...seeking REAL life and OVERFLOWING that life to the world.

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About this site:

The goal of this site is to begin to convey who Nathan is.  This is a resource to any who I network with and who want to understand who I am and what I do better.

This site is also my voice to the world of the internet.  With all the junk on the internet and all the lies promoted for the sake of human agenda, my goal is be a voice of authenticity and truth.

To navigate, on the left are basic resources.  At the top are six links that help you learn more about me.  At the bottom are links to various resources and causes which I believe in.

 On the right are some of my works; insights from Scripture and some poetry.  In addition are some key books that have been formative in my life.

I am fully and firstly a person who is hungry for truth and living this life to the absolute fullest.  I am just a normal guy that wants to live life to the fullest and experience that ultimate reality that everyone knows exists, but few really desire to search for because of the cost of such a journey. I have a wide variety of interests, but my primary calling is to live life to the fullest and bring that life to other people.  That life is found in Yahweh's Son, Yeshua alone and I'm called to proclaim that truth to the nations of the world in the spirit of Matthew 10:7-8. I'm called to represent Yahweh under the banner of Yeshua, the perfect God-man which carries within Him all the words and works of God.  He is the only source of all life and the one through which I receive the power to live like God, which is abundant life.  God desires to restore all the world to this abundant life by establishing His Kingdom on earth.  He wants people to partner with Him in a covenant relationship to establish His Kingdom that all can have life and have it more abundantly.

I enjoy the outdoors (camping, hiking, hunting), music, card games and board games, competition and athletics such as soccer and raquetball and so on.  I love reading anything which articulates the heart of God, and enjoy social activities which reflect the relationship God has with us and mediates His life to other people.  My ultimate goal every day is to find all of my joy only in God.







My Works:

God's Salvation and the Suffering of Adoption

Man's Cooperative Role in Salvation

Matthew 25 "The Spiritual Law of Investment"

Rom. 1:18-2:16 

 The Increase of Christ 

 Gen. 32 and Contending Prayer


 Good Reads:

The Holy Bible
Christianity Explained
By: David Pawson
Come with me Through the book of Revelation
By: David Pawson
Jesus Baptizes in One Holy Spirit
By: David Pawson
By: Arthur Katz
Apostolic Foundations
By: Arthur Katz
Total Truth
By: Nancy Pearcey
*The Spiritual Man
By: Watchman Nee
The Chronicles of Narnia
By: C.S. Lewis
The Screwtape Letters
By: C.S. Lewis
The Great Divorce
By: C. S. Lewis
The Heavenly Man
By: Brother Yun
The Life of St. Antony
By: St.  Athanasius