"A New Argument from Interpersonal Variation to Subjectivism about Color: A Response to Gómez-Torrente" has been published online in Noûs, along with a reply by Gómez-Torrente.

There is now a video "trailer" for my introductory course Reason and Argument.

The special issue of Ratio that Emma Borg and I edited, Investigating Meaning: Experimental Approaches, has been published online. It includes papers by papers by John Collins, Bart Geurts and Paula Rubio-Fernández, Napoleon Katsos and Dimitra Lazaridou Chatzigogato, Kristen Syrett, (and a paper by Emmanuel Chemla and me). 

"Experimental Philosophy of Language" is forthcoming in Oxford Handbooks Online.

Emma Borg and I have been awarded an AHRC Research Network Scheme grant with Peking University on the topic of "Pervasive Context Sensitivity in Natural Language". We organized a conference (with YE Chuang and LI Qilin) on "Pervasive Context: The Problems and the Solutions" at Peking University in October, and there will be a second conference on "Ramifications and Next Directions" in Reading in June. 

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