vice President: Mr E L Hill
Tel: 0191 4206968
Vice President: Mrs A M Emsley Tel: 01274 637473  Chairman: Mr C Richardson Tel: 0191 2374658 

Hon Secretary:
Mrs P Garbutt
56 Butt Lane
LS12 5AZ
Tel: 0113 2631551

   The objectives of the club and it's committee are to promote the ownership, showing,  breeding, also the appreciation and welfare of Bedlington Terriers everywhere. 

                                                            Gracie enjoying her day at Crufts 

National Bedlington Terrier Club Championship Show Saturday 15th July  


     A presentation was made by Mr Billy Fisher on behalf of The Bedlington Terrier North East 
the sum of £275 money raised by Bedlington Terrier owners many thanks to all
 The donation was handed to Mrs Sheila Baldwin rescue co-ordinator of the National Bedlington Rescue 



 We have made a few changes to the lay out and hope our new Home Page will point you in the right direction for “up and coming” events throughout the year. Our officials and committee are happy to help in any way they can. Why not become a member? Membership runs from 1st December to 30th November. Nomination forms are available from the Membership Page or from membership secretary Julie Oxbury 

& Secretary: Mrs P Garbutt on

   We are trying something new for this page please send your pet photos to the secretary 
and she will include them below just pet names please
                                                                               Woolie enjoying a lovely walk
                                                             Woolie enjoying a Bedlington's favourite pass time
                                                                     Gracie enjoying the French Alp's at Christmas


Petra a member from Germany has shared photo's of her lovely Bedlingtons



                                                                                 Joesie Im Stroh



                                                                                     Jed "it must be Xmas" 


                                                                      Erin "in find the squirrel mode" 


                                                                      Jed "what a view from up here"


                                                                                       Star  "were did that rabbit go"