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NatComAir Fleet


This fleet consists of a variety of aircraft capable of serving long-distance "national" flights as well as shorter "commuter" flights.  For national and international flights, the fleet includes the Tu-154, Concorde, A300, A320, A380, 737-500, 747-400,  757-200, 777-200, 787-9, and MD-11.  For shorter, commuter flights, the fleet includes the E190, DHC-8, Citation X, YS-11, Hawker 400, Learjet 23, and King Air 200.  For short-range charter flights, the fleet includes the AW101, Cessna 182, Piper Archer and AS-355F1.

The Antonov An-225 was added to the fleet under the NCArgo name for transporting goods and supplies around the world. The L-39 Albatros is not part of the main fleet.  It was painted for two purposes.  First, it can be used to provide high-priced sight-seeing thrill-rides for wealthy customers.  Second, it is fitted with smoke pods in the wingtips and flare pods underneath to put on a show for spectators watching from the ground during air shows.  The L-39 Albatros and An-225 are sponsored by the 31337th FI squad.

Some aircraft in the fleet have an N-number.

The Hummer Limo was painted in order to provide the customers of NatComAir with ground transportation and is available anywhere in the world where the An-225 can take off and land.


Bush Frontiers Fleet


These aircraft used as the fleet of National and Commuter Airline's Bush Frontiers.  Bush pilots fly aircraft into remote areas of the "bush" or "frontier", often taking hunters, explorers, or tourists to places in the wilderness that are not accessible by conventional means of transportation.  This fleet includes eight aircraft.  Two are amphibious, a Cessna 180 and 182.  Five are wheeled, a DHC-6 Twin Otter, a MU-2 Peacock, a Cessna 180, a Cessna 208, and a Piper J3C-65 Cub.  There is also a helicopter, the Bell 204 "Huey".  All planes in the fleet have an N-number.



This is a new division of NatComAir.  It is a pack of commercial aircraft that went into service between 1930 and 1960.  This pack is for pilots who appreciate historical achievements in commercial aviation from around the northern hemisphere.


   'Ohana Air Virtual   


'Ohana is a Hawaii-based, commuter airline started by Av8tor in 2014.  It is now part of the NCA family and extends the list of commuter aircraft.  'Ohana operates smaller passenger aircraft that fit well with the relatively short flights within the state of Hawaii.  The fleet includes a 737-800, Dash 8-Q400, CRJ-900ER, Cessna 208, CRJ-200, Legacy 600, Seneca II, and G550.


YGL Division



The main center of operations for YS Global and Metro Connect is in Atlantica, with their main hub being Cashville International Airport.  The main center of operations for THI is in the Pacific Ocean with the main hub in Hawaii at Honolulu International Airport.  The main center of operations for Stellar is in the Atlantic Ocean with hubs at Cashville International Airport, Tenerife South, and Miami International.  All YGL Division airlines serve airports in all of the same regions as, and shares routes with, NatComAir. CREDITS


31337th Flying Idiots Squad


The 31337th Flying Idiots Squadron is a private security division, owned and operated by NeoCon Airline, for the most "elite" in the YSF community.  It is invitation-only, so anyone who asks to join will automatically become a member in bad standing.  Members of the community who have been deemed "too smart" are banned from ever joining this squad.  This pack is the fleet of the 31337th Flying Idiots Squadron, the most elite of all YS Squadrons.  The fleet consists of an X-02, A-6, EF-2000, F-4C, F-22, A-10, and KC-135.  The aircraft are painted in the livery of the original, but obsolete, 31337th fleet. CREDITS


NatComAir Bone Yard


The bone yard is where planes that were once part of the active fleet go when they are retired.  This old fleet is available for archival purposes.  These planes have no logos or N-numbers.





AS-355F1: Masa-AT

King Air 200, AW101, DC-3: Taskforce 58 

YS-11, Piper Archer, MU-2 Peacock, Hawker 400, A300, Concorde: Soji Yamakawa

YS-11: AGU CEP2-3

B737-500: Takaty

B757-200, Boeing 247, A320, A300, Learjet 23: Owl

B777-200: CHF

787-9: Decaff

MD-11: Yuichi, reworked by NajmiCreative

DHC6 Twin Otter: WicWorks

A380: RealPack

Renewed A380: NajmiCreative

Tu-154, A320-200, Cessna 182, Cessna 180, Piper Cub, Bell 204, Hummer Limo, L-39 Albatros, An-2: 2ch GAC

Tu-154: Oranleed OHP

E190: Owl, TF58, decaff, Nightraven, KSH

Cessna Citation X: Gre

Cessna 208 Caravan, Ohana Piper Seneca II: Daniel/PMNV

Twin Beech: YSMajor

Grumman G21 Goose: CEP2-2 by しゅう

Junkers Ju-52: OCP by fufanl

PBY Catalina: Gunny/Historical Pack

Grumman HU-16B Albatross: Iceman/HQP GAC

Fw-200 Condor: Skyline/PMNV

DeHavilland 106 Commet: Skyline/Lord Flasheart

Antonov An-225: Iceman/Falkenwult/H3C/Lord Flasheart

L1049 Super Constellation: MSX (Removed from pack)

Ohana CRJ-200: RealPack/Decaff

Ohana Legacy 600: Owl/lomi1

Ohana G550: tyonibukunn CEP-2-1


NatComAir and 'Ohana DHC-8-400: Takaty

747-400: Taskforce58, body repainted from Zak's repaints

'Ohana 737-800 - Takaty/Decaff

Ohana CRJ-900ER - RealPack/Decaff

Ohana Cessna 208: Daniel/PMNV


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