Conklin Family Home Page

SCUBA Diving

Nathan and Tanya enjoy diving as often as we can. Nathan has completed more than 350 dives and is always thinking about his next trip. To the right are a couple of shots from a previous trip. Nathan and Tanya's favorite trips include Bonaire, Turks and Caicos, and Stuart Cove's Shark Diving in the Bahamas.

Multi-Sport Workouts

Nathan started making life changes in 2011 to try and take off weight that he had accrued since graduation in 2002. Nathan enjoys bootcamp, running, yoga, cycling, mountain biking, and swimming. However, he mostly enjoys the days where he can do two or more activities together (a brick). You can check out Nathan's activities on RunKeeper or Athlinks.


Nathan is a USCF rated chess player who enjoys playing and coaching at the Charlotte Chess Center and Scholastic Academy. You can find Nathan on Lichess (nconklin) or Gameknot (nconklin). You can also find Nathan streaming a few of his games on his Twitch channel.


Nathan and Tanya have been playing No-Limit Texas Hold'em since 2004. After all this time, we have learned something very important: We need more practice.

Shakespeare Theatre

Nathan and Tanya have been season ticket holders at both the Actor's Theatre of Charlotte (ATC) and at Atlanta's Shakespeare Tavern. ATC our favorite place in Charlotte and the Tavern is our favorite overall theatre in the world (even better than The Globe Theatre in London). The Shakespeare Tavern is great, it is not overdone, the players are down-to-earth, the sets are creative, and the atmosphere is a ton of fun.

VA Tech Football

Our entire family is a big fan of Virginia Tech football and fans since 1999. We try to make it to as many games as possible including away games.