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    Welcome to the new website for NatComAir.  NatComAir is one of the older virtual airlines in the English-speaking YSF community, with our roots going back to 2006.  While NatComAir has gone through various stages of activity, including a short run with a military squad and years at a time with no official activity or active membership, NatComAir has never been disbanded since the founding of its parent company, NeoCon Airlines.  If you are interested in joining NatComAir , you should start by getting to know the company.  Regulations for NatComAir pilots can be found on the Regulations page.  Download the current NatComAir fleet from the Hangar.  Anyone is welcome to fly our aircraft offline or online, but please only use the [NCA] tag if you are an officially recognized member of the National and Commuter Airlines team.  For official routes, please refer to the Flight Numbers.

Recruitment is currently OPEN.

You MUST have an account on YSFHQ in order to apply.

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    The goal of National and Commuter Airlines is to provide the pilots of YSF with an opportunity to fly in a loosely-organized virtual airline.  We operate with a spirit of flying for fun first with realism of operations coming second.  We provide an assortment of aircraft from  passenger jets to single-engine bush planes, and helicopters.  We strive to be good visitors when flying on servers operated by other members of the community.

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YSFHQ Username: Patrick31337
YSF Server Name: [NCA]Patrick
Co-founder and CEO of NeoCon Airlines and National and Commuter Airlines


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National and Commuter Airlines, Bush Frontiers, 'Ohana Air Virtual, YGL Corp, and NeoCon Airlines are not related in any way to any airline, real or virtual, or any other organization.