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Adesh! and Welcome! 

This site includes some materials from my book 'Goraksh Nath and the Natha Sampradaya', the project I have started to work in around the year 2002. 


This book was originally dedicated to the memory of my Guru ji, Shree Yogi Baba Dharam Nath ji (1947-2003), who has left his body, but who never left me (on right side is the photo of my  Guru ji).

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In case of the reproduction of the materials of this site on the internet, please kindly place (web link) reference to this site or the book information (Goraksh Nath and the Natha Sampradaya, Yogi Yoga Nath, Google Sites Publishers, 2010). If you are interest in the reproduction of the complete book or its parts in the printed media please contact me via  email.  Adesh!