Associate Professor of Philosophy

University of Reading


I'll be giving a talk on "'The Hope of Agreement"': Cavell on Aesthetic Judgment" at the Auburn Philosophy Conference on Language and Value, and the conference On the Desirability of Speaking with Others at Bard College, both in March.

"Linguistic Corpora and Ordinary Language: On the Dispute between Ryle and Austin about the Use of 'Voluntary', 'Involuntary', 'Voluntarily', and 'Involuntarily'" (co-authored with Mike Zahorec, Bob Bishop, John Schwenkler, and Justin Sytsma) is forthcoming in a volume on Experimental Philosophy of Language.

Kathryn Francis, Hamish Greening and I have a new paper forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy: "Socratic Questionnaires".

Shen-yi Liao and I have a paper in the Journal of the American Philosophical Association about the meaning of "racist" and "sexist", which is the basis for this piece in the Boston Globe's Emancipator.

I'll be in Berlin in the summers of 2021–2023 on a Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Researchers working with Julia Zakkou.

Eugen Fischer and I are editing a topical collection at Synthese on "Experiments and Ordinary Language Philosophy".

Emma Borg and I have received funds from the University of Reading's Interdisciplinary Research Fund to support a two-year project on Corpus Linguistics and Legal Interpretation based at the Centre for Cognition Research.

I'm working on a book on contemporary ordinary language philosophy.

I talk about experimental philosophy of language in the "Into the Coast" series of philosophy videos.