iNACOL - Building a Vision for Personalized Learning

"In order to reap the full dividend of technology in schools 
we need a vision for learning that is about empowering students to learn for themselves,
not to facilitate the delivery of curriculum. This is the paradigm shift required 
if schools are truly to harness the potential of personalized learning."

-Mike Crowley

Building a clear vision for personalized learning is the foundation for successful implementation of personalized learning in schools and districts. In this session, we will share lessons learned in our process of developing a vision that includes hundreds of voices from all stakeholders - how we built it, who we involved, what we struggled with, and how we use the vision in our network. Participants will develop a plan for setting their own vision, and receive peer feedback on that plan. 


1. Pre-session survey (5 min)

    Knowledge of Personalized Learning
    Status of school/district - PL, vision-setting

2. Lessons Learned (25 min)

        Sharing our experience building a vision for PL at ReNEW Schools

3. Vision planning workshop (60 min)

Differentiated by group (individual, partners, large group). Use playlists to work through each aspect at desired pace.

    a. Research - what is personalized learning, really? (playlist)
    b. Reflect - where is your school/district currently? SWOT! (playlist)
    c. Plan - how will you build your school/district's vision? (playlist)

4. Feedback (20 min)

        Self-Assess - evaluate your plan, iterate    
        Peer-to-Peer - give and receive feedback with other participants

5. Share (10 min)

        Inspiration - What are other participants planning?

6. Quiz, Close, Commit (10 min)

    a. Quiz - did you do your research? do you understand PL?
    b. Close - summarize, give feedback to presenters
    c. Commit - what are your next steps? how will you share what you've learned?