Nathan Brady is an accomplished musician born and raised in the heart of rock-n-roll, Cleveland, Ohio. He began playing music very early on. When he was only 15 he formed a band with his brother, Jacob, called Shades of Grey, together with Kyle Curley, and Maribeth Higgins Shades of Grey was a Cleveland-based folk/rock/jazz/blues twist of vocal harmonies and acoustic instruments. They played in countless performances and released two full-length CDs (As Is and Colour Soup). Concurrently, Nathan was a part of a nationally recognized high school vocal jazz group, among many other music functions throughout his academic career. After the passing of his brother in 2002, Nathan continued pursuing his musical journey, and released his solo CD, Epiphany, in 2004. He returned to school to pursue a degree in music. Nathan is now married with 3 children, and living the dream. He continues pumping out new tunes, and loves to perform with old and new friends. Nathan has also performed with numerous groups such as Mobil Avenue, The J. Crompton Project and Bronwen's Gift.