Jackson's Chase

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Chapter 1: One Month Is All I Need

Okay so this is my first story, so please read and give me some pointers, please no flames though, I'm kinda new to this writing thing.

"PERSEUS JACKSON! GET UP YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE TO SCHOOL!" Poseidon hollered from down the stairs.

I opened one eye and lazily stood up and walked to my closet. 'First day of school, I should call up Nico and Grover later so we could hook up a party with some hot girls' Percy thought, as I put on my t-shirt and pair of jeans. Casually, I walked downstairs into my mother's wonderful smell of blue waffles.

"Morning' mom" I sat down for breakfast. "Where's dad? He was yelling at me earlier."

My mom turned around, "In the garage, he said he has a little surprise for you, finish your waffles and get to school, Percy".

Quickly I scarf down my food and grab my backpack, heading out to the door.

"PERCY! COME DOWN HERE! I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU MY BOY!" my dad, Poseidon yelled from down in the garage. Confused, I rushed down into the garage where stood a new silver SUV fully polished and waxed.

"For you, Percy! Take it as a present for starting junior year." my dad grinned.

"Thanks dad!" I slipped into the driver seat of my new car, and started onto the road.

A few minutes later, I parked my car into my reserved parking space, stepped outside to admire my new car and my friend Nico Di Angelo walked up with his hands inside his pockets. "Hey Nico, wassup man?"

Nico was wearing a black shirt today with the words "DEATH RULES" (no surprised there), he and his girlfriend were goth and emo freaks, no one can be as scary as them (trust me I experienced it before). His hair was shorter then before, his black hair covered nearly half of his dark eyes, while dragging down to the side of his head. He grew to be the same height as me now (approximately at 5 ft. 10 in.) and a rather strong body (though I have no idea how he kept in shape, considering he's not very social at school). He's a rather popular kid, even with his dark self, next to me, he's the school's #2 hottest boy in school, however he remain honest and truthful to his long time girlfriend Thalia Grace. He grinned and rush up to me.

"Nothin' much, just you know the usual. Come on let's head to class, I wanna meet up with my girlfriend before class man." Nico anxiously answered as he rushed towards his girlfriend.

Thalia waved at me and I waved back, she was my cousin and I guess that's how Nico got to know her, unlike Nico, she's more punk then emo, so we can actually see her face. Her black hair was tied out of the way to reveal her electric blue eyes. She and Nico loves Linkin' Park music, and that probably explain why she was wearing a classic black sweatshirt with the world "LINKIN' PARK" printed all over. she's still shorter then me at about 5ft 6in, and always insist that she's gonna get taller. She's actually head of the girl's soccer team, and quiet popular herself, however ever since she and Nico got together, she's been gaining alot of enemies from some of Nico's past admirers.

I glanced down and took a look at my watch 'still got a few minutes, might as well go to class, don't wanna be late' I thought.

I was about to call out to my friend, then changed my mind as I saw my two friends making out in front of the school building. 'I'll gives those lovebirds some space' I chuckled then rushed off to social studies.

I casually walked into class and was greeted by a kiss from my temporary girlfriend, Rachel Dare, who was the captain of the cheerleaders team, and the number 1 hottie of the school. Too bad I was about to dump her today. So I was kissing her, when suddenly, my teacher, Mr. Brunner a middle aged man with a scruffy beard at his chin walked in while clearing his throat, I looked up and gave one last kiss to my girlfriend.

"So let's start with reviewing-," Mr. Brunner began.

Mr. Brunner is actually one of my few favorite teacher, for one he doesn't bore me to death in his classroom and he also seem to understand kids my age better than most teachers. He rolled over with his leather jacket in his wheelchair and started to review when he suddenly got interrupted.

"Sorry, I'm late, I kind of got lost" a hot blond girl stepped into class, and towards the teacher.

I took a long look at her fine legs, 'DAMN! That's some fine girl, maybe I'll ask her out later' I checked her out, she was wearing a plain orange t-shirt with some comfortable jeans that seems to grab onto her nice skinny legs. Her blond hair seems to have some natural curls, that kinda makes her look even more prettier, however the only unsettling thing about her features is her stormy grey eyes. She talked with Mr. Brunner about something and he assigned her to a seat,

"That's okay Ms. Chase, you may take a seat next to Mr. Jackson" Mr. Brunner stated, as I grinned thinking this was the perfect chance to get to know this girl. She walked down to the back and I flashed her my charming smile while she just glared at me as she sat down.

Mr. Brunner continued his lesson as I flirted with the new girl, while my girlfriend was shooting jealous looks at the blond. Finally the bell rang in time for break and I walked outside the door waiting for my new target.

"Sup, I'm Percy Jackson, want me to show you to your next class" I offered to the new girl as she stepped out.

"No, thank you, I'm can find my way around." The girl replied coldly as she stepped pasted me.

"Ok, then, how about we go to lunch later, my treat." I asked again.

"Sorry, but no thank you, I've got to get to my class now" she shot back with her piercing grey eyes and walked pasted me once again.

'Hmm.. interesting girl' I thought as I headed towards calculus. Finally I break arrived and I headed towards my usual table where my friends Grover already sat, munching down his vegetables.

"Yo! Perce! Over here!" yelled my best friend Grover. He was a rather scrawny guy, with a bit of a bread growing at his chin, considering he never shaves. Grover always wears a hat and is very eco friendly. I learned never to litter in front of Grover, he takes it very seriously. He's shorter then all of us (meaning me, Nico, and Thalia) and is always nervous around girls.

I waved back at him and walked over with my lunch as Nico and Thalia sat down to join us. "So Percy, did you hear about the new girl, Annabeth Chase? I heard she got asked out plently on his first day, and rejected all of them. Think you can handle her Percy?" Grover teased me.

I simply grinned, "Trust me, no girl could escape my charm G-man. I'll have her by a week man."

Then my girlfriend walked over, "Hey honey!" Rachel said as she kissed me.

I smiled back, "Hey, babe, meet me afterschool at my house?" She nodded and kissed me one last time before she left with some of her friends. As Rachel disappear out of sight I turned back to my friends who all have an annoyed look on their faces.

"Dude seriously your girlfriend annoys me. She's always asking me where you are and who you're hanging out with," Nico said with a disgusted look, as he watch Rachel walked away.

"Chill man! I'm breaking up with her afterschool, one week is too long for a girlfriend man. My next target is that new girl, Annabeth Chase" I nodded my head towards the pretty blondie sitting in a corner with a thick book in her hands.

"Nice seeing you breaking up with Rachel, but I doubt she's gonna accept you, she already rejected my brother, Jason, and he's the captain of the football team and a senior, Perce." Thalia countered, she probably feels sorry for the next girl to fall under my charm. "I don't think she would want to date the bad boy #1 player of the school, Mr. Percy Jackson." I smiled, Thalia rarely compliments my playboy status.

I stretched my arms out, and looked at them casually, "S'Okay, relax guys, she's just like any other girl." I calmly replied. "Watch" I told them as I walked over to the girl. "Hey, Annabeth, remember me?" I asked as I flashed her my smile.

She glanced up from her thick book with a confused face, "Do I know you?" she asked, barely taking a glimpse at my face.

I was puzzled, 'how can this girl not remember me, I'M PERCY JACKSON!' , I remained a calm and cool posture, " Well, I'm Percy Jackson, I was from your social studies class, you sit next to me remember?"

She thought about it and a frown came upon her face, "Yea I remember you now, you're that guy who sits behind me in Brunners, so what do you want then?" She asked and glared at me with those grey eyes. I took a nervous breath.

However, I was unwilling to back down from her intense stare, I stepped up and got a bit closer to her, "So, you still interested in that date then?" I grinned at her, trying not to be nervous from her glare.

"I already told you no." She replied angrily, and turned to walk away.

"Hey! Wait! I need to ask you something!" I called out as a plan formed in my mind. She turned around and I placed a kiss on her lips, she held it there for a couple second and I tasted her wonderful lips on mines, then she opened her eyes wide as she realized what she was doing and back away while I stood there smirking. Then without a second thought she kicked my leg and she walked away from me. I fumed with anger, I gave her a kiss and she returned it with a kick, and boy, does it hurts bad. I limped back to my table with my friends laughing at my face.

"Wow, the great Percy Jackson, has finally met his match. I don't think she'll be dating you anytime soon Perce" Nico said as he and Thalia cracked out laughing.

I glared at them and replied with a cocky smile," Don't worry guys, that's only the beginning, I'm gonna get her with me within 1 month, you guys just wait and see. After I break up with Rachel today, I'm going to show Annabeth Chase, that she cannot resist the great Percy Jackson" I smiled deviously to my friends.

"Okay Perce, I'll be waiting, if you can't get her with you within 1 month, you have to spend the rest of the high school year dateless, however if you do get her within a month me, Thalia and Grover will buy you the latest car model." Nico proposed.

"Such a good deal for me. It will cost you guys a fortune, but I'll accept." I grinned, 'I'm gonna own this, and hey I get a new girl and a car in the process, now I just have to go break up with Rachel Dare' I shoke Nico's hand and the deal was made, just then the bell rang signaling the end of break. I grinned at my friends and headed towards my next class, drama.

Chapter 2: I Like Girls With Many Talents

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I walked to the drama building and headed inside to take my seat. The drama teacher, who introduced her name as Ms. Melpomene started to call out our name. As I waited for my name I heard her call out "Annabeth Chase". I turned around and saw Annabeth standing up and judging by her face, she probably doesn't know I'm in her class. I chuckled to myself, 'Am I gonna get any luckier?'.

After a while Ms. Melpomene called out my name, and I receive many awe looks from everyone and one glare from a certain person. I smirked at Annabeth and she turned as if she couldn't stand me.

"Welcome to drama, this year we'll be doing a play on the romantic tragedy, 'Romeo and Juliet', castings will begin next week in this class period, I hope you all will participate. Today we are going to review over the basics of drama and acting." Ms. Melpomene begin. Then she called up some of the students to practice a few basics emotions and acting skills. Finally, drama was over and I headed towards my next class P.E., where I find myself lucky again to have the hot girl in my class for the third time today. In P.E. me and Nico picked out our lockers, and our P.E. uniform. Finally the bell rang signaling time for lunch.

I was about to wait for Annabeth and ask her about our date, but remembered today we were playing against Luke Castellan. So I turned around to find Nico, but turns out, he was already off with his girlfriend to the table. Hesitantly, I rushed outside the gym and rushed towards the lunch line to quickly get my food and meet up with my friends. I quickly grab a burger and an orange juice then walked to where the tables are.

"So Percy, are you going to the party later at my house?" Nico asked eagerly.

"Sure but I might be late, gottta break up with Ms. Dare, remember?" I told Nico with a devious grin.

"Okay then man, be careful though, Rachel is known to get her revenge. So give to her the breakup nicely or she might take revenge on your poor friends." Nico pointed to himself. "But, come on quickly! That jerk Luke is waiting for us in the courts, he said we're playing 3 on 3 today, cause he found an extra player or something. So I asked Thalia to help us. So quickly and eat!" Nico urged me to eat.

I hurried and ate my burger, I was not gonna let that jerk think that I backed out of anything.

In less than 3 minutes I finished my burger and we all rushed out to the basketball court, where Luke Castellan stood with his smirk next to his buddy Ethan Nakamura. Luke was dressed for basketball, he's about my height and was wearing a white tank top with some basketball shorts. In his hand he held a NBA size basketball. He was the star basketball player of the school, and with perfect grade averages, I hate him, he's been a jerk to me ever since we entered high school. I still couldn't believed we used to be friends.

His buddy, Ethan Nakamura, followed right behind. Ethan was a pretty average height with a good built. However for some really odd reason, Ethan would always wear an eye patch over his left eye, he claims it was part of his style. In contrast with Luke, Ethan was wearing an uncomfortable pair of skinny jeans, and a loose t-shirt. He moved here recently last year and have been good friends with Luke ever since.

"So Perseus," Luke began, as I glared at him, he knew how much I hated people using my full name. "A 3 on 3 game, I see you have the freak couples and yourself." Luke taunted.

"Bring it on Luke," I smiled, "You played me for almost 2 years, and even though you are the star of the basketball team, you couldn't even beat me. " His eyes flashed with anger, and I smirked. "So who's the third member of your team, I see you have Patch Boy and yourself, who's the other poor victim?"

He smiled, "You know the new girl? Annabeth Chase? She's pretty good at b-ball. Just wait a few more minutes she should be here soon."

I was shocked, 'Annabeth hanged out with these jerks?',

After a while, Annabeth appeared, and we spread into 2 teams. "So, we'll shoot for take-out then." I told Luke. "I'll shoot for my team, how about you?"

"Annabeth's shooting for us" Luke replied calmly.

I stepped up to the free throw line and easily made a shot, "Looks like I take out." I smiled at Annabeth.

"No problem, this is easy," the girl replied as she step up and made the shot as well.

I hesitated, she was better than I thought. Luke grab her up into a hug and she easily accepted his so called kindness. Being so angried, I missed my next shot and Annabeth made the next shot. The game started off smoothly, Nico stole the ball from Luke in the first minute, and faked a shot to pass it to Thalia who went in for an easy lay-up. They took the ball out and Annabeth dribbled down the court, naturally I headed in towards her.

"So you're a pretty good basketball player?" I began, trying to start a converstion.

"Yes, do you have a problem with that?" she shot back.

I simply smiled and reply, "Nah, I like girls with many talents, so how about that date later on?"

"No thank you," she replied as she increased her speed to try and get pass me.

I rushed up to her, just to block her again, "So why do you hate me so much?"

"Cause for one, you're a jerk, two, you annoy me, and three, you are a player," she replied with ease as she sidestepped me and sprinted towards the hoop for a lay-up. I stood there for a second amazed with her skills but however was mad with the way she described me.

I took the ball out and passed it to Nico, who was quickly trapped by Luke and Ethan. Quickly Nico turned around and threw the ball back to me. I quickly dribbled down the court and threw a bounce pass to Thalia. However, she was quickly blocked by Annabeth and returned the ball to me for an open 3-pointer shot, I took the shot and it was scored, and we were now up by 3.

The game, continued like that finally the score was now 28 to 26, and they were leading. I looked around and saw a crowd gathered around looking at us play.

I wiped the sweat off my brows, and told Nico to pass the ball to me. Quickly, I dribbled down the court, I faked a passed to Thalia then stood at the three pointer line, and however I was quickly guarded by Annabeth.

Without any hesitation, I threw the ball to Nico, who caught it and attempted to drive it in but failed. Desperately he threw it to Thalia who immediately threw it to me.I caught the ball and made the shot, just as the bell rang. The score was tied, 28 to 28, I glanced at Luke who was smiling, for he finally tied with me.

I smiled at Thalia and Nico. "Nice job guys" I praised them.

Then I look over at Annabeth who was giving Luke a hug. I narrowed my eyes, Luke caught my eyes and smirked as he kissed Annabeth on the cheek. I fumed with anger, as I saw Annabeth's cheeks flush. Not wanting to see anymore of this I walked towards my English class. I walked in and saw that Grover was in my class this year

Finally as I got out of my English class, it was time for my science class. I walked in and saw that everyone was standing against the back wall. I followed to where the rest of my classmates are and stood against the wall.

"Okay new juniors, you guys probably know, I'm Mr. Apollo, your teacher, but just call me Apollo, no need any formalities in this classroom, let's keep this between us though." He grinned, "So let's pick out your seats then". He assigned us seats in pairs. "Remember these are your seats for the entire school year." He rambled on with some names, then finally my name was called, "Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase over here." I looked around.

She was in my class again? Then I saw her, walking towards my seat, when she spot me, her grey eyes narrowed and I just smiled back.

"Hey, didn't know you were in this class too!" I grinned at her. She ignored me. The rest of the class pretty much went on like that, I talk and try to make a conversation while she just rudely ignored me. Finally the bell rang and we all rushed out of class, I stayed back waiting for Annabeth.

She finally walked out and saw me, "What are you doing here?" She asked coldly, clearly not wanting to talk to me.

"I just wanted to ask you something." I grinned at her. She backed away, and I smirked, "Don't worry, this time I have something I want to really ask". She hesitated and I continued. "Are you going to Nico's party afterwards? It's a party for the juniors."

"Yes, is that all?" She asked eager to leave.

"Nope, just wondering if you needed a ride home, promise not gonna make any move on you, but I can be sure you could do the same, considering how much you can't resist me," I teased her. "I'm just giving you a ride home out of my kindness." I promised her, trying to keep the good boy act.

She studied me and replied, "No thanks, Luke's picking me up."

Shocked and angry I asked, "What's Luke to you? Why are you hanging out with jerks like him and Ethan?"

"He's a jerk? Look at you. For your information, Luke is a friend that hasn't tried to hit on me on my first day." She replied, and gave me an intense glare.

"Sorry that I can't help but be attracted to you," I smiled back showing my cockiness. "And I know you enjoyed the kiss I gave you today." I smirked. "And hey, if you go on a date with me, we could kiss all day if you want" I offered to her.

She glared at me, "Don't push it, Jackson," she warned. Then she walked away, leaving me happy that I've gotten under her skin. 'Now I just need to break up with Rachel and release the plan of getting Annabeth.' I grinned as I watched her walked further away 'Yep this is gonna be hard, but a fun month'. I chuckled and got into my car to drive home and meet the Dare Devil.

Chapter 3: The Too Easy Breakup

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I hopped into my car, and crank up the music from the CD, Thalia have given me from her favorite band, Linkin Park. I took a left turn and saw Rachel waiting right outside my house, she waved at me, and I stopped my car right outside the curb of my house. Rachel ran up to me and wrapped me in a hug, "Hey babe where were you? I was missing you like crazy!" she leaned up to kiss me but I stopped her.

"Listen Rach, there's something we need to talk about," I began, "Come on let's go up into my room, we'll talk there." I dragged a confused looking Rachel into my house and up into my room. I shut the door behind and motioned her to sit down on my bed.

"Listen Rachel, I don't want to make this complicated, but we need to break up." I said simply as Rachel looked up at me with a sad look on her face.

"No Percy! I love you! Don't leave me! What did I do wrong?" Rachel replied with a sad and desperate attempt to heal the relationship.

"No babe, it's not you it's me" I told her, 'Classic line, this always works' I thought.

"No, no, no! We've been dating for a week and you want to break up already!" Rachel asked with a teary face, with however no tears.

"I'm sorry Rachel," I apologized earnestly, 'taking drama really helps with these situation' I thought. " It's just that I'm not that into 'us' anymore." I looked at her

"No Percy, that's not it, there's another girl, isn't there? Who is it? I can show you! I'm better than any girl!" Rachel countered.

I looked at her sad face with no guilt, "Yes, but even if there was no other girl, I would've still broken up with you, you're too protective of me, and I like my freedom, Rach, I'm sorry Rachel but we're breaking up." I sighed and look away. "Here let me show you out the door." I grabbed her hand, but she instantly grabbed me back and pulled me down for a kiss, in which I did not return, and I pulled away. "Sorry Rachel, I already told you I'm breaking up with you."

She stared back at me, shocked that I didn't return her amazing kiss, "Okay then, see you later Perce, I think I'm going to date the school basketball hottie, Luke! I'll miss you hon!" then she smiled

I grinned, it was going better than I thought, not only was I getting rid of my girlfriend but she's getting rid of that jerk always hanging around my next target! "Okay Rach, good luck getting him!"

"ARGH! Really Percy! You weren't at least even a bit jealous! You are cold hearted and a jerk!" She punched my chest, and I just stood there accepting it, I'm a jerk, I admit. But I don't love her and she doesn't really love me, probably using me only for her popularity, same goes to me she was only a tool to distract me and now I'm done with her just as she will be done with me.

I looked down at her," You don't really love me, and I don't love you, come on I'll lead you out." I grabbed her hand and showed her to my door. "Well see you at the party later Rachel" I told her as she looked at me.

"Don't regret this Percy, when I go and date someone much better than you. Someone like Luke." She glared at me and slapped me across the face. I smiled I was used to this, girls just dating me for a few days then slapping me to find another guy without a single drop of tear or sorrow that I leaving them, just feeling sorry that they are no longer dating Percy Jackson, the #1 hottie of the school.

"No worries Rachel, I won't, and yea good luck with your soon relationship with Luke."I replied with a grin.

She turned around and calmly walked down the street, but came right back to slap my other cheek just as my parents pulled up the driveway. Then Rachel walked away once again so calm that you could hardly guess that she's been through a break up.

I smiled,' another girl off my back and a new target aquired, now let's go to Nico's party and put plan get Annabeth into action.' I greeted my parents, and my dad slapped my back.

"Good job, Percy! Another girl dumped!" My dad praised me. I grinned.

"Learned it all from you, dad" I smiled but soon stopped as my mom made a disappointed frowns towards my direction.

"Percy, that's not a good thing, you hurt the poor girl's feeling. Go and apologize to her. And Poseidon, that is not something you should teach to your son" My mom scolded me and my dad. My dad mumbled a sorry, but it didn't seem like he meant it. I slightly laughed.

"Don't worry mom, I'll apologize to her at this party at Nico's house I'm going to later." I assured her, trying to play the good son act.

"Okay Percy, and what did you say about learning all this from your dad." My mom questioned as she shot a suspicious look.

"Nothing at all, mom. Just that he's a good and handsome dad, and I got some of his charm." I replied honestly. That was part of the truth, I just left out the part that he used to be a player like me in school, but hey, at least he's honest to my mom now, so no worries about that.

I hugged my mom, and walked into my room to get ready for the party. I turned on my laptop, and saw a chat from Nico.

NicoDA: Yo Percy! You broke up with Rachel yet?

PercyJ: Yea broke up with her, it went pretty good, so when's your party starting?

NicoDA: At 7, you gonna be here soon?

PercyJ: Yea as soon as I take a shower and pick out my clothes. Did you invite Luke and his buddies?

NicoDA: Yea man, it's an all junior's party, I had to invite them.

PercyJ: Kinda guessed that, don't forget to order the food Nico

NicoDA: yea I won't forget like last time, oh yea and can you call up Grover to tell him about the party. I didn't see him at lunch so I didn't get to see him.

PercyJ: ok, I'm gonna go shower now, later

NicoDA: k, see you later then. Don't forget to come.

I closed down my laptop and reached into my closet and grab my sea green t-shirt and a clean pair of jean and laid them on my bed as I walked to the restroom. After I finished changing, I grab my cell phone to call Grover. The phone rang for a while, then finally, Grover decides to pick up.

"Hey G-man, we're going to a party at Nico's house later, you coming?" I asked him

"Yea Percy, can I take someone with me?" Grover asked.

"Yea, but it's an all junior's party, so bring a junior" I told him

"Okay!" Grover replied, obviously happy. "So what time?"

"Nico told me at 7, but I'm heading over right now. See you there then" I said.

"K, later Perce" Grover replied as he hanged up.

About 15 minutes later I was ready to go; I grab my car keys and headed to my car. I looked at the time, it was only 6:30, so I'm still early I decided to drop over to 7-11 to buy some drinks.

"Percy don't stay too late," my mom called out. I nodded and drove into the driveway.

I was about 5 minutes into the road when I saw, a familiar blondie coming into view, I recognized as Annabeth. "Hey! Annabeth!" I called out. She turned around. "Hop on I'll give you a ride to Nico's." I offered.

She hesitated, and I stopped by the curb waiting for her to get on. She walked over to my car and went inside."Don't think this count as a date or anything, Jackson" she snarled.

I held my hand up, "Nope, no worries, just a nice friendly ride for a buddy." I promised. "I'm just gonna take a detour, before we head to Nico's party." I told her as I started the engine. "So, you live near here?" I asked, trying to start a conversation.

"Why do you want to know?" She shot back.

"Just wondering, since you were walking, I assumed you lived near here." I replied. She was silent. So I continued trying to keep the conversations going," So, why'd you moved here?"

"My dad's job." She replied shortly. I nodded as if understanding, and parked my car in front of 7-11. I got out of my car and opened the door for her to step out. She looked at me, as if surprised I could do something like this. "You actually have manners." She somewhat praised me.

I shrugged, as she stepped down. I lead her into the store and bought a couple box of sodas.

"That'll be $51.95," the cashier told me.

I gave him some cash, and saw he was checking out Annabeth. For some reason, I suddenly got angry and told him," Hey, man that's my girlfriend your checking out." I told him as I saw Annabeth blush. I grabbed my bags and head outside the store to put all the drinks into my trunk.

I saw Annabeth glaring at me, I ignored her and stepped into my car waiting for her to get on. "You coming in?" I asked her. She climbed on.

"What were you talking about?, I'm your girlfriend, I don't remember agreeing to it." She questioned me.

"You are whether you like it or not, plus we already kissed." I taunted her. She frowned and I laughed, "Nah, just kidding, but hey, I don't need guys checking my future girlfriend out." I told her.

"Future girlfriend?" she glared at me.

"Yep, you heard me, I like you and I'm gonna try to get you," I told her with straightforwardness.

She was stunned, "I don't believe you, you're probably just a guy that dates a girl for a few days and dump them." She shot back.

I laughed, she was dead on, but I can't let her know she's right, "Believe what you want to babe." I told her.

A few minutes later we arrived at Nico's house, and I parked my car. I glanced at her, "How about a kiss for the prince who took you here," I asked with my cocky smile. She glared at me, and slammed my car door as she walked out. I ran out and grab her by the arm back to my car, "You do not mess with my car," I warned her, then a plan came to my mind. "Say sorry to Blackjack" I told her.

"Blackjack? Seriously? You name your car?" she questioned me.

"Yes now say sorry to him." I commanded her.

She sighed and mumbled, "Sorry Blackjack."

I cocked my eyebrows, "What? I don't think he heard you."

She glared at me and shouted in my face, "SORRY BLACKJACK!" I grimaced, as I earned a couple stares from the juniors going into Nico's house. She grinned, a satisfying grin.

"Was that necessarily?" I asked her.

"Yes, considering your attitude, yes," she replied.

I smiled," This is what I like about you, so how about I walk you in?" I asked in my most polite manners.

"No, thank you," She replied and walked away from me. I grabbed her, and pulled her into another kiss, which she immediately backed away from.

She glared at me, getting ready to kick me, I chuckled, "You know, kicking me isn't gonna stop me from kissing you," I told her. Her eyes flashed with immense anger.

"Jackson, you are so dead, if you are open your mouth." She warned me.

"Good, I like my girls feisty," I smirked at her as she rudely rushed past me and into Nico's house.

Chapter 4: The Plan in Action

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I walked in carrying boxes of soda, when I finally spot Nico talking with Thalia. "Hey Nico! Come here!" I called him.

He took his time to walk over, "Nice to see you made it Perce,"

I put the soda's down," Here's my keys, I brought some soda's for you, it's out in the trunk, go bring the rest out." I told him as I threw him my keys.

He caught them and smiled at me," I see you got Annabeth to ride with you, how'd you manage that?" He asked with a grin.

I winked at him," Easier done than said, Nico, you might wanna start saving up money for my new car."

A/N: and yea I know the saying is easier said than done.

He grunted," Yea man, whatever, I'm gonna go get the drinks" He mumbled as he walked out to my car.

I walked into the kitchen, and grab a paper plate, and saw that Nico actually remembered to order the food this time. Sweet! He ordered Panda Express; I grabbed some forks and scooped up some noodles and eggrolls. Suddenly I felt someone tap my shoulder; I turned around and saw my ex-girlfriend, Rachel Dare.

"Hey Percy," Rachel greeted me.

I suddenly got suspicious, "Wassup, Rachel?" I casually replied.

"Nothing much, just getting some food for my boyfriend," she replied

'Wow, this girl is quick, already have a boyfriend?' I smiled back," So who's the lucky guy?" I asked her

"Travis Stoll." She told me.

'Aww, I was hoping it was Luke, I want to get him off my back for once.' I grinned," Looks like Travis got lucky" I praised her.

"Yep," she replied," So who's this girl you're crushing on?" She asked me.

I smiled glad that she wasn't out here to get revenge on me," You know the new girl? Annabeth Chase?" She nodded. "I'm trying to get her."

"Good luck with that Percy," Rachel replied then walked off.

'She seems out of character, a bit too nice,' I thought to myself. I shrugged it off, and headed off to find Annabeth. I saw her in the corner, talking to Malcolm, the school's brain.

I headed over, "Hey Malcolm" I greeted him.

He smiled back, "Sup, Percy!" he replied

"You mind if I take Annabeth for a while?" I asked him.

"Sure no problem, I was just about to head over to the kitchen anyways" he told me as he walked off.

Annabeth glared at me, I shot her a look, "Seriously can't you do anything else but glaring at me?" I asked her. "I don't get why you don't like me, I' m very likable" I told her.

"You're just getting on my nerves" she told me. "And no the only thing I could do is glare at you. What do you want me to do, smile every time I see you?" she sarcastically questioned me.

"That would be nice," I mumbled," So how do I make you to like me more mistress?" I asked her with a hint of fake courtesy.

"Hmm….maybe stop flirting with me, stop being a jerk, and stop being so cocky. It's annoying." She listed out.

"I'm sorry but it's not possible, considering how much a I like you, and I can't stop being a jerk because I was never a jerk. And, I'm not annoying." I shot back, satisfied with my answer. "Follow me, I wanna take you somewhere." I told her and started to walk away, knowing that she'll follow.

I lead her up to Nico's balcony, and stood there staring at the sky thinking 'Ha, girls fall for this every time' I turned back and saw her walking in. I kept a solemn look on my face, "Come here," I told her.

She hesitated," Why'd you bring me out here, Jackson?" she stood near the balcony but made sure to stay away from me.

"Don't worry I won't hurt you, just needed someone to talk to," I told her, 'Man! My best act yet! Taking drama does help with these situations.' I walked over to her, this time however she didn't back away.

"Okay, talk." She commanded me.

"Can we just start over? You know like I'm not the jerk and you're not the girl annoyed with my open attitude." I asked her, with honesty written all over my face, that you can't even detect a hint of false honesty. "I seriously like you, I meant for one you're cute, and we'll you're the first girl that I've actually felt some kind of attraction to."

'Okay back it up…..when was I ever this cheesy' I thought.

She studied me, to detect any lie. I look her right into her grey eyes, to deliberately show her that I'm not lying, even though technically I am in fact lying, I think.

I offered my hand to shake hers, "Okay so I'm Perseus Jackson, a sophomore at Goode High School, call me Percy, nice to meet you."

She smiled, SHE FINALLY SMILED AT ME! For some odd reason I felt accomplished, and I guess really happy. "Hi Percy, I'm Annabeth Chase, just moved here recently, and do not call me Annie." She warned in a good mannered way and shook my hand with that pretty smile of hers.

"Come on let's go grab a drink," I told her as I dragged her into Nico's house once again.

I went into the kitchen and grab two sodas then plopped down in the couch next to Annabeth. "Here you go" I threw her a can and she caught it.

"So, how about we get to know each other?" I suggested, knowing the more I know about her, the easier it will be to get her.

"Okay sure, so what do you want to talk about?" she asked.

I glanced up at her," How about why you're always hanging out with Luke Castellan?" I questioned her.

"He's just a nice friend." She told me simply and took a sip out of her soda.

"He's a jerk" I shot back. 'Why was she being so defensive of this jerk?' I angrily thought to myself. However, I manage to keep my cool as she answered me.

"Percy, seriously you don't know him like I do, he's a really nice guy at heart." Annabeth defended. "He was always there for me."

"Really?" I asked sarcastically. "And how long ago was that?" I asked her with a hint of anger in my tone.

'JACKSON CALM DOWN' I yelled inside my head. 'Why am I getting so worked up about this?' I asked myself.

"None, of your business, Jackson. I'm not gonna talk about Luke while you are all talking trash about him. You are still just the same jerk from before." She angrily replied and stomped off leaving me there sitting on the couch.

'Darn, I almost had her, I need to calm down. Can't let my emotions take the best of me again' I thought grimly.

I checked my watch, it was already 8, I took at look and saw many more juniors coming in, Grover walked in, his hands wrapped around some girl. I walked up to him," Hey G-man, who's the new lady you got here?" I asked gesturing towards the girl next to him.

He grinned," You don't recognize her, Percy?" Grover asked with a shocked look on his face.

I studied the girl more closely, she had a nice face with brown hair. She was a bit shorter than Grover, and had on some flowered earrings," Juniper?" I cried. I couldn't believe it. I haven't seen her for the whole summer because her parents took her on vacation or something.

"Nice seeing you again Percy." She replied with a smile and gave me a hug, which I gladly returned. I looked at their intertwined hands.

"So I'm taking it that you guys are now official. Congratz man!" I congratulate them and gave Grover a pat on the back. They blushed and I simply laughed.

"So Percy, any new girlfriends?" Juniper questioned me.

I shrugged, "Not yet, but I already have my next target in sight." I told her.

She looked at me disappointed, and I simply grinned, "Well see you guys later then I'm gonna go look for some old friends." I waved at her, and rushed into the crowds inside the kitchen.

I spend the rest of the night catching up with some of my old friends. Towards the end of the party someone mixed in some alcohol into the punch, and everyone started to get drowsy and crashed at Nico's place. I went to find Annabeth, and saw that she was still sitting on the couch, wide awake. 'Good at least she's not drunk like those doofus' I thought. Annabeth turned around and I saw her reached for a sip of her drink, "Annabeth!" I called out.

She saw me and started to get up, grabbing her drink in the process, drinking from her cup and pretending not to notice me. However I pulled her down to the couch. "You wouldn't want to go over to those drunk" I warned her, "They can get pretty forceful." I gestured towards a group of juniors making out like crazy.

She relaxed and sat down. "So when are you gonna go home? Or are you just gonna borrow Nico's place to crash?" I asked her

"Yea I'm going home in a couple minutes," She replied, taking another sip out of her cup.

"Percy! Come here! I need to tell you something!" I heard a voice called out. I turned around and saw Rachel waving me over.

I sighed, "Hey wait for me, I'll drop you off later." I told Annabeth as she gave me a glare.

I walked over to Rachel as she looked at me excitedly. "Percy, you wouldn't believe what I just did to Annabeth." I looked at her and caught a mischievous gleam in her eyes. "I'll show you she's no good for you Percy, I'm the only one for you," Rachel pulled in closer to me.

I stepped back, "What exactly did you do to her?" I asked Rachel while also backing away from her.

"Nothing much, babe, I just added in a little ingredient to her drink, she might get just a bit high for tonight." Rachel smirked.

I instantly pulled away and rushed towards Annabeth, sure enough, Annabeth was sprawled on the ground with an unlikely goofy grin on her face. I rushed to her and carried her in my arms. Surprisingly she was actually pretty light. I searched around for Nico to get my car keys.

"NICO!" I yelled on top of my lungs. I heard some footsteps coming down the stairs and Nico appeared with Thalia right by his side.

"Hey Per-" he stopped as he saw Annabeth in my arms. "What are you doing to her, Percy?" Nico asked with a mischievous grin on his face.

I glared at him, "She just got a bit carried away, give me my car keys man I'm gonna take her home. Can you guys help me open my door to put her inside?" I asked them. They nodded, and I led them to my car. Nico opened the door and I dragged Annabeth inside, and quickly put on her seatbelt before she could go anywhere.

"Do you know where her home is?" Nico asked.

I shrugged, "Not sure, she didn't tell me, I might as well let her borrow my room for a while." I told him.

Thalia nodded at me approvingly, "Good old Percy, has finally turned into a gentlemen." She slapped my back, and head inside the house with Nico, where the rest of the juniors were.

I look at her peaceful sleeping face, 'She's actually pretty cute when she doesn't glare at me' I thought and shook the thought of, 'why am I thinking thoughts like this?' I asked myself. I shook my head and headed to the driver seat as I started the car.

Chapter 5: Just Say Thank You

Okay so for this chapter I'm gonna switch to Annabeth's POV for a part of this chapter, but I'm starting with Percy's POV. Kinda of new with Annabeth's POV so forgive me if it's kinda weird.

I drove along the road, trying to get Annabeth to tell me where she lives. I slightly shook her shoulder trying to get her back to her senses. "Hey, come on tell me where you live!" I yelled at her for the 10th time.

She hiccupped and giggled, "I live in my house dummy."

'Wow, even in her drunken state she still tries to act all smart.' I thought.

"You're not really helping…" I mumbled as I continued to drive around the neighborhood.

After about 15 minutes of trying to get her to tell me where her home is, I gave up and started back to my house. I pulled up into my driveway to open the garage door and parked my car inside the cold room. Finding my way in the dark I flipped on the light switch and walked over to the passenger's door to get Annabeth out. I carried her in my arms as I walked her up into my bedroom and laid her softly down on my bed wrapping my sea green blanket around her. With that done I grabbed myself a spare pillow and blanket and headed downstairs into the living room.

As I was about to lie down on the couch I heard my mom's footstep coming into the living room, "Percy? Is that you?" my mom called out.

"Yea, I'm over here by the couch." I told her.

I heard her footsteps coming in closer. Suddenly the light was on and I saw my mom standing there with a confused look on her face. "What are go doing, sleeping on the couch?" she asked me.

"Sleeping" I replied simply as I started to lie down. "One of my friends got a little overboard at the party and I didn't know where her house was so I brought her over to my room." I explained.

My mom nodded as if understanding, "A girl?" my mom asked teasingly.

"Mom!" I complained.

A/N: Just had to put that in there, reminded me of when Percy had his little so called date with Annabeth :D

She laughed," That was a good thing you did there Percy." She praised me.

I just nodded," I'm tired mom, I'm just gonna sleep now. I wouldn't want to be late tomorrow." I reminded her.

She nodded and turned off the lights as I thought about today, 'Why am I so out of character? I seriously need to stop having my emotions getting the best of me. Tomorrow, everything will be back to normal' I thought, then drifted to sleep.

Annabeth's POV

I woke up and stretched my arms. I opened my eyes expecting to be in my organized room, however as I look around I realized I didn't know where I was. 'Where am I? And why does my head hurts so much?' I asked myself as I quickly took a short look around my surroundings.

The room was messy, well messier then mines, and there were boy clothes scattered all over the floor. I realized I was in a boy's room, but who was it? I explored my surroundings a little bit more, the walls were covered in blue wallpapers, it does looks kind of cool like real water actually flowing inside the room. 'Whoever this is, he must really like water.' I thought. I saw a modern computer left on standby, and a pile of textbook. I looked to my right and discovered a lot of trophies on a shelf and next to it some pictures. I took off my blanket and walked over to take a look at the trophies and pictures. 'Swimming' I thought as I looked at the swimming trophies.

I leaned in to take a closer look at the pictures to discover who's room this was. A blacked haired boy with sea green eyes, I gasped, 'You're kidding me, this is Jackson's room.' I thought with a bit of nervousness and horror. 'What was I doing here?'

I racked my brain to remember what happened last night. I was at Nico's party, and Percy said he was going to take me home. Then I suddenly got all dizzy and what happened after that? I got flashes of Percy carrying me, and smiling down at me. I cautiously walked over to the door that leads out of the room and slowly peeked outside.

"PERCY JACKSON! GET UP! Time for school!" a woman's voice yelled from under the stairs

'Oh no, school, I completely forgot about it. How am I going to get home? I need my bags.' I thought with my mind on the verge of panic.

"Okay mom, I'm up." Percy's voice lazily replied.

"Oh, and wake up your friend if she isn't awake already." The woman who I assumed must be his mom called out. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and rushed back to bed praying and hoping this wasn't the Percy I think he is. I pulled up the cover and pretended to still be asleep. 'Well this is awkward' I thought as I pulled on the covers and closed my eyes.

I heard a knock on the door. "Annabeth?" Percy's voice called out. "I'm coming in then" I heard the door open and his footsteps coming closer. Then I felt him leaning down, shaking my shoulder. I grabbed him and pinned him to the floor.

"What am I doing here, at your house?" I snarled at him

His pained face changed into a smirk," You don't remember? You were all over me yesterday, of course when I pretty girl like you throw themselves all over me, I can't help it. I think afterwards we made out, you're a pretty good kisser."

I growled, the most simple solution to jerks like these, I slapped him.

"OUCH! That hurts! You sure have a rough slap." He grabbed his right cheek, and rubbed it as if it was fragile. "Calm down, I was just kidding! You were just drunk and I tried to bring you home but you were talking nonsense so I couldn't find out where your house was. So, instead I let you borrow my room." He explained truthfully, or I assumed it was the truth. I sighed in relief, maybe a bit thankful to him.

"Thanks" I mumbled.

He smiled and cocked his head," What? I couldn't hear you."

"I'm not gonna repeat myself," I replied with a glare on my face.

Truthfully, I was actually glad he was so nice, even though he tries to act like a jerk most of the time. "Here," He threw me a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. "Change into these."

'He was actually nice enough to get me some new clothes,' I thought, 'Maybe I was wrong about him.'

"Well, I'm gonna go get ready then, just change and head downstairs to the kitchen." He told me, and walked out closing the door behind him. I smiled at his nice personality and changed into the clothes Percy gave me.

After I was finished, I opened Percy's door and headed down the stairs trying to find my way out, instead I ended up in the kitchen with an older woman. Her back was turned and she had black hair and seems to be in good shape for an older woman. I looked at her, she seems to be in her mid 30s. She turned around and I saw she was cooking some food.

"Hi," I greeted awkwardly.

The black-haired woman smiled warmly at me and I couldn't help but smile back. "I take it that you're Percy's friend?" she asked.

I nodded and she continued, "I'm Percy's mom and you are?" she asked.

"I'm Annabeth Chase, one of Percy's classmates," I replied.

"Oh come and join us for breakfast, you must be hungry," Mrs. Jackson said as she showed me to one of the empty chairs.

'She seems nice' I thought. 'Why does Percy always seems like a jerk, when he has such a nice mom?' I asked myself.

A few minutes later, I saw Percy walked into the kitchen with a man that I guessed was his Dad. They both sat down and Mrs. Jackson brought out some blue waffles.

I stared at the waffles, completely bewildered. "Oh, don't mind the color, Annabeth, Percy likes his food blue." Mrs. Jackson told me. I nodded and started trying out the waffles.

'All his food blue?' I thought.

After a few minutes of eating Mrs. Jackson's wonderful waffles, I was finished. Over breakfast I realized that Percy respected his parents, which is probably why he doesn't act like a jerk around them. I guess I could kind of respect Percy himself for that.

We all finished and I thank Mr. and Mrs. Jackson.

"Here I'll give you a ride to school," He offered as his parents were out of sight.

"No thanks, I still need to go back home to get my bags." I told him.

He frowned and then smiled again, "S'Okay, I'll drop you off, if you walk home then back to school again you'll probably be late." He reasoned.

I thought about it, 'He actually used that brain of his, but he's probably right.'

I nodded and went inside his car and strapped on my seatbelt. Percy went to grab his keys and started the engine, driving into the driveway. I looked at the road and showed him the way to my house, it was actually not too far away. About 5 minutes later I arrived in front of my home. I got out of the car, and I heard Percy following right behind. "Stay here, I'll go in by myself" I told him.

"Your parents are gonna want an explanation for you not coming home, I'll help you." He offered.

I turned around and asked him suspiciously," Why are you being so nice?"

"I told you!" He protested," I'm a nice and likable guy!"

"Whatever." I turned back and rang the doorbell as my dad opened it. "Hey dad!" I hugged him leaving him in shock. "I'm sorry about last night, I'll explain it to you when I get home from school, promise." I told him as I rush pass my stepbrothers Bobby and Matthew and into my room. I leaned down and grab my book bag and headed out again as I heard Percy talking to my dad.

"-Annabeth, was tired and I didn't know where her house was. I also didn't feel safe leaving her at the party with a bunch of random people, so I brought her back into my house and let her borrow my room. Don't worry sir, I just carried her in and slept on the couch." He explained probably not knowing I was out yet.

'Wow, Jackson actually can be honestly nice he actually slept on the couch for me." I thought amazed with the other side of him that I didn't know.

"Really sorry sir," Percy apologized as my dad smiled approvingly at him. "And Mr. Chase, if you don't mind, can I take Annabeth to school, I wouldn't want her to be late," I heard Percy ask my dad.

My dad nodded, and at that time I decided it was safe to walk out. Percy waved at me and I headed over as he opened the door like the gentlemen my dad thinks he is.

"So," Percy whispered. "Do I get a thank you?"

I looked and saw my dad still looking, I kicked him at his leg where my dad couldn't see, and he bended down clutching his pained leg.

"Come on just need to say thank you, and the great Percy Jackson will give you a ride." He boasted.

I checked again and saw my dad already closing the door. Without any hesitation, I pushed him down on the cement. "Yes, that's my thank you," I shot back.

I was waiting for his comeback, but it never came. He just laid there with his eyes closed and I did the natural thing and panicked.

"Percy? PERCY!" I yelled at his nonmoving face. "Come on get up, I didn't mean to push you that hard, I'm just kidding." My heart tightened as I watched him lay there motionless. I should've just said that thank you, and we would've been at school right now. 'Stupid me!' I shook Percy's shoulder, but he still wouldn't move. Suddenly I felt my eyes get teary.

"Damn, stupid Percy! Just get up already! I'll say a million Thank you to you! Just get up please" I begged him.

Suddenly his green eye shot open and his lips formed the familiar goofy smile. "Kidding!" he smirked.

'THAT JERK!' I wiped away my tears, and punched him squared in the face.

He rubbed his cheeks, "That hurts, seriously, don't you know that violence is never the answer." He faked scolded.

"Keep talking and I'll send you straight to the hospital," I warned him.

He held his hands up in surrender. He got into the car and started the engine driving us to school, "So how about a I'm sorry kiss, for someone you almost killed?" He grinned.

"How about, no? I shot back and let's just say that he kept quiet for the rest of the ride and probably wouldn't be able to grin with that cocky face of his for a while.

I smiled, finally satisfied.

Chapter 6: We Make A Pretty Good Team

Okay so this chapter, I was kinda having doubts about it cause maybe I'm rushing Percy's emotion/personality too quickly? My sister said it was okay. But hey, just review and tell me what you guys think. It's back to Percy's POV by the way. Thanks for all the nice suggestions and reviews! :D

CHALLENGE: So I decided to give you guys a little challenge, whoever can name all of Percy's classes in order will get a virtual cookie! :D

We arrived at school after she punched my poor jaws making me unable to even smile much less talk. 'I'm pretty sure a bruise will form there later' I sighed at my depressing thought, 'ARGH! I hate her! She's gonna send me to my grave if this keeps on going on.' I glanced over at her full of nervousness.

I exit my car and hurried into the school, following Annabeth as she turned around with a happy smirk on her face. She arrived at the class before me, and just before the bell rang I was able to make it to my seat without having to look at her obnoxious face.

"Morning class," Mr. Brunner greeted us as he walked through the classroom's door. He continued his review from the day before

Finally it was time for break, I left my classroom and headed towards my usual table where Grover already sat waiting. I headed over and saw that Grover was sitting there with his head down on the table.

"Sup man!" I greeted him. He sighed. I stood there confused, "What's wrong? Did Juniper broke up with you?" I asked him, clearly worried because I knew my best friend was pretty fragile.

"No, not that, just that the school might decide to cancel the 'Keep the Earth Green' club." He sighed keeping his head down and not looking at me in the face. I kept quiet, I knew how sensitive Grover was about this, keeping the earth green and all that.

We just sat there in awkward silence, when finally I saw Nico and Thalia coming into view. I waved at Nico and Thalia for them to come over. For a moment Nico caught my eye and then he started cracking up like crazy, he tapped Thalia, then said something to her. Confused looking Thalia looked at me, and she too, started to crack up. I was furious. 'WHAT WERE THEY TALKING ABOUT?'

They walked over, holding in their breath as if afraid that they might crack up laughing anytime. They kept their heads down, deliberately trying to not look at me. "What are you guys laughing about?" I asked them.

Nico looked up, trying not to smile," Umm… Percy? Have you taken a look at your face?" He asked trying to hold in his laughter.

Grover finally looked up," PERCY? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? You have bruises all over your face."

I wasn't that shock, probably from what Annabeth gave me this morning. "It's nothing, just some punches from Ms. Chase" I sarcastically replied.

"WHAT?" Nico asked, laughing even harder.

Thalia paused between her laughs," She must really hate you, she seems pretty nice to me."

I just simply glared at them which caused Nico and Thalia to laugh even harder, the only one who wasn't laughing was Grover, who was probably still bummed out about the club being canceled.

Finally the bell rang and I hurried away to my drama class.

"Okay class, today we are going to brief over each characters' background so you can understand which type of character is more suited to your ability." Ms. Melpomene explained. Then she passed us out a packet of papers that explains about some of the major characters of the play 'Romeo and Juliet'.

As we each read through the packet, she enlarged it on the projector and talked about each of the characters. I listened and knew immediately that I wanted the lead male role, Romeo.

The bell rang a while later and I headed towards my next class, P.E. Our coach told us that we were going to have a dodge ball game today, and that he has already picked out our teams. I realized that Annabeth was on my team, and sighed with a bit of relief, 'Good, maybe she won't beat the crap out of me like this morning.' I thought.

I surveyed the other team and saw that they have one of my friends, I guess. Clarisse and me have been on each others' good terms for these past few years but we haven't always been very close. 'This is gonna be a tough game.' I thought, knowing that Clarisse can be very competitive. Both teams got into their positions, and in just the first minute, our team made the first move. At first the game started out pretty even, but then Clarisse came into offense and knocked out Charles and Jake, our two best catchers on the team. With that the game turned in favor of the other team.

One by one our team members got out by Clarisse famous throw, after about 20 minutes all that was left on our team was me, Nico, and believe it or not, Annabeth. She was managing pretty good on her own, I was actually not that surprised considering how good she was when she was playing basketball on Luke's team. 'Stupid Luke! What does she see in that guy anyways?' I thought, then told myself to calm down.'Why did I even think about that? Just focus on beating Clarisse at dodge ball.' I told myself again.

I look at the other team and saw that they still have at least 10 more players than us, we were in a bad situation, outnumbered by a lot. With the three of us we managed to get about 5 more people out. However Clarisse was still in hurling a ball, one after the other, when finally she managed to get Nico in the foot. She smiled at me in triumphant as if saying 'One down, two to go.'

I quickly ran over to Annabeth dodging a ball being thrown at me, 'If we're gonna win this, we are gonna have to work together.' I thought.

"Annabeth, I'll distract and you hit them from the other side," I told her so quietly so that only she could hear it. She looked at me as if understanding my plan, then charged up into the left side where there was barely anyone to notice her. While me on the other hand, I ran straight up front as a decoy. I picked up a ball as if threatening to throw it at one of the guys on the other team. They back away, and I smiled,' Even when I'm losing they are scared of me.' I chuckled, then threw the ball straight at his face, he ducked and I just smiled as I saw Annabeth's throwing from the other side. The guy didn't even notice as the ball went and hit his leg. 'One down four to go.' I thought.

We continued with our plan just like the first one and it worked until we got down to the two last one Clarisse and Leo, both were surprisingly fast on their feet and were quick to dodge anything that comes their way. Throughout the last few minutes of the game, it was intense and none of us can get the other one out. Finally the bell rang and the coach told us it was time to go in, I groaned in disappointment,' I didn't get to beat Clarisse.' I sighed and was about to walk inside the boys locker room when I saw Annabeth walking into the on the other side. I rushed up to her and tapped her shoulders as she turned around," Hey, uh… nice job I guess." I tried to praise her. "We make a pretty good team." I told her, trying to make it seems like a friendly gesture.

'Maybe if I do this, she'll trust me more,' I thought as I saw Annabeth relaxed.

"Yea, thanks, you're pretty good yourself." She praised me and for some reason I felt a bit accomplished.

She smiled at me with that pretty smile of hers, I just simply smiled back then rushed to the boys locker room to get out of my P.E. clothes. The rest of the day I tried to be on her good side as part of my plan. Over the next few days I planned out my second part of the plan, 'Give Her Some Space'. I just talk to her occasionally and try not being too much of a jerk that she thought I was from the first phrase. I think she was actually pretty surprised that I can be so nice. The next week on Friday, I arrived to my history class and saw that Annabeth was already there.

I glanced over at Annabeth, as annoying as she is, I have to admit that she is cute when her face was all scrunched up as if she's trying very hard.
Suddenly she tensed as if sensing someone staring at her, and I quickly turned away pretending to take some notes from the lecture. The rest of class I continued to sneak a glance at her while she's furiously taking down her notes. Good thing no one noticed I was looking at her or I would be teased until the end of high school.

The bell rang and I sighed in disappointment, 'AHH! Stupid girl, she's messing with my thoughts!' I screamed inside my head and started pounding my heads with my backpack.

A student walked by and stared at me as if I'm crazy, "umm… I'm just trying to clear out my thoughts" I told her as she started walking faster away from me.

'ARGH!' I screamed inside my head again as I calmly walk to my next class, where I found it much easier to concentrate, probably because 'she' wasn't there. Finally it was time for lunch, I decided to skip lunch today and headed straight towards my table.

"Hey Nico, hey Thalia." I greeted them as I sat down. "Anything new?"

They greeted me and replied," Nah, nothing much, Grover's still bummed out about the club being canceled. Oh yea and when's your next swimming meet?" Nico asked me.

"Hmm… I think that it's on the first Saturday of September." I replied to him.

"So how's it going with Annabeth?" Nico asked with a bit of a smirk." Does she still hate you?"

I hesitated," Uhh… no course she doesn't hate me, it's actually going pretty well, I told you I'll have her by a month right?" I replied trying not to show my hesitation.

'What am I doing? Of course I'll have her by one month. This is just another girl.' I assured myself.

"You sure Percy, you seems, I don't know, kinda hesitating?" He smirked along with Thalia.

"Whatever man, I still got 2 weeks left, plenty of time." I told them.

Thalia just smiled with that evil face of hers, "Could it be that Percy Jackson has finally met his match?" Thalia asked teasingly.

I just stared at her, "Me? Falling for someone? Please…." However as I said that, my mind was still hesitating a bit. 'What if I'm actually falling for someone again? If I do, the same thing is just gonna happen again, she'll just hurt me, just like that person. No, I'm not gonna fall for her. Just date her a few days then dump her, just like I usually do. Come on Jackson, pull yourself together.' I thought depressingly

After lunch I headed off to my English class then off to my science class.

"Good afternoon guys and girls," Apollo greeted us as the class begin. I took my seat next to Annabeth and she smiled at me.

I smiled back,' My plan was working almost perfectly and she doesn't suspect a thing.' I thought.

"So over the next week, we are going to be working on a project in partners," Apollo begin. Everyone started talking excitedly, finding partners. "Which have already been assigned." Apollo raised his voice over the commotion. Everyone groaned. "Don't worry it's someone you have already know a bit about. Anyways, your assignment is to build a kind of bridge, for example; arch, truss, cantilever, suspension or girder. This project will be done outside of class and it'll be due next week on Friday. The person you are going to work with will be the person sitting next to you." Apollo explained.

'Nice! Annabeth is my partner, this just makes it easier to use my plan. And I get to spend more time with her.' I thought happily then corrected myself, 'Nope, nah, I don't want to spend more time with her or anything, just that it's part of my plan.' I assured myself again. The rest of the class period, we both talked about the project, and I think for while I was actually really glad she was my partner.

Chapter 7: That Bastard of a Friend

So, I'm kinda having a bit of writers block but I still tried to update this story because I kinda having a perfect ending for this story but just kinda lost of how to get to there. And I'm a bad girl for forgetting this, since the beginning, and I forgot to put disclaimer thing. My sister reminded me :D But anyways thanks for all the reviews. Okay so enough talking, let's get to the chapter.

Disclaimer: SADLY I DO NOT OWN PERCY JACKSON Rick Riordan does , so sad!

After school I headed outside the classroom and waited for Annabeth to come out. Over these few days I've been on pretty good terms with her and it's probably just a matter of time before I can get her out on a date.

I saw her walk out and rushed up to her," Hey, are you free in the weekends?" I asked her.

"Yea? Why?" she asked back.

"You know, just wondering if you could come to my house over the weekend. We could work on the bridge project over the weekend." I offered.

She smiled with that sweet smile of hers," Yea sure I'll come to your house on Saturday, I still remember where it is."

I was smiling like crazy inside my head,' She actually remembered where my house is. She must be crazy about me, or have very good memory.'

"Ok, umm… Do you need a ride home? I can take you." I offered.

Annabeth shook her head," Luke's taking me home today."

I flared with anger, but kept a cool posture," What is he? Your boyfriend?" I asked, my anger showing a bit.

"He's just a good friend," She blushed.

'ARGH! Couldn't she see that he's a jerk. Why is she blushing because of that guy? What does she see in him?' I angrily thought. However I coolly replied," Yea, ok. Well see you on Saturday then." I waved her off and angrily stomped to my car as she hurried to go meet her 'good friend' Luke.

All the way home, I kept thinking about her and Luke and it was just making me angrier. Opened my garage door and parked my car in. On the way out I slammed my car and walked straight to my room. I threw my stuff down and just lay down on my bed and within a few minutes I was fast asleep drifting off to my horrible nightmare.

I was on my way to Luke's house, we were planning on heading to a new restaurant to celebrate us enrolling into high school as freshmen. I knocked on the front door and Luke's mom greeted me, "Hey Percy."

"Ms. Castellan, is Luke home? We are heading out somewhere with Nico and Grover." I asked her.

"He's upstairs with a friend. Go on up, I'll bring you guys some drinks." Ms. Castellan told me.

"That's okay, Ms. Castellan, we're going to be eating outside soon." I informed her.

"Okay then, head on upstairs." She told me, and head back to the kitchen. I rushed up the stairs to call Luke out.

'Hey Lu-," I stopped dead in my tracks. What I saw that day changed me forever, on the bed was sitting Luke, and my girlfriend making out. I simply stared at them too scared to make a noise. I behind Luke's bedroom's door.

"Hey, we need to stop, Percy's gonna be here any moment now." I heard my girlfriend telling Luke.

"Who cares about Percy, he's just a little wimpy guy that doesn't deserve a girl like you." Luke retorted back. I grimaced, but stood outside hearing every hurtful word. "Come on Samantha, if he's here already he would've been bouncing into my room like the pathetic fool he is." I was deeply hurt by Luke's true thoughts about me, I've always respected him and his easygoing and nice nature, seems as if I was wrong about my long time best bud.

I silently rushed downstairs and exit the house, running home as fast as I can. As soon as I got home, I locked my bedroom door, my eyes started to get teary. 'No, I'm not gonna cry for that. No girl deserves my tears.' I wiped my eyes and threw away all my memory of me and Samantha. 'This will be the last time that Percy Jackson will fall for any girl. I'm gonna make her want me, but I won't take her back, nor anyone.'

My dream changed and suddenly I was now in high school, starting my freshman year. "Hey Percy!" Samantha rushed up to me and hugged me.

I didn't return her hug, I just stood there coldly glaring at her. "Hey," I greeted, even though there was no warmness in my voice.

"What's wrong babe?" She asked me, still didn't know that I caught her cheating on me.

"We're breaking up," I told her, then coldly walked off, into the school's building.

She looked shocked and walked up to me. "Wait, what did you say?" she turned me around to face her.

"'I told you clearly, we're breaking up. I don't want to be in a relationship with you anymore." I simply told her.

She stood there, staring at me as if I'm crazy." Percy? What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing, I'm just simply breaking up with you cause I don't like you anymore." I told her once again with my emotionless face.

"What are you talking about? You can't just break up with me like that. I love you!" She told me, but still I didn't believe her.

"If you love me, why would you cheat on me with my best friend!" I yelled at her, no longer being able to control my emotions. "You and Luke! You guys are just playing with my feelings! I saw you guys making out in his room!" I stormed off leaving her there acting as if she's heartbroken and went off to find Luke, the backstabbing bastard.

He was at the basketball courts shooting hoops. "Hey Percy!" He called out.

'That bastard, acting like everything is all cool.' I angrily thought.

I walked right up to him and punched him right in the face. He laid there, staring at me," You okay Perce? What's wrong with you?"

"Oh, still calling me Percy are you? Why don't you call me the little pathetic fool that you think I am." I scoffed at his face.

"Woah! Slow down Perce, what are you talking about?" He asked still not admitting his mistake.

"Don't pretend like you don't know! Yesterday I went to your house and saw you making out with my girlfriend without a single drop of guilt!" I stormed off.

I woke up with a start and checked the time, 7 pm. I haven't even thought about that depressing memory since the end of freshman year. I shook my head and headed down to eat dinner and headed back up my room.

A few minutes later my mom knocked on my door. "So Percy, you have a swimming competition tomorrow right?" My mom reminded me.

'Oh shoot! I forgot about that' I thought.

"Yea, I almost forgot." I smiled. "I can go alone tomorrow mom, you and dad can go to work." I told them.

She smiled," Okay Percy, don't stay up too late."

" Okay mom," I replied. She nodded, closed my door and started walking down the stairs.

I finished my homework and quickly took a nice shower and quickly settled into my bed to get ready to sleep. I just laid in my bed, unable to sleep. I stood thinking about the dream I had that afternoon,' Why was I thinking about that dream again?' I asked myself then drifted off to sleep. Luckily this time, I had a nice and very peaceful dream of nothing. And for once I was glad.

The next morning I was rushing out of my room and quickly changing to head to the swimming competition. My parents have already left so it was only me left and I only had 30 minutes to get ready! I quickly made some breakfasts and was about to put on my shirt when suddenly the bell rang. DING DONG! I rushed towards the door and there stood Annabeth Chase with her cute smile. "Hey! So-" She looked at me and blushed. "Umm… You might wanna put on a shirt on."

"Oh! Sorry was kinda rushing. Just come in and make yourself at home, I'll be right back!" I told her and dashed towards my bedroom a bit embarrassed. I quickly changed my clothes, grabbed my bag and head to the living room where I saw Annabeth sitting on the couch reading some papers. "So why did you come here?" I asked thinking that she probably is falling for my charm.

"Uh… You told me to meet you at your house on Saturday, so here I am." She replied.

'AHH! I completely forgot about that! I was too worried about my swimming competition!' I screamed inside my head.

"Oh yea! Sorry can we do it later, I got a swimming competition I gotta go to." I told her with a bit of remorse.

"Oh…..umm… that's cool then." She replied probably a bit sad.

"Hey wait!" I called out as she turned around instantly, "How about you come to my competition, then we can work on the bridge right afterwards?" I offered.

Her face brightened a bit," Yea, sure, then we'll come back and work on the bridge." She agreed.

I nodded and lead her the way to my car as I quickly grab my bag and threw them into the trunk then hopped onto the drivers seat. I took my keys out of my pocket and started the engine. As I was driving down the driveway I tried to make a conversation with Annabeth.

"So, are you any good with building bridges, cause I'm kind of not so good when it comes to these kind of projects." I told her.

"Yea, I kind of like these projects. I think they are actually pretty interesting. Make sense though, cause my dad's a major architect, he plans building and all that. Well anyways, I got some ideas of what to do with the bridge. But what kind of bridge do you like to build?" She asked me as she's reading through some of the papers she was reading over earlier at my house.

"Um… not sure actually, the only kind of bridge that I know about is probably the Golden Gate Bridge." I slightly smiled.

She just simply shook her head," Wow, are you serious? How about suspension bridge, seems to me like it's the most simple one." She folded up the papers and put it into her backpack.

"Yea sure, whatever you like best" I replied, clearly bored with this conversation." So you do any activities afterschool?" I asked.

"No, not really, I just moved here a couple weeks ago remember?" She asked as I nodded finally acknowledging the fact." I was pretty sure you're a jerk when I first met you, but hey you seemed pretty okay after a while." She chuckled.

I simply laughed along with her," I did told you I was a nice and likable guy, didn't I?" I smiled at her.

"Yea, but considering how cocky you were, I was just plain annoyed with your attitude." She replied still laughing.

I shrugged and couldn't help but think about those two kisses I gave her a couple weeks ago,' Her lips were so soft, it was actually kind of enjoyable.' I averted my eyes to her lips then quickly looked away.' WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING? She's messing with my head! DAMMIT! I just wanna kiss her!' I shook my head and concentrated on the road.

"Percy?" She asked me catching me off guard.

"Sorry, was daydreaming a bit, uh… What did you say?" I asked.

I looked over and saw Annabeth blushing,' ME AND MY STUPID MIND! WHAT DID SHE SAY? Wait, why is she blushing?' I asked myself. Finally after a couple 15 minutes of uncomfortable silent I arrived at the swimming pool. With that, I got out of the car and headed inside where my teammates were and told Annabeth to sit on the bleachers.

Chapter 8: Fun With Seaweed Brain

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson, Mr. Riordan does.

I walked to my teammates who were all huddled up. "Sorry coach, there was a bit of traffic out on the road." I explained

My coach stopped me," Just go change and get out there Jackson, you're next." He told me and rushed me into the changing room.

"Okay coach," I replied then quickly rushed and chanced into my swimwear. About 10 minutes later my race was starting, I hurried over and lined up near the end of the pool getting ready to dive in.

Annabeth's POV:

I stood there on the bleachers watching the first race thinking of what I just said to Percy in the car. 'Stupid Percy! Why couldn't he just pay attention? Actually I was kind of glad he didn't hear that, he would've made me admit that I like him. All I said was that he was pretty nice and likable after I got to know him and yea some other things.' In about ten minutes, they announced the second race and I say Percy walking out to the end of the pool. His face was so serious I almost didn't recognize him, usually he's so playful and annoying. I looked down, one man was holding the pistol to start the race.

"Swimmers! This is the 100 meters freestyle. On your mark! Get set! GO!" the man fired the blanks and soon Percy dived down and dash ahead of his competition.

I stared in amazed,' Seems like he's much more than I give him credit for.' I simply looked at him in awe, he was pretty fast and has a good form for a swimmer. He shot forward to the person in front of him and won the race. Everyone stood up cheering for him and I followed along. After a while, when all the races have finished I saw Percy walked out with a first place medal around his neck.

"Nice job." I told him, trying not to show him by how much I was actually amazed with his skills.

"Yea, thanks!" He grinned with that lopsided grin of his. "So you wanna go out to eat something? I'm kinda hungry." He asked.

'Is he asking me out on a date?' I wondered.

He saw that I was hesitating a bit," Not a date, just lunch, then we'll be able to work on a full stomach." He offered. I nodded and he led the way to his car. I slipped in and he road to the nearest fast food store. Percy drove his car through the driveway and ordered each of us a meal. A few minutes later Percy parked his car into his garage and grabbed his bags, the two meals and walked in.

"Come on, let's go up to my room, we can research up there." He told me.

"Okay," I replied and followed him up the stairs. I opened his door and noticed his room was actually a bit neater. "So you got any ideas to build a bridge?" He asked me. Clearly, I can tell he was not very good with these kinds of projects.

"I was thinking about maybe building a suspension bridge." I began to explain. "We could use some strings as the cables and maybe some plywood as the platform or something. Then-"

"Wait," he interrupted," What's a suspension?"

"It's a kind of bridge." I told him.

"Then what's the Golden Gate Bridge?" He asked me with that confused look on his face.

"That's also a suspension bridge." I told him.

"But it's the Golden Gate Bridge." He countered. He scratched his head in bewilderment.

I shook my head," You're such a Seaweed Brain! Golden Gate is just a name, the type of bridge is a suspension bridge." I practically yelled at his face.

"Seaweed Brain?" He asked, frowning, probably not even listing to anything I just said.

"Your head is full of kelp," I argued. 'Seriously? Doesn't he learn anything?' I shook my head." Okay, you know what, just follow along with me. Can you turn on your computer?" I asked

"Yea sure," He walked over to his desk and turned on his computer. I studied over the papers I've printed out in the morning. The papers had detailed descriptions about each kind of bridge. I took out the packet about the suspension bridge, and read it over. "Hey, it's on!" he told me. "I'm gonna go down and get us a few drinks." He told me.

I turned on the internet browser to the search engine and typed in 'Building Suspension Bridge'. After a bit a couple links came up and I pressed on the first one. I studied the page and immediately understood how to build my bridge. Within a few minutes of studying the webpage Percy came up.

"So anything new?" He asked while giving me a glass of water.

I simple took a drink and turned to him," Yea, we just need a couple supplies and some tools. We could make it easily," I showed him the website and he tried to read it over.

"Yea… I don't really understand this. How about you just show me? It's much easier that way." Percy told me as his eyes bore over his computer screen.

"Okay so see these strings? " I asked him," They are cables on the real bridge, they use the pulling to hold up the bridge, so that's very important." I explained. I pointed to the picture and kept on explaining each part of the bridge from the pulling and tension in the bridge to the platform. "So do you understand?" I asked him, my eyes still glued to the computer screen. "Percy?" I looked over at him and saw that he was fast asleep.

I looked at him,' ARGH! He didn't even listen to a single thing I said! That Seaweed Brain! He's so annoying!' I took another look at his sleeping face, ' He's actually pretty cute when he's not being a jerk. He drools, it's kind of cute.' I laughed quietly.' Ugh… What am I saying? Could it be possible that I like Percy? Nah, it's probably just a momentarily attraction.' I thought and shook my head.

I glanced at Percy one last time before waking him up, I was actually kind of regretting that I have to wake him up. "Hey! Seaweed Brain! Get up!" I yelled at him as if I'm angry. He simply groaned and went back to sleep, his head laying on the edge of his desk. "PERCY!" I screamed at him on the top of my lungs. He simply tilted his head and went back to sleep.

'Wow, he sure is a heavy sleeper.' I thought and frowned, 'This is gonna hurt a bit, but you left me no choice.'

Without hesitation I slapped his face and with a start Percy woke up wide alert," Wha-?" He turned around and saw me. "THAT HURT!" He yelled. "You could've just been a bit nicer and wake me up like a normal person." He lectured me.

'Ugh! Just when I thought he was cute, he just goes around and blame me for his fault!' I angrily thought in my head.

"I tried to be nice but you, Mr. Sleepyhead, decided to take a nap while I'm trying to teach you something!" I yelled at him completely losing my cool.

"It was kinda boring." He mumbled.

I just stared at him,' He really does have a talent of pissing people off. ARGH! If he doesn't shut up soon, I'm gonna punch him.'

"You know what? Let's just get building on Monday, after school," I told him, clearly not wanting to argue with his obnoxious attitude.

"Yea, okay I'm good with that, so you wanna go anywhere? It's still kinda early." He asked.

'Seriously? Does he ever think of anything else besides fun?' I asked myself.

"Weren't you just sleeping earlier, Seaweed Brain?" I asked him. 'Hmm… Seaweed Brain that's a good name for someone of his intelligence.' I thought.

"Really? Why are you even calling me Seaweed Brain? I hate that name." He asked me, I smiled happy that I've gotten under his skin.

"What? Would you want to be called Sleeping Beauty?" I taunted him.

He stood there with an angry look on his face, " Whatever, do you still wanna go somewhere and hang out? You know, as friends?" He offered.

'What the heck?' I thought. ' It's just as friend, not a date of anything. Not that I want to go on a date with him or anything like that. Just some friends hanging out together, yea that's it.' I assured myself.

"Umm…. Yea sure, just let me call my dad to let him know I'll be home late. Can I borrow your house phone?" I asked him.

"Sure," He answered, smiling as if he's glad I'm going with him. " Follow me." He led me down the stairs and to the kitchen. I grabbed the phone and dialed in my house phone number.

"Hello?" a woman's voice answered and I instantly recognize it as my stepmom.

"Hey, mom! It's me Annabeth, can you get dad to the phone?" I asked her.

"Okay," she told me. "Fredrick! Annabeth is calling you!" My stepmom called over the phone.

I heard my dad's faint voice, "Yea give me a minute, I'm coming." A while later I heard someone pick up the phone. "Hello? Annabeth? You still there?" My dad's voice rang through the phone.

"Yea, dad, I was wondering if I can hang out with Percy today. We finished discussing the plans for the project in class and he asked me to hang out with him." I told my dad.

"Of course, Percy Jackson right? He's a good kid, of course you can go out with him!" My dad cheerfully replied, I could almost feel him smiling on the other side. "Don't worry, just get home by 9. Don't stay too late!" My dad told me and then the line went dead.

'Well, my dad seems to like Percy. What exactly did Percy tell my dad?" I thought.

Then I heard Percy walking down the stairs," Hey, so what did your dad say?" He asked.

"He said it's fine, as long as I'm home by 9." I told him. "My dad seems to like you. What did you say to him?" I asked suspiciously.

He grinned as if he's sharing a secret," It's a guy thing, don't worry about it. Come on, let's go before we miss all the fun!" He called out and practically dragged me out into his car just like a little kid.

Fifteen minutes later we were standing in front of an amusement park, ' I haven't been here since I was a little kid,' I thought.

Percy, being the little kid that he is, dragged me to the first rollercoaster in sight. "Come on!" In less than five minutes we were on the ride with the workers buckling up our seatbelts.

"Please keep your hands and feet in the ride at all time. Enjoy the ride" The attendant said as he pressed a button and the cart shot forward going up and up.

'This is kind of scary' I thought trembling a bit. Without knowing it, I grabbed Percy's hand for reassurance, he looked at me shocked, then realized how scared I was then he relaxed. I gripped his hands tightly as we went down. In less than three minutes, the ride was over and we finally got off.' I have to admit that was actually fun.' I got off and walked to the exit, when I realized I was still holding Percy's hand. Tensing up a bit, I let go and blushed, he looked over and just simply smirk. He grabbed my hand again and dragged me into the arcade.

"Let's see how good you are at air hockey." He taunted.

I laughed," Bring it on, Seaweed Brain." He frowned as if not liking the nickname I game him. He slipped a couple dollars into the slot and with that the game began. After about fifteen minutes of playing, I was ahead 6 to 4. 'Just one more point,' I begged. He hit the puck and I steadied the puck and angled it. Then without hesitation, I hit the puck with force and it scored! I smirked at him, "Is that good enough?" I taunted him.

He pouted. I stares at his face,' Aww… It's so cute,' I shook that thought out of my head and saw a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) game. I rushed over with Percy following right behind. "I used to love this game," I told him. "Let's see if I still remember how to play." I pressed the start button, and choosed a song on extreme mode. Percy grudgingly headed over to the other platform and competed against me. I've never felt so much happier in my life, I looked at the screen and followed the arrows with my foot.

Surprisingly, I did pretty well, Percy however was struggling with the dance steps. I chuckled and he pouted again with that cute face of his. I smiled to myself, 'This is going to be a fun day' I thought happily.

Chapter 9: You Are Hurting Me On The Inside

So I'm kind of planning something in my head right now after this chapter, but need to get it organized, so good luck with me being organized (never gonna happen) Anyways, here's the chapter you've been waiting for :D Oh and it's back to Percy's POV for those who may be confused. And Thank you Angel's Detective and L3G3NDARYNICK for these ideas :D

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN PERCY JACKSON! RICK RIORDAN DOES!(but I will soon when I achieve world domination :D)

After a while of playing in the arcade, I was having the time of my life, I think Annabeth was also having fun with me too, not that she'll admit it or anything. I found out she was actually pretty good at these games, after being beat badly at the DDR, I dragged her to some racing games. 'YEA! Now this is more of my style' I yelled inside my head. We both raced each other to the finish line, Annabeth was actually good on her first try she almost beat me, but considering my skills it'll be a while before that happens.

After spending almost 2 hours in the arcade, I asked, "You wanna go eat now? There's a restaurant over near the Ferris Wheel." I told her.

"Sure," she replied," I'm kind of hungry anyways." With that she followed me towards the Ferris Wheel. I walked in through the restaurant with Annabeth following closely behind me.

"Table for two please," I told the waiter standing up front. He nodded and took out two menu, then led us to a small table in the corner. I sat down to the right with Annabeth directly in front of me.

"Here are your menus, I'll come back in a few minutes to take your order." The waiter told us as he handed us out menus and walked away.

I looked hungrily at the menu,' Yummy! I'm straving! Maybe I'll get a burger and a fries' I thought.

"So, what are you gonna get?" I asked her as I finished looking through the menu.

She glanced up," I think I'll just get a burger and fries."

I smiled," Just what I was about to get." With that I called the waiter over, I glanced at his name tag that read 'Steve'. "Hey Steve," His face brightened," Can I have two burgers and two fries."

He nodded, "What kind of drinks?" He asked.

"I'll have a strawberry smootie. You?" I asked Annabeth.

"Same thing." She told the waiter.

"Okay, your food will be out in about 15 minutes." He told us and rushed into the kitchen to deliver the orders.

I turned to Annabeth," So how'd you like today so far?" I asked her with a smirk on my face. I know she must've had fun, cause I've never seen her smile that bright before, well while being with me that is.

"It's okay," she replied trying to hide her smile.

"See! Didn't I tell you I'm a very nice guy?" I smiled and glanced at her.

"Yea right." She laughed.

'Her laugh is so cute, I could listen to it everyday.' The sound of her laugh seems to make me more happier and I couldn't help but laugh along with her. Everything was going great until I heard a voice called out. "Hey! Annabeth? Is that you?"

I turned around and saw Luke walking over, I looked at Annabeth and saw her face brightened a bit more. I frowned,' Why did he have to be here at this moment!' I angrily asked myself.

"Hey Luke!" Annabeth rushed out of her seat and gave Luke a hug.

My anger flared,' How come she's never that friendly with me?' I narrowed my eyes and just simply glared at Luke. "Hey Luke," I greeted him coldly and emotionless.

"Hey Percy!" Luke called out, putting up that fake two timing face of his.

'I'm gonna punch that stupid two-timing traitor!' I yelled in my head. I was about to stood up then stopped myself,' Calm down Percy, he's just gonna make you look bad in front of Annabeth.' I unwillingly sat down as Luke embraced Annabeth into a warm hug. I felt my anger fuming up, instead of punching his face I fisted up my hand and punched the table silently.

"So, what are you doing here Luke?" Annabeth asked that jerk.

"Just hanging out with my girlfriend." Luke explained and I saw Annabeth's face drop down sad and depressed.

'That jerk! Doesn't he know that she likes him? ARGH! He doesn't deserve her!' I yelled inside my head and shooting glares at Luke.

"Oh, so where's she?" Annabeth asked, I could tell she was heartbroken.

"She's meeting me here soon," Luke asked, he smiled at me with that cocky smile of his.

The jerk nodded his head, I held myself back from chopping off his neck. "Luke!" I heard a voice call out. I grimaced, I'd recognize that voice anywhere, sure enough it was my ex-girlfriend, Samantha. She walked over and noticed me. "Percy? Is it really you?" She asked.

"Samantha." I spat.

She grimaced in guilt," So how's it been?" She asked.

I ignored her, Annabeth nudged me, clearly not being about to tell that I despite both of these people," Good, never been better," I coldly replied then shot a look at Annabeth.

Annabeth stood there, confused and trying to break the tension," Uh… So you guys want to join us for a meal?"

"Sure," Luke replied and started to sit down near me.

I abruptly stood up and went over to sit near Annabeth. "I don't want to sit near any of those backstabbing jerks." I spat in their faces. Annabeth shot me a look.

Luke, being the two-faced jerk he is, just shrugged it off, "Don't worry, Annabeth, we're always like that with each other." He lied.

"Yea right," I scoffed. Annabeth kicked me under the table, I ignored it.

Soon afterwards the food came out, I sullenly ate my food as the two jerks and Annabeth talked about who know what.

"So, you and Percy? Are you guys on a date?" Luke asked, my ears perked up.

Annabeth was about to deny it when I interrupted, "Yea, you got a problem with that?" I spat at him.

Luke looked disappointed and Annabeth just simply glared at me. "Can I talk to you a minute Percy?" I shrugged and followed her to the back of the restaurant.

"When did I ever agree to go out with you?" She asked me.

I simply shrugged," You didn't, I just thought, you'd probably don't wanna be dateless while your old time crush already have a girlfriend," I told her. "Plus we've already done all the stuffs couples do, kissing, holding hangs, going out on dates. We could be a couple if you want." I told her with a bit of a smirk on my face.

She blush a dark shade of pink," If this is any sort of your plan Jackson, I'll personally make your life a living hell." She warned me.

I chuckled," No ma'am, we'll just do stuff couples do on dates, couple kisses, maybe some make-out session. Nothing big" I teased her. 'YEA BABY! THE COOL PERCY JACKSON IS BACK!' I smiled.

She punched me," Do you like getting punched by me or something?" She asked.

I simply shrugged," No, but I would love to see you punch Luke." I suggested.

She glared at me, "Fine I'll be your date today, just because Luke is here and I don't want to ruin your 'I'm Percy Jackson, I'm never dateless' motto." With that she walked back to the table.

'What? I'm the one helping her! She definitely wants a date with me. If I wasn't so pissed off at those two bastards I would actually thank them.' I smiled and head back to the table.

After a while, we all finished eating, I was about to leave with Annabeth when Luke just had to offer," Hey you guys wanna hang out with me and Samantha? We're just going on a couple of rides."

'NO YOU TRAITOR! I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU AND SAMANTHA' I yelled at him inside my head.

"Sure," Annabeth replied and me, being the good pretend date I am agreed unwillingly.

While we were walking Luke pulled me aside while the girls were chatting up," Why are you on a date with Annabeth, Jackson?" Luke angrily asked me.

"Cause I like her, and she likes me. Is that simple enough for you?" I shot back at him. "You've already have Samantha, isn't that enough? Don't tell me you want Annabeth too."

He smiled cruelly," So? What if I do? We both know that Annabeth likes me."

"Don't count on it, Luke, she's long over you. She's crazy about me now. If you dare lay your nasty fingers on her, my fist will be the last thing you see." I warned him.

"Wow, could it be that Perseus Jackson has finally fallen for someone again?" Luke taunted me.

I grabbed his shirt," Keep calling me that and I'll send you straight to hell." I pushed him off and ran off to catch up with my 'girlfriend'.

After a while we all decided to take a break," So, how'd you and Samantha meet?" Annabeth asked.

Luke smirked at me and replied," Well, her boyfriend didn't treasure her and left her to rot and I've always like Samantha so I asked her out."

'THAT LYING BASTARD!' I was angry now, really angry, without knowing it, I stood up and punched his face wiping that smirk off his face.

"LUKE!" Samantha called out and helped that bastard up.

I spat at his face," You sure it wasn't the other way around Luke?" I glared at him. He just laid there on the ground staring up at me.

"Excuse us for a bit, Luke." She told that bastard and dragged me away. "Why are you being such a jerk?" She asked me.

'Like you would understand.' I retorted silently in my head. "Cause he's being a jerk."

"He didn't even do anything to you and you just punched him!" she defended.

"YOU ARE ALWAYS DEFENDING HIM! EVEN WHEN HE BROUGHT IN HIS OH SO LOVELY GIRLFRIEND! Why'd you invite them? They are nothing but two backstabbing jerks! I hate them! You don't know anything, you're just a know it all and just too busy crushing on Luke to notice that he's a jerk under that mask of his! YOU'RE JUST TOO BLIND TO SEE IT!" I yelled at her, no longer in control of my words.

She was taken back, probably never seeing me flared with this much anger before. ' Ugh… What am I doing? Annabeth didn't do anything. That jerk is making me like this. Jackson CALM DOWN! ' I told myself.

She looked at me with a hurt expression, I felt my heart tightened," You're the one that don't understand. You're just the same as before, the jerk from the first day." She mumbled sadly. She started to walk away.

I grabbed her hand and stepped in closer to her trying to apologize," I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you like that. I just….I just got a lot on my mind, "I tried to explain. "I just got mad at him and took it out on you. I'm sorry." I apologized.

She just looked at me with those sad grey eyes," You're not sorry, you're just a cold, selfish, and heartless jerk that can never love anyone."

Those words stung me as I watched her walk away,' She's right, I can't love anyone because Luke and Samantha took that ability along with my trust away.' I stood there longingly as I watched her walk back to those two talking like nothing's even wrong. I walked back over to them," Come on, Annabeth, I'll take you home, it's already 7." I informed her emotionlessly. Annabeth seemed to noticed my sudden change of emotion and she agreed, however still being mad at me. I grabbed Annabeth's hand and without saying goodbye, I took her to my car and went in still sad and angry.

She walked into my car, and I took off. After a while of awkward silence, I asked her," Can you go somewhere with me a bit? I just want to get some air."

She stared at me, still not understanding my sudden change of emotion, then hesitantly agreed. With that I drove onto an old road, a place I haven't been to in a long time ever since I broke up Samantha.

Chapter 10: I Trust You

Okay, so in this chapter I'm gonna start with Annabeth's POV, then later switch to Percy's. Sorry this chapter came in late at night today, I was kinda busy today with my little bro's doctor's appointment, and yesterday I stayed up late, so yea took me a while, so, in this chapter (for those who are wondering why Percy didn't tell why Luke betrayed him) it will explain it, but anyways….here it is!

Percy asked me if I would go somewhere with him, I hesitantly agreed only because I was worried about him, he's been acting all distant and almost out of character ever since I'd had that fight with him. Percy rode along an unfamiliar rode, I looked at Percy's face, it seemed unreadable, but I sense an uncomfortable sadness around him. I was actually scared a bit, this is so unlike Percy, he's usually the playful kind, now he seems cold and distant, like there was this other side of him I never knew about.

I looked out into the road and saw that we were driving uphill I looked at Percy, his face is still the same unrecognizable face from before. He drove on the one way road and within 15 minutes, he parked near some trees.

"Come on," he told me, I could tell his voice was near cracking. I silently followed along, the road seems old and worn, as if no one have been here in almost a decade. Percy let me up to the hilltop and asked me to sit down. "I like the scenery here, it calms me down and let me think of all those happy memories that I had a long time ago." Percy told me.

I looked down into the grass and saw that he was right, the place was calming and soothing. "This is a nice place, why isn't there many people here?" I asked him.

He looked out into the horizon," I guess not many people know, they are probably too busy backstabbing their friends," he told me with a bitterly tone. I looked over at him, and saw that he was looking up at the stars with his back against the grass.

'His face looks so peaceful here,' I thought then laid down looking up at the stars. From here without all the pollution and city lights, you could see the stars clearly. I could make out many constellation, from The Big Dipper to Orion's Belt.

I heard Percy sighed intently," I'm sorry for being a jerk today, it's just that there was this girl I used to date. I mean like really date, I liked her and we were dating for one year. Then one day, I was walking over to one of my buddies house, and I saw him making out with the girl of my life, it just hurt me," He explained. I felt guilty, all this time I thought he was just a heartless flirt that dates and dump. "Then today, when you said that I could never love anyone, that was probably true, and that hurt me, since because I loved someone, they betrayed me." I heard Percy's voice cracked for a bit. "After that incident I couldn't trust anyone nor love anyone." He continued. "Then I started hanging out with you, and I somehow was attracted to you, I guess."

I stared at him, stunned that he had to go through this, his girlfriend leaving him and just to make it worse, his best friend also betrayed him. I still didn't get it though, how does it relates to why he acted like this to Luke and Samantha. "But, you were okay when you were just hanging out with me, when Luke and Samantha came, you started acting like a jerk. What did they ever do to you?"

'Luke, I just hate him because of an old rivalry I had with him, the feeling the mutual. Samantha, she was the girl I fell in love with but then she cheated on me with my friend." He told me without looking at me in the eye. I knew he was hiding something but decided not to press him for the answer.

'Samantha was Percy's old girlfriend? Does Luke know this?' I thought, worried about Luke.

"Annabeth, I'm being sincere this time." He told me and looked me straight into the eye. "I actually do like you, and I would be happy if you would go out with me. Like you know? On a real date?"

'Percy's asking me out!' I screamed inside my head. 'Should I say yes? I don't know if I like him. Sure he's been very nice lately, I guess I'm attracted to him. He seems like a nice guy, he was just a jerk because of Samantha. But do I like Luke or Percy?' I hesitated.

"I don't expect an answer right now, just at least consider it please." He begged me.

I looked deep into his sea-green eyes, 'Luke has Samantha already, and he always act as if he's a big brother to me. Percy, how do I feel about him? He's cute, nice (when he wants to be, that is), funny, understandable. What more can I ask of a guy? I can't deny that I haven't felt anything for Percy.' With that I made my decision. "Yes."

He cocked his head," Huh?"

"Yes, Seaweed Brain, I'll go out with you." I smiled at him, and his face seemed to brightened a lot more. I was happy I felt my face heated up.

"Really?" He pulled me into a tight hug and released me his face blushing," Sorry got kind of excited."

I smiled and felt myself blushing as well. I looked at him and for the first time I noticed how green his eyes are, I felt as if I was getting pulled out in the ocean along a current when I looked into his eyes. Slowly, without realizing it, I started to lean in and saw that Percy was doing the same. I suddenly felt my heart beating faster and faster, my face leaning in more towards Percy.

'ANNABETH SNAP OUT OF IT! Kissing him after just declaring the relationship is official 10 seconds ago is too fast!' I blocked out my thoughts as my lips touched Percy's warm ones. He kissed me softly and I returned it. We sat there face to face just kissing, his warm ones brushing against my cold lips. He grabbed my waist and pulled me in closer, I leaned in more and grabbed his neck. I hugged his neck and he deepened the kiss, pouring all his emotions through this one kiss. I pressed my lip against him harder.

We broke apart and I just stood there still accepting the fact that I just kissed him,' I just kissed Perseus Jackson! What's wrong with me?' I screamed inside my head, still trying to get used to the idea that I just kissed him.

I felt Percy staring at me and I turned towards him and instantly he blushed,' Aww…. It's cute when he blushes' I mentally slapped myself,' Ugh… What am I thinking like this? I'm turning into a Seaweed Brain or worst one of those lovesick girls.'

He looked at me, still blushing like crazy, but I'm pretty sure I was doing the same, "You wanna lie down? Just relaxing?" He patted the ground next to him. I went over to him and lay down. I laid there, listening to Percy's soft breathing and looking up at the stars. Before I know it, I was fast asleep laying in Percy's arm.

Percy's POV

I laid there next to Annabeth, I had just told her my deepest secrets and nightmares. I don't know why I did it,' She's messing with my head.' When she looked at me, I instantly blush, and then we kissed and I felt my brain melting in my head.

I thought about it,' Why didn't I tell her that Luke was the friend that betrayed me?'

'You didn't want to hurt her more, someone who she has respected since little, and now she found out that he's a jerk, that would break her heart. To save her the pain you didn't tell her' The little voice inside my head told me.

'No other girl had made me feel this way before. Could it be that I've fallen for Annabeth Chase?' I asked myself. 'No, it's not possible, this is all just part of my plan to win against Nico and get a new car, that's all' I assured myself.

'But why did I bring her up to my secret place?' I asked myself. Then I looked over at her peaceful sleeping face next to me. In a sudden she snuggled in closer to me and I couldn't help but let her use my chest as a pillow. I stared at her face for who knows how long?

'Annabeth Chase, has changed me, that's for sure. She's different from other girls, she didn't lie to me like Samantha or Luke.' I thought. 'When she hugged Luke today, could it be that I was actually jealous of that jerk?' I stared down at her face once again and felt her breath flowing evenly on my chest. It felt comfortable and nice.

'No, this is part of my plan to get her to date me, that's all!' I assured myself again. 'But now that I have her, what am I going to do? Dump her, like I do to every other girl?'

I shook my head lightly, careful not to wake her up. 'No, I can't do that! Not to Annabeth, I'll hurt her, just like how Samantha and Luke hurt me.'

My heart ache just thinking about it,' No, I am not going to dump her, I'll tell Nico to call off the bet. I could never hurt Annabeth in any way. She will not let me down like Samantha.'

I sighed and set my watch at 8:45 before I took a short nap,' Don't want her to be home late.'

I looked at her angelic face one last time before I close my eyes, 'No Annabeth, won't betray me, not like Luke and Samantha, I know it.'

I stared at Annabeth, at that moment I knew I could trust her with anything, my life even. I sighed and with that I let down the barriers that I build up so long ago to hid the hurt and fear of losing those I love. I looked at her again, for this one girl, she could break down the wall I worked so hard to build up over the past few years. I gave my trust to her hoping she will not betray me like my friends have done before.

'She won't let me down. I'm sure of it.' I let go of my fears and trusted it with this one girl who could possible be the love of my life, or the one who will destroy it.

I hesitated for a bit then slowly leaned down and kissed her forehead," I trust you Annabeth, please don't let me down."

Chapter 11: I Am Not Late

FIRST SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING YESTERDAY! School starts early this year for me, so my mom went buying backpacks and about ¼ of the stuff, and so I got home late and was too tired to update. Hope you understand :D. Ok anyways…. chapter 10 was all sweet, and YAY a first 'real' kiss between Percebeth. So, Chapter 11: I'm still lost at where to start but here goes nothing.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN PERCY JACKSON! (I finally know how annoying this is…)

BLEEP! BLEEP! I heard my watch waking me up. I looked at my surrounding and saw that Annabeth was still sleeping on my chest. 'What the heck? Why is she sleeping on me?' I wondered. Then remembered what happened just a while ago. I kissed her, I kissed Annabeth Chase! BLEEP! BLEEP! I looked at my annoying watch,' It's 8:45, oh gods! I gotta take her home!'

"Annabeth? Hey, wake up, I gotta take you home." I told her softly. She stirred in her sleep and I couldn't help but admire her stunning beauty. Finally she opened her eyes, at first she stared at me in shock, then seemed to relaxed a bit.

"Come on, get up Wise girl, you gotta get home soon." I told her smirking at the new nickname I just gave her.

She looked at me, stunned, "Wise girl?"

"You gave me a nickname, so I'll give you one." I told her with a bit of a smirk on my face.

She glared at me playfully," Really? Is that the best you could come up with Seaweed Brain?"

"Pretty much." I retorted. "Come on, let's go to my car, I'll take you home before your dad yells at me and I lose the perfect image of myself in his head." I joked.

I chuckled slightly and let her down the road to my car. I opened the door just like a good gentlemen and she stepped in," Never knew you have manners," She smirked.

I simply smiled," Nah, it's just you were too busy looking at my looks."

"What look? I see nothing but a Seaweed Brain." She taunted me.

"Yea sure, just get into the car and don't get too busy staring at me." I told her with a smirk on my face.

I got into my car and started to drive down the hill. After about 2 minutes of silence, Annabeth asked me a question that dampened the mood.

"Percy, when you said that Samantha cheated on you, who was the guy that she cheated on you with?" Annabeth asked me.

'I can't tell her it's Luke! She'll just get all protective of her friend. Why did she have to ask this question?' I struggled to think of a name. 'ARGH! I can't think of anything.'

She seemed to notice my hesitation, "That's okay, you can tell me when you feel like it," her face frowned a little.

Instantly I started to feel bad,' Why am I feeling guilty about this? This is not my fault, IT'S LUKE'S! Stupid Luke, he's hurting everyone around him. I promise Annabeth I'll tell you when I think the time is right.' I silently promised inside my head.

"Percy don't get mad, but I need to ask you one more thing." She asked

'Well, go ahead and ask' I thought to myself, 'It's not like I'm not mad already.' I sarcastically remarked inside my head.

"But does Luke know that Samantha cheated on you in the past?" She asked with straightforwardness.

I grimaced, "How am I suppose to know? I hate him as much as he hates me." I glared at the road.

Annabeth was taken back," Percy, Luke is a good guy at heart, I don't want him to get hurt by Samantha, just like how you got hurt. Percy, you have to understand, he's like a brother to me and I don't want him to get heartbroken." She explained.

I felt my heart tightened. "Why don't you go and tell him?" I answered her trying not be too angry with my words.

"Okay," Annabeth replied probably not sensing my anger towards her brother-like friend.

A couple minutes later of silence I arrived at Annabeth's house, I stopped my car in front of her driveway. She started to walk out.

'I don't want her to think that I hate her or anything.' I thought to myself as she grabbed her bags.

'GO ON A DATE WITH HER TOMORROW JACKSON!' The tiny voice inside my head told me.

"Hey! Wait!" I ran up to catch up to her just before she got onto her front steps. "Umm… You wanna go out with me tomorrow? Like on a real date?" I asked her nervously.


She gave me a dazzling smile, and my knees almost buckled under her intense yet beautiful gaze. "Sure, but we gotta go buy supplies for the bridge as well." She reminded me.

"You just had to remind me about that." I whined. "Okay then I'll pick you up tomorrow." I told her.

Before I lost my courage, I leaned down and kissed her, then walked away calmly. However as I turned my back to her, I felt my face heating up. 'Stop blushing! She's just a girl' a voice inside my head told me.

I got into my car and started home.'Yea, a very beautiful girl, that's nice, caring, and also cute.' I told myself with a dazed look on my face.

'SNAP OUT OF IT ALREADY PERCY! You're turning into a lovesick puppy!' the voice said again.

'Yea, okay, Percy, remain your cool posture, don't let Annabeth know that you're weak-knee when you see her.' I told myself again and again until finally I reached my house. I walked up into my room and locked the door, and for once this week I slept peacefully without a single nightmare.

The next morning I was awoken by my annoying phone. I lazily reached out my hand to grab my phone.

'Ugh… Who's calling so early in the morning?' I thought groggily as I finally managed to grab my phone and bring it to my ear.

"This is Percy Jackson, I'm not here right now, please leave a message after the beep." I told the person on the other line, trying my best to imitate the voicemail. "Beep!"

"Quit the act, I know you already picked up the phone." The person on the other line told me.

I hesitated a bit, not wanting to talk for very long and wanting to go to sleep."Fine…But who's this?" I asked sleepily but still confused.

"Seriously, Seaweed Brain, do you know who I am now?" the girl asked.

I stood up wide awake, knowing who has called. "Annabeth?" I asked in surprised.

'Nothing like a call from your girlfriend to wake you up in the morning.' I thought with a smirk.

"Who else calls you Seaweed Brain?" She scoffed.

"So, why'd you call me so early in the morning? Did you miss your handsome boyfriend already?" I asked smugly.

"Early in the morning? Percy! Seriously! What time is it now? I can't believe you just woke up…" She yelled at me.

I looked down at the watch on my wrist and squinted at the numbers. "Uh… It's about 1:37? Why?" I replied clueless then waited for her to answer. After a few seconds I finally realized why she was calling, "Oh, gods! DAMMIT! I forgot completely! I'm sorry Annabeth, I overslept for a bit, I'll be over there in 30 minutes. I promise." I told her, now completely awake with my eyes wide open.

She sighed, chuckling a bit, "Okay Seaweed Brain, don't be late again." She told me, then hung up.

I quickly climbed out of my bed, now wide alert, grab my clothes and quickly dashed into the bathroom. As fast as I could manage I took a really quickly shower then quickly dried myself with a towel. About fifteen minutes later, I was changed into my casual clothes and ready to leave the house. I grabbed my keys and wallet then quickly headed out the door.

"Mom! Dad! I'm going out now, I gotta meet up with Annabeth for a school project." I called out to them.

"Okay Percy. Don't get home so late." My mom called out.

"Gotcha! I'm going mom!" I waved her goodbye then hopped into my car. After a while I arrived at Annabeth's house, I parked my car in her driveway and headed up towards the door. I reached my hand over to find the doorbell and press the button then waited for a few seconds. Annabeth came out all dressed up and ready to go.

"Nice to see that you are here early." She greeted me with a bit of sarcasm.

I shrugged and defended myself, "Hey! At least I'm here. "

She simply put on an obvious fake smile and reminded me of torture, "Come on, let's go then, we still have to go buy some supplies for the project remember?"

"Aww… Can't we just forget about that, and hang out today?" I begged her. "We'll work on it, Monday afterschool, I promise."

"Yes, we'll work on It afterschool on Monday, but we still need to buy the supplies for the project. Don't we?" She told me with a smirk on her face.

"Yea, I guess, nothing is going to change your mind anyways." I mumbled and sighed inside my head. "Okay then hop in, I'll take us to the hardware store."I told her as she got into my car.

A couple minutes later, I parked my car into the parking lot and we were walking into the store with me lost and confused. "Come on," She commanded me, noticing my hesitation, and then dragged me down an aisle.

"Wow, you know the places better than me! And I thought I was the boy here…" I murmured silently, but Annabeth must've heard me, because the next thing I know my head was being slapped by Annabeth. "Seriously, what is with you and hitting me all the time?" I asked her while rubbing my head.

"What is with you and wanting to get hit all the time?" She shot back with a smile playing on her lips. I frowned and she let out a light chuckle, "Come on, Seaweed Brain, let's go get some wood." She laughed at me, while dragging me towards the wood section.

Annabeth grabbed a couple of different size wood, then dragged me over to some guy that was handling a cutting machine. She expertly told the guy to cut the wood into some complicated fraction, thankfully the guy understood and he started to cut the woods. As the worker was chopping the wood, Annabeth took me over to some nail and strings. Finally after one hour of asking me some senseless questions, which I didn't understand, she finally agreed to this one packet of nail and strings.

We walked back over to the guy to gather the wood for purchase, "Here you go! The woods are cut exactly the way you want them." He told Annabeth. "Just bring these to the cashier and pay for them." The guy whose name tag red Steve told us.

We thank Steve the cutting man, then walked the cashier, "Hey, I'll pay for these, you did lots of work already." I offered.

"I got this." She told me.

I frowned, "Consider this as me as part of the project, so we can work as a team." I tried again.

She gave in, "Okay then, but I'm buying lunch, or whatever time it is now." She told me.

I smirked, "So, we are going to lunch?"

She waved it off with a glare, "I guess not then, after this I'll just go home." With that she started walking away.

"Hey! Annabeth! Wait, I'm just kidding!" I caught up to her and pulled her to face me only to see that she was trying to hold in her laugh.

"You're gullible." She told me then let out a huge laugh. I pouted and simply paid the for the supplies then dropped it at Annabeth's house. After we finished putting away the stuff and we drove to the new restaurant in the neighborhood.

Chapter 12: Cheesy and Jealousy

Thanks for all the nice review from the last chapter! While doing this chapter I learned a bit of French so YAY! Anyways back on topic, they were going to a restaurant and yea. And for future chapter I'll try to update every 2 or 3 days, just like this one. So…I'm gonna save you guys some time and not write anymore! HERE'S THE CHAPTER! Thank you starglow13 for the idea. :D

I stopped my car in front of the new restaurant, Ensemble dans l'amour. "Together in love." Annabeth translated.

I simply stared at her in amazement, "You know French?"

She shrugged, "I have many interests, did you know that there were 16 vowels in French, and that it was a Romance language descended primarily from Vulgar Latin. It's spelling is also based more on history than phonology, the standard rules are doubling final n , doubling final l while adding a silent e and –"

"Save me the lecture, Annabeth, I have enough of that in school." I interrupted her as she glared at me for my rudeness.

'How does she know these things? It's crazy! ' I screamed inside my head. 'But she does look kind of cute when she's all concentrating on these senseless things. Even though I don't understand a single word, it's still cute.' I took that chance to stare at her beautiful face. 'Ugh… Stupid brain! It's making me think senseless things…But it's so dam cute! She needs to stop being so cute!' I shook those thoughts out of my head and glanced at the lady up front.

"Table for two please." I told her

"Right this way." She told me, leading us to a table in the corner where I saw a familiar couple sitting at the table in front of ours.

'Black shirt, black pants, black hair, black everything, annoying guy, evil cousin, weird couples, check! Wait! They aren't kissing!' I thought looking over at the couples with a shocked look on my face.

I sneaked up behind my poor buddy, "Hey Nico!" I slapped him on the back, and he jumped a bit. "What are you guys doing here? Shouldn't you be at home smooching with Thalia?" I asked him with a smirk as I saw his face grew red with embarrassment.

Nico looked up, "No, and who are- oh hey Percy! You never come to these restaurants!" He looked over and saw who my date was. "Oh, that's why! Well, have fun on your date!" Nico told me then tried to push me away for some private time with Thalia.

Thalia glanced up, "You guys wanna join us?" She asked Annabeth and me.

"Sure!" I told Thalia deliberately trying to make Nico a bit mad.

We settled down into the table, "So, are you guys dating already?" Thalia asked us.

"Yep!" I answered and gave them a glare.

'I gotta tell them that I'm actually dating Annabeth, not just playing her.' I told myself.

Nico sighed at the bad news and looked at me as if saying, 'Are you serious? Great now I have to buy you a new car.'

A waiter came by to take our order, after we all ordered, Annabeth and Thalia struck a conversation leaving me and Nico feeling uncomfortable.

"I'll be right back, I need to go to use the ladies room." Annabeth told us politely as she excuse herself.

When she left out of sight, I turned to my friends, "Nico, bets off. I'm not gonna dump Annabeth, I like her." I told them.

They stared at me as if I'm an alien, "Did you just say you like someone?" Thalia asked with a bit of a smile. "What happened to Mr. Percy Jackson, I never fall for anyone." She teased me.

"Seriously guys, I like her, I don't want just date and dump her, and you guys can't tell her about the bet, or she'll just get mad at me." I told them.

"Percy, you do know that when she finds out, you're going to be in for big trouble." Thalia warned me.

"Yea, I know, I'll tell her when the time is right. I don't want to tell her just yet, she might think that I'm just fooling around with her," I told them, still hesitating.

"YEA!" Nico yelled a little too loud, "I don't have to waste my money to buy you a car anymore!" He was smiling at me with his devious face.

"That's all you think about Nico?" Thalia asked with him a disapproving look. "Anyways, nice to see that Annabeth could get you to like her." Thalia told me with a smirk.

Within a couple minutes Annabeth came back, and I gave my friends a look that clearly said, 'Don't you dare tell her anything.'

'She seems to get along well with my friends.' I thought with a happy smile. Finally the waiter brought us our food and I started to dig into my food.

After eating a couple bite, Thalia asked, "So what did you guys do today?"

I frowned, "Annabeth dragged me around the hardware store to buy some stuff for Apollo's project, and we decided to drop over here for some food." I told them earning a glare from Annabeth.

"We needed the supplies for the project Seaweed Brain. With your laziness, it would've taken forever if we hadn't gone today." She shot back.

"Come on, I'm not that lazy Wise Girl, you're giving me too little credit." I defended myself.

"Wow! You guys have nicknames for eat other already?" Nico exclaimed with a huge grin on his face as he nudge Thalia who also cracked a smile. "You're being a bit to cheesy Percy, or should I say Seaweed Bra-"

'I was okay with Annabeth calling me Seaweed Brain, but when Nico say it I just want to punch him.' I angrily thought. I quickly silence him with an intense glare followed by a punch to his face, but Annabeth quickly stopped me.

At about 3 o'clock we all finished eating and a waitress came by to give us a check. "Hey guys, my treat today." I told them.

"I told you'll I'll pay!" Annabeth countered.

"What kind of guy would I be if I make my girlfriend pay?" I told her, then glanced up at the waitress who gave me a smile.

"Your total is $54.67," the waitress told us, and then she took a glance at me and gave me a flirty look that didn't go unnoticed by Annabeth then walked away.

"What was that Percy?" Annabeth asked me with an angry expression.

"Uhh…. The check?' I stupidly replied.

Annabeth narrowed her eyes, "What was on the check?"

"Umm… You know, numbers and words. It said" I told her a bit scared of her glare.

"Let me see." She said and I slowly gave her the check that contains the waitress scribbled number on there. "Call me, 384-8203." Annabeth read from the piece of paper. "I'm going to have a talk with that waitress." She told me with a kind of scary voice.

"Hey, calm down, she doesn't know I have a pretty girlfriend." I tried to flatter her to keep her from punching the waitress. I glanced over at Nico and Thalia for help, but they were busy eating fortune cookie and laughing as if this was a TV show.

"THAT GIRL WAS FLIRTING WITH YOU!" She yelled in my face.

I cracked a smile, 'Annabeth is jealous! ANNABETH CHASE IS JEALOUS BECAUSE OF ME! OH SHOOT! SHE'S GONNA MURDER ME! Time to loosen up the tension' I thought.

"You're jealous!" I put a goofy grin on my face with that Nico and Thalia laughed like crazy.

"I am not jealous," She mumbled.

"Come on, I'm not going to flirt back when I have a beautiful girlfriend here." I tried to calm her down.

"Ha, Percy you're being cheesy again!" Nico told me.

I glared at him and Thalia punched him on the shoulder. I was about to thank her when she whispered loudly to Nico. "Shhh! Be quiet Nico! It's getting to the good part! We might get to see Percy get hit again!"

"Oh ok, sorry I forgot we were not in a theater, this was just too hilarious!" Nico laughed.

"Again?" Annabeth asked a bit suspicious.

I glared at Nico, as if daring him to say anything about the bet,

"You know, on the first day of school, Percy went up and kissed you making you mad and you kicked him. That was the most fun we've had all day! And you should've seen Percy's face after you hit him! He was all like that girl is evil!" Nico started laughing.

'Stupid Nico! Kinda weird that a goth and emo punk like him would be so cheerful. I just want to kill him right now!' I yelled inside my head.

Surprisingly, Annabeth started to laugh, which probably saved my life, "Percy was a jerk then so he deserves to be hit, but now I guess he's a sweet guy." Annabeth praised me.

'I should thank Nico for that later, and I'm not a jerk!' I thought

"OOH, Percy's cheesiness is rubbing off Annabeth now!" Nico cracked up laughing with Thalia not far behind.

"Uh… Nico?" Thalia warned him seeing Annabeth's death glare.

"Huh?" Nico stopped laughing as he looked down at Thalia.

Thalia pointed towards Annabeth, I simply suppress a smile as Annabeth took a threatening step towards Nico who's face was priceless. He tried to back away but realized he was trapped in a corner.


Thalia sneaked away to watch the show unfold, "Nico, you're on your own for this." Thalia told him as she gave him a kiss on the cheek and sat on the other side.

I was standing next to Annabeth, cracking up like crazy, 'Nico saved me from getting my butt kicked, but he deserves this for teasing me the whole time.' I thought evilly.


"Wait Annabeth!" I stopped her leaving Nico looking relief. "Let me get out my phone." I grinned, and Nico glared at me, however still scared at Annabeth's fury.

I quickly snapped a picture of Nico's priceless expression. "You look good Nico!" I told him.


"Annabeth you mind not beating him up too bad? He's still my best buddy you know?" I tried to persuade her.

She smiled coldly at me, "I still haven't forgotten about the waitress Percy." She warned me.

I stepped back, "Uh Nico? Sorry man can't help! I'm gonna get my butt kicked soon." I told him.

"SHIT!" Nico shouted out. Luckily there were not many people in the restaurant so we didn't get kicked out.

Finally, Thalia stepped up to her boyfriend's defense, "Haha as much as I love to see these guys get beaten up Annabeth, Nico gotta take me home. And I don't think I would want him to drive me with one broken eye." Thalia told Annabeth.

With that Annabeth loosen her glare, and smiled up at Thalia, "Fine, since you're a cool person." Annabeth praised Thalia as she smirked at me and Nico.

'Aww… How come Thalia could convinced her. They only met for like an hour and they are already acting like best sisters.' I thought while giving a thankful look to Thalia.

"Come on, Nico, or you wanna stay here and get beat up." Thalia told her boyfriend.

"I'm coming!" Nico rushed off to her but not before whispering to me, "Dude you are dead if she finds out about the bet, she's scary!" he whispered so that Annabeth couldn't hear.

I nodded at him, and he walked to Thalia. I smiled up at Annabeth, "You were so jealous!" I grinned at her.

"Whatever!" She stormed off.

"Jealousy!" I teased her.

"I SAID WHATEVER!" she repeated herself.

"Okay whatever you say dear." I told her with a bit of a chuckle.

"So, you wanna come over to my house a bit? My mom's making us some food." I told her.

She turned around and just stared at me, "Percy, we just ate." She informed me.

"I can't help that I'm a growing boy." I told her with a smirk.

She simply sighed, "Let's go hang out for a while before heading to your house." She planned.

"Ooo… This sounds like you're asking me out on a date." I grinned.

"You don't want to go then?" She asked me. Then without waiting for my answer she said, "I guess I'll just go home then."

I frowned, "No, wait I didn't mean it like that! Come on let's go somewhere and hang out!" I told her as she kept on walking towards my car completely ignoring me. "Annabeth! Come on!" I begged her.

"What's in it for me?" She asked.

I grinned, "This." I leaned down and gave her a kiss.

She kissed me that then quickly pulled out, "That's all you're gonna get." She told me.

"Aww… Come on! One more!" I begged her.

"Okay sure." She replied and my smile soon turned into a frown.

"OUCH!" I yelled. 'She kicked me! I guess some things never change. Seriously I need to go buy ice packs if she keeps on hitting me like this.' I told myself limping my leg to where Annabeth stood near my car with a happy smile on her face.

Chapter 13: I'm Calling Off The Bet

YAY! I updated, been a bit busy with spending time with my family, so I couldn't really type/write as much, but here it is! I promise the next chapter will be much more dramatic, this is just….I guess rising action? Okay, anyways enjoy the chapter!

Disclaimer: (forgot to do this the last chapter) I DO NOT OWN PERCY JACKSON!

After hanging out with Annabeth for a couple hours, we decided to head back to my house. I quickly parked my car in my driveway and walked Annabeth into the house. "WOW I never knew you were so violent! You could've killed me in that shooting game." I told her as I got out my keys to open the door.

"I told you, I have many talents, first person shooting is just one of them," She laughed.

I put my key into the slot and twisted the knob, "Mom! I'm home!"I called out.

"Inside the kitchen, Percy!" My mom yelled back.

I lead Annabeth into the kitchen, "Hey mom, I brought Annabeth over for dinner. Is that okay?"

My mom turned around wearing her cooking apron, "That's okay, you rarely bring your friends over. Bring her up into your room, I'll call you guys down when dinner's ready."

"You sure Mrs. Jackson? We could help you." Annabeth offered.

My mom nodded towards our direction, "Don't worry I got this under control." My mom assured us.

"Come on, we still need to do some research for out project." I told her then turned to my mom, "Mom if you need anything just call for us."

My mom nodded and shooed us out of the kitchen.

"Wow, are you seriously thinking of working on our project? I'm surprised, I thought you were lazy." Annabeth asked me once my mom was out of the room.

"Nah, I had to say that or else you would've never left the kitchen." I told her with a bit of a laugh. "You still remember where my room was? Or do I have to show you the way?" I asked her with a bit of a smirk.

"Yea I remember, I have a pretty good memory." Annabeth told me and lead me up the stairs to my room. "And guess what? We're going to be doing research on the bridge. Thanks for coming up with such a good idea Percy." She smiled at me. We got up the stairs and without even hesitating, she opened my door and walked in. "It's still messy since the last time I came." She remarked.

"Nice to see you like my room." I murmured and quickly picked up some clothes that were left scattered on the floor and threw them out to the laundry.

"No need to clean your room now, I've already seen it." Annabeth gave me a slight smile. "But if you really want to clean it, I can offer some help." She offered, then picked up a few crumpled papers on the floor and threw it in my trashcan in the corner near my desk.

"So, if we clean, do we have to do research?" I asked hopefully.

"Nah, we'll just have to clean really fast, then we can learn some fascinating facts about suspension bridges. " She planned out.

"Aww… come on." I whined.

"You're such a big baby, Seaweed Brain." Annabeth teased me and I pouted. "Come on let's just clean your room and get it over with." She told me then picked up a few books tossed on the floor.

This had to be the best cleaning session I've had in a long time, of course we threw some trash at each other, and yea I got punched a couple times, but it was actually fun for once.

Finally my mom called us down for dinner and while we ate my parents asked Annabeth about what kind of activities she does in school. I learned a bit more about her, like she's actually pretty smart, but can be pretty annoying when she's giving you some long lectures. I also found out that her mom died a couple years back, and she's living with her dad, stepmom, and stepbrothers.

After out little conversation, I took Annabeth home, "So how'd you liked my mom's cooking?" I asked her as I'm driving her home.

"It was pretty good, you should learn some tips from your mom sometimes." She told me with a smile.

"I'm a rather good cooker you know? I'll let you taste my wonderful skills soon." I told her playfully.

"Yea sure," she replied as her house came up to view. "Looks like I'm home" She replied a bit disappointed.

I smiled, "What? Can't bare to leave me?" I asked her teasingly.

She punched me playfully on the shoulder, "In your dreams, Seaweed Brain." She opened the door, but before she left, Annabeth turned around and gave me a peck on the lips. I simple stood there dazed and shocked. She turned back blushing and walked into her house. Smiling I drove home and crashed on my bed, with that lingering bad thought in my head.

'What if she gets mad when she finds out about the bet?' I thought. 'I'll tell her soon when the time is right.' I assured myself then went to sleep.

Annabeth's POV

The next morning I was awoken by my alarm clock. 'I had so much fun this weekend I almost forgot that school was still in session.' I thought with a bit of disappointment. I quickly changed out of my pajamas and into some comfortable jeans and t shirts, when I suddenly received a text on my phone.

Seaweed Brain: Hey Wise Girl! Up yet?

Me: Yea, I'm about 2 go downstairs, I'll talk 2 u l8tr

Seaweed Brain: U need me 2 pick u up?

Me: sure, meet u in front of my house in 30 min.

Seaweed Brain: k l8tr :D

I walked down the stairs just in time for breakfast, "Dad, you don't need to drive me to school today, Percy's picking me up." I told him.

'Knowing my dad, he'll probably be happy that a nice and respectable gentleman or Seaweed Brain is picking me up.' I almost cracked up at the thought of Seaweed Brain being a gentleman.

"The guy that I met the other day? Perseus Jackson?" My dad asked questionably but I could hear the satisfaction in his voice.

"Yea, is it okay? Or should I cancel?" I pretended to ask for my dad's permission, but I already know his answer.

"Sure, he seems like a nice kid." My dad told me as I sat down for breakfast.

"So you've been hanging out with Percy a lot these days? Are you guys dating?" My stepmom asked.

I instantly blushed, "Umm…Yes?" I glanced at my father to make sure he was okay.

He stood up straight and looked at me with a shocked expression, "And I didn't know about this because…?" My dad asked me his voice dangerously angry. My dad was pretty cool, but when it comes with having boyfriends, he's a bit overprotective of me.

"Umm… we've only been dating for 2 days dad." I tried to tell him.

He stopped me, "Fine, but if he does anything to you, I'll personally punch him myself."

I just stood staring at my dad, 'Did he just agree to let me date someone?' I asked myself. I decided to keep quiet, and finish eating my breakfast. About 20 minutes later I heard a knock on the door, and Bobby, my little stepbrother, went to open the door.

"Hi! How are you? I'm Bobby!" Bobby greeted someone at the door.

"Hi." I heard Percy's voice, "Is Annabeth here? I need to take her to school."

Bobby ran into the kitchen, "Annabeth! Your boyfriend is here!"

I saw my dad's face flared with anger, "Off you go Annabeth." My dad told me in his calm but angry voice.

I decided to do the safe thing and quickly grabbed my stuff and head outside. I grabbed Percy's hand and told him to get into the car before he decides to do anything stupid that might make my dad regret his choice.

"What was that about?" Percy asked me as he made a turn onto the street

'Nothing, just trying to save you from my dad who is still trying to process that we're dating. He is a bit protective of me when it involves dating matter." I sighed, "But he didn't freaked out as much when he found out it's you. What did you do to my dad?" I asked a bit playfully.

He smiled at me evilly, "I have kidnapped your dad." Then made a funny face that got a laugh out of me.

I cracked up at his ridiculous face, "You should've seen your face Seaweed Brain."

"I know it's so handsome!" He praised himself.

After ten minutes of laughing at his face, we arrived at school and walked into Mr. Brunner's class while some of our classmates gave us surprised looks. "WOW! JACKSON! WHAT'D YOU DO THIS TIME TO GET THE HOTTIE!" one of the guys in the back hollered as we walked in.

Percy simply smiled and walked calmly up to that guy, "Simple, show off my awesomeness, Travis,"

Travis winked at me then put his arms around a girl who I think must be Katie Gardener, "Good luck with our little Percy Jackson, Annie. He's a pretty annoying guy."

"Did you just call me Annie?" I asked him with an edge of anger in my voice. 'UGH! I hate it when people call me Annie.' I glared at Travis, "It's Annabeth, say it right before I punch you." I warned him.

"Okay, Annabeth!" He backed off simply scared. "But we have to admit Percy is annoying." He smiled and I nodded in approval.

"Come on, Travis! I'm not annoying!" Percy defended himself, "I'm just cool and awesome like that. I feel sorry for Katie having a troublemaker like you as a boyfriend." Percy teased back.

For a moment I thought Travis was going to get angry but he simply put on a mischievous smile, "Percy, my poor buddy, troublemakers are very charming."

Percy was about to say one of his 'smart' comebacks, but suddenly the bell rang and Mr. Brunner walked in teacher us about the next chapter in out book.

Finally, It was time for lunch, I promised Percy a game of basketball, girls against boys. Thalia and me against him and Nico. I waited a while, he told me at P.E. that he had to go somewhere before our game.

After about 5 minutes I saw Nico and Thalia appear holding a basketball, I waved at them to come over.

"Percy's not here yet, he had to go do something." I told them. "How about we play a game of knock out before he comes." I offered. "I brought an extra ball." I told them, and threw them an orange basketball.

Thalia caught the ball, "Sure, knowing Percy, he's going to take a while anyways. Are you playing Nico?"

"Nah, I'll just sit here and watch you girls play against each other." Nico replied as he found and shady place and sat down.

No Ones POV:

Percy rushed off to find Grover, to tell him about the cancelation of the bet about Annabeth. "Hey Grover!" Grover turned around wondering who was calling his name.

"Hey Perce! What sup?" Grover asked his best friend.

"Gotta tell you something quick before I head out to the basketball courts." Percy told him with seriousness written all over his face.

"I'm listening." Grover replied.

"You remember about the bet, where I said I'll have Annabeth in a month?" Percy asked.

"So how's it going with the bet? I heard you guys are dating now." Grover asked Percy. "Perce, if you're going to dump her, she's going to kill you." Grover warned his friend. "I heard she's pretty violent when she wants to be."

Percy shook his head, "That's the point, I'm calling off the bet."

Grover smiled widely, "Seriously? YES! I DON"T HAVE TO WASTE MY MONEY FOR YOUR HYBRID!"

Percy smiled at his friend, "Seriously man, is that all you think of? But don't tell her anything about the bet, I'll tell her that myself. Please man, do this as a favor for me. I don't want to lose her." Percy begged his best friend.

Grover slapped Percy's back, "Glad to see you are finally serious about something Perce. I won't tell her, but I hope she won't break your heart like…" He paused. "Her".

Percy frowned, "I don't think she will man, Annabeth won't cheat on me. Later man, I promised Nico, Thalia, and Annabeth a game before lunch ends."

Grover waved his friend goodbye, and the two friends parted not knowing that someone was sitting there quietly listening to their conversation.

A tall boy with blond hair and blue eyes stood there smiling to himself, then walked off towards a redheaded girl with frizzy hair. "So, I heard that you want to break up Jackson with that new girl."

The redheaded girl looked up at the boy, "Yes? And why do you care?"

The boy smiled evilly, "Let's just say I have a score to settle with Jackson." The boy replied. "So are you in? The boy asked again.

The girl nodded. "Okay what's your plan?" the girl asked, as the blond haired boy leaned in and whispered to her about the conversation he had heard earlier.

Chapter 14: I Don't Know About Any Bet

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Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN PERCY JACKSON! (but I will soon)

Annabeth's POV:

After I beat Thalia at knock out, Percy finally came but sadly Nico was taking a nap in the shade, so the game was pretty much canceled. "Hey Percy, I'm going to head to the library then." I told him. "Good luck waking Nico up." I laughed.

"Okay, I'll see you later Wise Girl." He gave me a quick hug then went off to wake up Nico.

I quickly walked to the library and saw that Luke was already sitting there with Ethan, and his girlfriend Samantha. I looked at her in disgust, 'She already hurt Percy, but now she wants to hurt Luke too?' I wondered. I saw Luke waved me over and I went over to sit down near them.

"You're a bit late Annabeth." Luke laughed at me with his warm smile.

"I was suppose to play a basketball game with Percy, Thalia, and Nico today, but Nico decided to take a nap." I laughed, but then I saw Luke narrowed his eyes. "So umm… Luke can I talk to you for a bit." I asked him.

'I gotta tell him about Samantha and Percy.' I thought

He nodded. "I'll be right back Sammy." He told Samantha, then led me out of the library. The second we were out, he turned me to face him. "What's wrong? You're usually more cheerful then this." He told me.

"Luke, did you know about Samantha's ex-boyfriend?" I asked him cautiously.

"Yea, he cheated on her." He said a bit hesitantly, "Why?"

"Luke, just listen to me, I'm saying this as a friend okay?" I told him making sure he understand. "Well, Percy used to date Samantha and Samantha cheated on him with one of Percy's best friend." I told him holding my breath.

He stood there taking in everything. 'Why does it seems like he's not surprised?' I asked myself.

"Annabeth, listen, I like Samantha and I don't trust Percy Jackson at all." He told me with a voice I was not familiar with. "I don't trust you hanging out with him. Annabeth, listen to me, he's going to break your heart like he does with every other girl he dated. I don't trust him at all. I don't want to see you hurt." Luke told me with seriousness in his voice.

'I trust Luke, but why do I feel a bit uneasy inside when he said this?' I wondered. 'I'm mean I really do trust Luke, but why am I hesitating?'

"Luke I'm serious, Samantha cheated on Percy, he told me. I don't want you to get hurt." I tried to warn him.

"Don't worry Annabeth, I've been dating Samantha for a while now, but Percy, you're getting way to close to him. You can't really trust him. He just lies to get what he wants and then he leaves them to rot." Luke said with a hint of bitterness in his voice. "But it's your choice Annabeth, come on let's go back in, we've been out here a long time."

I walked back into the library, 'Could Percy be lying to me?' I shook that thought out of my head. 'No, Seaweed Brain is not like that.' I convinced myself, then looked back at Luke, who was happily talking with Samantha as if the conversation has never happened. 'Seaweed Brain wouldn't lie to me, but would Luke?' I wondered. 'No, Luke is like a big brother to me, he won't do anything to hurt me.' I reminded myself.

Finally after debating with myself for a while, the bell finally rang, signaling the end of lunch. I quickly grabbed my bags and headed towards the next class.

About two hours later, school has ended and I saw Percy coming up to me as I walked out of the classroom, "So are we going to drop by your house today for the project?" He asked with a grin on his face.

"Sure." I replied. Percy looked at me with concern, but I guess he knew I didn't want to be bothered, so instead dragged me into his car and drove to his house without a single word. A few minutes later I arrived at my house, and quickly took out my keys to open the door. I quickly checked inside and noticed my brothers aren't home yet. "Come on in, my brothers are not home yet." I sighed in relief. If my brothers knew I was having Percy over, they'll tease me for the rest of my life.

I quickly led Percy into my room, then took out the supplies that we brought the other day. "Okay, let's start with the platform, that should be the easiest portion. We just need to nail these two boards together." He looked at me a bit confused. I let out a light laugh at his expression, "I'll help you with it." I assured him.

He put his hands on mines and stopped me from hammering the boards, "You okay Annabeth?" he asked me softly.

I looked down at the floor, 'Should I trust Percy?' I wondered for the hundredth time today. "No, just a bit tired today that's all." I lied.

His face fell, "Oh, so, why don't you go and get a drink while I work on these boards." He told me.

I nodded then head to the kitchen when suddenly I heard my front door open and saw my two brothers walk in. "Hi Annabeth!" they greeted me, I waved back at them.

"You guys go up to your room, I have to work on a project with Percy." I told them.

They smiled mischievously, "DADDY! ANNABETH'S BOYFRIEND IS HERE!" They yelled out the door. I held on my breath as my dad walked in with a confused expression.

"Hey dad," I said weakly. "I'm going to go up my room, we're working on a bridge project." I assured my dad.

He seems satisfied with my explanation and nodded. I quickly headed back up to my room to see that Percy have already finished working with the boards. "Wow you're a pretty fast worker." I praised him.

He pretended to act hurt, "You think so low of me! I'm hurt!"

I smiled triumphantly, "We'll let's work on the other one." I told him. About an hour later, we finished with almost half of the bridge and decided to relax a bit. "So you wanna go down to grab a bite?" I offered.

He pouted, "Can't I spend a bit alone time with my girlfriend?" Then Percy started to lean into me and gave me a fierce and hungry kiss. I eagerly returned it, and wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt him smile as he put his arms on my waist making trails of kissing down my neck. I felt Percy pulled me in closer as he deepened the kiss and I felt his tongue moving asking for entrance. I opened my mouth, and soon we were in full make-out session until I heard my brother's snickering just right outside my room. I quickly broke apart from Percy and looked at my open door blushing like crazy.

"EWWW! ANNABETH! SHAME ON YOU!" Bobby scolded me with a laugh.

I saw Percy blushed, 'Oh SHIT! My dad's going to kill me if Bobby tells him I was making out with Percy.' I thought.

"Hey, Bobby right?" Percy asked, I could tell he was nervous and stammering. "How about I take you for a ride in my car to the mall? We'll buy some ice cream, but you have to promise not to tell your dad." Percy tried to bargain.

Bobby smiled evilly, "One condition" He told us and I groaned knowing that we have to follow his condition, "I get to bring Matthew along and we go anywhere that we want to and you guys have to serve us for the day."

Percy frowned and looked at me as if saying, 'Is he serious?' I simply shrugged. "Fine." Percy mumbled, "Deal." Bobby held out his hand as if he's a professional business man and Percy shook it making sure to put the death grip on Bobby. I saw Bobby winced a bit and couldn't help but laugh.

"I order my servants to take me and my brother Matthew to the zoo on Saturday and prepare to have your wallets emptied out." He laughed evilly, then gave me a smile before running back to the living room.

"Well, that was not expected," I sighed with relief as my brother left.

Percy let out a laugh, "I'll see you tomorrow then, and perhaps on Saturday when we're slaves to your brothers." Percy smiled. "Next time we will hang out at my house." He told me and I instantly blushed. He put a smirk on his face and I lead him out when suddenly I saw my dad walking in. "Hi Mr. Chase, sorry for intruding into your house, we were working on a project. I'm going to leave now. Thank you sir." Percy told my dad in such manners my dad couldn't help but smile.

"Off you go then Percy. It was nice seeing you again." My dad told Percy again with a warm smile.

I quickly lead Percy out to his car, "I'll see you tomorrow Seaweed Brain, don't do anything stupid." I told him.

He grinned, "When have I ever done something stupid?" he retorted back. "Can I have a goodbye kiss? He asked with a smirk. I smiled teasingly at him and started to leaned in brushing my lips against his, but quickly backed away. He frowned, "Hey! No fair, Wise Girl!" He whined and I simply laughed. I was laughing so hard that I didn't notice him leaning in and giving me a soft, gentle kiss before getting back into his car and driving away.

I stood there daze for a moment, 'Stupid Seaweed Brain making me like this.' I thought. 'But I kinda enjoy it.' I told myself silently as I watched his car disappear down the road.

The next few days we worked on out project over at Percy's house until finally we finished and it was ready to be turned in. On Friday afternoon, we both turned in out project to Apollo relief that the project was now done. After school that day, Percy came up to me, "So you wanna hang out today?"

"Can't I have a club meeting to go too and Luke asked me to meet him afterschool." I told him.

For a second I saw anger flashed in his eyes, "Oh, ok, cool, I'll pick you and your brothers up tomorrow then." He told me, his voice still angry but controlled. Then he leaned in to give me a kiss and walked to his car to drive home. After my club's meeting I stood there waiting for Luke to come to the parking lot when I suddenly saw Percy's ex-girlfriend walking up to me.

"Hey, it's Annabeth right?" the redheaded girl asked. I nodded and she continued, "I'm Rachel, I heard you are dating Jackson now. Just telling you, he'll probably dump you after this week."

I looked at her in confusion, "What?"

"You heard me. Anyways, I was the girl that he dated the longest, and it was only about one week. Knowing Percy, he'll dump you on Monday." She told me coldly.

"What do you know?" I snarled at her.

"Didn't you hear about the bet he made with his friends?" She informed me.

I frowned, "What bet?"

"He told his friends, if he was able to get you to date him by one month, they have to buy him a new car or something. If he couldn't then he spends the rest of his junior year dateless." Rachel told me with a smirk on her face.

I felt heartbroken, 'NO! Percy wouldn't do that. Would he? She's just lying, Percy is sweet and gentle.' I assured myself. "I don't believe you," I told her coldly. "Percy is not that kind of guy," I growled at her.

"Sure, don't believe me, ask one of his friends, or even better ask Jackson yourself." She told me. "He's nothing but a lying playboy, he dates the girl he wants then coldly break up with them." Rachel told me emotionlessly. "Nice talking to you though, Annabeth, I hope you will think twice about dating that jackass." She told me, but for some reason I felt no warmth in her voice.

I sat down on the benches thinking about the conversation I just had when suddenly I heard Luke running up to me. "Hey Annabeth. What's wrong?" I looked at him and saw he had a nervous look on his face. He pulled me into a bear hug. "Hey, it's okay. You could tell me what happened." He soothed me then pulled apart looking at me straight into the eye. "Annabeth, I need to tell you something." He told me.

I looked at his blue eyes, "What is it?" I managed to get out.

Then he opened his mouth and said something that I've been hoping he would've said many years ago, "I like you, Annabeth. I really do."

Chapter 15: I Hate You

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Annabeth's POV:

"I like you Annabeth, I really do"

I heart stopped as he said those words, 'No! This is not real!' I looked at the ground, a week ago I would've given anything for Luke to say that, but now I'm not so sure. I simply stared at him, "Luke stop fooling around with me." I let out a nervous laugh.

"Annabeth, I'm serious! I like you." He insisted.

I just stood there, "What about Samantha?" I asked him hesitating a bit.

He shook his head, "I broke up with her, I found out that what you said was actually true, and when you started spending some time with Jackson, I realized that I liked you." He told me earnestly.

I hesitated, 'Why am I hesitating? Luke just confessed to me! Oh gods… Why am I feeling so uneasy?' I study his face, but his face was unreadable, I didn't know what to believe. "Luke, I'm sorry. I'm confused right now, I need to know something first." With that said I walked away from my best friend, and headed towards Percy's house.

Percy opened the door with his warm smile, I wanted to just jumped in his arms and him to tell me everything I heard from Rachel was a lie. "Hey, Annabeth! You want to come in?"

I simply looked at him with a sad face, "Percy I need to ask you something." I managed to get out.

He looked at me obviously worried now. "Wise Girl, what's wrong? Come on, let's go to my room. You could tell me anything." He offered then led me into his room.

I followed him up to his room, and he closed the door and motioned me to sat down on his bed. I looked at his sea-green eyes, "Percy," I began trying to keep my voice steady. "Do you know anything about a bet?" I saw his expression changed. "A….bet…. I heard that you made with your friends." I continued with my voice shaking slightly. "T-that… you could get me to date you in one month?" I asked him, hoping that what I said was false and that Rachel was lying. I looked up at his face, and saw his expression, shame.

His smile faded, "Annabeth…" He reached out his hand to wipe my tears, I slapped them away knowing now that what Rachel said was true. "What you said was true, but-"

I glared at him, tears now racing down my cheeks, "YOU ARE A LYING BASTARD!"

"Annabeth, please just listen!" He tried again, with tears, probably fake tears coming down his face. "At first it was like that, but then I really started to like you." He said to me trying to pull me into a hug. "I promise I never meant to hurt you!"

I pulled away, "You're….you're just lying again. I don't ever want to see your face again. I HATE YOU!" I yelled at him, my heart filled with sadness. 'Percy lied to me. I trusted him and he lied to me.'

"Please, Annabeth, I'm telling the truth now. I really like you, I didn't mean to hurt you, I promise." He said his face filled with honesty.

I wanted to believe him, I wanted to just kiss him and pretend this was all just a big mistake, but I can't trust him not after this. "I don't want to see your lying, dirty face anymore." I told him, my heart aching with every word. I walked out his door with my anger and sadness bottled up inside then I felt his warm hands grabbing me.

"Please Annabeth," He begged. "Trust me this once, don't leave." He begged, I could feel his voice breaking.

'He's an actor,' I reminded myself. 'He's good at faking these kind of emotions.'

I turned back to him, "Let me go." I told him with my angry but calm voice.

"Annabeth please just believe me this once." He begged again, his eyes filled with sadness. He pulled me back into a bear hug, determined not to let me go. "I'm sorry, it was like that at first, but then I really started to like you. Please I would never hurt you like that." He tried to convince me. I pushed him away roughly and punched him square in the face.


His face looked hurt, he looked at me, his hands still holding on. I pushed his hands away and slapped him across his face. He held his hand there, "I'm sorry." He apologized. I just glared at him then quickly ran out the door almost bumping into Mrs. Jackson. I bowed down my head to make sure she doesn't see me crying and quickly ran home and locked myself in my room silently crying myself to sleep.

Percy's POV:

I watched mournfully as the girl I like ran away from my arms and thinking that I've never liked her.

"Percy? Was that Annabeth? What happened?" My mom asked me as she saw Annabeth running out.

"Nothing, I mumbled secretly wiping the tears away from my eyes. "I'm going to go somewhere mom, don't wait for me." I told her then quickly got into my car and driving to a place to help me think .

I arrived on top of the hill where I have kissed Annabeth and trusted her. I was hurt, by another girl again, but this time it was my fault entirely. Annabeth trusted me, and I let her down. 'Annabeth, I'm really sorry.' I felt a single drop of tear rolling down my cheek. 'I should've never made that bet, now everything is ruin.' I frowned and stare out into the city.


Suddenly I heard the sky rumble, and felt a drop of water falling down on my face. I looked up at the sky, 'Does it seriously have to be raining right now?' I quickly rushed into my car while wiping my tears away,'Percy! GET A GRIP! She's just a girl! You don't cry over a girl!' I yelled at myself.

I reached into my pocket for my key, but realized that I left it in the car. 'SERIOUSLY? HOW MUCH WORSE CAN MY LUCK GET!' I pulled on my door like a mad man and started walking home in the pouring rain.

'She looked so hurt,' I thought to myself grimacing at the thought that I was the one that hurt her. 'I hate this, why did she have to meet a jerk like me?' I asked myself still gloom over the fact I have hurt the girl I like. I finally made it down the hill, my clothes now dripping wet, but my heart still aching from hurting Annabeth. I took a step and instantly felt dizzy from the cold and the rain. I shook my head trying to get rid of the dizziness and took another step.

I finally made it to the end of the road, my eyes were still blurry from my tears and my head dizzy from the coldness. About thirty minutes later, I walked past her house and hesitantly walked up the front door. I stood there for what seems like forever, but can't get the courage to knock on her door. "I'm sorry Annabeth." I quietly whispered into the silent night.

Sad and depressed I tried to find my way home while shaking off my dizziness. I was probably about 30 minutes until I finally get home when I suddenly heard a car coming and felt myself falling, before he drifted into a deep sleep he heard a person kneeling down next to him, "Oh no! Are you okay? Here I'll take you to the hospital. My name is Calypso."

Annabeth's POV:

The next morning I woke up finding my pillow soaked with water, then remembered what happened yesterday. Luke confessed that he liked me and I found out the relationship I had with Percy have been fake all along. I sighed when I suddenly heard my brothers knocking on my door, "ANNABETH!"

I groaned then went to open my door to see my two twin brothers all dressed up. "What is it?" I grumpily asked.

"Take us to Percy's today! He promised to take us to the zoo!" My brothers yelled and I felt my heart sink.

'I forgot, we promised my brothers to the zoo. I don't want to see his face.' I thought about it then told my brothers. "I'll drop you off but I can't go I got something to do today." I lied.

They pouted for a second before smiling once again, "Then take us to Percy's house! Come on sis! Let's go!" They yelled at me, then ran down the stairs.

I sighed then quickly changed into some jeans and t-shirt. A few minutes later, I got my brothers into my dad's car and drove off to Percy's house dreading to see his face. A while later, I arrived at Percy's house and lead my brothers into Percy's house. Before I could knock, the door swung open and I saw Ms. Jackson hurrying out, when she saw me she stopped in her tracks. "Annabeth! Did you visit Percy yet? Is he okay?"

I was confused, "What happened to Percy?"

"You don't know? He fainted somewhere out in the streets yesterday and got crashed by a car, but thankfully someone brought him to the hospital," Mrs. Jackson quickly grab he purse and told me to follow her to the hospital.

I hesitated, 'I don't want to see him right now.' I thought about Percy, 'But he's hurt.' I argued with myself and quickly decided to visit him just for a little bit before I could change my mind. We arrived at the hospital and the nurse informed us which room Percy was in. A while later we arrived at room 294 where I found Percy asleep with a doctor checking on him.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Will Solace, are you his family members?"

Mrs. Jackson nodded, "I'm his mother. Is he okay?"

"He already pasted the critical condition, he only have a broken arm so we put a cast on it and he should be waking up in the next hour or so." The doctor informed us he started to walk away then turned around as if he remembered something. "Oh and is there anyone name Annabeth? He's been asking for her ever since we got him in here."

I blushed, "Thank you Dr. Solace." I thanked him and headed into Percy's room and looked at him sleeping peacefully. I looked down at my brothers, "You guys want to go home now? Percy can't take you to the zoo today." I told them.

They frowned, "Can he take us next week?" Bobby asked.

I managed a slight smile, "Maybe, you guys could ask him next time." I assured them.

Mrs. Jackson took a look at me then at my brothers, "You guys want to eat something?" My brothers nodded and they followed Mrs. Jackson down to the cafeteria.

I sat next to Percy just staring at his face, "Stupid Seaweed Brain! What were you doing getting crashed by a car." I yelled at his sleeping face.

Suddenly I heard someone walking into the room and turned around, "Are you Percy's Jackson friend?"

"Uh… Who are you?" I asked the stranger.

"I'm Calypso, I took him into the hospital after he got into the accident." The girl answered me.

All of a sudden I felt Percy stirring, "Annabeth?" I turned around and saw him open his eyes, "You're here?"

I put a mask on my face, "I see you're awake now, I'm leaving." I told him coldly.

"Wait!" He started to get up but I turned around and saw Calypso holding him down.

"You better rest," She told him.

I felt a sudden rush of anger as she held onto him. 'ARGH! What is she to hold him like that?' I yelled in my head my glare averted to Percy and Calypso. 'What am I doing? I don't like that stupid Seaweed Brain anymore!'

I saw him release from her grip, "Annabeth! Wait!" He called out.

I ignored him, and walked to the cafeteria to find my brothers who were sitting at a table with Mrs. Jackson. I waved good-bye to Mrs. Jackson, and took my brothers home. While on the car I my brother suddenly asked me, "Annabeth?" Matthew asked me a bit nervously. "Is Percy going to be okay?"

I grimaced remembering how he had been so close to Calypso, "He's as good as a jerk can me." I mumbled with anger. The rest of the weekend I spend the rest of my time practicing my lines for the tryouts next week while trying my best to forget about that Seaweed Brain.

Chapter 16: I'll Make Your Life A Living Hell

So we're back with Percy's POV and so yea….here's the chapter then.

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The next day I was back in school, with my cast and still dreading about Annabeth. I walked into my history class and saw Annabeth already sitting in front of me. She saw me then averted her eyes to look somewhere else. 'She doesn't want to look at you Percy.' I reminded myself then sat down next to her in awkward silence. I slumped in my seat and sneaked a couple glances at Annabeth so she doesn't know. When the class ended I hurried out, so she wouldn't see my face.

'She'll just be more hurt when she talks to me,' I thought a bit depressed. I sadly walked out without taking another look at Annabeth. 'I'll try to talk to her again after school.' I thought. Finally lunch came around, I went to my usual table and sullenly sat down. A while later Nico and Thalia came over, they started talking but I simply ignored them.

"Annabeth-" Nico began.

My head went up, "What about Annabeth?" I asked.

"Dude, are you okay? You are acting exactly like a zombie today, except when I said Annabeth name." Nico asked me. "So did you told her yet?"

"Yes, but not really…." I mumbled.

"Was she scary? Did she tried to kill you?" Nico asked with a grin on his face.

"I didn't really tell her, she sorta found out." I told my friends.

Nico laughed, "Percy, you are so dead."

I glared at him, "Nico! I'm serious! Now she's not even looking at me much less talk to me. She won't listen to a single thing I say." I began. "I tried explaining it, but she just slapped me and punch me." I sighed.

"Is that how you got the cast on your arm?" Thalia asked with a bit of concern as Nico was still laughing at me getting beat up by Annabeth when Thalia punched him to get him to be quiet.

"No, that was because I got into an accident later on," I informed them.

"WHAT?" Grover yelped. "How'd you get in an accident?"

"I locked myself out of my car last night when I took it for a spin, and the rain made my head dizzy, and according to Calypso, I got hit by a car and just fainted on the streets. Calypso took me to the hospital, and I have to stay on this cast for 3 weeks until I could finally swim again." I told them with a bit of a sigh.

"Calypso?" Thalia asked.

"Yea, she's pretty nice." I told them. "On the bright side, Annabeth was visiting me." I managed a smile, "But she still hates my guts." I sighed.

"She probably just visited you, so she could punch the crap out of you again." Nico managed a slight laugh.

"Really funny." I remarked sarcastically. "I'm going to try to talk to her again after school today."

"Percy?" Nico began, "You seriously wanna get killed or something?"

"It's worth a try." I replied. A while later after lunch ended and I headed towards my next class. About an hour later, I was sitting in Apollo's class with Annabeth right next to me. I nervously shifted in my seat.

"Okay, class, nice job on your bridge projects last week. I have to say I was very surprised of each structure." He praised us. "This week we'll be studying the atomic theory, open your books to chapter2 please."

I quietly took out my book careful not to look at Annabeth. 'She hates me.' I thought again and again. After class, I waited for Annabeth to try to talk to her again. As usual she was the last one out, "Annabeth! Wait up!" I called out to her. "Please can I just have one minutes to talk."

She turned around, "One minutes, Jackson. After that I'm gone." She warned me.

I nodded, "Annabeth, look I'm sorry about the bet, it started out like that but then I seriously started to like you. I swear to gods, I don't want to hurt you. Please just give me one more chance?" I begged.

She hesitated a bit then glared at me, "I don't like you, just get away from me you jackass, and don't ever bother me in my life ever again."

I was taken back when I suddenly heard a voice, "Annabeth!"

'Luke….' I thought with distaste.

She turned around and her face turned into a mixture of happiness but also a bit confused? "Hey, Luke."

"Hop in, I'll give you a ride home." He told her.

I flared up with anger, "Luke, don't you have a girlfriend to go to?" I sneered.

His faced changed into a look of fake sadness, "We broke up" Luke answered simply.

I punched his face with my good arm, "Yea right!"

Luke stood back up and threw Annabeth his keys, "Here, get in the car first, I'll drive you home later." He told her sweetly and I just wanted to punch his guts right then.

After Annabeth left he turned to me with his true mask, the ugly face. "Shut up Perseus! You've hurt her enough already, I'm just here to help Annabeth from an ass like you."

"That's freaking shit! You're a hypocrite! You don't even care about Annabeth." I replied back to him. "What happen 3 years ago, when you claimed that you loved Samantha?"

He laughed, "As you said that was 3 years ago, a lot can change in 3 years, I found out Samantha was transferring to the school a couple miles away from here, so uh, we decided to take a break from each other. Oh and a couple days ago I just confessed I liked Annabeth."

I fumed with anger, "You lying bastard! If you hurt her I'll make sure you will live like hell!" I yelled at him. "Just watch! When Annabeth finds out who was the lying backstabbing friend of mines from 3 years ago she wouldn't even come close to you."

He smirked, "And you think she would believe you? A guy that lied to her since the beginning, making a bet with his friends to just get the girl. Even if she does believe you, would you bare to see her hurt again?" He smiled with that stupid face of his.

I stood there in shock, 'He's the one who told Annabeth about the bet?'

"Talk about hurting her, when you're the one who told her about the bet!" I yelled back at him and gave him a kick with my foot.

He limped up and got close to my face, "Listen here Jackson," He said my name with distaste. "I never told her about the bet, I just simple asked your ex-girlfriend to improvise, so you would stop shoving your face into my friends."

"Friends!" I scoffed, "If I find out you're lying or hurting Annabeth…." I warned him.

"I'm scared now," He feigned terror, "Whatever Perseus, I'd like to hear you say that when me and Annabeth starts going out." He smirked.

"Go fuck yourself!" I yelled at him and gave him a good size kick in his crotch. I smiled in satisfaction as I saw him doubled over, but my grin soon faded into a frown as I felt someone smack the side of my head.

"Shut up Jackson! He didn't even do anything to you!" Annabeth cried as she quickly helped Luke into his car and drove away.

I glared in anger as I watched that jerk drove away with Annabeth, 'If only she knew the truth…Stupid Luke! He just thinks about himself and can't Annabeth see what a jerk he is. I swear if he hurts Annabeth in any way, I'll murder him is it's the last thing I do.' I promised myself.

Suddenly my cell started to ring, I looked at the caller ID and saw some number I don't recognize, "Hello?" I asked into the phone.

"Is this Percy?" someone asked on the other line.

"Yea, who's this?" I asked.

"It's Calypso, remember we met in the accident the other day." She told me and I grinned remember the person who've helped me.

"Hi, so what did you call me for?" I asked.

"Oh, just that the last time you stayed at the hospital, I was called and it turns out that you left a necklace of some sort here. I picked it up for you, is there anywhere we can meet so I could return it to you?" She asked over the phone. I felt around my neck for my necklace and realized that it was missing.

"Sure, can you come to my house in about an hour? I'll give you the address." I told her, and quickly gave her the phone number and hanged up and started home, a bit happier now.

The next week I stayed back for try-outs for the school play, I was still mad at Luke, that freaking bastard. However I was almost happy to see that Annabeth was trying out as well. Almost because she still hates my guts, one for not telling her about the bet, and two for kicking her stupid excuse of her friend in his groin.

"Okay class," Ms. Melpomene began, "Today is the tryouts for the school play, please sit down until I call your name up to the stage." Then our teacher began by calling up names for the minor role. About an hour later she finally started to call up some other students trying out for Romeo and Juliet parts. I noticed that she called us up in pairs, hoping that I wouldn't get called up with Annabeth considering how mad she is at me. "Perseus Jackson, for Romeo's part and Annabeth Chase, for Juliet's part."

I sighed but inside I was actually pretty happy until I saw Annabeth's glare towards my way. She stomp up there with an angry expression until Ms. Melpomene said to begin I instantly saw her face soften, but it still held the hatred she had for me. "O Romeo, O Romeo, where are thy?" Annabeth begin and I couldn't help but be amazed with her amazing act. I continued the scene and within five minutes we've capture Ms. Melpomene's full attention, and received a round of applause from out fellow students. I looked over at Annabeth to tell her good job, but saw that her angry expression was back, and she was ignoring me again.

I sullenly walked down the stage and sat down in my seat and watched as the auditions continued.

"Thank you guys for coming to the audition today, I'll be posting up the cast list by Friday in front of the classroom." She reminded us. "We'll be practicing everyday during class period, and perhaps after school if needed." She told us.

We all nodded and left the auditorium and I rushed up towards Annabeth, "Um… Hey," I said a bit nervously. 'PERCY! STOP BEING NERVOUS!' I mentally yelled at myself. She turned around impatiently waiting for me to continue. "Uh…" I shrink under her gaze, "Nice job at the audition?"

She still glared coldly at me, "That's all?" Then she turned and walked away.

"Hey!" I called out. "You need a ride home?" I asked and looked at her as she continued walking away from me, "I'll take that as a no." I mumbled.

I glumly walked towards my car that my dad managed to get back from the hill after the accident, I hopped into my car and drove home thinking about how Annabeth's mood changed whenever she's acting for a role, 'HEY! If I get the main role and so does Annabeth, I could get her to talk to me while we rehearse.' I thought happily.

Friday finally came around and I hurried to the drama classroom at lunch to take a look at the casting list Ms. Melpomene posted up. I scanned the list to find out I got the part of Romeo and soon grinned when I found out Annabeth got Juliet. As I glance at Annabeth I gave her one of my irresistible grin and she easily returned it with a glare.

Annabeth's POV:

When I found out I got the lead role I was actually pretty happy, but it soon changed into a mix feeling of happiness and angriness when I found out Percy got the role of Romeo, meaning I'll have to be stuck with Seaweed Brain for a while, I don't know whether to be happy or angry. He gave me a grin and I couldn't help but feel a bit queasy inside, but instead I returned it with one of my death glares.

'Don't forget Annabeth! You're suppose to hate him, he's a lying bastard.' I reminded myself. 'I'm suppose to be meeting with Luke today, I reminded myself.' I ran out into the basketball courts to meet with my friends.

After we played a basketball game awhile, Luke dragged me over to talk with me alone, "Annabeth, did you consider what I asked yesterday?"

I hesitated remember what he had asked me yesterday after school.


"Annabeth, hop in! I'll take you home, there's also something I need to ask you about," Luke told me a bit nervously.

I got into his car and he started driving towards my room, "Look Annabeth, I know you just broke up with Jackson, but can you give me a chance to prove that I'm way better than him."

I hesitated again, "Luke I'm sorry but I'm not ready for another relationship right now, I just broke up with Percy just a little more than a week ago." I tried to tell him.

"Just think about it okay?" He begged. "I don't want you to get hurt again because of Perseus, and Annabeth, I'm not lying I really like you." He told me, his eyes still glued to the street.

*end of flashback*

I looked at Luke, "Luke…" I paused. "I need more time to think about it."

He looked at me again with that unreadable face of his again, "Okay, just don't listen to whatever Perseus Jackson tells you." He warned me.

I nodded towards Luke and we headed back to Ethan to continue our game. 'What's with these two guys hating on each other?' I wondered.

After school that day, I started to walk home when suddenly one of Percy's friend, Thalia came up to me. 'So I may be mad at Percy, but his friends are harmless and Thalia seems so honest and almost like an older sister.' I waited for her to come up.

"Hey Annabeth, you got some time with you today?" she asked me.

"Sure." I said, "Why?"

"Follow me then, we need to talk." She said a bit grimly.

Chapter 17: The Talk

Okay, this chapter maybe's gonna make you a bit happy, but probably mad at me. I also decided to have a three month skip, because well I felt like I needed it to develop some relationships. YAY! I've gotten over 100 favs and alerts! Thank you guys for reading this story!

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Annabeth's POV:

Thalia dragged me into her car and turn to the nearest café and dragged me out. I tried to get out of her grip, but either that she has an iron grip or I'm very weak. "Come on, Annabeth! I don't have all day!" She groaned and sat down at the table in the corner. When I finally sat down, she looked me straight into the eye and said, "What happen between you and Percy?"

"Didn't he already told you?" I asked.

"Yes, but he doesn't know the full story. Look I may be Percy's friend, but I'm also your friend." Thalia begin. "If you don't tell me now, I'll somehow get it out of you. Trust me." She warned.

I couldn't help but grin inside my head, 'She acts just like an old sister.'

"Look, Annabeth, Percy's been acting like a living zombie ever since you guys broke up, the only time he seems alive was when either we say your name and that happened more than once." She informed me.

I smiled having such a big impact on him, then quickly put an emotionless mask on my face. "Why are you telling me this?" I asked her.

"I want to know what happen and whether or not Luke's up to his old scheme again." She mumbled.

"What do you mean Luke? What's with you guys and hating on Luke? He didn't even do anything." I tried defending my friend.

She stared at me shocked, "What? That Kelp Head didn't tell you yet?" Thalia practically screamed in my face. Suddenly I felt some eyes looking towards out table, Thalia ignored them and continued, "Look, just listen to me Annabeth, I've known him for a long time and Percy's actually not as strong as he put himself to be, he's a freaking softy." Thalia told me and then softly she added, "It's not my story to tell."

I stared at her in shock, 'Wait What?'

"What does that have to do with anything? Percy's always lying and playing with people's emotions." I shot back.

"Would you listen to anything?" Thalia yelled again. I back down. "Look I knew about the bet okay? Percy called it quits after he started going out with you, he told us that he'll tell you himself and some real cheesy stuff of how he really likes you." Thalia began. "You shouldn't trust Luke, I heard he confessed to you the other day. I know it's none of my business, but I don't go for anyone hurting my friends both you and Percy."

I didn't know what to believe, 'Did Percy really like me? Or was he faking it?' I asked myself. "You still haven't answered my question. What has this got to do with Luke?" I asked again.

"Look, we hate Luke, and he hates us. Simple? Why don't you give Percy another chance? " Thalia asked me, I could tell she was hiding something. "I've never seen Percy broke down like this before besides his relationship with Samantha a while ago," Thalia told me. "I mean it Annabeth, I've known him my whole life and this… I know he's serious about you."

"I don't trust him anymore, he lied to me." I tried to tell Thalia.

"ARGH! Just listen! The stupid Kelp Head was afraid that you would not trust just like now if he had told you about the bet." Thalia explained.

"Maybe if he had told me, I wouldn't be mad at him as much." I told her.

"You sure?" Thalia shot back. "You would probably rip him to shreds if you found out he was lying to you." She informed me. "I don't know you that well, but you being violent and full of pride is true enough." She stated, I felt insulted but had a feeling Thalia wasn't insulting me.

'That's probably true, I would punch him either way. But still what does this have to do with Luke in anyway?' I told myself. "Even if that's true," I said hesitating a bit. "He should've just told me, and you still haven't answered me what does Luke have to do with this." I said.

"Gosh! You're so persistence! Look it's not my story to say, Percy would kill me if he knew I was talking to you. But believe me when I tell you Percy has a right to hate Luke."

I stomped my foot in frustration. "So in other word you just won't tell me."

"Listen Annabeth," I saw her face soften a bit. "I'm here for both of you guys, just call me up when you just need someone to talk to okay? You're a good kid." She told me. For a second I smiled until she said, "Oh yea, the drinks are on you by the way, forgot to bring my wallet." I frowned as she turned back. "If you want a ride home, I suggest you quickly pay and get in." She told me.

When I got into the car I finally got up to the courage to ask, "Thalia, what you said earlier about Percy really liking me, is that true?"

"Look, I may be a lot of things, but a liar is not one of them." She told me with a sincere look. "But are you thinking about giving him another chance?"

I thought about it for a while, "No, I can't be with someone who just lies to me." I told her flatly. A few minutes later I finally arrived home, and quickly thanked Thalia.

"Hey Annabeth, if you need anything just call me up, I'm always open for a conversation." I nodded and started to walk away when she called back, "Just not in the morning though! I'm not good with mornings!" With that she drove away and left me grinning. 'Yep, definitely like an older sister.'

Percy's POV:

I stood in the mall, hanging out with Calypso, turns out she was also a junior at another high school just a couple block from out school. Since the car accident, I've found myself hanging out with Calypso more and more, she seems to put me out of my depress mood just for a bit.

She laughed at a joke I made, "So when are you getting that cast off?" She asked me.

"Probably about another two weeks, then I'm back to swimming." I grinned. "So you have any activities you're interested in?"

"I've always enjoy gardening." She replied.

"You remind me of my friend Grover, he's crazy into plants, conserving it and such." I told her.

We continued with our conversation when we suddenly end up at the arcade where Annabeth and I played at a while back, I instantly frowned at the memory. "You, uh… want to play a couple games with me?" I asked her not sure if gaming was her style.

"Sure, but I'm not familiar with these kinds of machinery." She told me.

I slightly smiled, "Don't worry it's easy, you'll get it in no time." I assured her.

We played a couple rounds of hockey, and I found myself missing Annabeth more and more. Sure Calypso was pretty good on her first try, but I just wasn't into the game as much when Annabeth was here. Calypso prefers nonviolent games like Farmville or something like that, I was bored and missing Annabeth and her amazing ways with games. After about thirty minutes of playing I decided to take Calypso home. After I took Calypso home, I started driving myself around thinking about that afternoon.

'Calypso is cool and all that, she even confessed that she liked me, but I just like her as a friend. I wish Annabeth could just forgive me.' I thought remorsefully.

Over the next three months I've been hanging out with Calypso more and more, but still missing Annabeth desperately. Annabeth have actually agreed to go out with Luke after two month into our break up. However, she seems to be extra close with Thalia, they've been talking like they are best friends or something, but Thalia made sure to stay away from Luke. For some weird reason, ever since Thalia started hanging out with Annabeth, she's been avoiding me lately, but doesn't seem as mad as me anymore.

After three months of not talking to her, except during play practice, I've finally got up the courage to talk to her again after school. "Hey Annabeth," I greeted her awkwardly.

She turned around, no longer giving me her signature glare. "Oh, hi Percy."

We just stood there in silence, 'Well this is awkward' I thought. 'Say something Percy!'

"So, uh… haven't talked to you in a while, how's life?"I asked. 'Okay, stupid question! What kind of question is that after not talking to her for three months!'

"Good, I've been better." She told me.

"So I heard you're dating Luke now?" I tried again desperately trying to not kill the conversation.

"Yes, you have a problem with that?" For a moment I saw her flared with anger again just like before. "Umm… sorry, so you've been hanging out with that girl from the other school right? Her name was Calpo? Caso? Ca-"

I stopped her, "Calypso."

She looked at me a bit irritated, and I couldn't help but smile inside, 'This is the Annabeth I knew' I thought.

"Yea her, so you guys together now?" She asked raising an eyebrow.

"No," I simply replied, I haven't dated anyone since I broke up with Annabeth. I know kind of hard to believe, Percy Jackson, being dateless. I sighed at the thought. "So, uh… why are you dating Luke?" I silently slapped myself. 'Great now, she won't talk to me for another year.' I groaned.

"Why do you care?" She asked again.

"Just wondering," I told her.

"None of your business." She told me.

I stood there in silence. 'Ugh! I just want to give her a big hug! Why is this so awkward?' I thought. "So," I shifted my foot nervously. "You wanna hang out with me for a bit?" I asked her. 'Please say yes! Please say yes!'

She frowned and as if disappointed, "Sorry can't, Luke's picking me up later on." She told me. For a moment I could have sworn I heard disappointment in her voice.

She started to walk away, but I pulled her back, "Wait up, Annabeth. I'm really sorry about… you know before. I seriously just want to be friends again." I told her. 'Please just forgive me this once. My life's been like hell, since that break up.'

She turned around and I saw her rare smile to me, "Sure," I heard her sighed in relief. "But if you dare cross me again I'll punch your guts out." She warned me.

'Yep this was the Annabeth I knew.' I smiled, "Wouldn't have it any other way." I grinned as she walked away. I stood there still kind of sad that she was going out with Luke. 'She probably won't even consider going out with me again.' I sighed in sadness.

I thought about how Annabeth have moved on, 'Maybe I should too. Maybe just call Calypso out on a date or something?' I suggested to myself. I quickly dialed in Calypso number, "Hey Calypso."

"Oh hey Percy." She greeted me.

"You… um… you busy today?" I asked her a bit nervous.

"No why?" She asked.

"Wondering if you wanna go on a date with me." I asked her still nervous.

"Sure, I'd love to." She replied and I was slightly smiling a bit on the other line.

"I'll pick you up at your school in a few then?" I asked her.

"Okay, see you soon." She hung up.

A few minutes later I waited in front of Calypso school, I saw her standing there with some of her friends. I walked over, "Hey Calypso." I smiled at her.

Her friends looked at me up and down then whispered loudly to Calypso, "You've found a rather hot guy."

I blushed when she said that and her friends simply laughed, "He's sensitive and cute too." One of her friends said again.

Calypso looked down, I could tell she was blushing as well. I took a step forward, "So you ready to go?" I asked her.

"Okay," She replied as she hurried to my car while her friends stood there smiling mischievously. I quickly walked to my car and started the engine. "Sorry about my friends, they are a bit boy-crazy." She told me.

I let out a light chuckle, "That's okay, come on let's go watch a movie." I offered.

"Okay." She replied, "Any good movies?" She asked.

"I'm thinking of watching Transformer: Dark Side of the Moon." I said. "You okay with that?"

She smiled, "Sure I've never watched it yet."

A few minutes later of talking and laughing, we arrived at the theaters. "Two tickets for Transformer please." I told the usher. He gave us out tickets and 3D glasses and I headed to buy some popcorns.

Calypso took out her purse but I stopped her, "Hey, it's on me, what kind of guy would I be if I let a girl play on our first date." I grinned and she blushed while putting her purse away. I brought us a large popcorn and two drinks, soon we were seated and watching the movie. After the movie was done, we headed out, "So you okay with the movie?"

"Yea it's pretty good. A bit violent but still a great movie." She replied.

"Are you a bit hungry? We can go grab something to eat before I take you home." I told her.

"Yea I'm a bit hungry," She admitted.

"Then let's go," I quickly grab her arms and dragged her into my car. Soon we arrived at a fancy restaurant and I ordered some food as we sat down.

"So you had fun today?" I asked her.

"Yea," She smiled, "Spending time with you was definitely worth it." I looked up and saw Calypso blushing.

'I should move on, forget about Annabeth.' I reminded myself. "Um… So Calypso, I kinda like you." I told her stammering a bit. "Would you go out with me?"

Before I could hear her reply, I heard someone's laugh over at the other table. "Wow, Luke, you're gonna make me spill the drink."

"How about I get a punishment?" another person asked.

I turned around just in time to see the two of them kissing, my head was filled with anger.

Chapter 18: Thalico To The Recue

Thanks for all the interesting review, they made my day. I'm going to have Nico's POV in here for those Nico lovers :D, he's going to be like a happy character, and sicne he was addicted to Mythomagic in the series, I'm gonna make him addicted to fighting and all that. So enjoy they story :)

Disclaimer: For the last time…..I DON'T OWN PERCY JACKSON!

I walked over to that table to see those two sitting and making out. Without hesitating, I grabbed Luke by his shirt and punch him right in front of the girl he was making out with. "You fucking bastard!" I yelled at his face. Suddenly I felt someone grabbed me by the arms away from Luke, 'Security guards.' I thought with anger.

I shook them off, and grabbed Luke by his collar and dragged him outside of the store.

"What the heck?" Luke stood up and dusted his jeans. "What the hell are you hitting me for Jackson?" He yelled at me.

"Oh so now you think you have a right to yell at me, you're an asshole." I yelled at him and punched him again in the face.

He stood up with a smirk on his face, "And what rights do you have?"

"As a friend, I have all the rights to punch a jackass like you." I yelled at him. "What happen to I already broke up with Samantha?" I shouted at him.

"I did." He said matter-of-factly, "Just that we got back together soon afterwards." He smirked.

Suddenly Samantha and Calypso walked out, "Percy STOP!" Calypso yelled at me. I stopped surprised that she yelled at me.

Samantha quickly went to Luke's side to help him up, "Samantha stop!" I called out. She turned around, "That bastard doesn't deserve anyone. He's always lying and cheating." I told her.

"Why do you even care about me?" She asked me.

'Yea, why do I even care about her, she's the one that hurt me.' I told myself. ' But I also hurt Annabeth and she has forgiven me, just like I should just forgive Samantha. But Luke is another story.' I reminded myself. "He's a jerk." I told her.

"Percy, I'm sorry about what we did to you before, but we're really sorry." Samantha looked at me in guilt.

"Calypso, I'm sorry I'll make this date up to you another time, I promise, I just need to beat this bastard up." I told her.

"Percy, stop! He didn't do anything to you though." Calypso tried to reason with me.

"She cheated on one of my friends!" I yelled at her, "He deserves ever punch I'm going to throw at him."

Calypso stopped me. "Percy calm down, " I stopped and looked at her calming face.

I turned around and kicked Luke once again and gave him a glare, "You're dead the next time I see you near Annabeth." I warned him. Then I turned to Calypso, "Fine, but only for you," I told her. "Come on, let's go." I grabbed her along.

The next Monday at school, I tried to keep it cool, not wanting to scare my friends. After school that day, I spotted Luke kissing Annabeth, 'THAT FUCKING BASTARD!' I stomped right up to them leaving Nico and Thalia in confusion. I punched Luke right into the face.

Annabeth looked up at me, "Percy! What the hell are you doing?" She leaned down to help Luke up.

"Just leave him! He doesn't deserve you!" I tried to tell her.

"Percy all of a sudden you go out and punch him when he didn't even do anything to you." Annabeth defended that jerk.

'Now or never' I thought grimly. "That ass cheated on you! I saw him sitting there with Samantha and kissing her!" I yelled in her face.

She looked at me, and I knew she didn't believe a single word, "Shut up Percy! I know you hate Luke, but quiet framing him!" She yelled at my face as she helped Luke get up. I ran up to Luke and punched him again and again, while Annabeth tried to pull me away.

I was hurt, 'She didn't believe me, instead she believed that jerk!'

"Fuck you Luke! Why don't you tell her the truth!" I yelled at his face.

His face smirked in pain as he replied, "I don't know what you are talking about Percy!" He screamed making sure Annabeth heard him. "I would never cheat on Annabeth." With that he punched my face and I lost my balance and fell down as Luke took Annabeth in his arms and walked away.

I was about to run after them and punch Luke again when Nico and Thalia held me back. "Nico! Thalia! Let me go!" I yelled at them, wanting to get even with Luke and saw that Annabeth had already left him.

I stood up and walked over to Luke and punched him again. He looked at me, "You think I'm gonna let you toy me around like this Jackson?" He fisted his knuckles and punch me right in the stomach.

I felt my head went a bit dizzy, but quickly shook it off and punched him again. He expertly dodged my punch and threw at kick at my shoulders. Then threw a couple punches at my face, I could feel blood spilling out of my mouth.

I quickly shook off the pain and kicked him right into his groin, he doubled over, howling in pain. I stood there, holding my jaws keeping them from bleeding. "You asshole! I warned you not to cheat on Annabeth!" I yelled at him. Suddenly I saw some of his friends coming over.

"You okay Luke?" Ethan asked him.

"I'm good, we just need to teach this runt a lesson." He laid there still in pain, but somehow managed a smirk and looked up at me, "What?I didn't cheat on her, you're just mad that I took your lover away Jackson!" He managed a grin and I simply kicked his face. "She doesn't like you Jackson, give it up!"

"She's your friend Luke! You're a fucking ass, if you just hurt your friend for a stupid revenge." I yelled at him.

He stood up shakily, and got up close to my face, "If I did? What are you going to do about it? You tell her she just won't believe you instead she'll just be hurt." He hissed in my ear then felt someone punching me from behind, with an expert kick, Ethan went down along with some of Luke's goons.

'Him alone I could beat him easily, but this is not good' I thought to myself.

"Face it Jackson, you're just as bad as I am." He sneered in my face.

I turned to Luke and was about to punch him again, then hesitated, 'He's right I'll just hurt Annabeth more, but if I don't tell her, she'll just get hurt by Luke.'

I stood there in silence and Luke took that as a chance to kick my leg making me lose my balance. I fell to the ground and felt my head hit the pavement. Soon my vision turned blurred, I felt my head get oozed with blood.

Luke laughed, "Hesitating now, are we? I always knew you were a weakling Jackson!" He sneered at my face and continued punching my face and kicking my stomach.

I felt myself spit out some blood. I stood there on the ground with my vision blurry as Luke and his buddies kicked my body.

Suddenly the kicking stop and out of the corner of my eyes I saw Nico kicking some butts along with Thalia. I have to admit Nico and Thalia, does have the making of a fighter. I saw Thalia headed my way as she punched Luke and with Nico's help she managed to sit me up.

"Percy you okay?" She asked me.

I was about to replied when all of a sudden I blacked out.

Nico's POV:

I quickly punched a couple guys with some skills I learned from watching a couple fighting movies. I always knew playing violent games and watching fighting movies have it's advantage and my mom would always say that they ruin my brain or something like that. I grinned as I tried the Spinning Kick on one of the guys, 'Look at me now mom! I'm kicking bad guys ass!'I looked over and saw that I've accidentally on purpose punched everyone to the ground, knocking them senseless, I turned to the leader, Luke.

'EPIC SHOWDOWN!' I screamed inside my head. 'First things first, always observe your enemies movement.' I looked at Luke who's nervously shifting his foot. 'Never make the first move, uh… yea gonna ignore that one.' I jumped up and did a Flying Ninja Kick and just for sound effects, "Hyyah!"

Luke stood up, "Back away Di Angelo. You have nothing to do with this." I felt his voice waver as his eyes darted from left to right.

I grinned, " Yes I do, it's my three golden rule. One, I never back away from a fight. Two, I gotta beat up the jackass that hurt my buddy. Three, I can't wait to show off some of my moves." With that I let out my ultimate move, 'THE NICO COMBO'. I punched to his left face, then his right. I swiftly spun around and did a kick right into his face and with my last finishing move I placed my foot right on top of his ugly face.'Great… Now I need to wash my shoes when I get home.'

"Nico! Come over here and help me with Percy!" my girlfriend yelled at me. Thalia was now rushing towards Percy side and helping him up. "Percy are you okay?" Thalia asked her cousin.

I saw Percy's mouth moved, then he just fainted

Thalia looked up at me, "Hold him I'm gotta get my phone." I nodded and held onto Percy as Thalia took out her phone to dial the emergency number.

'Wow, this would be the epic part in the movie where the sidekick almost dies, then by miracle somehow survived.' I thought. 'Or he could just die a heroic death Oh shit...' I corrected myself and quickly tried to shake Percy up. 'Damn! In movies it seemed so epic! This…' I looked down at Percy. 'Not so much.'

I looked over at my girlfriend, "Did you call the ambulance yet?"

"They're on their way now, they told us to sit tight." She told me. "Come on, we gotta do what we can to stop the bleeding."

I stopped her, "I got this," I quickly ripped off the sleeve of my shirt and tied it around Percy's head really lightly, so I won't destroy his brain or anything. "Straighten out his body, it's in a painful position, it'll just cause more harm to him." I told Thalia as she straightened out his crumpled leg. "He's in for hell, when he gets out of this mess." I told the sleeping Percy.

Thalia looked at me in surprised, "How do you know all this?"

I held my hands up in defense, "Watching violent movies does have it's advantages you know like the scene where the hero gets hurt and he gets bandaged up all over by some random people."

Thalia looked at me in amazement, "Anyways, I have a feeling we're forgetting to do something."

I thought about it, 'Rain! Sad parts need rain!' then I replied to Thalia, "Yea, we're either missing the rain falling from the sky or to call Percy's parent." I murmured.

"Rain?" Thalia looked at me in confusion and brought out her phone again and threw me it, "Hurry call his parents to meet us at the hospital." She told me.

I took out the phone and called Mrs. Jackson right away without trying to worry her with much. "She said she'll be at the hospital right away. In the distance I heard sirens coming off and soon the ambulance door was open as a couple paramedic opened out the beds and gently pushed Percy in there. They told me to stay there, and I gave them Mrs. Jackson's phone number, then the cops started questioning us.

"I'm Officer Williams, would you please follow us to the police station?" the officer asked us.

I looked at Thalia, "I got this, you go on with Percy, make sure he's okay." I told her. As Thalia left I turned back to the officer, "Do I get to ride in the police car? In the front seat with these jerks in the back where they cage the criminals?" I asked the Officer Williams slightly grinning as I pointed to Luke and his buddies.

The guy sighed, "Come along kid." The officer told me as he walked towards her patrol car while his two buddies dragging Luke, Ethan, and some other guys into the back of the police car.

Annabeth's POV:

I finally got home still pissed off at Percy for hitting Luke and even more when my brother's started arguing with me, "Look guys! I already took you to the zoo!"

Bobby glared at me, "It was not fun! You just stood at the cage examining the structure and what not. We didn't even get to see the monkeys!" Bobby whined.

"Yea! The best thing was that you brought us cotton candy! It was no fun!" Matthew whined.

I was about to answer him when suddenly my phone rang, "Hello? Annabeth?" the voice I recognized as Thalia said over the phone.

"Yea, hey Thalia." I replied a bit angry because of Percy and my little brothers. "Sorry, can I call you back, I'm having some problems with my brothers."

"No," She told me. "Drop all your stuff, and get your butt over here to the hospital." She quickly gave me the address.

"Wait who's hurt?" I asked worried a bit.

"It's Percy, he's getting take into the emergency room right now and if you don't get you ass to the hospital right now, I'll make you sorry." She warned me.

I quickly hanged up, "Bobby, Matthew come on, we need to go." They started to argue. "Percy's hurt now let's go!" I yelled at them, and within a couple seconds they were sitting in the car ready to go.

Chapter 19: Surprises

Okay so the chapter you've all been waiting for, where Annabeth finds out the truth about Luke's betrayal to Percy :D

Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson….

Nico's POV

'WOO! FIRST TIME IN A POLICE CAR! RIGHT AFTER KICKING SOME BAD GUYS ASS!' I cheered silently inside my head. 'Well, only downside is Percy's in the emergency room right now, and Luke didn't get beat up as bad.' I sighed.

I saw Luke waking up in the back, smiling I turned around in my seat, "HANDS UP! YOU'RE UNDER ARREST!" I almost cracked up as Luke bolted up hitting his head into the roof of the car then falling back down fainting once again. 'You deserve that jerk' I thought evilly.

Officer Williams finally came back into the car and took a look at me making sure I won't cause any trouble, then he looked back where Luke was sitting with 2 of his buddies. "They're not away yet?" he asked me.

I tried not to grin, "Nope they are knocked out like dead nail."

The officer look at me with a puzzled look then sat in his car and drove away, "Officer Williams, come in, status report." The radio called over.

He pressed a button and did a quick replied, "Returning to the station with some kids bruised up from the fight." With that the line went dead.

I stared in awed, "Wait do you use a Glock 22 or Glock 17? Do you have a Remington 870 P in the back? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!"

The officer took an amused look at me, "You know a lot about these things kid, but I'm sorry these information are for me only, in case you decide to use them against me. No offense kid."

I grinned, "None taken, but uh…can I call my friends to make sure he's okay?"

The officer nodded and I took out my cell and dialed Thalia's number. "Hello?"

"Thalia, it's me Nico, how's Percy doing? Is he up yet?" I asked my girlfriend.

"He's in the operation room right now, doctor told us that his brain might be tampered with because his skull was cracked open, probably by the hit on the pavement." Thalia informed me with a worried tone in her voice. "When are you coming back?"

"Not sure, but I'll get out of here, my dad will help me." I told her.

"Okay, just don't get hurt Nico." Thalia warned me.

"Don't worry, I got this." I assured her. "Later," I hung up. I nodded thanks to the officer. "Umm… can this car go into invisible mode?" I asked stupidly to the cop.

He stared at me, dumbfounded, "Umm…. I don't think we have that technology yet kid and why would you think we have invisible mode."

I glanced down, blushing, 'Because James Bonds has his car in invisible mode and that was like many years ago.' I said silently inside my head but instead replied, "Nothing just wondering, but do you have tasers?"

"Yes, but can't have you touching that, it can be deadly."

"How about a tranquiller gun?" I asked again. "SWEET! A BATON!" Before the officer can answer I quickly added in, "I don't get why you guys sometimes use pepper spray, why couldn't you guys just knock those guys out instead, makes things much easier." I told him.

He stared at me in shock, "How do you know all these things?"

"I have interest in violence." I grinned as I heard Luke wake up and immediately frowned. "Gonna borrow your tranquiller gun for a bit." I quickly opened his cabinet and took out a tranquiller gun and shot it right at a point in Luke's neck before the officer could stop me. "That should keep him asleep for a good 30 minutes."

"WHAT THE HECK?" Officer Williams yelled in my ear. "You can't just shoot a victim!"

"Trust me sir, I know how to shoot." I told Officer Williams. "And would you rather have him asleep or dead by my hands."

"I'll deal with you later, kid." He told me as the car came into a stop, in front of the police station and called out some cops to bring us into those quiet room where they beat you up for information. 'DAM! This place is actually real! Great now they are going to put me in an electric chair and question me…' I thought grimly.

I was soon sitting inside the police station, "Name?" One of the cops asked me.

"Nico Di Angelo. Can I get out of here now? My friend is practically dying right now!" I yelled at the cop.

"Watch your manners young man, you just shot an innocent civilian." The person warned me.

I frowned, "He's not innocent, and I just simply put him to sleep."

Suddenly I saw a familiar face pop out, "Nico, come in here, I need to have a talk with you."

"Oh, hi dad!" I smirked at the guy sitting out front and walked in with my dad as he dragged me into the questioning room.

"Officer Blair, he's going to do some questioning about you," My dad told me.

I frowned at my dad, 'Why couldn't he just let me go? Uhh…. Why is there light in here? It's suppose to be dramatic like in those games where you punch the victim until they admit their crimes.' I looked at Officer Blair, "Aren't you going to tie me to an electric chair or tie my hands up?" My dad and the officer looked at me in confusion. "You know? So then I can try to escape with my ninja powers?" They stared at me in bewilderment, "Nevermind…. Carry on…" I sighed.

"Look Nico, we just need you to tell us what happens and you're off." My dad tried to tell me.

"Look, I'll just tell you the whole story, simple version, Percy, the guy the hospital came up with a fight with that jerk over there, Luke. But Luke, the cheating ass he is, brought along some friends, so I decide to come in and save the day. I'll tell you, watching kung fu movies does improve your street fighting skills. Anyways. " I continued, "We beat his goons up and then you guys came, but seriously, the fight was not epic at all, I guess we can't always trust movies." I sighed. "There, can I go yet?" I asked Officer Blair.

Before the Officer could answer, I felt Luke getting drag in, 'Seriously? They should let me go, before I go to rage mode and kill Luke, not that I mind of course, but I'm sure they would.'

"Mr. Castellan?" I faked modesty, "Why don't you tell us how you were being a horrible fighter but a great cheater?" I scoffed at his face and turned back to the officer, "Can I got now! THERE! He's awake, I'm clear of charges!"

"Thank you, Mr. Di Angelo, you may go." Officer Blair told me.

"Thank you," I quickly rushed towards Luke. "Excuse me!" Then without warning I grabbed Luke by his collar. "Relax I'm not going to hurt him." I told the polices as they started out to get their batons. "Just telling the bastard if he touches my friends again, I won't go easy on him next time."

"What?" Luke retorted back, "Is Jackson so weak he needs to call on you to come?"

"Nah, I just decided to beat your ass up, as revenge for touching my friend." I replied with ease. "Now don't get yourself hurt, big boy." Luke reached out to punch my stomach. 'He needs to work on surprise attack.' I thought as I easily grab his hand and put them behind his back before the police could do anything. 'OH YEA! NINJA! Do not mess with Nico the ninja!'

"You gotta work on your attacks." Then trying out my new cop moves, I spun around and did a kick that landed his face against the floor. "Next time you pick a fight, at least know who you're messing with." I warned him.

I pulled back, "GREAT! Now I have to wash my hands, stupid dirty Luke!" I yelled back into the room as I walked out, "You know Luke? Dumping yourself in cleaning detergent would help get rid of all the shit you carry!" Without taking another look I headed towards my dad who had a frown on his face.

"Nico, you shouldn't be rude like that, I may be your dad, but if you had done anything worse I wouldn't be able to get you out of there." He warned me.

I smiled, "Don't worry, I could control myself, now do you have a car I could use, your co-workers kinda just kidnapped me away from my car, and I need to go see Percy right now!" I told my dad.

He threw me his car keys, "Take it out, but bring it back safely, I'm guessing you know how to work the car. It's right in front of the station." He told me.

"Thanks." I told him and quickly rushed out, then turned back, "What's gonna happen to that asshole?" I asked my dad.

"He's been charge for assault and battery, if Percy heals successfully, then it's up to Percy if he wants to hold charges against him, but for now he's going to be under the watch of a couple of my police men." My dad told me.

I nodded, 'The jerk deserve that, they should also tie him to an electric chair or something.' I thought evilly and walked off.

"Oh and Nico, that was some nice fighting moves back there." He grinned at me.

I waved with my back turned and walked out to try out my dad's car as I drove to the hospital.

Annabeth's POV

A few minutes later, I was rushing into the hospital waiting room where I saw Thalia sitting there next to the girl I usually saw Percy hang out with, 'Calypso,' I thought. Next to them sat Percy's parents with their heads down.

I walked up to them and told Bobby and Matthew to stand there, "Thalia?" I asked nervously.

She glanced up, "We're waiting." She told me grimly as she pointed to the operation room. We stood there waiting for 30 minutes when finally the doctor came out.

"We've already done what we can," Dr. Solace told Mrs. Jackson. "It's up to him now, the next 24 hours are critical. If he awakes in the next 24 hours, I would like you guys to alert me immediately." He told us. "Only two visitors at a time." The doctor warned us.

Mrs. Jackson nodded and went in to check her son along with her husband. I watched them as they walked into a room with the nurses pushing Percy. Suddenly I felt someone nudged my shoulders, I turned back and saw it was Thalia. "Come on, I need to tell you something."

I looked at her a bit confused, "Okay," I called out to Bobby and Matthew and told them to follow me. Thalia led me to the hospital cafeteria and sat down. I saw Nico arrive and he headed over to where we were sitting.

Nico bend down talking to my brothers for a bit, and as they ran off he came back over and sat down next to Thalia.

As soon as Nico sat down I looked at Thalia and asked her, "What happened to Percy?"

She looked at me, "So right after you left, Percy rushed up to Luke, and punched Luke in the face. So Luke brought over some of his friends and started beating Percy up-"

"Almost 5 on 1, would've been totally epic in movies, but with Percy's skills, not so much." I heard Nico mumbled.

Thalia looked at her boyfriend and glared at him, "Anyways, before we could get there in time, that asshole beat up my cousin." She said emphasizing that Luke was an ass.

This only made me madder,"Why was Luke beating up Percy? I don't get it, he's usually just giving Percy a couple glares." I was confused, I knew Luke was never one for violence, now I'm not so sure.

"He has every right to beat up that jackass, and don't you even try protecting Luke, Annabeth." She warned me.

Nico spoke up again, "In case you're wondering, Luke is perfectly fine with a few minor injuries, sitting at the police station for questioning and the one you should be worry about is the guy who pretty much tried to be a hero and get revenge for his friend. Oh and by the way, he's sitting in the operation room because of you." Nico informed me with a rare seriousness in his voice. "Also, it was actually Luke beating up Percy, not the other way around." Nico reminded me.

I was taken back, 'I know that Thalia would never lie to me, and Nico is never the one to get serious without a purpose.' I took a deep breath, "What do you mean he's sitting in there because of me?" I asked Thalia, my voice wavering a bit.

She looked at me as if she's trying not to kill me, "Well based on what Calypso told me, "She begin hesitating a bit. "She said that a couple days ago Percy invited her out on a date, and while they were ordering food, Percy suddenly stood up and started punching a guy that he said was cheating on his friend." I was about to talk when she stopped me with a glare and continued. "… and Calypso said she remembered Percy calling that guy Luke."

I stared at her in disbelief, "Thalia, I know you hate Luke, but he would never do something like that." I said my voice wavering a bit.

She glared at me, "SERIOUSLY? Yea right! That fucking bastard would do everything to get what he wants!" Thalia yelled at my face earning a couple stares from some strangers. "I don't just hate him! I WANT TO JUST KILL HIM! HE'S LUCKY THAT HE'S EVEN ALIVE!"

"Thalia calm down." Nico told her as he put an arm on her shoulder and mumbled something to her. Thalia softened a bit.

I looked at them, 'What are they talking about!'

Finally Thalia spoke up again with Nico reassuring her so she doesn't blow, "Remember when you asked me why we all hate Luke so much?"

"Yes…" I replied slowly.

"And remember when Percy told you that when he dated Samantha she cheated on him with his best friend behind his back?" Thalia asked me.

I stood there in shock, finally putting the pieces together. "But, Luke…He would never do that!" I said not confident of the words that are coming out of my mouth.

"WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS DEFENDING THAT FUCKING ASSHOLE!" Thalia yelled at me. "He's a two-timing bastard with a shitty attitude against those who knows his real nature. He's the asshole that almost killed Percy, the guy that's almost dying in the emergency room!" Thalia stood up obviously mad now.

I retreating from Thalia's sudden rage, not knowing what to say.

"Luke is the jackass that lied to his friend, and according to Calypso also the bastard that's cheating on you with his old girlfriend." Thalia said the horrible truth before my eyes. I sat there in silence when Thalia spoke up again, "Now do you finally know why Percy never told you? That stupid Kelp Head is always trying be the hero, without knowing it." Thalia murmured.

I didn't know what to say, I just sat there trying to accept what Thalia just told me, 'Luke cheating on me, Luke stabbing his friend Percy in the back three years ago. The stupid Seaweed Brain still lying in the hospital because of me, and lastly Percy did this all to protect me from getting hurt. All this time I was mad at him and accusing him for hurting me.' I looked at Thalia, knowing that she wouldn't lie to me, but right now I'm not sure who to trust.

"I need some time alone," I told them. I quickly walked out, then stopped myself, 'Maybe I could go check on Percy for a bit. He's in there because of me.' I thought and walked towards his room only to see Calypso sitting there next to him as she leaned down to kiss him.

I fumed with anger as I heard her say to the sleeping Percy, "Yes, Percy I'll go out with you."

Chapter 20: Forgiven and Goodbye

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Thalia's POV:

I watched as Annabeth walked out, "Do you think she's going to be okay?" Nico asked me.

I was still angry with Annabeth for trusting Luke all this time, 'Couldn't she see that Luke's a jerk that deserves to be punished!' I angrily thought but replied, "She'll be fine after awhile, but how did it go at the police station?" I asked my boyfriend.

"My dad said that Luke will be under the watch of the cops, and it's up to Percy whether or not he decides to sue Luke, for assault and battery." Nico replied. "I also beat him up pretty good, and shot a tranquiller gun right in his neck." He sighed in satisfaction as if remember the joy.

I looked at him weirdly, "Anyways come on, let's go, I want to go check on Percy for a bit, see if he's awake yet." I told him and tried to drag him along, but he stayed put.

"We have to go get Annabeth's brothers first, they owe me ten bucks." He frowned as I simply laughed. "Come on, they're just over by the vending machines." He told me. We quickly went over to Bobby and Matthew and brought them along with us to go check up on Percy. When we arrived at Percy's room, I saw Calypso still sitting there. I told Nico to wait outside and walked into the room.

Calypso looked up, "He's still not awake." She replied.

I saw her hands on Percy's, "Are you guys going out together?" I asked suddenly.

"I guess, Percy asked me to go out with him just before he went up to punch that guy named Luke." She explained.

'Look likes there's no hope of Annabeth and Percy getting back together,' I thought.

"Can I ask you something?" Calypso asked me and I nodded. "Percy seems to care a lot about this girl name Annabeth, what's her relation with Percy?"

I didn't know what to say, "She's his ex-girlfriend, but they broke up more than 3 months ago." I managed to get out.

Calypso faced dropped, "Oh," She looked like she wanted to say more but then stopped herself. "Percy seems to still care a lot about her, why'd they break up?" Calypso asked.

Before I could even answer, I suddenly heard Percy stirred in his sleep and mumbled something under his breath. I quickly rushed over, "Percy, are you awake?" I heard Calypso asked the sleeping Percy.

"Annabeth?" Percy managed to get out. "Are you okay?"

'How about I knock that head of yours senseless Kelp Head, you're the one almost dying in the hospital not Annabeth.' I wanted to yell at him but instead I said, "I'll go tell Nico to call his parents." I quickly rushed out to find my boyfriend.

Nico's POV:

I dragged Annabeth's brothers with me to go look for their sister. "So you guys are twin?" I asked them almost amazed because this was actually the 2nd time I've seen twins and it didn't go well the first time. "Kinda cool, so which is Bobby? Which one is Matthew?" I asked them.

"I'm Bobby," The kid in the yellow t-shirt replied.

"I'm Matthew," The kid in the orange t-shirt replied. "Why is Percy in the hospital?" Matthew asked me.

"Well, so you see, Percy is like the superman and he went to punch some bad guys as- umm… butts. But the bad guy decided to call on other bad guys and they tricked Percy." I explained to them in the most simple way that I could.

Bobby glared at me like I'm a kid, "I'm not 3 years old, I'm 10."

"You sure got an attitude like your sister," I murmured. Bobby glared at me again. "Anyways, so Percy got hurt and so I decided to come in with my incredible skills and umm… fight them off with my trusty girlfriend of course." I told them.

"Cool." They stared in my in awed.

'SWEET! These kids look up to me.' I thought with a grin. "So let's go find your sister then." I said trying to be all high and mighty, I started walking with my head held high, then the next thing I know my face was flat on the ground. I looked at what I tripped at and saw Bobby's foot sticking out. The two devious twin started cracking up like crazy and all I could do was mumbled, "I'll get you back for that. Now keep going before I try out my new Flying Ninja Kick on you." I warned them. I took a threatening step towards them and they backed down. I walked towards the elevator obviously satisfied. "You kids coming," I waved back at them and they quickly got into the elevator and up to the second floor.

I was rushing through the second floor searching for Annabeth when suddenly my phone rang, "Hello?"

"Nico? Where are you? Percy just woke up." Thalia told me the good news while I was jumping in joy as the twins were looking at me weirdly.

"Cool! I'm looking for Annabeth, any idea where she is?" I asked my girlfriend.

Thalia sighed, "Nico, have you tried calling her?"

I hit my head for being so stupid, "Oh yea," I slightly laughed, "Can you call her? I'll try to get these devil twins up to Percy's room now." I told her.

"Okay, I'll meet you up there." Thalia told me.

"Okay, love you babe." I told Thalia then hung up just to see Bobby and Matthew coughing up as if they are dying.

"EWWW! That was disgusting! You called her babe!" Bobby yelled.

I frowned, "Whatever, Percy's awake, you guys wanna see him or get beat up by me?" I threatened them.

"You can't beat us up!" Bobby yelled at me as Matthew nodded alongside with his twin.

I grunted, "We'll see," I quickly pulled the two kids by their collars.

"HEY! LET US GO!" Matthew yelled. "THIS IS CHILD ABUSE!"

I grinned as I dragged them down the elevator, "No, this is call teaching some evil kids a lesson." I corrected them. By the time we arrived there I saw Calypso still sitting there and Percy still lying down with his eyes closed mumbling something I stood there in awkward silence as I looked at their entwined hands.

Finally breaking the silence I heard Thalia's voice, "In here!" Thalia yelled as I saw Thalia rushed in with Annabeth right behind her..

Suddenly I saw Percy stirred again, "Annabeth?" With the words out of his mouth, he opened his eyes.

Thalia looked up in alert as the doctor came in, "Okay I'm going to do a quick check up to make sure he's okay." Dr. Solace told us and we nodded giving him some space to work. After a few minutes of silence, the doctor turned to us and said, "Looks like everything is good, he'll just need to be hospitalized for another 24 hours and I think it'll be good."

"Thanks Dr. Solace," Thalia replied and the doctor left.

With Percy finally awake he took a look around his surroundings, "What? What am I doing here?"

"Let's see you tried to be a hero and punch Luke, but epically failed, so we had to come to the rescue and kick some butts." I told him matter-of-factly.

Percy shot up, and immediately sat down, "Where's Annabeth?" Percy asked right away still wincing in pain.

Annabeth stepped out from behind Thalia, "Stupid Seaweed Brain! You just go and try to get yourself killed!" She looked like she was about to punch him then changed her mind. Bobby and Matthew obviously scared of their sister's sudden anger retreated behind me as I sat down in a chair. 'Poor Percy, he's stuck with two girls that likes him, I can obviously tell Annabeth still likes him. This is like a miracle, the hero wakes up with two girls that like him and- ' My thoughts were interrupted by Bobby's question.

"Who's that girl?" Bobby asked me in silence while pointing at Calypso.

I whispered back, "That's Percy's girlfriend."

Bobby's eyes went wide, "PERCY HAS A GIRLFRIEND?"

Suddenly all eyes were on Percy, Annabeth narrowed her eyes, and for a moment she looked almost jealous. 'MAN! I should've brought popcorn out! THIS IS EPIC! SO DRAMATIC! ALMOST TOO DEADLY TO BE TRUE! PERCY'S IN FOR SOME BIG TROUBLE! And of course I'll try to help him, but it seems if I do, I'll get my butt kicked by a girl.' I sighed sadly.

Percy zeroed in on me, 'Even for a sick patient, he looks pretty healthy to me.' I said to myself then took it as my cue to leave. "I'm going to leave now," I said quietly as I dragged Thalia out the door with me.

Percy's POV:

I was shocked and noticed that Calypso was holding my hand. I just sat there, 'Is she okay? She knows that Luke was cheating on her now, maybe we can….' I stopped myself, 'No Percy! You're with Calypso now, and Annabeth doesn't like you anymore, not after what you have done to her.' I reminded myself. I tried to look happy for her sake, "Yea, uh… we're going out now." I told her and for a moment I saw her face drop, but it seems to disappear just as quickly and I thought I probably must've imagined it.

"Oh," Annabeth said, "I'll come back to visit you later, I gotta take Bobby and Matthew home." With that she left me alone with Calypso.

I sighed in relief, 'Not that I don't want to see Annabeth, it's just so complicated, I don't even know what she thinks of me anymore.'

"Percy are you okay?" Calypso asked me.

I tried for a smile, "Yea I'm good. I'll be back on my feet in a couple days." I grinned.

Calypso face softened, "Please don't hurt yourself again, if Nico and Thalia haven't come you would've gotten hurt real bad." Calypso told me.

I grimaced, "I didn't mean to make you worry, it's just I couldn't control my emotions, he was cheating on my friend. I couldn't let it happen." I told her.

She looked at me thoughtfully. "Just don't hurt yourself again, I thought you were going to die." Calypso told me and I saw a tear slide down her face.

"Hey," I took my hand and wiped it off. "It's okay, once I get out of this bed and all these bandages, I could finally take you on a proper date."

She grinned but suddenly her cell phone rang, she had a quick conversation on the phone and hanged up. "Percy, I gotta go now, I'll come visit you tomorrow." She walked away and turned back around, "Percy, what's your relation with Annabeth?"

I didn't know what to say, 'I don't want to lie to Calypso just like what I did to Annabeth.' I thought. "She's my ex-girlfriend, I just got over her and I know she doesn't like me anymore because of what I've done to her." I tried to reassure Calypso. I silently promised myself that I won't hurt Calypso in any way.

For a second my new girlfriend smiled, "Okay, Percy, get some rest, I'll come by tomorrow." With that she leaned up, gave me a peck on the lips, and walked away blushing.

I sat there alone still trying to wrap my mind around what happened, Calypso kissed me, Annabeth finally knows the truth about Luke. Suddenly, I saw someone walk in, "Hi Annabeth," I greeted her.

She frowned and look at all my wounds, "Why would you hurt yourself Percy? You could've died!" Annabeth yelled at me. I flinched, 'Shouldn't she be thanking me?' I asked myself.

"But-" I begin.

"You could've died," Annabeth repeated. "Why are you so stupid?" I saw tears streaming down her face. "Stupid Seaweed Brain!" She yelled at me. "I didn't believe you and yet you went in and got beatup and amost died." By now the tears were clearly visible, I wanted to desperately reach out and wipe them away but held back.

"Annabeth," I tried again, "You're my friend, of course I'll stand up to you."

"I'm sorry Percy, I was wrong about Luke, I'm sorry that it took you getting hurt for me to see that." Annabeth begin.

"So you know that Luke was cheating on you then?" I asked her and immediately regretted it.

She winced, "Thalia told me" Annabeth hesitated, "She also told me how Luke was the friend that lied to you."

I stared at her in shock, 'Thalia told her?' I didn't know what to say, I stood there shock that Annabeth knew, but also a bit scared of being reminded of it. 'She's hurt, I can tell.' She quickly wiped her tears away, "I'm sorry I didn't believe you. I was such a clueless bitch." She cursed at herself.

"Hey it's okay, it was Luke's fault for being such a jerk." I tried to comfort her, however still feeling empty and scared myself of being reminded of such a memory.

"I'm sorry for bothering you, I'll leave now, I hope you have a great relationship with Calypso." She told me and started walking away.

"Annabeth, wait! Can you…?" I hesitated, 'I didn't want to be left alone, not now, I admit it, I was afraid of being reminded by that memory.' I looked up at her. "Can you just stay here for a bit? Just a bit?" I begged her.

She nodded probably seeing what a wimp I was. About 30 minutes later she was fast asleep in my lap. I looked at her face, 'This is just like three months ago, when I let down my guard and trusted you, and at the same time I also betrayed you. I'm sorry Annabeth, I know you don't like me anymore so I'll move on. I hope you could do the same thing with Luke and move away from him.' I silently told her.

'Just as you hope things will go well between me and Calypso, I hope it'll go well between you and whoever you may love in the future.' I thought sadly.

"You might not love me anymore, but I promise I won't let anything happen to you ever again. I promise, as a friend."

With those last words, I knew that I'll love Annabeth, even though I knew that she'll probably never return it. I sighed in sadness and quickly drifted to sleep once again.

Chapter 21: I Like Him But I'm Scared

Such a great day yesterday, after I put of how Percy got into a hospital, I fell off my bike and had a couple wounds, and yea got yelled at and almost got banned from riding my bike….. not very happy here…I guess karma for me for hurting Percy so much. Ok so enough talking, but this is a bit of a fill in chapter, but I kind of need this chapter in here, so here it is. Thanks Jayne Mays for throwing the phone suggestion! :D


Percy's POV:

The next morning I woke up Annabeth was already gone and the my parents came to visit me.

"Percy!" My mom gave me a big hug. "Are you okay?" She started looking over my wounds, "You are not allowed to ever do that again!" She yelled at me obviously still worried.

"Mom!" I complained even though I secretly was happy that my mom cared about me so much. "I'm okay, see!" I wiggled my fingers and move my arms to show her.

Dr. Solace came in and greeted me, "I see you are well now, Mr. Jackson, if there are no other problems you are free to leave the hospitals in a couple hours, however I'll have a nurse show you how to treat your head wound and bandage it correctly." He told me and left the room.

About a few hours later I was walking out the hospital on crutches as Calypso helped me get to my dad's car and he drove me home letting me rest as Calypso stayed in my room the whole day helping me.

"You finally got home," Calypso congratulated me.

I grinned, "Can't wait to get off these crutches, the doctor said I'm good to go in about 1 week, since I've healed so fast from the head injury." I smiled at her.

"It's a good thing you're a fast healer," Calypso praised me.

I grinned, "I couldn't let you off without giving you that date I owed you." I joked but still couldn't stop myself from thinking about Annabeth, and whether or not she's okay with all the drama because of Luke and all that.

Suddenly my phone rang taking me out of my thoughts, "Hello?"

"Hey Percy! It's me Nico! Nice to see that you're out of that hospital! So listen, since you got beat up pretty bad, there is an option that can get you to sue that bastard, Luke." Nico informed me.

"Nah, I don't want any more trouble, but could I head down to the station to talk to him?" I asked.

"Sure he's still at the station according to my dad, you need me to pick you up?" Nico asked me.

"Yea, kinda can't drive because of these crutches," I told him.

'K, I'll probably be there in 20 minutes or so." He told me and hanged up.

I looked up at Calypso, "Sorry, but I gotta head down to the police station to clear off something with these guys." I told her.

"Luke?" She asked me.

"Yea, seems like I'm able to sue him or something like that." I told her. "But it takes to much trouble so I'm just going to have a talk with him."

She frowned, "Percy, the last time you had a talk, you ended up in the hospital." She warned me.

"Don't worry, I got Nico and plus we're at a police station, lots of cops there." I assured her.

She softened a bit, "Fine, but just promise me not to get hurt."

"Here's sealing in my promise." I leaned up and gave her a kiss. Finally we pulled apart, 'Yes,' I thought a bit gloomy for some reason, 'I'm trying to move on, Calypso is nice, and I admit I kind of like her, but it's going to take a while to get over Annabeth.' I told myself.

"Percy! Nico's here!" My mom called from downstairs.

I grabbed my crutches and started out and turned back, "Come on, you have to go home too." I told her.

She nodded and slightly smiled as she followed me down the stairs, she got into her car and I waved her goodbye.

Nico whistled, "Looks like Percy Jackson has moved on already! After a long period of being dateless, he strikes again!"

I frowned, " I don't know man, I mean I like Calypso but can't seem to get over Annabeth." I told him.

"Come in the car, and the Love Doctor Nico will help you out a bit." Nico told me and I couldn't help but laugh, 'Leave it to Nico, to brighten up the mood.' I thought with a slight grin.

I slowly got into the car and Nico started on the way. "So how's the crutches working out for you?" Nico asked me, "Can I try them later! I've always wanted to try to walk with them."

I suppressed a smile, "Sure man, so what's up with all this police business, I didn't quiet catch it all on the phone." I asked him.

"Nah, just you know like those movies I watch where the evil gangleader, in this case Luke, beats a wimpy hero, you" He pointed to me. "And now Luke's getting his karma and it's up to you to decide of course. If it was me I'd let him rot in dungeons filled with dragons, or you know something like that."

"I don't know man, all these drama thing, kinda hurts my head, I just want to make sure Annabeth will be okay." I told him.

"But seriously man, you risk your damn life just for beating that jerk senseless? You still like Annabeth or something?" Nico asked me.

"Afraid so, but she still hates me, probably grateful for trying to help her with Luke that bastard and all that, but she still hates me because I lied to her." I told Nico,

"You need to relax Percy, your life is like many of the movies I watch, you unlikely hero, will end up with the person you like the most, whether it's Calypso or Annabeth." He assured me. "But seriously Percy, you need to work on your fighting skills. You fight like a guy wearing a tutu, and do not ask me how I even know about that. I do not want to go there." He shuddered. "Anyways, we're here now, and if you feel like beating the crap out of him, just call Nico the Ninja, I strike from the shadows man!"

I looked at him weirdly. 'Nico may be weird, but he's always there to crack me up.' I thoughts with a slight laugh as Nico stopped his car and got my crutches out.

"Wait! Don't get out yet! Let me try these crutches out first!" He yelled at me and started walking on the crutch like a lunatic.

"Whatever man, give me the sticks," As Nico was walking near the door I quickly reach out and grab it away from him, watching him about to fall, but he immediately leaned over and did a perfect, almost dramatic fall and landed on his foot. "What the heck? How'd you do that?"

"Told you! Nico the Ninja!" He grinned with his crooked smile. "Ninja lessons are available after school, for more information please call 925–6107" He said in one of those narrators voice.

"Dude, if I remember correctly that's your phone number…." I told him with a groan.

"Nope, it's also my business number, now come on before that jerk runs away because of what I did to him the other day." Nico told me and rushed into the station with me right behind him.

Annabeth's POV:

After I left the hospital early that day and was clearly still kind of in denial. In one whole day I found out whatever I thought about Luke has been a lie all along, and Percy, stupid old Seaweed Brain, risked his life just to beat up that jerk. I didn't know what to do, in frustration, I threw my cell phone and it laid there probably broken. 'I know that I liked Percy, but because he lied to me I pushed him away, and today, finding out that he lied for me...' I shook my head.

'Give it up Annabeth, the stupid Seaweed Brain doesn't like you anymore, you just left him there and went to Luke' I sighed. 'He probably likes that girl, whatever her name is.' I thought with a bit of jealously. 'I need to talk to Thalia.' I told myself and quickly dialed in Thalia's phone number.

"Hi Thalia, can we meet up? I still can't wrap my head around all this." I asked her.

"Sure, I'll meet you at Starbucks in a couple minutes." She told me.

A couple minutes later I entered Starbucks and found Thalia sitting at our usual place.

"So what did you call me up for?" Thalia asked me right away.

"I don't know, I just needed someone to talk to, I'm not even sure how I feel about Percy anymore." I told her.

"I mean, I hate him for lying to me a couple months ago, but now to find out what he did to protect me, I'm not so sure." I tried to tell her.

She looked at me weirdly, "So it's kinda obvious you like that Kelp Head." Thalia stated plainly and took a drink out of her cup.

I blushed, "What?"

Thalia put down her cup, "First, you were all blushing around him, and second you were obviously jealous when he said he was dating Calypso." She leaned back in her chair. "I don't need to be one of those love crazy girl to know that." Thalia told me.

'Was I that obvious?' I ask myself.

"Yea you were," Thalia answered and I blushed realizing I said it out loud. "And now your face is blushing like a bright red tomato." She sighed.

"Seriously, if you still like him, don't just sit there with your feelings all bottled up like that, it's dumb, stupid and pathetic." Thalia scolded me.

"But, he likes Calypso now." I sighed.

"Your point? Just risk it all, so you won't regret it in the future. If you keep on waiting for the right time like this, it'll be the time of your death before you know it." She told me.

'Thalia could be rude, but she does have a point.' I thought to myself. "But... What if it ruins out friendship?" I asked her, still a bit unsure.

"Ruin your friendship my ass!" Thalia yelled and I flinched. "You dated the only guy in the world that Percy hates, and he use to only date you because of a bet, and look where you guys are." She took another sip of her cup. "Plus, you guys already dated and broke up once and it was because of a lie, not because you guys no longer liked each other. It makes no difference this time except that Percy won't be force to lie to you." Thalia explained her complicated logic.

I thought it over, 'That was true, even as I was dating Luke, I knew I still had feeling for the stupid Seaweed Brain, but…'

"What if he looks at me as just a friend?" I asked Thalia.

"You won't know unless you ask." Thalia replied simply.

I sighed, "If I tell him, and he doesn't feel the same way, it'll be awkward between us." I told her.

"ENOUGH WITH THE IF'S ALREADY!" Thalia took a deep breath and seemed to calmed down a bit. "Look, if you don't ask him, your whole life would probably be filled with regrets and all those shit. If you do ask him and even if he does reject you, at least you'll know how he feels and you won't regret a single thing." She summed it up.

I nodded and sat there trying to accept what Thalia just said, I slumped down in my chair. "I guess you're right." I sighed. She smiled, then I said, "I'll tell him when the time is right."

With that Thalia groaned, "Fine, you do it on your own time," Thalia sighed, "Just don't stress yourself over this too much." Thalia warned me.

I managed a slight smile, "Thanks Thalia,"

"Don't thank me just yet," She warned me. "You're paying for this." She held up 5 cups that she ordered. "They were the special." She grinned.

I groaned, "Why is it always me who pays?" I complained.

"Cause I'm the one teaching and yelling at you." She replied confidently. I frowned as I took out a couple bucks out from my pocket and paid at the cashier.

"You owe me." I growled at her. She simply smiled back as if saying, 'I wouldn't count on it.'

I groaned once again, 'One moment she's all lecturing me and the next I'm buying her drinks.'

"Later Annabeth. See you at school tomorrow." She waved at me and got into her car and drove off.

'Thalia may be right, but I'm not about to rush into another relationship while both of my past relationships have been filled with hurt and lies.' I sighed knowing that it'll be a while before I'll be willing to date anyone, including the Seaweed Brain.

Chapter 22: The Twisted Side of My Enemy

I saw some of you guys asking if that was my phone number or anything like that. Sorry to disappoint those who wanted to find me and kill me using the phone number, but that phone number is just something that I just closed my eyes and pushed 7 numbers on the keyboard randomly of course :D. SO MWHAHAHA YOU GUYS CAN'T KILL ME!

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Percy's POV:

I entered into the police station with Nico, who was still shouting out some Ninja phrases or something. I nudged Nico as we got to one of the officers who was sitting at his desk eating donuts.

Nico saw what I meant and cleared his throat, "Officer Williams, Percy Jackson here," He pointed to me. "He wants to see Luke Castellan." Nico told the officer in a rather professional voice.

The officer glanced up and narrowed his eyes are Nico, "Hey, aren't you the kid that shot with my tranquiller gun?"

I looked at him, almost amused, 'He actually shot someone?'

Nico grinned mischievously, "A rather good aim, officer."

"Whatever, come in kid, the Chief wants to talk to you, he had a feeling you could come back." Officer William said as he led us into a room. On the chair sat Nico's dad, Hades, "Sir, the guy injured from the fight a couple days ago is here and requested a talk with Mr. Castellan." Officer Williams told Nico's dad.

"Ok, leave the gentlemen to me, you may leave. Oh and please bring Mr. Castellan to room 1." Hades told the officer who left right away to get Luke.

"Hey dad," Nico greeted his dad and sat down on the chair, while I stood there standing uncomfortably. Let me explain, I've never been on good terms with Hades, so once we were playing truth or dare and Thalia dared me to call Hades an old sot. Of course at such a small age, I didn't know what it mean and just called him that and well, he haven't been all buddy and buddy with me since then. Not that we've ever been buddy like.

Hades cleared his throat, "Percy, you can sit down, honestly I'm not going to take out a gun and kill you." I sat down. "So you want to see Mr. Castellan? You have the right to sue him for those kind of injuries. I'm sure Nico told you."

I nervously nodded, "Yes sir, but I just want to talk with him." I tried to keep my voice calm and cool.

Hades stood up, "Okay, then let's go."

Nico stood up and I followed right behind him, "What are you going to do to him?" Nico half whispered to me.

"Not sure yet, but for sure I want to beat the crap out of him." I murmured.

Nico grinned as soon as his dad led us to one of those dark rooms. Luke stood there and once he saw Nico he flinched back a bit. 'Nico must've scared the crap out of him.' I thought with a slight chuckle.

I sat down on the chair opposite of Luke and gave me my deluxe glare. "Luke," I said with obvious distaste in my voice.

"Okay gentlemen, we'll leave you here, please refrain from any physical violence, there are some officers outside, if you cause any disturbance." Hades told us. We all nodded and he left, closing the door behind him.

As soon as the door was lock Nico grabbed Luke from behind and made sure he stayed put. Nico let out a menacing laugh, "Told ya, just like I melted from the shadows, Ninja Style, of course." He gave Luke a glare, "Now you better stay still before I try this new move I learn." Nico warned.

Luke swallowed and nodded, obviously scared of Nico. He look at me in distaste, "What? You couldn't fight me yourself Jackson?"

I grimaced but replied, "The last time I fought you myself it was roughly 5 on 1 Luke." I shot back, "Seems like you always like to hide that cowardly ass of yours behind your minions."

He frowned, "What are you here for then?"

I hesitated not knowing what to say, but Nico spoke up for me, "You might wanna shut that stinky mouth of yours because anything you say here could be used against you if Percy decides to take you to court." Nico warned Luke.

For once I saw fear in Luke's eye, "You wouldn't."

"Try me," I told him, "You've hurt Annabeth, cheated on Samantha, betrayed me, I've got nothing left to lose." I taunted him. "I have no plans to have complications with all the court matters for your information, but that doesn't mean I won't. Simple I came here to ask you, why did you cheat on Annabeth?" I paused. "What? You don't like Samantha or something?" I saw Luke paled and I continued. "Three years ago, you loved Samantha or at least you claimed to have loved her. Now? If you don't like Samantha, then why didn't you dump her instead of cheating on her with Annabeth?" I asked him the question that has been puzzling me since the day I got out of the hospital.

He frowned as if not expecting me to ask this, "Let go of me Di Angelo."

Nico shrugged, "If you try any tricks Luke, just know I can beat you up anytime." Nico let go of Luke and sat down in the chair next to me.

I waited for him to answer, but he didn't so I continued, "Isn't Annabeth your friend? Why would you hurt her like this?" I asked him, my voice dangerously angry. "I would've forgiven you if you had been true to Annabeth, but you are just the same as before. The same bastard that lies to get what he wants." I scoffed in his face. "You would hurt all your friends, just to achieve your ultimate goal. Why would you cheat on those two girls?" I asked again trying to refrain from hitting him.

"You wouldn't understand Percy." He said softly.

I stood there shocked, 'The heck? He never calls me Percy.' I look at Nico and he seems to be thinking the same thing.

I tried to study his expression, doubt? Pain? I wasn't sure. "You've never loved Samantha have you? Her role was just to betray us." I told to him in a calm but angry voice. "When she finds out about this, she'll break up with you, maybe then you'll learn your lesson."

His eyes flared with anger, "Don't you dare say that!" He snarled at me, "Of course I love Samantha."

"Does she know you were cheating on both of them?" I asked him again, confused with his reaction.

He frowned, "Why do I even have to answer you?" He questioned me.

I grinned evilly, "Because if you don't, I get to sue you into courts." I replied.

He grimaced, "None of them knew," He said quietly, then glaring directly at me he yelled, "You're the cause of all this mess anyways!"

I was taken back, "You're the two-timing cheating bastard." I shot back.

"If you hadn't decided to date Annabeth, I wouldn't have to worry to step up and protect her!" He shot back.

I glared at him, "The only protecting she needs from is you!" I wanted to punch him but luckily Nico held me back.

"You think we don't know about Perseus Jackson motto, Date and Dump? It's the same thing every time! I'm the one who heard about your bet." He spilled out. "Even though you said you were sincere about Annabeth, you're still going to end up dumping her for some other hottie later on!" He yelled at my face.


He frowned at me, "I treat Annabeth like my little sister, I was going to wait till you give up on chasing after her, then I'll tell her the truth!"

"Just like how you treated me like your little brother!" I shouted.

He grimaced, "Look Percy, I'm sorry I did those things to you, it's just I liked Samantha and I still do." He told me earnestly.

"Then explain Annabeth!" I yelled at him.

"I told you! I didn't want you to hurt her! You are just the player of the school, I didn't want you getting anywhere close to her!" He yelled back.

"You're a liar, you don't care about Annabeth, you don't love Samantha. The only person you care about is yourself!"

"I swear I love Samantha, I care a lot about Annabeth! I don't want to see them getting hurt!"

Nico spoke up, "That doesn't explain anything, if this was all about Annabeth than why would you beat Percy up that badly the day before?"

"I lost control of my anger, Percy was taunting me, he said I didn't care about Annabeth, that just made me mad, I didn't mean to almost kill him or anything like that, I swear!" Luke told me and I detected no lie in his voice. "Sure I was mad at Percy, because I thought he was going to date her than dump her. I promise Percy, I've never meant any serious harm."

I looked down at the table between us not knowing what to say, "I was being sincere about Annabeth. You're the one that made me like this, Annabeth's the one that helped me out of this. What makes you think I would hurt her? I didn't even get over her the past three months, I've only recently moved on." I told him with an edge of anger to my voice.

"I didn't know about that, I thought that three month delay was part of your plan, I didn't trust you, I knew you hated me for what I did before and is taking it out on Annabeth."

I frowned, "I'm not that low, I would've taken it out on you by simple punching your face!" I yelled obvious surprised that he would think I would stoop that low.

"I'm sorry about that, I hated you so I thought Annabeth would be hurt and…" He trailed off.

"Whatever," I stood up with my crutches, "Just don't lay another hand on Annabeth, if you hurt in anymore ways, I'll personally hunt you down." I warned him.

Nico came up to me, "He's telling the truth." Nico whispered.

I stared at Nico as if saying 'What?'

"I put a lie detector tag into a nerve point in his neck while I had him locked under control." Nico told me.

I gave him a thankful look, 'I don't need to be debating whether or not Luke was lying now.' I thought.

Nico walked over to Luke, and locked his arms over Luke's head and pinned his face on the floor. "If I find out you're lying about this Luke…" Nico warned as I saw him read for a tiny object on Luke's neck.

I grinned as Nico let Luke go. I started walking out when suddenly Luke called me back. "Percy, did you tell Samantha yet?"

I turned around and glared at him, "No," I replied coldly.

"Can I just ask for one favor?" I looked at him as he continued, "Please let me tell Samantha myself, I'll go tell her right now." Luke begged.

I thought about it, 'Nico said he told the truth, meaning he does love Samantha…' I softened a bit, "Don't think this counts as a favor Luke, but if you dare hurt Annabeth like this again, I'll punch you to death." I warned him. With that I walked off into Nico's car and got in.

Nico sat down in the driver seat, "So that was rather unexpected of him."

"Yea, but it's weird that he's actually telling the truth." I told Nico.

"I agree man, but whatever, now that's the worst is over we can sit back and relax!" Nico grinned easing up the tension. I smiled and he continued, "You know, if you still want it, the offers still up for the Ninja lessons." Nico offered with a straight face.

I couldn't help but laugh, "I think I'm good man, I can fight."

'Sure…" Nico sarcastically replied as he stopped in front of my house. "Later man,"

I got off and went in.

After eating dinner quickly I went into my room, 'All this drama is gone, probably now I can get a rest and just chill with Calypso,' I thought. 'I hope Annabeth will be okay.' I silently prayed and drifted to sleep, getting ready for school the next day.

Chapter 23: The Pain of Loving Someone

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Annabeth's POV:

The next day I tried to stray away from Percy as much as possible, I still couldn't face him, after all he's done to help me. After school, I hurried up to Samantha's house before Percy can find me, 'Does she know about Luke's cheating? Was she a part of it?' I wondered. I arrived at her house a few minutes later and saw that Luke's car was in the driveway.

I grimaced, 'I have to face him sooner or later anyways.' I nervously stepped on the front porch and was about to knock on the door when I heard some yelling. I'm usually not an eavesdropper, but after hearing the first few words from Samantha I couldn't help it. "I HATE YOU LUKE! Y-you I don't believe you!"

Then I heard Luke's voice, "Samantha, I promise, I was doing this just to help Annabeth, she's like my little sister, I just didn't want her to get close to Percy, so I dated her. She didn't know that I was still dating you I swear, it was entirely my fault." I stood there, not sure what just happened.

I heard Samantha sniffled, "What do you mean? Why would you date her?"

Luke's voice sounds stressful, "I knew Percy was a player, he just dates and dump, and I also knew his next target was Annabeth. But Annabeth was like my little sister, I couldn't risk her getting hurt by Percy. So I lied and said I liked her, but after Percy gives up on chasing after her, I was going to tell both of you the truth! I swear!"

I was stumped, 'Percy fought Luke to defend me, Luke lied and dated me to defend me.' I was confused, this was too much for me. 'Both of them, were trying to help me in their own twisted way,' For some reason even though Luke was lying to me, and he was only faking me, I didn't feel as sad as I thought I would. 'I had thought I liked Luke, but deep inside I knew I only liked him as a big brother. Percy on the other hand….'

"You could've just told me since the beginning, I thought you trusted me." Samantha voice's was filled with hurt.

"Samantha, please I did a mistake, I love you, I still do. I didn't know things would turn out this way. I thought I had it all planned out since the beginning." I heard Luke begged, his voice still filled with pain.

'Even if Luke was protecting me, he shouldn't just lie to me like that!' I thought angrily and a bit hurt that Luke would lie to me like that, even though he said he was protecting me.

"Luke, maybe if you learn to just let things go the way they are, not just making them they way you want them too. You said you were protecting Annabeth from Percy," Samantha paused and let out a sigh, "But I can't help but think that you just couldn't bare someone taking Annabeth away from you."

'Was what Samantha said true? Luke didn't want Percy to take me away? Was he just overprotective?' I wondered.

Luke was silent, "Samantha please." He begged again. "I love Annabeth, but she's like a little sister to me, I don't want any of you guys to get hurt."

It was silent for a while before Samantha answered, "Luke I understand, but you can't just lie like that, you'll just end up hurting us more."

"Please just forgive me this once." Luke begged, I could hear the hurt in his voice.

Samantha hesitated, I could tell that she probably know that Luke loved her, but still debating whether or not to forgive him.

"No." Samantha replied and paused. "I can't forgive you that easily, you'll also have to say sorry to Annabeth for what you have done." I decided this was when I should knock.

Suddenly it was silent on the other side and I saw the door creaked open with Luke's face peaking out, "Annabeth? How long were you standing here?" He asked me shocked.

"Long enough to hear your conversation with Samantha." I replied coldly. 'Even though Luke said he was protecting me, he should know that I hate it when people let me down, lie to me, betray me, just like he just did.'

Samantha came into view, but as soon as she saw me she held her head down, "I'm sorry Annabeth, I didn't know."

'Samantha didn't know about Luke's cheating, but she was the one that hurt Percy.' I looked at her coldly, "Whatever," I turned to Luke, "So it was true you cheated on both me and her. Also you beat up Percy, all because you said you were scared of me getting hurt."

Luke was taken back, "I wanted to protect you, Annabeth." Luke begin trying to defend himself.

I cut him off, "Protect me? I admired you Luke, but after finding out about how you lied to me, played with my feelings, and lastly betrayed Percy." I knew Luke meant well for me, but going through all this…all this lying, betrayal and cheating to do it… is just wrong and he knows it.

Luke's eyes were full of shock, "W-What? How'd you know about that?"

"Thalia told me," I answered then I realized something, then narrowed my eyes at Luke, "You threatened Percy about hurting me." I said my voice shaking a bit.

Luke grimaced, "Annabeth you were like my little sister, I didn't want you to think bad of me, you would feel hurt and betrayed." Luke tried to explain. "But I promise I was fake dating you because I didn't trust Percy was being sincere."

'That was why Percy never told me Luke was the friend that betrayed him, he was actually scared of hurting me. If she didn't care about me, he would've just told me to make me sympathize him.' I thought.

I felt a whole lots of guilt coming into my head, about never trusting Percy. I looked up at my so called big brother, in his caring blue eyes.

"Luke, you made me feel more pain, you lied to me and betrayed me. You could've just told me instead of coming up with this so called plan." I told straight to his face. "I feel more betrayed with people letting me down, Luke. Just don't hurt Percy like that ever again." I mumbled softly. 'He knew! He knew I hated when people let me down! Yet, he continued with his plan to hurt me, and threatened Percy.'

Luke stared at me and he seems to have softened, his eyes looked as if he was the brother that cared for me 7 years ago. "That's the same thing Percy said," He mumbled so softy I could barely hear.

I glared at him, he looked pained, I wished that this was a bad dream, and I would be waking up with Luke, being the big brother he was once. I sighed and turned away, 'Now that I know what Percy have done for me, this just makes me feel ashamed that I never believed him.'

"Luke, just learn to cherish the things you have." Before I turn towards the street I saw Samantha hugging Luke, 'I guess she forgives him, Luke did a lot of mistake but at least he knows who he really loves.' I sighed, 'What about me? Do I love Percy?'

Percy's POV:

Over the next 2 weeks, I went to school as usual, however the atmosphere between me and Annabeth grew more tense and awkward, almost as if she's scared of me. I didn't know what to think, I didn't want her to be scared of me or feel guilty because I got hurt because of her.

Over these two weeks she's been shying away from me, she wouldn't even talk to me except when needed, like during class or drama practice. I was stumped, every time I tried to come up to make a conversation with her, she would make a lame excuse and walked away leaving me there confused and hurt.

She still talked with Thalia and they seemed closer than ever, but whenever I ask Thalia it would be the same reply," It's a girl thing, you wouldn't understand."

Luke seems to be leaving Annabeth alone and I was glad. Believe it or not, he's been less of a jerk than before, but still a jerk no less.

I heard from Nico, that after a while of being in depress mood, Samantha finally found the heart to forgive him for whatever reason. However, I still hate him because of that incident 3 years ago. Still, we are more of strangers than enemies now, so I guess that's a start.

On that Friday, Calypso asked me to meet up with her over at the new arcade in town. We've been dating for more than 2 weeks now. For some reason this week she's been a bit distant to me, I was nervous, and my mind was going through all the 'What if's'.

After finishing rehearsing my lines and attempting to talk to Annabeth for a good hour, I was finally in my car and driving to hang out with Calypso.

I saw her standing in front of the mall waiting for me almost as if she's nervous. In her hand she was holding a white envelope and seems to be holding on to it tightly.

I quickly parked my car into a parking space and got out of my car heading up to Calypso. "Hi!" I warmly pulled her into a soft kiss. She didn't return it.

"Hi Percy," She said with a bit of sadness.

I immediately felt the need to comfort my girlfriend, "What happened? You're okay, Calypso?" I asked her.

Instantly her face brightened, but I could tell something was still bothering her, "Nothing, just something at school." She told me and quickly put the white envelope she was holding earlier into her bag.

She brushed the worries aside and faced me, pulling me into the mall. I remembered this was where I took Annabeth on our first so called date, 'She was good at hockey, actually pretty good at shooting too.' I slightly chuckled to myself.

'What the heck am I thinking? Annabeth's been avoiding me, she must still resent me from before. I'm dating Calypso now, let go of Annabeth.' I told myself again and again.

After a while of hanging out and walking around the mall, Calypso led me to one of these yogurt places, "I like this place," She told me, "The yogurt is good, and I love mixing it with the fruits over there." She told me with a smile on her face.

I tried the yogurt out and added in some candy, blue M&M's along with some blue gummy worms, a bit a blue sprinkle, and to top it with some blueberries.

Believe it or not, it was pretty good. Halfway through my yogurt Calypso put her hands on mines to stop me from eating. I smiled up at her, "What? Jealous of my delicious blue yogurt?" I joked.

I took one glance at Calypso's face and knew she was about to tell me something serious. I put my spoon down, "Hey," I said softy. "What's wrong?"

I was nervous, the scared Percy Jackson in my head was thinking through all the worst possibilities.

'What if she's dying of some sickness? What if she's actually not who I think she is? What if she's possibly cheating on me? What if she's breaking up with me?' I shook my head, 'I've been watching too many drama with Nico lately.' I thought. 'No way, Calypso and me, we have a pretty good relationship.' I assured myself.

I took another look at her sad almost guilty face, 'We are sincere and honest to each other, she wouldn't just break my heart like that right?'

I thought to myself a bit scared as the insecure Percy from many years ago began to surface. "Calypso, you okay? Come on you can tell me." I assured her though feeling a bit nervous myself.

She looked at me, her eyes a bit misty and spoke the five words I dreaded of hearing. "We need to break up." I dropped my spoon and I swear it echoed through my head, those five words.

My heart felt like it was broken into pieces. I looked up at Calypso hoping I have misheard, but her face was sad and guilty as she repeated the words more clearly this time, "Percy, we need to break up."

My whole world was filled with emptiness once again.

Chapter 24: One Last Goodbye

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Percy's POV:

I don't get it Calypso is breaking up with me, but it almost seems like she doesn't want to. My look must've been hilarious, because Calypso managed a slight smile when looking at my face, then immediately held her head down in guilt.

I still didn't get it, I was now heartbroken, that the third girl I've ever liked in my life has decided to break up with me. I felt my eyes getting watery, 'NO! I'M NOT GOING TO CRY! Calypso must be joking, that's it.' I assured myself.

"N-Nice joke," I managed to stammer out.

"Percy, you don't get it, it's not your fault, it's mines." Calypso tried to tell me.

That line sounds way too familiar, I've used a similar line when I was trying to break up with Rachel at the beginning of the year. I heart sunk, 'Calypso wouldn't just play me like that right? I meant I know I deserve it from all the girls I've hurt. I get it I deserve the bad karma! But Calypso, s-she… wouldn't do this to me.' I assured myself. 'She wouldn't, right?'

"You're playing with me, that was the line I would always use to break up with girls, now…" I paused. "You're using it back on me." I gloomy replied with a bit of anger. 'WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME WHO GETS ALL THE BAD LUCK!' I practically yelled inside my head.

"Percy, I'm not playing with you." She tried to tell me, her voice on the verge of breaking. I looked up and saw she was trying not to I reached out to wipe her tears, but she stopped me.

'If she's telling the truth… Why would she break up with me then?' I keep asking myself.

"Just read this Percy," She handed me the envelope she was holding on to earlier. I slowly opened the flap of the envelope and took a yellowish and rough paper out. I started to read the paper, the sadness and a bit of pain building up.

Dear Calypso Titaness,

You have been offered a full scholarship program into the Stanford University of California for your excellence in the medical field. We will cover all food, housing, and school tuition during your term with us. Please consider this offer and contact our office with the information below.

At the bottom it listed the school office hours and contact information and I just looked at Calypso as if I still didn't get it.

"Percy, about three weeks ago, I got offered a full scholarship to study at University of Stanford." She started rushing through her words as if afraid I might interrupt her. "It's a big step for me, it'll help me with my future, I-I wasn't sure because it was all the way across the country." She paused a bit. "In California," She finished.

I was speechless, I didn't know what to say. Calypso continued, "At first I wasn't sure whether or not to take up the offer. We just started out relationship, I wanted to stay here in New York with you, but soon I knew it wasn't the right choice."

I was about to protest when she stopped me and continued, "I saw the way both you and Annabeth look at each other. But Annabeth likes you, I can tell that much, you guys risk everything for each other. Percy if I leave is it for both of our benefits." She paused letting me try to let everything in.

'Wait, Calypso is leaving for both my own good and her own as well? What does she mean? Does Annabeth like me or something?' I was stuck with confusion.

"The way you ended up in the hospital a couple weeks ago, and nearly risk your life just to make sure Annabeth was okay." She looked at me sorrowfully, "Percy, it's not me you love, it's Annabeth, I have my own future over in California. I've already submitted papers to the university, I'm planning on leaving tomorrow. They offered me a special program, and I already made up my mind."

"But, there's nothing going on between me and Annabeth, I would never cheat on you." I promised her.

"Percy, I believe you, you don't need to feel sorry, I know you're a good guy, you would never hurt me, much less cheat on me, even if you love Annabeth dearly. Just be a good friend and wish me good luck over at California." She begged me.

'What do I do?' I knew deep inside the person I love was Annabeth, but Calypso….

"Calypso, I…" I paused not knowing what to say, 'I like Calypso, and I know Annabeth probably still hates my guts, but I really want Calypso to have a good future.' I knew then what I had to say, "You'll keep on contact right?" I said hopefully.

Calypso let out a soft laugh, "Of course, I'll be there whenever you need me, just make sure to not get into more fights of I'll have to fly back here just to treat you." She half joked.

I managed a slight smile, "Don't worry you're my personal doctor." I tried to let out a laugh but failed.

"Percy, you love Annabeth, don't let her get away from you." Calypso advice me. "You can talk to me whenever you want to. Just make sure to not be so locked up inside yourself, be more confident Percy. Not the fake confidence you put up everyday, but the real Percy, the insecure, innocent, and honest person inside. Annabeth will like that Percy."

'She knows me better than I know myself.' I thought. 'That's Calypso for you, always thinking of everyone else.' I thought putting up a sad smile.

She smiled at me one last time and leaned up and gave me a kiss on my cheek. 'One last goodbye,' I thought.

She leaned up to my ear and whispered, "I love you Percy, I always will." With that she left leaving me standing there dumbfounded.

'My girlfriend just left me, and now two girls I like in the whole world that doesn't want me.' I sighed, 'When will I ever get a break from this love life, even Luke, as much of a jerk he is, he always have Samantha by his side.' I glanced up at the stars, 'Maybe I'm just due to a horrible love life. Does the love goddess have something against me?' I angrily thought at some mythical and powerful being. 'I'm going crazy now! Love goddess…. I'm going to get taken into the mental hospital if I keep on thinking like this.'

I started walking towards my car, 'I've had enough with relationships for now. If you're single, you don't hurt anyone nor hurt yourself,' I thought. 'Yea, no one's gonna like a first class jerk like me.' I sighed and got into my car driving home.

The next day I was miserable, I knew Calypso was leaving and probably on the plane right now. I spend the entire weekend at home, still bummed over the breakup. Calypso did call me once she reached California. I was happy to hear that she made it there with no problem.

"Hey Percy, I just arrived at the university. It's amazing here." She told me with a hint of happiness in her voice.

I was glad she was happy over there, but couldn't help but feel a bit heartbroken. "Nice," I managed. "So when are you starting your classes?" I asked her.

"Next week, as soon as I get settled into my dorm. Percy, I'm really sorry on leaving on short notice." She tried to tell me. I grimaced but kept silent. "I know we could never be together, Percy, just…." She paused as if the words are hard to get out. "Just try to make up with Annabeth, it's obvious you like her." She told me.

I grimaced, 'It's not easy talking to your ex-girlfriend about your ex-ex-girlfriend that you still like.' I thought.

"Percy, I-"Suddenly she stopped and I heard someone on the other line talking to her. "Percy, hey I gotta hang up now, my roommate is here. I'll call you back later." She told me and hanged up.

I just sat there trying to ease off the tension by reading over my script, memorizing the lines, practicing the role.

Finally, I couldn't stand it, quickly I got into my car and drove to the place where I first decided to trust Annabeth.

I parked my car in it's usual place and hiked up the hill while trying to focus on anything other than Calypso or Annabeth.

I sat up there at the top of the hill looking out into the city, 'What am I waiting for?' I sighed, 'More like who am I waiting for.' I knew I was wishing for Annabeth to somehow magically appear in front of me and say that she forgave me, or something like that. 'Never gonna happen in this life, Einstein.' I told myself with a frown. I lied there until the rest of the day clearing my head of those despairing thoughts.

Nico's POV:

I arrived at school the next day and my beautiful girlfriend called me over. I leaned down and gave her a kiss that soon turned out into a make out session. Finally we pulled away and she told me some news.

"Calypso broke up with Percy." Thalia told me.

"Wait, what?" I asked her again obviously confused.

Thalia managed a slight laugh and slowly said to me, "Calypso. Broke. Up. With. Percy."

I frowned, "No, yea I get that but weren't they all lovey dovey the other day?" I asked her.

"From what I heard she was offered a scholarship or something over in California." Thalia informed me.

"Oh, how's Percy taking the news?" I asked my girlfriend.

"There he is now." She said pointing to a sloucing figure in the parking lot. "Might as well try to cheer him up."

'Poor Percy, he must've really have ba luck to have all the girls he likes break up with him.' I thought as I followed Thalia towards Percy.

"Hey Percy, wassup man?" I greeted him, while holding my hand up for a high five. He nodded his head and went back to being in depress mood while just leaving me hanging. "That's cold man," I said with a slight frown.

I reached out an patted Percy on the back, "No worries Perce, you can get any other girl in a matter of time," I looked around. "Look there's Drew over there, go ask her out." I urged him on. "She's pretty and hot."

Thalia cleared her throat and glared at me. I quickly corrected myself, "I mean, second hottest after my girlfriend of course." She still kept her glare at me.

Percy lifted his head up, "I'm taking that you guys heard?"

"Yea, Thalia here told me." I told him wrapping my arms around Thalia's shoulder.

"There was another reason why she broke up with me though." Percy told me keeping his voice low.

I frowned and looked at Thalia as if saying, 'Did you know about this?' Thalia shook her head, looking as confused as I was.

"She also said that I still liked Annabeth, I'm so confused right now." Percy sighed. "I'm not even sure if I want to have a relationship right now." He frowned, "I'll see you guys in class later than." He told us and walked off.

As soon as he was out of sight I turned to my girlfriend, "Did someone abducted Percy Jackson?" I asked her.

Thalia looked at me weirdly, "Really Nico, alien abduction?"

I grinned, "Anything is possible right?" Then I frowned, "But you sure that's Percy that just talked to us, I mean it could possible be an alien wanting to take over the world."

"I'm pretty sure that was Percy." Thalia told me with that weird look still on her face.

I wasn't so sure, 'Ether Percy's really hurt, or alien abduction.' I thought about it, 'Yea definitely alien abduction.'

Then suddenly Thalia's eyes narrowed, "And what did you say about Drew being pretty and hot," She said with an edge of jealously in her voice.

'Shit I'm in trouble!' I frowned. 'Or…..COMEBACK TIME!' I simply grinned, "Someone's jealous!" I said in a annoying voice.

She frowned then smile at me again with a mischievous glint in her eyes, "Someone's cheating?"

'SHIT! I don't have a comeback for that!' I frowned, "No fair! You always win!"

"56 zip!" She grinned, "You have to have better comebacks than that Nico!" Suddenly the bell rang and she started walking away, "I'll see you later." She ran back and gave me a peck on my cheek and hurried off to her next class.

I frowned, 'She always win the comeback game! NO FAIR!' I accidentally yelled aloud causing many stares. Blushing with embarrassment I hurried to my first period class.

Chapter 25: Drama Depression

HAHAHA! So I had a pretty good day yesterday. So any Korean fans out there? My sister are crazy about some Korean bands out there, and she would go crazy when they are shirtless, and I would tease her for being a pervert for some guy name Rain (is that how you spell it?) and guess what I earned? A couple punches and a few kick from my sister ouch…. My back still hurts. Okay enough talking , so here's a chapter for you guys, and a bit of a Percebeth moment, and Percy might seem a little OOC in the beginning because he's still kinda depressed.

Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson *sigh* There happy! Well I'm not!

Nico's POV:

By lunching I saw Percy was still depressed, 'And he calls me emo!' I thought. 'But this is seriously freaking me out, it's like he's turning into the grudge or something' I shuddered.

I walked over the table with my hands on Thalia waist, "How was your little talk with Annabeth at break?" I asked her.

Thalia smiled, "Nico, you never ask girls about their private conversations." She looked at me disapprovingly. "It's a secret that stays between us girls."

I pouted, "I'm your loving boyfriend though! Don't I get to know these things?"

Thalia simply laugh, "Now how about we walk to the table and comfort Percy."

"Comforting? Not exactly my strong suit you know?" I tried to tell my girlfriend. "I'm not a people's person." I mumbled remember the last time I tried to comfort a person they ended up turning out….let's just say not so normal.

"Come on, it doesn't hurt to help someone Nico." She told me. I let Thalia drag me to our usual table where we saw Percy just sitting there staring into space. I looked around for Grover, he's usually the first one here.

"Where's Grover? He's usually here before us. Was he here?" I asked Percy.

Percy looked at me as if out of a trace, "He went off with Juniper." Percy told me and went back to his depressed state.

I turned to Thalia and whispered to her, "I'm gonna have a little guy talk with Percy, "

Thalia nodded as if understanding then gave me a kiss. "I'll come back after I grab some food for us." My girlfriend told us and rushed off.

I slightly laugh, 'Yea right, Thalia's gonna buy food for us, yea that's gonna happen.' I thought cracking up inside.

I sat down next to Percy, "Wow, look who's the emo kid now!" I laughed at his depressed state hoping that it cheers him up.

Percy stayed still almost as if he's dead. 'Shoot! What if I killed him with my wonderful jokes!' I worried a bit.

"Percy? Percy?" He stayed still. "Hey, man, not cool, I might be funny but you don't need to laugh to death because of my humors." I said now worried a lot. I started shaking him. "Percy! Percy!"

Finally he looked up, "You called me?"

I frowned, 'Percy was never like this before, he's almost like a living zombie! ATTACK OF THE ZOMBIES! He wasn't even this bad when Samantha broke up with him. I guess having two girls you like breaking up with you, must be pretty hard.'

I looked at him in sympathy, "I called you almost a million times, you okay? You've been acting like a freaking zombie, and uh… it's freaking me out!" I practically yelled at his face.

"It's nothing," He mumbled.

"Really," I snorted. "A guy, an old time player at that, getting dump by the one girl he likes and the other who he loves but denies it."

Percy looked up clearly shocked now, "Wha- What? Love? Who said anything about love?"

I frowned at him, "Don't act stupid like usual Percy, you obviously love her."

"Her?" Percy asked me.

"Annabeth, who else?" I calmly stated. "It's kinda obvious you still liked her even though you're dating Calypso, sometimes I wonder what goes on in that little head of yours. " I grinned trying to ease the tension.

"Calypso said she likes me, but I'm not so sure, I tried to talk to Annabeth this morning in class an she just made an excuse saying that she's busy. " Percy explained.

"Nah, you're just probably scaring her with your zombie mode." I told him.

"Nico, if you're trying to comfort me, calling me an undead zombie is not really helping." He whined.

"Wow, I never knew Percy Jackson could be such a whiny baby!" I said trying to make him crack a smile.

He was silent, 'What the heck? He didn't even try to deny it! Something is serious wrong with Percy.' I thought with seriousness now. 'Great I have to go comfort him now, this will be awkward.'

"Perce, if you like Annabeth you might as well turn your charm on and try to get her." I tried to tell him. 'Yep definitely awkward.'

He looked at me weirdly, "Not gonna happen Nico."

"Do you like her than?" I asked him.

"Obviously yes, but she hates my guts." Percy told me with his head down.

"Wow, and have that ever stopped you?" I asked with a hint of a smile on my face. "Come on Percy, you guys are playing this out to dramatic, has she ever said she hates you?"

Percy paused and thought about it. "No, but it's more complicated than that." He told me while looking over to the right.

I glanced over the direction he was looking at and saw Annabeth sitting there reading a book. "Excuses, what's the complication then?" I said obviously not convinced. He was silent and I grinned, 'Looks like one point for Nico!' I was satisfied, "Dude, stop drooling over her, if you still like her, go ask her out! It kinda sucks seeing you here alone and depressed." I told him. "Seriously man, go and ask her out."

Before he could answer me, Thalia came back to the table, I looked up at my girlfriend, "So where's the food you promised?" I asked her with a hint of a smile. I knew it! She wasn't going to buy us food!

"Really? You actually expected me to buy food?" She said with a smirk.

"Nah, not really," I said with a grin and turned back to Percy, "Well?"

He frowned then suddenly the bell rang, "Later Nico!" He called out and rushed off before I could ask him anything else.

"Stupid bell!" I yelled out and Thalia looked at me weirdly. "Just had to ring at this moment huh?" I said taunting the bell as people walking by looking at me weirdly.

Thalia sighed, "Nico, you're seriously lucky that you're good looking."

I frowned, "I know right- Hey! What's that suppose to mean!" I yelled out to my girlfriend.

She grinned, "Come on, you might wanna get to class before you're late again, like this morning."

"OH SHIT! I'm late! I only got 3 minutes!" I quickly rushed towards my next class while my girlfriend was laughing her butt off.

Percy's POV

After my last class I rushed out to the music department and entered the theater where I saw Annabeth on stage already practicing her lines while Ms. Melpomene was rushing towards other students trying to fix any mistakes.

I walked up to Annabeth who didn't noticed I was there yet. "Hey," I greeted her and she jumped out of her chair.

She looked at me startled, "Oh, Percy," Her eyes darted around nervously, "Hi,"

I thought about what Nico had said, 'Is she scared of me?' I asked myself, "So, what scene are you practicing? I could help you." I offered,

She glanced up at me hesitantly, "Scene 6, kind of need Romeo for that part." She said a bit nervously.

I almost got out laughing, 'YES! Scene 6! I get to kiss her! Even if it's on the cheek but still!' I depression mood now gone. 'Maybe Nico was right. Maybe she does like me.'

"I mean we'll work on that scene later, um how about Scene 8 then." She changed her mind.

'Then again, maybe Nico is wrong.' I sighed. "Yea sure." I said obviously disappointed. "So which section are you struggling with?" I asked her leaning over a bit and smelling the sweet smell of honey from her hair. I mentally slapped myself, 'Percy! Stop being a pervert!' The little voice inside my head told me.

She pointed to a little excerpt in the middle of the page, I read it over. "Ok so the stage position, you start out by standing over there by the little blue tape I grabbed her hand and dragged her over."So I'll be lying here, pretending to be dead and you'll just read these lines mourning for my death, then stab yourself." I explained to her. Suddenly she tensed a bit and I realized that I was still holding her hand, not that I mind. I looked at Annabeth and saw her blushing a bit. I couldn't help but grin a bit, 'She's blushing! That means she probably like me right?' I asked myself.

I was happier than ever, I was still holding her hand and she haven't even made a move of letting go of it. 'Okay Percy calm down, you could get your charm back by giving her a ride home later like a gentlemen,' the cool little voice in my head told me and I mentally agreed with it.

"So," She said still not making any motion to grab her hand away, but is stealing glances at out entwined hands. "I just start by standing out on this blue tape and just say those lines and simply die." She confirmed.

I nodded still concentrating on the fact that we're holding hands. 'Man I'm acting like a little kid,' I yelled at myself. She finally let go of my hands and ran over the lines and pretended she was holding a knife and fell down in an uncomfortable position. I hurried over to help her up, "You're kinda new to this falling thing huh?" I asked her laughing a bit.

She sighed, "Yea, kind of."

"You want me to help?" I offered. She hesitated and nodded. "So as you fall make sure you know where you want to fall. It also helps if you roll over a bit putting the pressure on your shoulders so it doesn't harm your back as much." I stood up straight and pretended to fall and roll into a comfortable position. "Kinda like that."

She nodded observing my technique then tried it out for herself. She learned pretty fast an after about 30 minutes of practicing Ms. Melpomene said practice was over. Before she could leave the building I rushed up to her trying not to lose my confidence, "Annabeth!" I called out.

She glanced over at me, "I gotta go home now Percy, I'll see you later," She said nervously and hurried out.

I grabbed her hand to stop her, "How about I take you home? It'll be faster." I told her knowing that she couldn't make up another excuse.

I took her silence as a yes and dragged her to my car. 'Man! I haven't had Annabeth in my car for a long time! I miss this.' I thought as I turned out of the school's parking lot. 'Come on Percy! Tell her you still like her!' my brain said. I frowned, I was too nervous but I tried, "Hey, uh… Annabeth?"

She glanced over, "Yea?"

"You know, umm… Calypso just broke up with me, and she told me that I might-" I was interrupted by Annabeth's phone.

"Tell me later." She told me.

I frowned, 'Just when I had the confidence to tell her, the phone just had to ring.'

"Hello?" She said to the phone, "Yea dad, I'm on my way home," She paused listening to the voice on the other side. "Yea, Percy's taking me home." Her dad said something and her face frowned, "Dad, he's busy!" Annabeth yelled into the phone. "Okay, I'll ask him." She said and hanged up.

I looked at her, "What was that about?"

"Nothing," She said, "Hey, are you busy today?" She asked me.

I thought about it, 'Today, is Monday, mom's probably home late and dad's on some business trip right now.' I almost cracked a grin, 'Was she asking me out?' I asked myself. "No? Why?" I asked her back hoping for a date.

"Just that my dad invited you to dinner. Are your parents okay with that?" She asked me blushing a bit.

I frowned, 'Awww, I was hoping for a date, but at least I get to hang out with Annabeth,' I assured myself. "Yea , they are gonna be home late today anyways." I told her with my charming smile. 'YES! I'm back! Happy old cool Percy is back!' She turned away but I could swear I saw her smile a bit. We sat there in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, "So," I begin my confidence lost already, "Have you met anyone else after you know Luke?" I asked her hoping she would say no.

"No," She said and I did a little victory dance in my head, "I'm not really interested in another relationship right now." She continued and my face fell.

'Could it be that she's trying to push me away?' I asked myself.

"How about you and Calypso? I heard from Thalia that she moved to California." She said and I could detect a little happiness in there. "Or are you guys keeping a long distance relationship?" She asked her tone now disappointed.

'Wait, if she's pushing me away, why would she be happy Calypso is moving away?'I wondered. 'Gods, girls are so confusing these days.' I silently groaned. "Nah, I don't really believe in these long distance relationship, it's just fantasies, we broke up a couple days ago." I also wanted to tell her more but my tongue betrayed me.

I took the time to look over and saw a faint smile playing on her lips, she wiped the smile off and turned back to the street, as I took a turn into her street. She looked at me surprised, "You still remember where my house is?" She asked obviously surprised.

"Yea, I have a pretty good memory," I lied. 'Liar!' The voice inside my head scolded me, 'You're just a little stalker that drives across her house everyday but never seems to walk in.' I frowned at my thoughts, 'Shut up!' I yelled at my head. I must've said that aloud because Annabeth looked over a bit worried.

"Huh?" She asked.

"Nothing, just having a debate in my head." I mumbled. "This is your house right?" I asked her. 'Whatever, you already knew that Percy.' The voice said again. 'Just shut up, people are gonna think I'm going crazy again.' I told my brain making sure not to yell it outside.

"Yea, just come on in. My dad is still a big fan of yours." She teased me.

I grinned in spite of myself, "What can I say? I'm such a gentlemen." I praised myself.

She playfully punched my shoulders, "You wish Seaweed Brain." She shot back.

I grinned, "Isn't that why you love me?" I tease her back and I saw her frown for a second. 'Wait why is she frowning? Was it something I said?' I asked myself. 'We were just back to normal and she even called me Seaweed Brain for the first time in weeks.' I whined.

"Come on, let's just go in before my dad comes out and drag us in." She told me still probably distracted by some thought.

Chapter 26: Interruptions


Percy's POV:

I followed Annabeth into her house. "Nothing changed much." I remarked.

She smiled at me, "You actually remembered how it looked like?" She asked.

"Of course not, your brother caught us-" I stopped myself, 'No need to get back to awkward mode.' I told myself, but Annabeth already knew what I was saying.

"Yea," She said blushing quite a bit before turning around. "Come on," She told me and opened the door with her keys. "Dad, Percy's here." Then to me she said, "Just sit down on the couch, I gotta go and put up my bags in my room." She told me.

I frowned really wanting to go up with her, "How about I help you bring up your books, it seems like a heavy load?" I asked her clearly making up an excuse to go with her.

She managed a slight smile, "Sure," She pointed to the books on the table, "You mind bringing those three books up?" She asked.

I nodded and happily followed her into her room. As she opened the door I peeked in, "Just put those books down there and you can go down." She hesitated a bit then almost quickly she put in, "If you want."

I couldn't help but grin, "I think I'll stay in your room, it's more cozy." I told her.

"Well, make yourself comfortable then, I gotta put these up there." She said pointing to the shelf and quickly grab and chair and stood up her fingertips barely reaching the top.

I was about to go over and help her when I suddenly saw her about to fall. "Hey! Watch out!" I called out to her and rushed over. She turned around to see me and I dived over before she could do a face dive into the floor. I landed on the floor with a thud right on my back. I looked up and saw Annabeth's face just inches away from my own.

I realized with a shock that Annabeth was right on top of me, her lips are just less than an inches from my own. I didn't know what to do, we just laid there with her on top of me. Weirdly it didn't feel uncomfortable at all. I stared into those grey eyes and without knowing so I leaned up a bit slowly closing the gap between us.

Suddenly a voice cried out from in front of Annabeth's room. "Annabeth! Dad said to come down and eat!" Bobby called out to his sister. Annabeth quickly got off me and we quickly broke away from each other.

Bobby's face popped into the room not a second too late and he saw both of us with out faces probably red. "Percy!" He yelled, "You're here?" Bobby cried.

I tried to fight the blushing and grinned to Bobby, "Uh.. Yea, your dad invited me to dinner, We'll be down there in a second." I told him and Bobby happily got out of the room and down into the kitchen. I looked at Annabeth, trying to wrapped my mind around what just happened and saw that she was blushing as well.

"Are you umm… okay?" She asked me.

"Uh… yea." I replied back suddenly nervous. 'What just happened?' I asked myself. 'Was I about to kiss Annabeth?' I asked myself again, "Um… you want some help with those books?" I asked her. She nodded hesitantly and I climbed on the chair and quickly put the books in the shelf.

"Thanks," She mumbled.

"So," I begin trying to forget about what just happened, "Did you memorize the lines for the play yet?" I asked her.

She smiled a bit with her face still having it's faint shade of pink, "Yea, how about you?" She asked.

"Same here, I heard you've been hanging out with Thalia lately." I suddenly blurted out.

I noticed she blushed harder when I asked that. "Yea, she's helping get through some stuff." She replied briefly.

"Oh, so I'm guessing we should be heading downstairs." I offered. She nodded and led me downstairs. We sat down at the dining table, and I was wary at the fact Annabeth's hand was brushing against me under the table or the fact that she's sitting right next to me and I can't stop thinking about how close we were to kissing.

"Percy!" Bobby said as Mrs. Chase brought out the food. I glanced over at him, "Percy! You still owed us that trip to the amusement park!" Bobby said jumping up and down in his seat with his brother.

I looked over and saw Annabeth frowning, "I already took you guys though, and it was the zoo." Annabeth corrected.

"Yea, but we like going with Percy!" Matthew chimed in.

I couldn't help but grin a bit, "Why not Annabeth guys?" I asked the boys.

"She's boring!" They said as if they rehearsed it before.

I couldn't help but crack a smile and leaned over to whisper to Annabeth, "What did you do? Bore them with animal facts?" I couldn't help but teased her. She looked as if she wanted to punch me and I couldn't help but grin, 'Look likes everything is still cool between us.' I thought.

Apparently I said that a bit too loud, "Yea she talked about some cage structure and all that! Me and Bobby were bored and the only fun part was the cotton candy!" They whined. I cracked a smile as Annabeth glared at me harder.

"How about this? I'll take you guys to the new amusement park across town on Saturday, that is if your dad let's you." I offered as I saw smiles forming across the boys face.

"Dad please!" They both begged Mr. Chase.

He smiled a bit, "I guess since you guys haven't been anywhere lately, but Annabeth is going along to make sure Percy doesn't spoil you little devils too much." He said as he ruffled a bit of the twin's hair.

Annabeth and I looked at each other nervously, 'Saturday is going to be a very interesting day.' I thought finally.

After dinner was finished Bobby and Matthew hurried out to play their games while Mr. Chase went into her room. It was only me, Annabeth, and Mrs. Chase, sitting in the living room. "So Percy, I've never had a talk with you about dating my daughter," she begin.

I instantly blushed and Annabeth suddenly said, "Mom, we're not dating anymore, we broke up about three months ago, seeing that we were not that compatible." Annabeth quickly said and disappointment build up inside my head.

'We're not compatible?' I asked myself.

Mrs. Chase looked at us almost in confusion, "You guys broke up?" Her face almost looked as disappointed as mines. "You guys seems pretty friendly to me." He said.

I decided that maybe Annabeth still just wants to be friends and let out a sigh, "We're just friends now." I explained.

"Oh," she said but she seems to be looking back and forth between us. "Well, I'll leave you two friends with one another then." She said emphasizing the word friends. She walked off following Mr. Chase up into their room and I just sat there with Annabeth.

Finally I broke the silence, "You were saying that we were not compatible." I asked obviously hurt.

"No, it's just that if my parents found out you dated me because of a bet they would murder you alive." She reasoned.

I nodded a tiny spark of hope flickered in my head. "Oh, so you don't want me dead? Am I that special to you?" I teased her a bit.

"Nah, I just don't want to get my house dirty." She shot back grinning.

"But I already showered today." I countered.

She thought about it, "But you're brain is always full of kelp and I've never liked that smell." She argued back still grinning.

I frowned knowing I have lost the senseless argument, then I decided to ask the question that's been bothering me since the afternoon. "So why aren't you interested into another relationship right now?" I suddenly asked remembering our conversation in the car.

"Huh?" She looked at me confused.

"You said that you weren't ready for another relationship for a while, why's that?" I asked her.

"I'm just not ready for another fake relationship, like the one Luke planned out and…" She stopped but I knew what she meant. 'Like the one I planned out as well.' I grimaced.

"Oh," I said obviously disappointed. 'Now you know that she'll never date you again you stupid Percy!' I yelled at myself. 'I've hurt her pretty bad, but I was sincere in the end.' I argued with myself. 'Still you lied to her.'The voice said again. I sighed knowing that chances of her wanting to get back together with me was nearly impossible. I took a look at the watch. "Well, it's almost 9 I'd better get home before my parents wonder where have I been." I told her.

"Here, I'll take you out." She offered.

She led me outside and I turned around, "Hey, so I'll see you at school tomorrow?"

She smiled, "Yea,"

Before I got into my car Annabeth leaned up and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "That's for taking my brothers to the amusement park on Saturday. I couldn't help but blush a bit, luckily it was nighttime so she probably couldn't see my face.

She turned around and walked back into her house while I stood there touching the place on my cheek where she just kissed me. 'I guess if we can't be together, being friends would be okay.' I thought as I went into my car and started driving home.

Annabeth's POV:

The next day at break Thalia hanged out with me like usual, "Hey Thalia," I greeted her.

"So Mr. Jackson seems pretty happy today, what did you guys do yesterday?" She teased me a bit.

"My dad just invited him to dinner." I told her.

"And?" She asked determined to get more out of me.

"Well, when we were in my room, I kinda fell down, and stupid Percy tried to be all heroic and catch me and…" The words got stuck in my head and Thalia grinned. "Anyways." I continued clearing my throat. "Bobby interrupted us and seriously Thalia I don't think he likes me."

Thalia looked confused, "Please! The Kelp Head was grinning ear to ear this morning and kept touching his cheek."

I couldn't help but grin a bit. "What?"

"He was all touching his cheek before class today acting just like the Kelp Head he is." Thalia explained and almost cracked up.

"But, he didn't even said he liked me or anything, he's probably just got a bruise there or something." I pushed the thought away.

"Really?" Thalia said grinning mischievously, "I heard his excited voice said that he's taking you and your brothers to the amusement park on Saturday and you should know that Percy is a bit slow when he's serious about something or you'd probably made him lose his confidence." Thalia explained.

I grimaced, "Well I did kind of mention that I'm not ready for another relationship and-"

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" She yelled at my face getting lots of looks from people, but as usual she ignored it. "SERIOUSLY HE'S TOTALLY CRAZY ABOUT YOU! JUST THE OTHER DAY, HE WAS ALL DEPRESSED, NOW THAT YOU KISSED HIM ON THE CHEEK HE'S ACTING LIKE SOME CRAZY HAPPY PERSON!" She yelled in my face.

"I don't know, I just suddenly got nervous when he ask questions like relationship stuff and then my mouth just blurts out something stupid, " I admitted.

"Wow," Thalia exclaimed a bit sarcastically, "So did he make a fool of himself?"

"No not really, " I said remember the amusement park 'date'.

Thalia sighed, "Whatever, just come sit with us at lunch maybe you could get the Kelp Head to stop acting crazy."

It was finally drama class, and I admit I was a bit excited to see Percy. We ran over eight scenes in the play and the doofus finally kissed me. I also admit that there were butterflies in my stomach when his lips touched my cheek. Finally lunch came and I walked over to where Thalia, Nico, and Percy was.

"Hey guys." I said casually setting my food down.

Percy looked at me in shock and I saw he was still holding his cheek, he quickly pulled his hand away. "Oh, hey Annabeth, what are you doing here?" He asked me blushing a bit.

"Thalia invited me over to sit with you guys." I replied. Percy moved over a bit to give me some room, and I sat down right next to him.

"So Percy, why are you holding your cheek this whole morning?" Thalia asked with a smirk.

Percy was caught off guard, "Uh… nothing, I just fell down the stairs today, and it's been hurting ever since." He said but I could tell he was lying.

I grinned a bit, 'Stupid Seaweed Brain, does he likes me?' I wondered.

Thalia smirked, "Anyways, what are you guys doing this Saturday?" Thalia asked both of us. 'Me and Nico are going somewhere, you guys wanna join us?" She asked.

"I'm busy," We both replied at the same time which made me blush.

"I mean, umm... I'm taking my brothers somewhere," I told her not wanting her to tease us any longer. I pushed that thought aside and we talked about recent assignments until the bell finally rang.

Nico's POV:

After school end on Friday I met up with my girlfriend at my car. "Hey Thalia!" I called out to her.

She rushed over. "So did you brought the tickets yet?" She asked me grinning mischievously.

I smiled and held up two tickets. "Percy said he's going to this park." I replied.

"Those two won't know what hit them!" Thalia exclaimed. "This will be like torturing them." She grinned.

I smiled, "I got my camera!" I said holding up my digital camera. 'MAN! THIS WILL BE HILARIOUS! We'll be like spies coming in from behind taking pictures! It'll be AWESOME!' I thought.

Thalia grinned evilly, "This will be fun!" She laughed evilly. I smiled, 'Nothing better than an evil villain but an evil villain with an evil girlfriend.' I smiled.

Chapter 27: Spiders and Egos

Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson, but I do own these really worn weapons *holds up a shotgun*

Percy's POV:

I woke up early on Saturday, well for me it was pretty early for a Saturday. I checked my watch, '8 in the morning' I thought, 'It's Saturday,' I thought groaning a bit. Then I remembered the park. 'YES! It's Saturday!'

I jumped out of my bed with a start and rushed into the bathroom getting ready. As fast as I could I brushed my teeth clean and white and quickly went into a shower for a quick wash. About 5 minutes later I was back into my room and trying on different kinds of shirt.

'Red shirt? Blue shirt? Plain old white t-shirt? Maybe striped? Or some lame logo?' I thought anxiously as I tried on different style of shirt. Finally I settled for a plain white t-shirt, 'Maybe she won't think I'm paranoid if I go plain and simple.' I thought, then grab out my good pair of khaki pants. 'Perfect!' I thought to myself with a smile and took a look at myself in the mirror. 'Maybe I can ask Annabeth out on a date or something, or maybe she won't be awkward around me with me looking like this.' I thought with a grin.

I walked down into the kitchen with my mom already there making some food, while my dad was reading some newspaper about fishing. My mom turned around and looked at my face, "You are cheerful today Percy." She complimented me. "Do you have a date with someone?" My mom teased me.

I frowned a bit embarrassed, "Mom," I told her, 'Man, I'm getting seriously too old to still be teased by my mom,' I thought with a laugh. She held her hands up in surrender. "I'm going to go somewhere for the whole day, don't wait up for me for dinner."I told her.

"Okay, Percy, don't get home to late." She told me.

I grinned, "Gotcha, bye mom!" I waved to her. "Later dad." I nodded in his direction and he barely glanced up as he read from his newspaper.

I headed into my good car and drove to Annabeth's house while humming some random cheerful tune. I finally got to her front door and calmed myself down. 'Calm down Percy,' I told myself. 'Don't get your hopes up to high, she probably only thinks of this as a group date, not romantic date.' I told myself. After going through a few deep breath I knocked on the door. The door swung open at once there stood either Bobby or Matthew.

"Hey Percy!" He quickly jumped to give me a hug.

"Wassup little man!" I said ruffling his hair. "So which one of the twins are you?" I asked him with a grin.

"I'm Matthew!" He told me still smiling. "Are you really going to take us today?" He asked his eyes gleamed with happiness.

I grinned," Percy Jackson is at your service." I told the little boy.

He smiled, "Bobby! Annabeth! Percy's here!" Matthew said shouting. Then in a lower tone he whispered to me and I could've sworn I saw a smirk on his innocent face. "Annabeth spend lots of time in her room trying to decide what to wear today. Do you like her?" He asked me with the smirk now spread across his innocent face.

I blushed, 'Seriously! A mere kid making me blush!' I thought a bit embarrassed. "Matthew that's big kids business." I told him with a stern voice but I'm afraid it didn't come out that way.

Before Matthew could say anything Annabeth walked out with Bobby right behind her. I looked at her she was wearing a simple short shorts along with a plain white tee. She looked beautiful, casual but beautiful. I stared at her for about a while before clearing my throat. "So uhh… Shall we?" I asked her.

She let out a slight smile, "Come on Seaweed Brain, time for you to feel the torture of taking my brothers with you to an amusement park." She told me as she tucked her pretty blond hair into a Yankees baseball cap.

"Nah, they seems like perfect angels to me." I said. "And plus, nothing that I can't handle." I boasted with a grin. 'Good, calm and cool Percy Jackson,' I thought happily.

"Lead the way then Mr. I can handle everything." She told me sarcastically.

Finally as us four got settled into the car with me and Annabeth in the front while the two boys in the back. "Percy! Can we go on the new rollercoaster?" One of twins asked as soon as I got into the street

I simply laugh, "Course we're gonna go on all the rides!" I replied enthusiastically.

Annabeth simply looked at me in pity, "Just don't regret what you say Seaweed Brain." She told me, while flashing a glare at her brothers but they didn't seem to notice. "We'd better get home by 8 there's still something I need to finish up." She said.

I laughed, 'You just don't know how to have any fun!" I told her. "Relax a bit and just forget about homework for one day, and you'll see how fun life can be." I told her while taking a turn.

"It's not homework!" She gave a frustrated yell.

I simply grin back at her. "Whatever you say, Wise girl." I retorted back and put my eyes back on the road rather than get distracted by her flawless face. After a few silence I decided to turn on the radio, fortunately or unfortunately Annabeth decide the same thing and without looking I reached and grabbed her hand. Quickly I released it blushing a bit, I glanced at the mirror to make sure Bobby and Matthew wasn't looking. "Umm… You go ahead and turn it on." I told her as I saw Bobby and Matthew fast asleep in the car seat.

"So," I began after the first couple seconds of the song. "You ready for the performance this week?" I asked her.

"Yea a bit nervous you know? But excited as well." She replied and I couldn't help but think about the situation a couple days ago in her room where we almost kissed.

"So, you got all the lines memorized yet?" I asked her.

"Of course, and thanks for helping me with those scene." She thanked me.

"Hey, no problem, we're friends right?" I told her. 'But I wish that we could be more than friends.' I said silently in my head. I turned into the amusement parking lot. "We're here!" I announced. Instantly I saw Bobby and Matthew shot up from their seats. I laughed, "I thought you guys were asleep."

Bobby replied, "We were and then in my dream, something told me to wake up."

I laughed at his explanation. "Okay, whatever you say Bobby." I parked my car into an empty space and turned off the engine. "Come on, let's go buy you guys some tickets." I told them as I took off my seatbelt.

Soon we were lining up in front of the entrance with our tickets. "Ticket's please." One of the workers asked. I handed him our four tickets and he let us in. As soon as I got into the park, I saw people everywhere.

"Percy! We have to go on the rollercoaster first!" Matthew yelled as he pointed to some ride called the Vortex.

Annabeth smiled at her brothers, "Okay, go get in line, we'll be right behind you." She told them. The twins quickly ran into the line and Annabeth turned to me. "Good luck, this is only the beginning of my brothers' torture." She told me with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

"Nah, I think going on rides like these are fun!" I told her with a grin. "Come on! Your brothers are saving spots for us." I quickly grab her hand and dragged her to where Bobby and Matthew are. When we finally reached the line, I saw Bobby and Matthew saving our part in the line. I ran towards them, still dragging Annabeth right behind me.

"Wow, looks like we're almost at the top of the line." I exclaimed as soon as we got near the twins. "It's a two persons ride." I noticed. "So who's with who?" I asked them.

"I call Matthew!" Bobby said as he grabbed his brother.

I smiled, "Then I guess I get your sister to myself, we could go buy some food and not share them with you guys after the ride." I teased them.

Annabeth stood there laughing, while Bobby and Matthew are complaining, "Percy! That's not fair! You have to buy us food or we'll die!" Matthew whined.

Bobby on the other hand frowned, "Then I call Percy then! Percy you're riding with me!"

I tried not to laugh, "Too bad, I wanna ride with Annabeth." Bobby and Matthew started tugging on Annabeth shirt and trying pull her away from me. I glanced at Annabeth face who was bit her lip to keep from laughing. "You guys can't take Annabeth away from me!" I grinned wrapping my arms around Annabeth's to keep the boys from hitting her.

They frowned again, "No fair Percy! You're stronger!" Matthew yelled.

"Yea, and we're hungry! You promised us food!" Bobby whined.

I laughed, "Okay, I'll go get you some cones later." I promised them, then added, "But Annabeth and I will get the larger size." I teased them again.

They pouted as we move up towards the ride. "Please Percy!" They begged again and again.

"Fine," I replied still trying not to laugh.

"You'll buy us anything right?" Bobby made me promise. "Promise?

"Sadly yes." I teased them.

Suddenly Annabeth leaned up to my ear, I tensed a bit, 'What is she doing?' I wondered. 'Is she gonna kiss me?'

Instead of kissing me she just said, "You're gonna regret making that promise," I don't know if she noticed my arms were still wrapped around her waist but she made nothing of removing it, and I'll admit it, I was glad, I haven't been this close to Annabeth in a while and I could smell the honey scent in her hair. 'Percy stop being a pervert.' I scolded myself.

I suddenly thought I saw a flashed behind me. I glanced back but saw nothing. 'Probably just some people taking pictures of themselves.' I decided

"Two person per seat. Please keep your hands and feet in the ride at all time…" The worker told us and I just nodded not really listening. Bobby and Matthew quickly hopped into the front seat, leaving me with Annabeth in the back. I reluctantly released my arm around her waist.

"Ladies first," I said politely gesturing the seat inside.

"Are you scared?" She taunted me.

"Nah, I'm just being a gentlemen and letting you get in first, but since you don't want to, I'll happily go in first than." I teased her stepping past her and sitting down while grinning my cocky smile towards her. "Well aren't you gonna get in?" I asked her with a bit of a smirk. "I'm guessing you're scared of roller coasters than." I grinned.

She frowned, "You're such a Seaweed Brain." She finally decided and got in next to me.

Soon the cart started moving up, I might not be a fan of the air as much, but I love roller coasters. Slowly it moved up to the very tip and without warning it stopped leaving us stranded at the very top. I grinned and looked over at Annabeth before our cart took a nosedive. "You know… it's not too late to back out of this if you're scared." I taunted her.

She simple grinned, "You're kidding me. I love roller coasters." She shot back.

"Whenever you want to, feel free to close your eyes." I grinned and instantly our cart shot forward and soon we were going at top speed. I put my hands up and felt the wind hitting against my face and the thrill of the ride as we went down, then got flipped backward, and did a loop.

I heard Annabeth screamed in delight to my left. In about a minute or so we were back on solid land, and me and Annabeth met up with her brothers. "So," I said after we went on a couple more rides. "You guys scared of anything?" I grinned mischievously.

The twins tried to look brave. "Nope." They answered in unison.

"TIME FOR THE HAUNTED HOUSE THAN!" I yelled earning a couple stares from people. I pointed towards a scary looking house.

Soon we were at the front of the line waiting to get in. I quickly got into the haunted house with Bobby and Matthew already clinging to my hands as soon as the first skeleton popped out. Finally we reached the next room, and I saw it was filled with bugs and such. The twins seems to relaxed a bit as soon as they saw no more monsters popping out, but Annabeth was another story. I looked at her, "You okay? You're kinda pale." I told her.

"Spi- Spider! AHH!" She screamed. A huge back spider popped out in front of us, and Annabeth screamed and quickly grabbed onto my hand.

I quickly blushed and suddenly saw something flashed in the back I turned around but say nothing but darkness. 'My imagination,' I assured myself then turned back to Annabeth paled face. "Annabeth you okay?" I asked her again, but it seems like she didn't hear me.

Another spider suddenly started towards us. Annabeth let out a strangled scream, while Bobby and Matthew just stood there grinning like fools. I felt Annabeth gripping my arms more, I glanced over at the twins, "Is she okay?" I asked them.

They smiled mischievously as is remembering something pleasant, "She's scared of spiders." They replied simply.

I looked at Annabeth, who was paralyzed in fear. I tried reassuring her, "Annabeth these are not real. They're fake spider." Another one crawled past us making Annabeth shiver in fear as she clung on more to me. 'This is so unlike Annabeth.' I frowned.

I leaned down to look directly at her face that was still clouded with fear. I quickly grabbed her close to me and led her out of the room with Bobby and Matthew right behind me. Suddenly I saw a flash of light again. 'I'm imagining things a lot today.' I thought as I glanced back and saw nothing but darkness.

We finally got out of the haunted house and Annabeth released her grip on me. "Sorry, just um… spiders, I'm not a big fan of spiders." She tried to explain.

I grinned, "You sure it was the spiders? Or you were just trying to get close to me, I know I'm pretty charming." I teased her. Guess what she gave me after all I need to help her out of the haunted house? "Ouch!" I yelled holding my hand to my jaws.

"Don't count on it Seaweed Brain." She scoffed at me.

Bobby and Matthew stood there speechless. "You got beat up by a girl!" Matthew yelled and then cracked up alongside with his brother.

I frowned and Annabeth just grinned. "This is for your big ego, Jackson." She told me.

'I don't have a big ego!' I frowned, 'Do I?'

Chapter 28: Weird Kidnappers

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Percy's POV:

We went on a couple more rides until finally Bobby and Matthew decided it was time for lunch. "Ooh! LOOK THERE'S LOTS OF FOOD THERE!" Bobby yelled pointing towards one of the snack stands.

Annabeth frowned, "That's ice cream stand. We're looking for real food, not snack."

I just laughed as I looked at their pouting faces. "Eat first, I'm hungry, then we'll go buy some ice cream later." I promised them.

They both grinned, "Can we eat pizza?" Matthew asked pointing to one of the restaurants.

"Okay, go pick out your food, we'll be right there." I said and gave them 20 dollars. I took my time walking as the twins hurried off to grab their plates. I walked in a comfortable silence with Annabeth and looked over seeing her glancing at some owl prize at one of the games. I grinned, 'Hmm.. She likes owls.' I remarked. I grabbed her hand, "Come on! I wanna try something." I told her dragging her to the game.

"Bobby and Matthew are over at the food line Percy, this is no time for games." She scolded me.

"Relax." I assured her. "Knowing those boys they'll try to fill up their plates enough for 10 people to eat from." I told her with a grin. "Come on, I haven't played these games in a long time." I told her and without waiting for her to respond I walked over to the basketball shooting game.

"Hi, can I try it?" I asked the worker.

He looked at me, "Sure, it's only 5 dollars every 3 throws. Make all three shots you get a big prize, make 2 you get a medium prize, make 1 you get a small prize." He explained. I nodded and he gave me a basketball.

I smirked at Annabeth. "Watch and learn."

She smirked back, "Yea, right I doubt you could make all three shots."

I grinned, "Wanna bet?" I offered. "Losers do anything that the winner says." I told her.

She smiled back and shook my hand. I grinned, 'This is gonna be so easy.' I stepped up to the line and quickly threw the ball in. '1 down 2 more to go.' I thought. I easily made the second shot and looked over seeing Annabeth look a bit hesitant. "You know..? It's not too late to back out." I told her with my cocky grin.

Her grey eyes looked over me, full of pride, "Don't count on it Jackson."

I smirked, "Okay, then don't blame when I make you do something…. Scary… you know like spiders." I teased her a bit and I saw her eyes flashed with fear, but it disappeared almost instantly. She motioned me to make the shot. I paused and took a deep breath. Then jumped up for a shot, it lingered around the rim a bit, and finally made it in.

Annabeth frowned, "What do you want me to do Seaweed Brain?" She asked me with evident anger in her voice.

"Nah," I said calmly, "I'll think of it later, but first I need to get my prize." I walked over to the worker, "Three shot and a big prize?" I asked him. He nodded. "Can I have that owl up there?"

He nodded and quickly got it down, I quickly walked back over to Annabeth with the owl in my hand. I tried to clear my face of any emotions and casually slipped the owl in her arms. "Here, for you." I told her and gave her the prize.

She looked at me, a bit shock, maybe even suspicious. "What's this for?" She asked, narrowing her eyes a bit.

'She's suspicious of you.' I told myself. "Nothing," I said desperately trying not to blush. "Just felt sorry for your lost, so decided to get you something." Before she could ask any more questions, I quickly changed the subject, "Come on, don't be such a slowpoke, Bobby and Matthew are waiting." I commanded her. She looked at me a bit, as her cheek took on a shade of red, "And you still owe me something." I reminded her and dragged her back to the food place. We walked around the resturant a bit.

"Where did they said to meet us?" Annabeth asked me.

"I think they are getting pizza or something." I replied and looking towards the pizza stand. "Come on, they are probably around here somewhere." I walked toward one of the pizza stand near the restaurant. "They're not here." I said after we searched for almost an hour.

Annabeth looked worried, "We need to find them." She told me again in terror.

I tried to reassure her, even though I was worried like hell. "Don't worry we'll find them. Come on, let's go to the information center, they probably ran there if they are lost." I reasoned.

She nodded and followed me to the information center. By the time we were at the front desk, my head was filled with sweat and I could hear Annabeth panting behind me. She stomped right up to the desk, "Excuse me, are there two boys here, twins." She asked the guy up front.

"Nope, no one's been here all mornin', I've been sitting here bored of my mind ma'm." The guy replied in a southern accent.

"Thanks, if two boys report to here can you call us?" Annabeth asked the guy.

"Sure, no problem," He said eyeing her a bit. An unfamiliar feeling came up and I quickly stepped up and put a reassuring arm across her shoulder. His gaze dropped and I felt a bit accomplished.

I leaned forward and quickly scribbled my name across a piece of paper before Annabeth could give that guy her phone number. "Here, call me when you see them." I told him and quickly rushed Annabeth out.

Annabeth's face was still sullen as we stepped out, I tried to comfort her. "Come on, we need to look for them before the park closes, we still got at least 5 hours." I told her. "Do they have a phone?" I asked stupidly.

Annabeth looked at me weirdly, "Why would a bunch of elementary kids have a phone?" She snapped.

I just simply shrugged. "It would help us find them." I reasoned.

"You're such a Seaweed Brain." She murmured. "Come on, we have to search the whole park in 5 hours." She told me and yanked my hand.

After about 3 hours of searching I was worried, and Annabeth was near collapsing. "Where are they?" Annabeth screamed to no one in particular.

"You okay? You look a bit sick." I asked looking her over, her face was a bit pale and she looked exhausted.

"I'm okay." She mumbled as her leg suddenly gave out and she almost fell. I quickly reached out my arms to catch her.

"No you're not." I decided. "You need to stay awake if you want to find them." I told her still holding her up. "Come on, take a break, I'll go buy us a couple snacks." After I walked her over to a bench I came up to the nearest food stand and bought two hotdogs. "Here, eat," I commanded her.

"Thanks." She replied and took a bit out of her hotdog. "When I find them they are dead." She mumbled.

I imagined what Annabeth have planned for her brothers when she find them and couldn't help but shudder. "Calm down. They are probably just hanging around some food place." I put a reassuring arm around her shoulder. I couldn't help but think how much we look like a couple right now, 'A boyfriend reassuring his girlfriend.' I thought, 'If only that would happen.' I sighed and saw some light coming from behind. Annabeth must've saw it too because she turned around.

"Did you see that?" She asked me.

I nodded, "Been seeing flashes all morning probably just some tourist." I told her.

Before she could answer me I heard her phone rang. "Hello?"

I heard some mumbling on the other line. Annabeth's face suddenly showed fear. "What? Ferris Wheel?" I heard her screamed into the phone. "Hello? Hello?" She put down her phone. I could see a bit of tears being held back. She looked at me, "They got kidnapped. The kidnappers told us not to call the police and to meet them at the Ferris Wheel or else they'll chop off one of my brother's arm." She told me.

'What? Why would someone wanna kidnap those twins?' I wondered a bit worried. "Come on, let's go to the Ferris Wheel." I told her but she didn't move. "Come on!" I yelled again worried about Bobby and Matthew's safety.

"We should call the police, we can't trust these kidnappers." She told me.

I frowned, "They specifically told us not to call the police."

"I'm worried, what if they already got hurt! They were screaming in the phone." Annabeth said.

I didn't know what to think, I've never had a sibling. 'She's scared,' I told myself. 'Comfort her then you stupid kid.' My brain told me. I just leaned down and gave her a hug. She tried to rip away from my hug at first but I held on tight, soon she relaxed a bit and rested her head on my shoulder. I could tell that she was trembling with fear. "Hey," I whispered softly. "We'll find them, just calm down." I told her soothingly. After a couple seconds I loosen my grip but Annabeth's head was still rested on my shoulder.

I shook her lightly, "We still need to go to the Ferris Wheel," I reminded her.

She tensed and backed away from me and I saw her cheek take on a light shade of pink, "Sorry, I was just tired." She told me. "And thanks Percy."

I felt my face heating up. "That's okay, come on, let's go to the Ferris Wheel and see what these kidnappers wants us to do." I told her. She nodded and we walked towards the Ferris Wheel.

"This is a big Ferris Wheel." I exclaimed when we reached out destination. "How are we gonna find Bobby and Matthew.

"I got a text." Annabeth announced.

I looked at her phone and took a look at the caller's id that just said Restricted, 'Dammit! We could've tracked down the phone number.' I thought.

"We need to know who you are, so stand right in front of the Ferris Wheel and kiss the guy that took you and your brothers here." I read the message aloud in disbelief. 'What kind of kidnapper needs us to kiss?' I wondered.

"What kind of kidnapper needs us to kiss?" Annabeth asked me.

I looked at her in shock, "You just read my mind. I guess we kiss then." I told her trying to keep my voice monotone.

"This is a weird request," She mumbled. "So umm… front of the Ferris Wheel." She looked around realizing we were in front of the Ferris Wheel.

"At least it won't be awkward." I offered, "We've kissed before." I told her trying to ease the tension. 'You're making it worse.' My brain told me. 'Shut up' I told it. I looked at Annabeth and saw that she was blushing. "Well, let's get this over with then." I leaned in until we were about an inch apart, but I stayed there. 'Come on, it's for rescuing her brothers, it's not like she's gonna reject you.' I told myself.

I quickly closed the gap between us. I was planning to make it a quick kiss just so the kidnappers would recognize us and let Bobby and Matthew go, but let's just say it wasn't what I planned. As soon as I touched her lips, my arms made its way around her waist and I pulled her in. I felt Annabeth's hand around my neck and she was kissing me back.

I deepened the kiss when suddenly I heard a clicking sound. "Wow! Don't let me stop you, keep on kissing." A random guy told us, snapping a picture.

I quickly pulled away from Annabeth, both of our faces were red. 'Holy shit! We almost made out in an amusement park!' I thought. I walked up to the guy who was snapping pictures of us. "Give me the damn camera!" I said feeling embarrassed.

"Dude, no way, that's the best shot I've taken all day!" The guy grinned. I made a grab for the camera when suddenly I heard Annabeth calling my name.

"Percy, another message!" I quickly ran over letting that camera guy out of my sight.

I looked at her cell phone message, "Good, now that we know who you are and that you don't have the cops following you around, there's a note under the seat of the 5th Ferris wheel cart. The blue one, read it and follow the instruction." I looked at Annabeth. "Let's go on the ride than." I said dragging her onto the Ferris Wheel.

Nico's POV:

"They're on the Ferris Wheel." I told them. "Now where's Cerby with my blackmailing camera?" I asked no one in particular.

As if on cue, Cerby came back grinning. "Hey!" Got their picture, dude, I could've gotten killed!" Cerby told me with a look of fake terror on his face. I grabbed my camera and gave it to Thalia.

"Sorry about that, man, but at least you made it out alive. Here's 30 bucks." I handed Cerby 30 dollars and he went off.

I turned around and saw Thalia grinning at the pictures. "Yep they totally still like each other." She decided. "But are you sure this plans gonna work?" Thalia asked me.

"Positive," I told her with full confidence. "It works in movies all the time!" I exclaimed. I turned to the twins, "You guys wanna torture your sister and Percy?" I asked them. They nodded still eating their pizzas. I clapped my hands together and grinned evilly. Thalia stared at me. "What?" I asked her.

Thalia sighed, "Sometimes I wonder what goes on in your head Nico."

I grinned, "It's a head full of scheming and knowledge," I replied thinking about some preview dramas I have watched. "Don't worry this will go great we got blackmail material, so even if they find out it's us, they won't kill us." I reassured my girlfriend.

"I think…?"

Chapter 29: Couple Feelings

OKAY YAY GOT THIS CHAPTER UP! A bit longer than a typical chapter but yea I think it has plenty of Percebeth.

Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson…..sadly I never will…

Percy's POV:

We quickly got on the huge Ferris Wheel, "They said the 5th cart but how do we know which one is the fifth?" I asked her stupidly.

Annabeth sighed, "Percy there's numbers on the carts, and there's number 5, a blue cart." She explained pointing to one of the seat.

I grinned sheepishly, "Oh, I knew that."

"Sure you did." She shot back. "You're such a Seaweed Brain."

I tried to fight my embarrassment, "Whatever, let's just get on the stupid ride and find those kidnappers." I told her and quickly made a grab for her hand dragging her to the line, 'Wow, we're holding hands a lot today.' I thought, 'Not that I noticed it or anything…No, I gotta focus on finding Bobby and Matthew, I can dream about my fantasies of having a wonderful girlfriend like Annabeth later.' I reminded myself.

We got into the line and some photographer came up to us, "Sir, would you like to take a picture your with beautiful girlfriend?" I heard some random guy's voice probably asking some couple. "Sir?" The guy asked again.

I turned around. "Me?" I asked.

The photographer nodded. "Would you like a picture with your beautiful girlfriend?"

I'll admit I was a bit happy that he thought we were a couple, however sad that in reality we weren't. I forced out a fake laugh, "No um…" I hesitated a bit after I noticed that we do look kind of like a couple. I was still holding on to her hand and she was sort of leaning towards me.

I noticed his voice sounds a bit familiar, I tried to get a closer look at his face, but it was masked.

The guy grin, "Oh, come on, it's not everyday you get a picture with your girlfriend!" The guy told me. "Come on, one picture won't hurt!" He tried to convince us.

I looked at Annabeth who just shrugged, "Okay I guess one picture is okay."

His grin got wider than I thought possible, "Okay so why don't you put your hands around her waist, just like the loving couples you guys are." He commanded us. I nervously wrapped my arms around her waist and posed for a picture.

Annabeth sighed and whispered, "Honestly Percy, I don't bite, you can put your arms on my waist." She told me.

For some odd reason, it gave me a sort of confidence as I pulled her body in closer to mines, "Perfecto!" The guy said again in his familiar voice with a bit of a rough Italian accent. "Good, good, now give your boyfriend a kiss!" The guy urged on.

I looked at him awestruck. I would be lying if I said I hated this guy, he's actually giving Annabeth a chance to kiss me! Even though my heart was doing leaps in the air I managed to keep a straight calm poker face.

Annabeth hesitated then leaned up and kissed me on the cheek. Instantly the guy took the picture as my cheeks started to warm up. "Perfecto! Good! I love this!" He quickly took the snapshot out of the camera and gave us a copy. "Here you go. No cost! The shot was perfecto, free of charge for a perfect couple like you." He told us in that familiar Italian accent. "Stick it to your cell or something, the glue never wears off."

We accepted the picture, "Thank you sir," I told the Italian guy.

"No problem, just don't let her out your sight lad, she's a keeper, and you guys are a good couple." The Italian guy told me in a low voice so Annabeth wouldn't be able to hear.

I tried not to show any emotions as he said that, 'I wish we were a couple.' I thought, but I just replied, "Okay, thanks again uh.." I stopped waiting for him to say his name.

"Call me Nicholas Death Ninja." The guy told me with a gleam in his eyes under his mask.

I frowned at the weird name. "Thank you Nicholas Death Ninja."

"Well, see you later lad," The guy told me and quickly ran off, probably to find another couple to take pictures of.

I turned back to Annabeth who was taking a look at the picture that we just took. "That guy was pretty friendly, he does seems kind of familiar though," Annabeth noticed.

"Probably because we have seen lots of weird flashes lately?" I guessed.

Annabeth nodded but didn't look convinced. "It was a nice picture though." She said holding up the snapshot that Mr. Death Ninja have given us. I looked at the spare picture he have given me.

"Yea, the picture's pretty good." For a second I forgot that we were suppose to find Bobby and Matthew instead I just stared at the picture of Annabeth kissing thinking if she had only lowered her kiss a bit then... My thoughts trailed off. Annabeth took out her phone and peeled off the picture. "What are you doing?" I asked her.

"Pasting it on my phone of course." She replied. "I like this picture, I mean not because of the kiss." She rushed through her words while blushing. "I meant the scene behind it has such wonderful architecture." She explained hurriedly.

My heart sank lower, 'And just when I thought she might just like me.' I complained. "Yea," I tried to sound happy. "That's a good idea, maybe if I put a picture of a smart girl like you in the back of my phone people won't think I'm so dumb." I grinned stupidly.

Annabeth seem to blush in pride that I called her smart. "Did you just called me smart?" She asked me with a grin that I haven't seen since she found out Bobby and Matthew got lost.

"Well unless you know anyone else name Wise Girl, then I guess you are smart." I sighed dramatically as we reached the end of the line. I saw the blue cart with the number 5. I grab Annabeth and pointed her towards the seat. "Come on!" I yelled. "Let's go!" With a start Annabeth smile dropped as she remembered what happened to her brothers. We finally got settled into the seat, when Annabeth got the another text.

"Check under the chair you'll find a note written." Annabeth read from her phone.

I reached under my seat and felt an envelope. Quickly, I opened up the flap, and a paper with horrible writing on it fell out. I squint my eyes to get a better look at the letters and read it:

"If you want to find your brothers alive and unharmed, follow these steps, at each place you'll find a note written like this until we have gotten what we wanted.

Go on the next ride near the water place, it's called the Thrill Ride O Love. We will know which seat you'll be in so just go ahead and look behind the seat once you get into your cart.

Before you go, however, there's a recorder on the left of the seat pick it up and we need you to record something, read off the piece of paper attached to the recorder.

If you do not follow these instruction we will chop off one of their arms.

P.S. Leave a cash payment of $50 in the hidden compartment inside the envelope and place it under the seat.

From The Kidnappers"

I finished reading the letter and searched around the Ferris wheel and found the recorder with a piece of paper attached to it. I looked over the paper. "These guys seems like stalkers!" I exclaimed. "They know where we are every second." I reasoned. I looked over and saw Annabeth panicking, I put an arm over her shoulder comforting her. "No worries we'll find them. Come on, let's start with the recording."

I handed Annabeth the paper she has to read off from, "What is this?" She demanded looking at the random words on the sheet of paper.

I glanced at the paper taped to the recorder and tried to read it. "Je encore vous le souhaitez…" I stopped. "What the heck? Is this code word or something?" I asked. Annabeth shrugged.

"It sounds like another language, but I don't know," Annabeth admitted.

I pretended to look shock, "Wow! Something Wise Girl doesn't know." I said easing the tension a bit.

She punched me on my arm. "Shut up Seaweed Brain, it's just a bunch of gibberish. Let's just get this over with." She told me.

I took noticed of how close we were to each other, she body was nearly pressing against my chest and my arm was still dangling over her shoulder comfortably. "Ok," I replied trying to ignored that we were so close together. Annabeth pressed the record button and pointed the recorder towards me. I began the weird code words on the paper.

Finally I finished just in time for us to get off. I quickly hidden all the objects back into place and put $50 dollars into the envelope.

As we got to the exit Annabeth suddenly stopped, "What does these people want?" She asked me. "They are not making any sense, why would they kidnap our brothers just for a mere 50 bucks!" She yelled.

"Don't worry I promise, we'll get them back." I assured her trying to comfort her yet again, but I was sincere, 'I promise I'll be there for her, and I will.' I told myself.

We walked to the water ride with my arms comforting on her should around her the whole time. She didn't push it off and of course I don't want to let her feel scared or anything like that.

"We're here." I said and I led her into the Thrill Ride O Love. "If you ask me, this looks like a very old ride." I said. "Barely anyone's here." I noticed.

I took a look around my surroundings. It was well pretty empty compared to all the other rides in the park. It seems almost like a couples' ride with all Valentine theme popping up every now and then. The planks on the boat that is used to glide through the water is so loose, I think it could've broken any second. 'They definitely need to remodel this.' I thought with a grimace as I saw how dirty the water was. I could almost imagine how beautiful this place probably had been. A bit intimidating if you're alone but as a couple then it makes you feel welcome. 'Why am I feeling welcomed then?' I asked myself. I shook that thought off, 'No we're not here on a lovey dovey date or what not… we're here to beat the crap out of kidnappers,' I sadly reminded myself.

"Come on, let's get on, the sooner we do the faster we'll find them." I sighed then brought Annabeth over to one of the really horrible boats.

I looked over at Annabeth, she looked so worried, sad, so unlike her. I'd give anything just to make her get mad at me and call me Seaweed Brain. Suddenly the boat launched forward abruptly. A sudden noise almost made me jump right out of the now slow moving boat.

I looked at her as if saying, 'Another text?' She nodded and gave me the cell phone after reading it over.

"WHAT THE HECK? NO THEY CAN'T DO THIS!" I nearly yelled out to no one In particular and temporary lost control of the boat and it tipped to the side. The boat toppled over and we were sent flying off the boat. I landed with a splash inside the current of water with Annabeth no where to be found. I tried to fight the currents, swimming in the opposite direction to look for Annabeth. 'Is she okay?' I worried. "ANNABETH!" I screamed on top of my lungs trying to put my swimming skills to the test. 'This may be an old ride but the water currents are still strong.' I thought.

I suddenly heard a sudden sound. I turned into the direction of the sudden noise just in time to see a blond streak of hair go under. A new rush of energy renewed itself into my body. I expertly swam towards the direction of the blond hair, still fighting against the ride's current. Finnaly I grab ahold of a hand, Annabeth's hand. I put on my lifeguard training skills and carried her motionless body while swaying in the water letting the current carry me along. I finally found a place to rest and carried Annabeth bridal style to land and laid her down on the ground.

I pushed my hands on her stomach and tried to push all the water out. "Come on," I murmured silently. After a couple pushes I decided to go to the last resort, CPR. I took in a huge intake of air and quickly brought it to her mouth. She's still not waking up! "Come on! Wise Girl get up!" I yelled after a few attempt.

Nico's POV:

"Oh hey! He actually gave me $50 dollars!" I grinned holding up the $50 from the envelope.

"Why did he give us $50?" Thalia asked me.

"Cause I made him." I replied easily. "Plus, we need some money to buy food later!" I concluded. "So we might as well let Percy provide us with the food." I turned to Matthew, "you got the recording kid?"

He held up the camera. One blackmail material recorded! I grinned. I looked down and say Annabeth walking with Percy comforting her, they look almost like a real couple. "Told you these movie tricks really helps!" I happily said.

"Okay you win!" Thalia frowned.

I kissed my girlfriend, "Wow, first time you said that Thalia." I informed her.

"Cause you're usually wrong Nico!" She implied. I just shrugged, 'The hero of the movie are usually not always right.' I thought.

"Nico!" Thalia half whispered to me. "Come on we should go help them!" She yelled in a whispered tone.

I knew we couldn't interrupt them now, it was the crucial part. "No, Annabeth is okay, not that Percy needs to know, it's just a slight blackout."

My girlfriend looked at me in amazement, "You planned this?" She asked me with an evidence smirk. "I never knew you were so cunning."

"Of course not, this type of thing is something only Annabeth could plan." I said matter of factually. "But considering Annabeth is the injured one, I highly doubt it."

"Then she could be seriously hurt!" Thalia argued.

"Nope! These materials on the walls don't kill, only hurt." I told her I looked over at Bobby and Matthew, my little evil student in training who were still filming Percy and Annabeth.

Thalia nodded not really convinced. "But what did you send her that Percy freaked out so much?" Thalia asked.

I grinned mischievously, "Nothing just told our little Percy that he has to marry Annabeth and of course it would be Percy who freaks out."

"You're gonna blow our cover!" My girlfriend yelled at me.

"Nah, Percy is too much of a Kelp Head to notice anything, I mean I was even a photographer Nicholas Death Ninja." I reasoned. "And don't worry this part is crucial, if Percy can get Annabeth to wake up then there's only one more thing for us to do."

Thalia smiled, "Why are you so smart with this stuff?" She asked with a smirk.

"I don't spend all my time doing nothing." I told her back. "But they'll find out eventually that is why we need blackmail material." I told my girlfriend. "They are such kids, so blind." I sighed. "If both of them just admitted they liked each other we wouldn't have to go through this." I complained.

"They are both too stubborn." Thalia sighed.

"Like you're not."

"You're so asking for it Di Angelo." Thalia zeroed in on me with her death glare.

I shrank back a bit, I may have been with her for song long, but her death glare never gets any less scarier. She leaned into me a bit then lifted her head up still glaring at me.

'OH SHIT! SHE'S GONNA KILL ME! STUPID AWESOME ME!' I screamed inside my head. Still Thalia leaned her head in closer and I couldn't help but noticed she had to tip toed to reached my height. I burst out laughing.

Thalia glared in angriness. "What th-?" She begin.

"Sorry," I said unable to control my laugher. "As scary as you are, the fact that I'm taller than you doesn't really help with the intensity that you're trying to build up."

I leaned down to my girlfriend's face and was about to lean in to give her a kiss when suddenly Bobby's head popped out from nowhere. "They're gone!" Bobby told me. "Me and Matthew were talking and then now they're gone!"

'SHIT! MY PLAN'S RUIN! No wait I could still contact them on the phone,' I thought.

I took out my phone and tried to text Annabeth's but it must've gotten wet or something. 'I'm so stupid! Great now no way to contact them. Wait the devices!' I remembered. 'I put a tracking device when I gave them that picture!' I grinned evilly. "Let's go stalk our lovely friends."

Chapter 30: The Clueless and The Evil

Disclaimer: I OWN PERCY JACKSON! *police comes in with guns pointing at me* OKAY! I DON'T OWN PERCY JACKSON! THERE HAPPY! *police leaves*

Percy's POV:

"Come on get up!" I yelled at Annabeth's unmoving face. Suddenly I heard a slight cough from her mouth. I quickly got her to sitting position. I stared right into her face waiting for her to open her eyes. 'Come on open your eyes already!' I silently pleaded. 'Please be okay.' I begged again and again. 'Stupid me! Freaking out because of a stupid message! Why of course I want to marry Annabeth in the future it's just…' I paused.'STUPID! You're just a dumb coward!' I yelled at myself. I wanted to punch myself over and over again until she wakes up.

Another cough of water came and splash me in my face. I quickly brushed it off, "Annabeth?" I asked again. After one more cough of water she finally opened her eyes slightly.

I was grinning ear to ear and I quickly pulled her into a bear hug. "Thank the gods! You scared me!" I told her as I hugged her tightly as if scared she might go away any second. 'She's okay now,' I sighed in relief. I could've stayed like that forever except I suddenly heard Annabeth whimpered in pain and I quickly released her from my hug. "Sorry, are you okay?" I asked again.

"I probably bruised my shoulders a bit when the boat tipped over. It's nothing." She told me but I could see her grimacing in pain.

I frowned, "Let me see your shoulder." I commanded her.

"It's nothing Seaweed Brain." She told me again.

I stubbornly refused to listen to her as I saw her hold onto her right shoulder in pain. "Let me see you could be hurt!" I told her.

I gently grabbed her right arm and pulled up her sleeve to reveal a good size scar that was oozing out with blood. "Come on, we need to treat that before it gets infected." I told her and quickly helped her up. "Can you walk on your own?" I asked her.

She took a few wobbly steps and almost fell but I quickly caught her. "No," She finally decided and I offered her my shoulder.

"Come on, we should get going." I told her. Annabeth started walking while kind of trying not to lean onto me. 'Does she hate me that much to not even lean on me?' I asked myself a bit unsure. 'No, she just has a high pride.' I reminded myself. "Don't worry just go ahead and lean on me." I tried to assure her. "I won't drop you or anything." I promised. She seems to relaxed a bit more and I felt her weight slightly resting me.

Suddenly Annabeth stopped, "The note! We forgot to check under the boat!" Annabeth cried out. She tried to pull away and rush towards the strong moving current.

I pulled her back and accidentally hit her on her right shoulder. She quickly blacked out. "Oh shit!" I cursed. "Annabeth!" I quickly reached down for her before she could hit her head into the rocks. 'Argh! Let's get out of this cursed place!' I decided.

Suddenly I heard a couple voices as I was about to get out of the cave carrying Annabeth on my back. "You are gonna blow out cover!" A familiar female voice said.

Then I heard a familiar guy laughing as he mumbled something. 'Great I'm hallucinating again!' I frowned as I saw nothing in the darkness of the tunnel. 'I gotta get her to the first aid place… wherever it is…'

I quickly dragged Annabeth outside to the exit of the tunnel while ignoring the voices that I was probably hearing inside my head. I quickly exit the tunnel and found the park office. 'There mst be a first aid things in there right?' I asked myself. 'Worth a shot.' I thought as I felt Annabeth stirred as she laid in my back. I carried her into the office, "Hi," I told a lady sitting in front of the tall desk. She looked up and I continued, "Is there a first aid supplies, my…" I paused. "Friend," I decided.

"What happened?" The lady asked in a bored tone.

"Went on a ride and we fell of the old boat and she her shoulders just started bleeding." I said quickly trying to get past this lady to put on some medicine on Annabeth.

"Head on into the first room on your left." The lady told me. "There are some supplies located in the cabinets, help yourself." She told me and I hastily rushed into the room she directed me too. I softly laid Annabeth down into the bed provided in the room.

"Cabinets..." I mumbled to myself. I took a look in the many cabinets labeled in the room. "Medicines, Bandages, Alcohol Rubs…" I read off the labels and took out the some ointments, bandages, and alcohol rubs. "I'm gonna put rub all the dirt off the scar to avoid infection." I told her when I saw her eyes were already opened. "It's gonna sting a bit." I told her.

I put on the alcohol rub and quickly brushed away all the bacteria on her right shoulder as Annabeth winced in pain gripping my hand tightly. If not in this situation I would've probably blushed at the fact she was holding my hand tightly. "Okay I think it's all cleaned out." I said taking a long look at the good size scar on her shoulder. "Let me just get some bandages and cover it." I told her and reached out for the box of big bandages.

"Wow," She said after I turned away to get a bandage, "How do you know how to do all this stuff?" She asked me.

I shrugged while taking out the wrapper or the sticky part. "I usually get hurt plenty of times probably thanks to my bad luck." I replied and applied some ointment onto her skin before putting on the bandage.

Annabeth seems impressed with my sudden gentleness, she tried to move her shoulder a bit.

I stopped her, "No good, you gotta give it some time to heal, can't just go out there busting heads when you just got it treated." I told her with a half grin.

She frowned, "I'll be okay." She told me then looked me over, "How about you? Did you got hurt anywhere?" She asked me a bit worried.

"I'm a strong swimmer remember?" I told her with my cocky grin. "Just stay in here I'll go buy us some dry clothes to change into." I dashed out of the door and ended up at a store filled with clothes. I grab the first pair of clothes and paid for it when suddenly my phone rang. "Hello?" I called into the receiver.

"Hey," answered a gruff voice. "Is this Percy Jackson?" The guy, or so I assumed it was a guy talked over the phone.

I took out my wallet to pay the cashier, "Yea? Who's this?" I asked into my phone.

"Good, we're the kidnappers." The gruff voice replied.

"What the heck do you want?" I yelled into the phone.

"Just shut up before we cut off one of the kid's arm." He threatened me.

I felt a feeling of terror ran through my body as the thought of Bobby and Matthew's arms being chopped off. "Ok you bastard, tell me whatever you want." I answered with an angry voice.

"Calm down there Percy, we just want a little something before we give them back to you. Now if you follow our instructions we'll return the poor little twins just as we've found them." The guy paused and I heard a female voice on the other line. "Okay here's the deal, there's a little ride call Sky Flight all you need to do is go into one of the cart and we'll call you and give you instruction from there. Oh and by the way, feel free to do anything you want now you just need to be on the ride at approximately 8 o'clock." He told me.

"That's all?" I asked still a bit concern about the boy's safety. "I really don't get what is it that you want." I told him.

"It'll be reveal soon enough, oh and you know that blue cup you're standing next too?" The guy asked me over the phone.

I glanced over my left side and saw a single blue cup. "Yea?" I replied.

"Good, now put about 100 dollars in there before you leave this place or just put in your credit card for that matter, it'll be returned to you when you get on that ride at 8." The guy said.

I frowned at his unreasonable request and took out my wallet placing my credit card under the blue cup. Before I went I took another look around the store. 'How does that guy know I'm here?' I wondered.

"Okay, now run back to your little girlfriend. I will see you afterwards." My line went dead as he hung up.

I took the risk to have one last look around the store to see anyone suspicious, a woman looking at accessories, 'Nothing unique there.' I thought. A group of little kids hanging around the candies, the cashier going through all the purchases, some random couples making out in the corner, a guy in black clothing, a- I stopped. Taking a closer look at the guy in black clothing I noticed he was holding a phone out. 'Is this the jerk?' I wondered. The guy seems to inched away as if he could see me watching him and ran off before I could question him. I tried to follow the guy but after five minutes of running he seems to vanish from sight.

'I'm probably just imagining thing.' I assured myself. 'I'd better bring these clothes back to Annabeth before she catches a cold. I shouldn't tell her about this now, it'll just worry her more than she already is.' I decided.

"Here, change into this." I told her and toss her the clothes. "Found them in the store near here." I said.

She caught the clothes and looked at me. "Well?" She said with a disapproving frown on her face.

I stood there clueless, "What?" I asked.

She frowned wider this time, "I need to change." She said again emphasizing her words.

"You need to change." I repeated clearly not getting what she's trying to say. "And?" I replied with a clueless look on my face.

Her face turned a shade of red. "I'M CHANGING!"

My face heated up but showed no sign of blushing when the realization dawn to me. I decided to play it cool. "Oh okay cool, please continue to do whatever you are doing." I said with an innocent face yet a cocky voice.

If looks could kill, I would probably already be dead under Annabeth's death glare. I tried not to cower under her gaze, "Okay," I said coolly, "If you're not gonna change I'll be changing my shirt," I told her. I reached under my shirt and took it off, then quickly put on another one.

If possible Annabeth glare turned even worse, she grab the closest thing and threw it at my face. Sadly the closest thing she manage to find was the tray full of medicine. Thanks to my fast reflexes I dodged it and started laughing until I found out where the tray of medicine had landed. 'Oh shit' I cursed as I looked out at the blacking out monitor that probably cost like a few thousand dollars.

Annabeth seem to realize what she have done. "Oh gods," Annabeth gasped at the thought of how she have destroyed something so valuable.

My smart brain came up with an amazing idea, "Let's run!" I yelled, "Before they find us!" I told her and quickly grab her hand heading to the back exit just as the lady from the front desk came into the scene to see the medicines knocked over.

"HEY COME BACK HERE!" I heard the lady yelled as we got further and further away from the place.

Annabeth caught on to my ingenious plan and ran alongside. Finally we stopped near some kind of water fountain where I finally caught my breath, "Wow, you are a trouble maker." I joked at her still panting like crazy.

Annabeth glared at me, "if it wasn't for your stupid perverted mind to let me have my own privacy I would've not thrown anything at you." She argued.

"Come on," I joked, "You enjoyed the little time you had to stare at me." I grinned. 'With Annabeth it seems like I'm going back to my old self.' I thought as I saw Annabeth trying to hide her blush.

"Why do I even go anywhere with you Seaweed Brain?" She asked sarcastically.

"Cause you are attracted to me that much." I replied, 'Just like how I'm so damn crazy about you.' I wanted to say.

"Whatever." She brushed it off. "I'm gonna go change." She paused and glared at me. "In the girls restroom, so unless you're a boy come on in." She teased me and walked in leaving me alone.

"Might as well change into these shorts." I mumbled as she left me.

Nico's POV:

"GOT IT!" I yelled as the footage of Percy giving her CPR or rather kissing her showed up on the camcorder. I showed it to my girlfriend. "Oh yea, here's Percy's credit card!" I grinned. "Let's go waste some of Percy's money!" Not that I hate my friend or anything, but sometimes I think he deserves a little punishment. Sure it's punishment enough that he's falling for a girl that would probably be the death of him, literally, but aside from that he owes me something for wasting my time on mending his love life.

"Wow, I'm actually surprised they are looking more and more like a real couple." Thalia praised me as she looked at the twins pigging out near a ice cream stand.

"Of course, it's Nico the Love Ninja." I smiled.

"I thought it was Death Ninja." My girlfriend recalled.

"Yes it was, but I'm amazing like that to have so many Ninja abilities. That's why so many girls are falling for me." I grinned.

Thalia narrowed her eyes, "Excuse me." She said her voice dangerously calm.

I hid my fear with a grin, 'I know just how to fix this.' Before Thalia could react I quickly leaned in and gave her a deep kiss making her forget that she was mad at me. We pulled apart and I put on a little innocent puppy face, "Sorry!" I said right away to make sure she won't kill me in any way.

"You're lucky you're a good kisser Di Angelo." She praised me in a not so happy way.

I brushed it off, "Isn't that one of the reason you love me." I grinned. "Well anyways, we got to get the camera on whatever ride they are going to be on." I told her. "And you know stalk our friends around for 2 hours before they get on that ride and the main event unfolds." I grin evilly.

"So I got a couple more disguises, approximately a thousand more pictures available, blackmail material we have recorded so far, and the knowledge of Percy's secret fear to make him confess." Thalia's grin matching with mines.

"We are all set for the final stage." I smirked and wrapped my arms around my 'oh-so-evil-girlfriend'. I couldn't help but think that the two of us in black clothing on a sunny day, we kind of look like Darth Vadar and his evil girlfriend (well if he has one that is). "Except we need new clothes if we don't wanna get noticed, even Percy figured there was something suspicious about me and that's saying a lot." I told her and she nodded.

Let the final installment of Percy Jackson's Love Life by Nico the Love Ninja begin.

Chapter 31: We're Riding Red Bull

Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson series even now sadly….

Percy's POV:

"Wow, those clothes actually makes you look good." I teased her.

"And what's wrong with my usual clothes?" She asked me narrowing her eyes.

"Nah, nothing, just that it wasn't matching with me." I said grinning. As a response Annabeth punched me in the arm. "Ouch! You know your punches hurts!" I yelled earning a couple stares from other people. I glared at them.

"You deserved that." Annabeth smirked then her expression changed drastically as if she remembered something, "Wait did you got the note from the boat?" She asked me seriously.

"Nope." I replied coolly, but when I saw her face filled with worry, guilt settled over me, "I mean that the kidnappers called my phone somehow and they told us to go to some ride call Sky Flight at 8, so we got about two hours to come up with a plan to beat the crap out of these kidnappers." I told her and saw her face calmed down a bit. I looked straight ahead and saw a new game have opened up. I grinned.

"Your plan of beating up the kidnappers is to play laser tag?" Annabeth asked me as soon as we got into the suits and are holding the guns.

"I need to relax before I have to do some thinking." I told her strapping on my suit.

Annabeth feign surprise, "You actually think?"

I pretended to be hurt, "Of course I do, plus we got 2 hours to plan this, plenty of time to play a game of laser tag, eat ice cream, and you know other stuff you should do on an amusement park date." I planned.

Annabeth was silent and her face turned a light shade of pink, "Date?"

'Smooth Percy, you're really smooth,' I sarcastically complimented myself.

My face heated up for the millionth time today, "Uh… like you know….? Typical friends hanging out together."

'Yea including kissing, confessions, kidnapping scenario, hugging, holding hands.' I thought inside my head, 'Definitely your average typical friend's hanging out.' I thought with a frown.

I could've sworn I saw Annabeth face looked disappointed a bit, "Yea, just friends, that's all." She said almost as if she's assuring herself.

'Wait does she like me?' I wondered, I shook that thought out of my head. 'In my dreams.' I frowned at my thought. "So you know how to play?" I asked her awkwardly.

She shrugged, "I've played it a couple times." Expertly she swung the gun out of the holder.

'Wow, she's hot when she's dangerous.' The perverted side of my mind said. I cleared my throat trying to wash away my thoughts. "You think you could beat me Wise Girl?" I asked her a bit cocky.

"I know I'll beat you Seaweed Brain," She replied confidently. Within a few minutes of taunting one another the game finally begin as the room suddenly turned dark. "Hey Seaweed Brain!" I heard Annabeth's voice to my left.

I turned but I didn't see her. "What the heck? Where are you?" I asked into the unseen darkness.

Suddenly it was all silent again and my suit lighted up signaling I've been hit by someone. 'Shit! Where is she?' I asked myself.

"Ahh!" I heard Annabeth yelled and the next thing I know someone crashed into me. I looked up, blond hair, grey eyes. "Someone pushed me down." She explained.

I grinned, "The great Annabeth Chase getting pushed down." I smirked, "You know, you need to stop using me as a crashing pad." I teased her. "A bit clumsy today I see."

"Shut up Seaweed Brain before I decided to punch that cute face of yours." She said angrily probably not noticing anything she said.

"You-" I stopped, 'Wait cute? Did she just called me cute?' I asked myself. "Woah there, someone just got under the spell of my charming looks." I said half joking, while also wishing she really did think I was cute.

Annabeth managed a weak laugh, "You cute? Please…" She said sarcastically still lying on top of me from the fall.

"Just admit it," I urged her, "We need to get up, my back is killing me."

Annabeth seemed to just notice she was on lying on me. "Oh gods sorry, I'll get up. " She got up just a tiny bit slower than I have. I got up so quickly that I hit her head with mines.

"Ouch," I rubbed my head and looked at Annabeth who was doing the same. Our eyes locked for a second then suddenly Annabeth face jerked towards me so unexpectedly that our face crashed into each other and we fell down once again with Annabeth's lip brushing against mines.

I could've stayed like that forever except I heard someone calling back, "YOU TWO GO GET A ROOM! "

'Oh gods, we kissed again, stupid teenage hormones.' I grimaced. 'I mean not like I didn't enjoy the so called kiss, but Annabeth…' My thoughts trailed off.

Annabeth immediately jumped off me, luckily no one bumped into her this time. Suddenly the lights turned back on and I noticed the girl that was yelling at us, black spiky hair, punk style clothes. Why does she looks so familiar? I ignored my thoughts and turned back to Annabeth who was blushing furiously. "Umm…" She begin so smoothly.

'At least I'm not the only one that's weird out about our little half make out session even though we're suppose hate each other considering we're ex boyfriend and girlfriend and added to the fact I lied and she thinks I played with her.' I frowned. 'Play it cool, so she won't know you're embarrass Percy.' I told myself. 'Great now I'm back to talking to myself again.' I sighed. "So, did you enjoy that?" I asked showing my old cocky attitude.

Annabeth smacked my head, "Shut up Seaweed Brain, don't think I enjoyed the so called kiss one bit." She angrily yelled at me, but I could sense a soft edge in a voice.

'Could she have actually like that kiss?' I wondered, 'It doesn't matter if she likes to kiss me, I'm a pretty good kisser, that doesn't proves that she likes me.'

I grinned, trying to hide my blush. "So who pushed you down that caused you to be all over me? Booeyman?" I teased her. In her response she smacked my head again. I rubbed my forehead, "You know you could've just given me a straight answer instead of hitting me." I mumbled earning another hit.

"Where's the fun in that?" She shot back.

I pouted, "Whatever let's go eat, I'm hungry." With that we went to the nearest ice cream stand and I told her to sit down while I went and buy some ice cream for us.

When I got back to where Annabeth was sitting I saw she was laughing with a guy.

The guy had black hair with brown eyes. He seems a bit older probably In college. He seems to be on friendly terms with Annabeth, maybe a little too friendly. He wore a simple blue t-shirt with some basketball shorts. I couldn't describe my feeling towards the guy. Hate? No. Angry? Probably. Jealous? Yea that's probably it.

"Hi," I greeted Annabeth warmly while sending a cold glare towards the other guy. "So who's this?" I asked her ignoring the other guy completely.

Annabeth seem to not notice my sudden coldness, "Someone I haven't seen in a while." She replied and shared a grateful smile to the guy.

The guy shot me a smile, "Hi I'm Mark, Mark Chance." He offered out his hand.

"Oh hi Mat." I said coldly and shook his hand.

"It's Mark." He tried to correct me.

"Yea hi," I said not really wanting to say his name.

The guy waited, "You are?" He asked.

"Percy Jackson, " I told him.

His eyes brightened, "So this was the guy you were talking about?" He asked Annabeth. "He doesn't seem to bad."

'Wait what? They were talking about me?' I wondered.

Annabeth immediately blushed. "He's a Seaweed Brain, Mark." Annabeth mumbled.

He messed with Annabeth's hair a bit. 'Okay what kind of friend touches another friend's hair.' I asked myself. He let out a light laugh, "You call him Seaweed Brain?" He asked Annabeth, then looked at me. "What did you do to get such a unique name? She just calls me Math Guy." He glare teasingly at Annabeth.

'Wait what?' I was confused now. 'Who is this guy? Annabeth has a nickname for him?'

"Easy," Annabeth replied, "He just has a head full of kelp. "

Mark continued, "So why you guys here? Is Annie on a little date?"

'He is so dead, Annabeth doesn't like being called Annie.' I remembered what happened to Travis when he called Annabeth, Annie.

Annabeth just blushed, "No. Just here for my brothers cause Percy owes them a trip to the amusement park."

'She didn't kill him? Who is this guy?' I wondered. "Why didn't you kill him?" I asked awkwardly towards the two.

"Why would I kill him?" Annabeth asked me back.

I stared dumbfounded, "He uh… called you Annie?" I offered.

The Mat guy just let out a laugh, "I can see why you call him Seaweed Brain now."

Annabeth just shook her head as if she's having a headache. "So how's James doing down in his new school?" Annabeth asked.

"Who's James?" I suddenly blurted out. 'Another guy? What's their relation with Annabeth?' I wondered.

"Annabeth's cousin and my brother, he's in his junior year in high school. I came here with him for some brotherly bonding." The guy told us.

I put the pieces together in my stupid brain, 'James is Annabeth's cousin and Mat/Mark's brother so Mark is Annabeth's cousin.' I grinned silently, 'This guy's okay.'

"So I'll catch you guys later, James is calling me." He said pointing to a handsome guy that was waving towards us.

"Later Mark." She told her older cousin giving him a hug.

Mark waved and walked over to me, "You hurt her, I'll use you as a personal punching bag." Mark warned me good naturedly as if there's nothing scary about the threat.

I looked at him confused, 'Wait what? I just met this guy and he's already planning ways to kill me?' I was about to ask him but then Mark was already off to his brother.

I glanced back at Annabeth, "I can see the family resemblance," I began. "You always want to kill me. While your cousin Mark is already planning ways to kill me." I groaned earning another smack on my head.

"Stop being such a Seaweed Brain for once." Annabeth teasingly begged.

I was about to shot back one of my 'oh-so-smart-response 'when suddenly my phone beeped. I looked at the caller ID which read 'RESTRICTED', I frowned, "Kidnappers." I told Annabeth and she nodded and motioned for me to pick it up.

"Hello?" I answered into the phone.

"Hi remember us?" The weird guy with the deep accent on the other line asked.

"How could I ever forget? You caused me so much trouble today." I mumbled.

"Good, well we got another proposition for you." The guy continued. "Well you see I've always like to see a good bull show." He began and I shuddered having many bad experiences with bulls. "And guess what? They just opened up a little rodeo in the carnival and it's today that there's a bull there and they are offering some people to hold onto the red blanket and have the bull charge them." The guy grinned evilly on the other side.

'Wait I know this laugh.' I tried to think of who it might be but then the guy's rough accent came back.

"Anyways, I want a good show so get on there the ride is called Bull Death. Good luck, you'll need it." The guy told me and hung up.

Annabeth looked at me expectedly, "What did he want?" She looked worried a frightened.

I trembled at what I was going to have to do. "We are riding bulls."

We both arrive at the mini stadium and sadly it was me that had to sign up. Luckily it's not a real bull only a fake costume, but it looks so real I couldn't help but shudder. Before I know it I was in the freaking game holding the red blanket and running around like a maniac a flashback came into my mind.

"AHHH!" I ran as fast as my nine year old let could carry me. The bull was still after me. I ran up to my uncle who hates me Mr. Greyson, the guy who own the farm filled with scary bulls.

"You gotta learn how to tame the bull Percy." My uncle told me with his freaky grin.

I just ran away from the angry bull. 'Why did I pick today of all day to wear red?' I asked myself over and over again. I kept on running until I was finally trapped in the corner with the bull still coming after me.

"HELP! HE-" I tried to screamed but the bull trampled me tearing off my red shirt. Luckily right at the moment my mom hurried in with my father Poseidon. He quickly whipped the bull with a stick making it rush off in the other direction. I stood there trembling.

My mind was suddenly back to reality, "HELP! HELP!" I tried to reassure myself,' It's not real, just a fake bull it's not- AHHH THE STUPID BULL IS AFTER ME!' I screamed inside my head and quickly ran out of the playing grounds and ran out sitting under a step.

Annabeth found me and rushed over, "You okay Percy?" She asked.

I trembled and was about to answer when I suddenly heard my name coming from a familiar voice.

The guy laughed loudly, a bit madly too. "WOW YOU SHOULD'VE SEEN THE LOOK ON PERCY'S FACE!" I looked at Annabeth and saw she must've heard the same thing too. "AND WE GOT IT ALL TAPED INSIDE THE TRUSTY CAMCORDER." I took a risk and slightly leaned up forgetting about my fear of bulls and saw none other than Nico Di Angelo and his girlfriend Thalia. Next to them… I heard Annabeth gasp.

"It's Bobby and Matthew!" She whispered soft enough so that Nico and Thalia wouldn't hear. "What are they doing with Nico and Thalia?" She asked me softly.

I shrugged and motioned for her to listen to their conversation.

"Wow dude Percy won't kill us now that we got this on film and plus the one with Annabeth screaming because of spiders, we're safe, " Thalia grinned. "They probably never find out that we're the kidnappers though, but if they do.." Thalia holds up the camcorder and grinned evilly with her boyfriend.

Annabeth looked as if she was about to kill her best friend and then bring her back alive just to kill her again. I held Annabeth down motioning her to be quiet.

"Keep listening." I told her calmly even though inside I was thinking, 'WHAT THE HELL?'

"But they'll never catch me cause I'm Nico the Ninja!" Nico boasted about himself.

'Just wait till I smash your ego Ninja Boy.' I said silently inside my head.

Annabeth nudged me telling me to follow her, I nodded and Annabeth vanished from sight and I was about to follow when I heard Thalia telling Nico.

"Gods, if only my oblivious cousin would know that Annabeth is crazy in love with him." Thalia sighed. "Maybe then we wouldn't have to go through all this shit, not that I'm not enjoying torturing my cousin."

'What love? Annabeth likes me?' I wondered. I heard Thalia and Nico standing up and quickly rush away to Annabeth.

"Hey!" I panted after her.

She turned around her face filled with anger, "They are so fucking dead!" She yelled to no one in particular.

"Calm down." I tried to tell her. While trying not to think about what Thalia had said earlier.

She looked at me and instantly softened. "We're finding them and I'll get a knife and kill them" She said and quickly headed towards the direction where Nico and Thalia are.

I quickly made a grab for her hand, "Or…" I began with a mischievous glint in my eyes. "We could give taste of their own medicine."

Annabeth face slowly morphed into a smile, "That's a good idea. So where do we start Seaweed Brain."

I smiled, "Glad you are asking." I opened up my phone and dialed in some numbers. "Hey Stoll, you and your brothers interested in doing a prank on the punk and death couple." I asked.

I swear I could see smiling on the other side, "Dude we are so there!" Travis yelled into my ear. "CONNER WE'RE PRANKING EMO COUPLE!" Travis yelled to his brother. I heard Conner yelling in triumph on the other side. "So where do we go?" Travis finally calmed down.

"Well we're at an amusement park and we wanna scare them and I already got a plan out for you just need you to add in the finishing touches." I told Travis while a plan forming in my head. "If you get here in 15 minutes I'll pay you 20." I told him and quickly gave him the address then hung up.

I grinned mischievously at Annabeth. "So I need to know if Thalia knows Mark and James."

Annabeth looked at me in confusion, "No she's never met them." She told me.

"Good cause we need them, you mind calling them?" I asked her.

"Okay, but what do we do?" She asked me.

"We act like we don't know anything and follow what they are telling us to do." I smiled.

Annabeth nodded, "But why did they even do this for?"

I stayed silent, 'Could she actually like me?' I wondered.

Chapter 32: Sweet Sweet Revenge

Disclaimer: I hate you disclaimer notice….. I don't own Percy Jackson….now please let me get out of prison..

Percy's POV:

I walked next to Annabeth vaguely feeling her hand brushing against mines every other second as we paced around waiting for Travis and Conner to carry out their plan.

"This is probably the first and last time I ask the Stoll brothers to help me." Annabeth mumbled impatiently.

"Relax." I rested my hand on her shoulder trying not to get nervous myself. "They'll somehow work it out." I told her and kept an eye out for Nico and Thalia.

"But still, I don't get why Nico and Thalia would be fake kidnapping my brothers and making us do pathetic things." She frowned. I knew she hated not knowing things. I remembered what Thalia said about how Annabeth liked me.

'Could it be true?' I asked myself for the hundredth time since I heard Thalia said that. "Probably just to piss us off." I tried to assure myself. 'I mean sure I want Annabeth to like me, but what If I misheard or if she really doesn't and it's just Nico trying to prank me.'

"But what are you planning Seaweed Brain, usually that brain of yours is full of kelp." Annabeth smirked. "I'm surprised there's actually some thinking going on in there."

"Hey!" I immediately defended myself. 'I think!"

Annabeth let out a sweet and wonderful laugh that I've learned to love, "Of course you do."

I didn't want to tell Annabeth what I have heard Nico and Thalia telling each other about her feelings for me. If what they said was true, I'll find out soon enough, I just need to get back at Nico and Thalia for pranking me the whole day. "OH SHIT!" I suddenly remembered. Annabeth looked at me a bit alarmed. "Mr. Death boy stole my credit card!"

Annabeth rolled her eyes, "You just noticed that now?"

"Hey! It was for saving your brothers!" I tried to defend myself. "Gods, still I should've have known it was Nico, I mean Nicholas Death Ninja? Seriously? Who else would have that name!"

Annabeth looked at me in shock. "Who's Nicholas Death Ninja?"

"You know? The photographer." I told her.

"OH MY GOSH! AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME THIS!" Annabeth practically screamed in my face.

"I thought you knew." I said weakly.

"Seaweed Brain! You are so dense!" Annabeth yelled in my face.

"Little lover quarrel we have here?" I heard Travis snickering right behind me.

I turned around, my face blushing and looked over at Annabeth who was doing the same. "We're not lovers!" We both shouted at the same time earning a smirk from the Stoll brothers.

"Shut up Stoll." Annabeth warned them.

Travis knowing how scary Annabeth would be stopped smirking however Connor was laughing his head off. Travis desperately tried to keep his brother under control but with no luck.

Annabeth took a threatening step towards Connor, I quickly grab her, "Calm down. We need them to prank Nico and Thalia, kill our friends first then kill the Stolls." I told her.

I could tell her shoulders tense but she kept her foot planted on the ground restraining from killing Connor. "Stoll you better watch your back."

Conner finally stopped laughing and took a weird look at his brother. I quickly cleared my throat, "Well anyways, guys any plan?" I motioned towards the Stolls.

Travis brightened up, "You bet, okay well based on what you told us over the phone the basic thing is to just get Nico and Thalia separated from Bobby and Matthew and we'll have Annabeth's cousin or whatever grab them so the emo couple won't suspect us."

Connor grinned, "Then just leave the rest to us. You guys on the other hand just pretend as if you don't know anything and follow according to whatever they have planned for you." The two brothers grinned mischievously at one another. "By the end of the day we promise to have blackmail footage." Connor paused, "But where's our pay?"

I frowned and gave them some money as they grin that crooked smile of theirs.

To tell the truth I was actually afraid for putting them at the Stoll's sake but this is Nico and Thalia we're talking about, they could probably survive these troublemakers, I hope.

"Anyways, here comes the couple now," Travis said pointing towards a black couple barely coming into view and probably not noticing us yet. "We'll leave you to love birds alone and plan this out." They turned to leave, "Oh and I need your cousin's number." Annabeth quickly gave Travis, Mark and James phone number and the Stoll brothers quickly walked off.

"So what do we do now?" I asked Annabeth.

"We wait for the Stolls to message us and while then we just play our part." Annabeth told me. "And then afterwards I will kill a certain person name Nico Di Angelo and Thalia Grace." She said almost scary yet viciously beautiful.

"So then I'm guessing you won't mind if we take a ride on the rollercoaster?" I asked her, "Or are you scared?" I smirked.

"In your dreams, Seaweed Brain!" She shot back

"Then what's taking you so long, Wise Girl?" I called out to her already running towards the nearest rollercoaster.

She grinned and quickly chased after me.

"Come on!" I quickly shouted at her holding a bunch of pictures that we brought from the rollercoaster snapshots. I quickly ran into the gift shop with Annabeth right behind me.

"Percy, what are you doing?" Annabeth asked me standing right behind me as I took a look at one of the items.

"Wait," I told her. Then finally spot it, 'I'll go back and get that later.' I told myself. "Gotcha!" I grinned in triumph and held up a camera. "Just what we need to preserve this memory."

I quickly purchased the camera and told Annabeth to go out first. Quickly I checked to see if she's standing outside and quickly rushed in and grabbing the necklace I've seen before. 'Perfect.' I smiled and purchased it tucking it safely inside my pocket.

I brought the camera out and before Annabeth could turn my way I quickly snapped a picture of her as she stood there waiting for me. Annabeth turned around brushing her blond curls to the back gracefully and I admit it made my heart beat a bit faster.

I released my eyes from the camera lens. "You're looking especially pretty today." I blurted out suddenly and instantly blushed. 'Gods couldn't I think before I speak! Of course she looked pretty! I was with her the whole time and now I finally noticed?' I frowned at myself and quickly smiled slightly when I saw Annabeth blushed. 'Looks like I have an effect on her too.'

"Would you care to have a picture with me?" I asked in my most gentlemanly voice.

"Such a gentleman today, Seaweed Brain, but you know since you asked nicely I'll give you a picture." She said matter-of-factly.

I grinned my most charming smile, 'Gods I've never tried so hard just to get a girl, not even Samantha could made me feel what Annabeth's doing to me.' I thought. "Lean in closer I don't think the camera could see you." I told her. "Closer, closer." I told her and turned my face to look at hers from a side. Then without warning Annabeth suddenly turned as if she felt someone looking at her. At that moment time seemed to slow down and without meaning to, I pressed my lips against hers then felt her returning the kiss as I was snapping a photo of it.

That's when my phone decided to ring.

Nico's POV:

I walked hand in hand with Thalia pretty sure that the kids were behind me. "So Percy and Annabeth have been on 10 rollercoaster and now are standing in front of the gift shop." I paused. "Bobby, Matthew, you guys been pretty quiet? What's-?" I quickly turned around just enough to see the twins being dragged away by a couple of older guys.

Thalia and me quickly ran towards them but as soon as we got to the corner it seems as if they had disappear. "Did that-?" For once Thalia was at lost for words. I looked at my girlfriends face, it was full of horror and fear.

"Oh gods…" I began.

"They got kidnapped." Thalia finished and gripped my hand tightly.

I tried to reassure myself, "They are probably just follow some random guy for ice cream…" I began, 'and what? DAM this is just too dramatic, no way this is happening, wake up NICO! THERE'S COOKIES! WAKE UP!' I yelled at myself again and again but with no such luck.

"Nico!" My girlfriend's voice brought me back to reality. "Come on we need to look for them!"

I quickly nodded, 'This is where my ninja skills would come in handy.' Thalia looked at me, I could tell she was secretly scared. "Do you think they are actually kidnapped?" I could tell she's trying not to show fear but so far it's not working.

I put a comforting arm around my girlfriend's shoulder. "Relax before we know it they are probably eating ice cream." I tried to reassure her. "Come on let's look for them before they cause trouble."

Thirty minutes later with no such luck we decided to go to the information center, as we enter the guy with black hair with a slight bit of brown, his brown eyes seems to eyeing both me and Thalia. He looked both of us over and I noticed he's around our age, give or take a year or two.

Thalia marched up to the guy, "Did two kids come in here about this tall, they are twins." She offered.

"No but, there's a message left for the guardians of Bobby and Matthew? Any of you guys know them?" The guy asked us.

"YES give us the message!" Thalia yelled at the poor guy.

He stared down at Thalia not even flinching a bit, "Sorry but the person that gave me the message told me you have to provide me with your name and phone numbers." He told us.

I looked at his name tag. "Look James," I read his name with distaste, 'Couldn't he just give us the message and get over with, why does he need our…?' My thoughts trailed off, 'No seriously? This is karma's way of punishing me?' I ignored my thoughts, "I'll give you an advice, do not make my girlfriend mad." I warned him.

"Sorry sir, I need your name and her name as well as your phone numbers to confirm I could give you the papers." James repeated not flinching at all.

Thalia huffed and quickly scribbled down our name and numbers. "There. Now give me the damn message before I gut you out." Thalia warned.

James quickly reached into one of the desk drawers and pull out an envelope with fancy handwriting. "Here you go, "He handed us the papers and walked off.

"Wait where are you going?" I asked the guy, James.

"It's my lunch break," He quickly put up the sign and walked off.

After he left I turned to Thalia, "That guy was just weird, I mean who eats lunch at like…" I check my watch, "7:45?"

Suddenly another guy walked in holding a bag of food. "Wow what are you guys doing here? The place is said closed."

I looked at the guy weirdly, "Some guy name James was working here." I told him.

"Who's James? No one have come in here all day. They usually use the other informational center." The guy informed us. "I'm the only one that works here," He laughed. "You guys must be hallucinating."

'Or not.' I thought looking at the message in my hands. I walked out with Thalia, "That James guy is the kidnapper."

"Well duh, Sherlock!" Thalia sarcastically told me.

"Gods Annabeth is gonna kill me!" I finally realized. "She won't kill you cause you're her friend, but she'll definitely kill me." I was freaking scared, "DAM I still had many more things I still wanted to do before I die! You know like become Nico the Weird Ninja, Nico the Cool Ninja, Nico the Geek Ninja, Nico the Smart Ninja! NICO THE DEAD NINJA IS AT THE END OF THE LIST! IT CAN'T HAPPEN YET! I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE!" I yelled. Then I went down on my knees dramatically like in movies, "NOOOO!" I yelled into the sky. 'Hello?' I asked myself. 'This is where the miracle is suppose to happen.' I sighed and got up with my girlfriend looking down weirdly at me. "What?" I asked Thalia.

"Nico what are you doing?" Thalia asked me, and looked as if she's trying to hold in her laughter.

"I was hoping for a miracle." I mumbled. 'I am so dead.'

"We are going to the movies next week, I need to get my boyfriend back to normal." She said grimly. I pouted. "Come on let's read the message those guys gave us and go look for those kids." She told me and opened up the ripped envelope.

"They seriously need to get an idea and buy better envelope." I frowned. 'Seriously! The kidnappers in movies always have an excess amount of money they want to show off.'

Thalia opened the envelope and started reading.

Hi, if you're reading this obviously we've kidnapped someone from you. Now our conditions are simple we'll happily give back the kids from you, (who are currently being tied up, take a look at the picture) once we have our prizes.

If the blue suits somehow get notice of this crime, we'll make sure you regret ever telling them

On the next paper you'll follow the instructions according or your friends will suffer the consequences.

I took a look at the other piece of paper. 'Oh shit, how are we gonna do this?'I asked myself in wonder, 'I am dead for sure.' I sighed already picking out my funeral clothes.