I am PI for the Leverhulme Research Project Grant "The Psychology of Philosophical Thought Experiments" (2017-2019), with Phil Beaman as CI, and Kathryn Francis as postdoctoral fellow.

"Third Person Knowledge Ascriptions: A Crucial Experiment for Contextualism" (with Jumbly Grindrod and James Andow) is forthcoming in Mind & Language

I'll be teaching two third-year courses in the autumn term:

  • PP3SA Speech Attacks: Bullshit, Lying, Propaganda
  • PP3C Colour

I have a few new papers in draft (comments very welcome): 

"Must We Measure What We Mean?" has been published in Inquiry

"Color Adjectives, Standards, and Thresholds: An Experimental Investigation" (written with Emmanuel Chemla) has been published open access in Linguistics and Philosophy.

There is a video "trailer" for my introductory course Reason and Argument.

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