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By Celeste Mattey

Tribute from Celeste Mattey

Natalie is special because she is a genuinely lovely person. She is loving, kind, considerate, compassionate, intelligent and witty. On top of all this as well as being a great person to be around she was a brilliant friend. It sounds as though I am just listing the qualities of an ideal person and friend, but Natalie did have all these qualities and many more. I have never had the pleasure of meeting anyone nearly as special as her or forming such a close relationship with someone. Fortunately I made the most of the time I had with her, I loved and admired her dearly, and she knew it. I am sorry I keep switching from the past to the present when talking about her but although I know she has died, I do not feel she has gone. Natalie is a part of me, whenever I think, I use her arguments and reasoning, and whenever I do anything I know what she would be thinking. I constantly talk about her and smile whenever I think of her, with the thought about how wonderful she was and how much I love her.

Celeste Mattey