Natarajan Ganesan 

Executive Summary

Dr. Natarajan Ganesan is a research scientist and an expert consultant providing expertise in Biotech, Bioinformatics and Life Science research. He has led teams that developed and implemented some critically acclaimed web based research interfaces for researchers, and has a patent pending on one these concepts. Dr. Natarajan has worked with scientists and investigators across Academia, Pharma and Biotech. As a scientist, he has more than 18 years of experience in life science research and is well published.

His earlier work revolved around cancer research, therapeutics, and is currently specializing in bioinformatics, genomics and personalized medicine. Besides his expertise in life sciences, Dr. Natarajan has also worked on diverse projects including wireless biosensors, linguistic fingerprinting of peptide sequences.

He has also co-authored award-winning business strategies and provided market analysis reports for Govt healthcare (NIH) and companies as far away as Diebold (China) and Acibadem (Turkey). He has been an invited reviewer for DoD grant panels, Fulbright selection committee and currently serves as a peer-reviewer to many established journals.

Dr. Natarajan is currently advising and evaluating start-ups, strategizing their social media outreach besides continuing to be involved in genomics. He is currently based in Arlington, VA; holds a doctorate in Biochemistry-Genetics from the University of Madras and an MBA from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. He enjoys music theory and current affairs.

Specialties: Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Molecular biophysics and Biochemistry; Web development and Custom Search applications for life science research; Competitive analysis, SWOT analysis and reporting, Consulting and Expert peer-reviewing.