Picture days are March 22 (Boys) and March 23 (Girls). TSS Photography will be offering our View First program this year.

Every player will have at least 2-3 poses taken. So think in advance as to how you want your son/daughter to pose. We will have a few standard poses displayed on picture day so don't worry if you can't think of anything. If you have any props, medals, trophies, etc, please feel free to bring them.

Please do not wear or bring anything that has green in it.

We will have rosters on hand so you do NOT need to turn anything in on picture day! No money or package selections are collected on picture day.

Following picture day, you will receive an email (in about a week) telling you that the photos are ready to view. The email will include a link to the photos. (Check your junk mail in case it ends up there)

If you do not receive an email, contact TSS directly. You can still get to your photos at Just search on your event name.

Our state of the art website will allow you to view the photos and choose your own backgrounds!! You will be able to see the photo before you order. You will place your order online and your photos/products will be shipped directly to you! You can order as many poses and as many backgrounds as you choose!

We will give everyone 60 days to place your initial order. We have a very fast turnaround. You will have your photos within a week after ordering.

Please call or email TSS Photography directly with any questions!