Associate Professor of Philosophy

University of Reading


I was on the Cows in the Field movie podcast talking about Red Dawn

I have an upcoming talk on aesthetic judgment at the New School for Social Research

"The Hope of Agreement: Against Vibing Accounts of Aesthetic Judgment", written with Zed Adams, has been published in Mind. 

"A Quantitative History of Ordinary Language Philosophy", written with J.D. Porter, has been published in Synthese

I am the host for a British Academy Newton International Fellow, Leo Townsend, working on The Pragmatics and Politics of Group Speech (2023–2025).

Kathryn Francis, Hamish Greening and I have a paper forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Experimental Philosophy: "Socratic Questionnaires"

Eugen Fischer and I are editing a topical collection at Synthese on "Experiments and Ordinary Language Philosophy".

I'm working on a book on contemporary ordinary language philosophy.