I'll be presenting work at three conferences in the fall: A conference on J.L. Austin and contemporary philosophy in Oxford, the 3rd PLM conference in Oslo, and the Pervasive Context conference in Beijing. 

"Experimental Philosophy of Language" is forthcoming in Oxford Handbooks Online.

"A New Argument from Interpersonal Variation to Subjectivism about Color: A Response to Gómez-Torrente" is forthcoming in Noûs

"Linguistic Experiments and Ordinary Language Philosophy" (written with Emmanuel Chemla) is forthcoming in Ratio.

Emma Borg and I have been awarded an AHRC Research Network Scheme grant with Peking University on the topic of "Pervasive Context Sensitivity in Natural Language". 

Emma Borg and I are editing a special issue of Ratio on the topic of experimental approaches to the study of meaning, including papers by John Collins, Bart Geurts and Paula Rubio-Fernández, Napoleon Katsos and Dimitra Lazaridou Chatzigogato, and Kristen Syrett, to be published at the end of 2015. 

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