Presentations & Trainings

Areas of Expertise

ReNEW Schools Professional Development Sessions

Google Apps for Education

  • Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Add-Ons
  • Google Maps & Earth
  • Google Admin Console
  • Gmail, Google Calendar
  • Google Sites
  • YouTube
  • Google+, Google Hangouts
  • Chromebooks

Blended Learning

  • models, structures, systems, programs and tools, best practices
  • basics for flipping your classroom
  • Computers... now what? 
  • Blended models for your 1:1 classroom
  • Running a successful blended classroom

Personalized Learning

  • Using playlists to personalize learning
  • Transferring ownership from teacher to student
  • Creation > Consumption: shift from student consumers to student creators
  • Building a competency-based classroom
  • Giving daily real-time feedback to increase engagement and save time

Professional Development

  • Personalizing PD for teachers through curation, choice, and 24/7 access


  • CRCD (Collect, Relate, Create, Donate) model for student research and sharing of knowledge in the social studies classroom
  • Throw-out the textbook! Students as creators in the social studies classroom
  • Research skills for digital natives
  • Teaching writing in the digital age
*Requests for additional sessions not listed are welcome