Associate Professor of Philosophy

University of Reading


I talk about experimental philosophy of language in the new "Into the Coast" series of philosophy videos.

In summer 2019, I'm organizing a series of masterclasses on experimental methods in philosophy of language, funded by the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics at Reading. Classes will be given by Stephanie Solt (ZAS Berlin), Paul Egré (Institut Jean-Nicod), Andrea Beltrama (Paris 7-Diderot), and Helena Aparicio (MIT Computational Psycholinguistics Lab).

Emma Borg, Tim Salomons, and I have a paper forthcoming in the volume The Meaning of Pain 2: "How Should We Understand the Meaning of Pain?"

I am PI for the Leverhulme Research Project Grant "The Psychology of Philosophical Thought Experiments" (2017-2019), with Phil Beaman as CI, and Kathryn Francis as postdoctoral fellow.

I have upcoming talks at San Francisco State University, the Barcelona Workshop on Issues in Conceptual Engineering and Conceptual Ethics, and at the University of Bochum.

I have a few new papers in draft (comments very welcome):

My review of Avner Baz's book, The Crisis of Method in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy, has been published online in Mind.

"'Nobody Would Really Talk That Way!': The Critical Project in Contemporary Ordinary Language Philosophy" has been published online and open access in Synthese.

"Third Person Knowledge Ascriptions: A Crucial Experiment for Contextualism" (with Jumbly Grindrod and James Andow) has been published online in Mind & Language.

There is a video "trailer" for my introductory course Reason and Argument.