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Dec 31, 2006

Christmas was great!  We just made it home from our trip to Utah.  I never would have thought it myself, but after a snowless Christmas week in Utah, we pulled into Albuquerque, welcomed by a foot of snow!  

 Maija was thrilled with Santa Claus this year, and left him cookies and eggnog (Daddy insisted that Santa likes egg nog better than milk).  Brielle was just along for the ride.  Thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts and fun times.  Visit the new link to Christmas 2006 for more pictures.  

 Christmas 2006

Dec 22, 2006

It Snowed! 

 We didn't think we would see much snow here in Albuquerque, and so far, we have more inches than Utah!  Well, sort of, its already melted.  Maija was so excited talking about everything that was getting covered in snow.  

She and Daddy spent all afternoon making a giant snowman.  We were initiated into the Albuquerque lifestyle when we discovered the next morning that someone had mowed over our poor snowman with a 4-wheeler.  Seriously, who leads such a worthless existence that they go around looking to destroy some little kids snowman?  








We'll leave for Utah tonight.  It should be fun to see family- although I'm not looking forward to the long drive.  

Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas!  Check back afterwards for pictures of Santa's spoilings!


Dec 8, 2006

I can't believe Christmas is so close!  This may be the closest thing any of you get to a Christmas card this year!  Life is busy, but I really can't tell you anything substantial that we have done.  


We have a BIG GIRL in the house.  And Brielle feels the need to offer her services of moral support every time we go potty.  Maija still wears pull ups to bed, but does very well during the day as a big girl.  We even go to the store and library and haven't yet had to use that extra pair of princess panties we have stashed in the diaper bag.

We spent Thanksgiving here at home with just the 4 of us.  I made the biggest dinner I think I've ever made, with the help of Stove Top, Pillsbury and Del Monte.  But I did make a mean pumpkin cheesecake from scratch and of course had to have the brown sugar butter drenched sweet potatoes "grandma Nilson style."  Maija loved saying "Its Thanksgibing!"  but wasn't real thrilled with turkey.  Brielle went to town on the sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie.  Each time I would sit down with left overs she would crawl over to me faster than I've ever seen her crawl, pull herself up to standing and bounce and yell until I fed her.  Needless to say, she'll have nothing to do with that icky rice cereal.  It was fun to do something with our own little family for once.

Ben has been on an internal medicine rotation and stays very busy.  Maija is never quite sure if Daddy is home when she wakes up or not.  As much as he hates this rotation, he is still very pleasant when he comes home and though he is gone a lot, he makes good use of his time at home with his girls. 

If anyone cares, the dog is now completely potty trained.  (and 5 minutes after I typed this she peed on the carpet!  GRRR.  She hasn't done that for weeks!) The last week she has been grating on my nerves because its been too cold for her to spend her usual 2 hours outside playing, so she has a lot of cooped up energy by the end of the day.  But all in all, I think she is pretty good puppy. 

We started off the holiday season attending the Twinkle Light Parade down old Route 66 here in Albuquerque.  Maija had a good time watching the princesses and dancers and we braved the cold until the very last float with Santa, but he decided the other side of the street was more important.  We're looking forward to visiting family in Utah over Christmas.  


November 1, 2006

Huge update today.  Its been a long time- I kept thinking I needed to update, then decided I would just wait until Halloween. 



Ruby Slippers 

 Wicked Witch

 Dorothy, Toto, Good witch, Bad witch!

Maija had a great time Trick or Treating.  She loves her Dorothy dress and especially her "pretty shoes."  Brielle was tired and sick, so didn't have too much fun.  I'm not sure she really cared that mom spent so much time making her costume.  But she turned out so cute!  It took me a while to figure it out- but then I got all excited and even made my own costume.  That one took a lot less time.  We went to visit Dad at the hospital and Maija was a hit, telling all the nurses "Happy Halloween!"  

Our other big news is our new boxer puppy Alice.  

 She is 11 weeks and we have had her for about a week.  She is a pretty good dog.  She was doing well with the potty training, but once last night and twice this morning she was outside for half and hour, came inside and within seconds went on the carpet.  Needless to say, she spent a few hours in the kennel this morning.  She figured out how to squeeze through the front gates, so we can't leave her out without watching until we get something to keep her in the backyard.  She plays pretty well with the girls and sleeps well at night.   Maija loves to help scoop out her food and she likes to give her hugs.  She told everyone at the hospital about her doggie Alice.  She loves to sit by Brielle, and I'll find her cuddled up with her almost every time I put Brielle on the floor. 

The cat has taken up residence in Brielle's crib.  


I'm not sure she even ate or went to the bathroom the first 3 days!  She is slowly adjusting and even tolerated being the same room with her yesterday.

We had a fun trip to Las Vegas and then to Utah.  It was fun spending time with both families.  Maija had a blast playing with her cousins and seeing her Grandparents.  We also had a great time with Ben's brother, Greg and his family when they came to visit for the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

September 18, 2006

He told me he could get it all done in ONE day.....Really, it took about a month, a very generous set of parents that donated thier short vacation to gluing and digging, and about half a million trips to Home Depot- but we finally have a working sprinkler system and our own little patch of grass in our backyard!














Its nice to look outside and see something different than sand.  Maija keeps saying Daddy "made" her some grass.  We're excited to put in the rest of the yard- probably in the spring. (Trees, sandbox, flowers, vegetables, and of course the ever popular Albuquerque landscaping item....ROCKS)  

I myself have been keeping busy indoors painting.  I started with a deep mustard color in the dining room and decided the rest of the house was muchtoo bare to mesh well with such a dark color- so we'll be off to Home Depot again to get more paint to cover the living room and possibly the kitchen.  I'm currently in the middle of stamping red flowers in the girl's bedroom.  Its making the walls look a little busy- but I'm determined to finish since it took me ages to get my hands on the perfect flower stamp!  And of course, its so cute.  Stay tuned for completed pictures!  

We enjoyed our visit from Grandma and Grandpa Sill and wish they could have stayed a little longer.  Ben starts a new rotation tomorrow and we are looking forward to a family trip to Las Vegas next week, with Ben returning home for work and the girls and I heading up to Farmington to spend a week.  

Check out the girl's links for some new pictures and info. 


August 21, 2006 

We went camping!  Ben had an entire weekend off so we packed up the girls and took the short drive to the Pecos mountains.  Because of all the rain we have had here, the mountains were beautiful.  We even saw rainbows while we roasted our hotdogs!  Maija enjoyed her first s'mores and had a blast picking flowers, sleeping in "daddy's tent" and watching "daddy make a hot fire."  She didn't so much enjoy it when Dad dropped her into the stream and she got all wet.  



July 27, 2006 

Since this is the first entry, I'll just clue everyone in on our whereabouts and reasons for those whereabouts. 

Ben graduated from medical school at the University of Utah in May and we headed down to Albuquerque in June to start his Emergency Medicine residency at the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque.  We are really enjoying the city.  There are lots of fun things to see and do (the zoo and aquarium are awesome), the sunsets are gorgeous, and we got here just in time to experience the exciting monsoon season and are treated to an incredible lightening/thunderstorm almost every evening.  (Who knew?)

Maija and Brielle both adjusted very quickly to the move.  Maija enjoys the giant sandbox in the backyard (seriously, who needs landscaping?) Both girls are so happy and have fun hanging out with Mom everyday.