National Ab Month 2013: February 1 - February 28

It's February! That can mean many things, but for now, it means that it's "National Ab Month!" Just what is this fictional celebration of the abdominal muscles??
In 2004, a group of runner friends decided to make February "National Ab Month." Of course, just how "national" it is could be called into question. The idea was to take the shortest month of the year and vow to do some kind of ab work every day until March. There were all kinds of motives: strengthening the core for that spring marathon, looking good for vacation, seeing just how many crunches could be done in 28 days, etc. Whatever the reason, it has always proved to be worthwhile in terms of fitness and challenge.

So how does it work? Simple: just do some ab work each day throughout the month of February and set your sights on the rock-hard stomach you'll be sporting in March!
If you're sold on the idea and want to participate in the 9th Annual National Ab Month, here are a few ideas to get you started. 
* Complete 100 ab-strengthening repetitions per day like crunches or side bends.
* Explore isolation exercises such as the bridge position (like the plank), the boat pose, and the side bridge. Hold each for 10-60 seconds.
* Incorporate ab moves on a stability ball.
* Use ab machines at the gym.
* Try a medicine ball.
 The possibilities are endless. Simply mix and match to customize your perfect ab routine.  
Best of luck!
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