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List of Publications

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[1] Natesh Srinivasan, Integrating Inertial Sensors to Video Cameras to Minimize the Number of Variables in Incremental Bundle Adjustment, IEEE Intl. Conference on Advances in Communication, Network and Computing (CNC), pp.450-455, 2010. [PDF]

[2] Natesh Srinivasan, A Gesture Recognition Interface for a Set-top Box, IEEE Intl. Conference on Integrated Intelligent Computing, pp.166-170, 2010 [PDF]

[3] Natesh Srinivasan, Feature Based Landmark Extraction for Real-time Visual SLAM, 2nd IEEE Intl. Conference on Advances in Recent Technologies in Communication and Computing,pp.390-394,2010 [PDF]

[4] Natesh Srinivasan, A Real-time Object Search for Indoor Environments, Intl. Conference on Informatics, Cybernetics and Computer applications. 2010[PDF]


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