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By Rebecca Crayden


by Rebecca Crayden

Of Natalie’s time with horses, we’d like to tell a tale.
A tale of many up’s and downs. On a mammoth scale.

It all began at Barbara’s with her shetland shades
The yard was full of turkeys and sheep, and through mud we had to wade.

We soon moved on to Equas, when Poppy came along.
Natalie made loads of friends. And Poppy plodded on.

Poppy became rounder and rounder, and slower she did go.
So they did a swap with her, then entered the lovely Flo.

We tried her out in Richmond park, and we knew she was the one
So she took her back to Equus Natalie’s best riding years had begun.

She cantered her, and jumped with her and hooned her round the common.
She even did some polo which turned out to be a ‘wrongun’

She joined the Cobham pony club, and there she had some fun.
She was friends with Catherine Carew- Hunt who was the cheeky one.

Things at Equas all went wrong, and on we had to go,
So a load of us went to Huntersfield, Goldie, Jake, Lightening, and Flo

Here we had tremendous fun. David in shorts and wellies
We all hung out in a caravan, that was full of mice, and smelly.

Sally- Anne favoured Natalie, in lessons she could do no wrong,
With Sally-Anne’s help and expertise her riding skills came on.

At Natalie’s first Cobham camp she cried and cried for days
We all tried to cheer her up, with our crazy ways.

With ten of us in a two man tent, lying sideways to fit in,
A massive spider did appear and we caused a horrendous din.

Both ‘Natalies’ and the ‘Watkins’ and there were many more,
Were becoming hysterical. Until James Yates walked through the door,

At evening time the cross country course was our port of call
When we escaped from Franny’s gaze we really had a ball.

Her rosettes they grew and grew, at condition and turnout she was the best,
Showing classes were her forte, at working hunter she beat the rest.

All good things come to an end once more we had to move,
We all upped sticks to Hurstfields, Hagons, Watkins ,Us, Pru Chas and Ju,

A very different set up here where we could all run wild
Jane became our teacher, and Carla was her child

Natalie she grew and grew and Flo became too small,
With three girls and a home for life, the Perrens offered it all,

So Natalie was ponyless, and they made a big mistake
Whisper was the new recruit he turned out to be a fake,

Natalie she tried and tried to make something of this horse,
But he was having none of it so sold him in due course.

Enter now dear Echo, what a star he is
Her confidence got greater, and he proved to be the biz.

They signed a new allegiance, and decided to join Mid Surrey,
With confidence in her new club she had no cause to worry,

With Jaycee, Ria, and Hayley Wrist, Natalie and Echo had good days,
Across all her riding disciplines, she improved her winning ways.

She thundered round cross- country. Mini Badminton was a breeze,
Her consistency at show jumping, brought opposition to their knees

Natalie went to ‘uni’ her education to induce
Echo found a nice new home, in Warwickshire with Luce.

Now Sachin is our potential star a racehorse with some flair,
When he passes the winning post we know Natalie will be there.