In 2016-2017, I will be an External Faculty Fellow at Stanford University's Humanities Center.

This term (Spring 2016) I am teaching Philosophy of Language and Experimental Philosophy (co-taught with James Andow).

In the spring, I'll be giving talks at the Logic, Epistemology, and Metaphysics Forum at the Institute of Philosophy in London and at the Theoretical Philosophy colloquium ("Concepts, Ideas, Universals") at the University of Zürich. 

"A New Argument from Interpersonal Variation to Subjectivism about Color: A Response to Gómez-Torrente" has been published online in Noûs, along with a reply by Gómez-Torrente.

There is now a video "trailer" for my introductory course Reason and Argument.

The special issue of Ratio that Emma Borg and I edited, Investigating Meaning: Experimental Approaches, has been published online. It includes papers by John Collins, Bart Geurts and Paula Rubio-Fernández, Napoleon Katsos and Dimitra Lazaridou Chatzigogato, Kristen Syrett, (and a paper by Emmanuel Chemla and me). 

"Experimental Philosophy of Language" has been published in Oxford Handbooks Online.

Emma Borg and I have been awarded an AHRC Research Network Scheme grant with Peking University on the topic of "Pervasive Context Sensitivity in Natural Language". We organized a conference (with YE Chuang and LI Qilin) on "Pervasive Context: The Problems and the Solutions" at Peking University in October, and there will be a second conference on "Ramifications and Next Directions" in Reading in June. 

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