Associate Professor of Theoretical Philosophy

University of Reading


I am visiting CSLI at Stanford in summer and fall 2018.

I am PI for the Leverhulme Research Project Grant "The Psychology of Philosophical Thought Experiments" (2017-2019), with Phil Beaman as CI, and Kathryn Francis as postdoctoral fellow.

I have upcoming talks at University of Illinois Chicago, the Linguistics and Philosophy Workshop at the University of Chicago, and the 2019 Central APA symposium on Metapragmatics. Kathryn Francis will be presenting joint work at the Buffalo X-Phi workshop.

I have a couple new papers in draft (comments very welcome):

"'Nobody Would Really Talk That Way!': The Critical Project in Contemporary Ordinary Language Philosophy" has been published online and open access in Synthese.

"Third Person Knowledge Ascriptions: A Crucial Experiment for Contextualism" (with Jumbly Grindrod and James Andow) has been published online in Mind & Language.

There is a video "trailer" for my introductory course Reason and Argument.